Hyenas kill two Male Lions.

Two accounts of Hyenas killing Male Lions. With Picture evidence.

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Author Jibin Varghese (1130 years ago)
Lions are not that stupid to show his throat to a hyena

Author Samuel L Jackson ( ago)
Those are carcass pictures. It's like a claiming a kill they didn't make.
Nice try.

Author Miss Steaks ( ago)

Author Miss Steaks ( ago)
Yeah, especially since the hyena has a much greater bite force.

Author Miss Steaks ( ago)
Well, there is a size difference. That's like saying, "HEY I BET A AN
ON A POODLE." Hyenas are too smart to fight a lion one on one.

Author KingSherKhan ( ago)
hayenas are bitches the basically brag about killing others by jumping lets
see what happens what a lion fights fights a hayena one on one or even one
on two. and if its against tiger the hayenas will die a very painful death.

Author 2009dumbasses ( ago)
this is a fucken stupid video FUCKEN RETART the lion is not even half grown
fuck this is dumb tired of fucken idiots

Author rsilva0786 ( ago)
hyenas never kill male lions u retard

Author Fernando Arturo Godoy Aviles ( ago)
The fate of an old lioness isolated and probably fatally wounded from an
earlier incident.

Author always cool ( ago)
A hyena could kill a lion if he gets the troath than the lion has no chance

Author herat boy ( ago)
you are fucking stupid person the hyenas can never kill a lion .shut up
fuck up 

Author devil weeds ( ago)
ive watch this full video the lion is killed by 2 younger and stronger male
lion. after the fight the old male died that night. the next morning hyena
saw the carcass then they eat it..

Author tsnides96 ( ago)
Fuck Obama get off of my screen damn

Author Ada Reese ( ago)
The LOOK on the LEO /MY EXE Baker's Dozen ago-ergo !!! When I dumped
him.TOO FUNNY! But,not for the Lion.Poor Thing. 

Author lackadaisycatsrule ( ago)
there is no such thing as courage in the animal kingdom fool. And Yes,
hyenas do attack lions, and in some cases kill. 

Author Mr Epifany (1652 years ago)
Fake and GAY....hyenas NEVER kill lions unless the lion is deathly sick and
about to die anyway.... Hyenas DONT have the heart or courage, they are
even SCARED TO DEATH of a dead lion corpse. 

Author malikc6 ( ago)
Fraud. Lion hater.

Author mauricio198871 ( ago)
Felicito hiena Matalo a todos leones mierda

Author tiger mir (778 years ago)
do you fools think a hyenas can kill a lion???? even a lone lioness is
enough to smash a group of 4-5 hyenas and a male lion??? that would destroy
any hyenas or hyenas. those lion killed must be very old or injured 

Author Jose “Tnance” Rodriguez ( ago)
The first pic was not a male lion and the pic where the lion is being
attacked it clearly shows that the lion is very thin and dying. The person
who posted these pics and the 27 likes are clearly fucking dumb!!!

Author Undetailed ( ago)
The thing is if the lion bit the hyena once infection would spread. There
for it is not possible for a hyena to kill a lion or lioness unless the
lion or lioness was sick a couldn't fend

Author ihameed1499 ( ago)
Those r lions attaking fake video

Author Dan Doran ( ago)
Nice Pictures...You play VIDEOS on You tube

Author GETole ( ago)
This is a doctored piece of bullshit. Dream on. LOL. 

Author thuglifenos ( ago)
@vlaad4444 LOL. cowards? wow what a dumbass. its called nature. they do
what they need to so they can live long enough to pass on their genetic
information not so they can live up to your ridiculous expectations. You're
right! They should make it their goal to only feed on male lions. You know
so living can be even more challenging. LOL retard. 

Author thuglifenos ( ago)
@NabeelMalick1 "these assholes" ? Did a hyena fuck your girlfriend LOL?

Author NabeelMalick1 ( ago)
Those assholes could never kill a male lion. They attacks on lionesses but
never a male lion. Youtube have several videos which proves that these
assholes never attacked on any male lion.

Author pcblah ( ago)
@moonsun786 uhh... problem is tchat i like hyenas... and im atheist O_O

Author pcblah ( ago)
@vlaad4444 wait so if the hunters are weaker it makes them more better? nah
but they do kill off the competition... lions kill hyenas too for this

Author daggitenator ( ago)
@pcblah Or a cackle. Maybe I should look it up first next time...

Author pcblah ( ago)
@daggitenator they arent related to dogs moron... they are in the family
Hyaenidae not canis... COMPLETLY DIFFERENT

Author @mehmet ( ago)
why some heavy matelist ateist racist white mankinds feels like they wanna
be hyena fans. Is that just because they similer?

Author Jack McCarthy (2011 year ago)
@vlaad4444 You have no idea what you're talking about. Hyenas hunt as well.
They're just famous for scavenging, A Hyena has a stronger jaw than a lion.

Author pcblah ( ago)
@eddiemourad 1000 pound bite= LION DEATH when attacked by a clan of hyenas

Author bestamerica ( ago)
' i see that picture and turn picture around,,, hyena eat up cub lion face
skin off,,, not full adult lion,,, it is a baby cub lion

Author Joostin Kookel ( ago)
this is youtube, you post videos on youtube. NOT SOME SHITTY SLIDESHOW SHIT

Author Eddie Mourad ( ago) do u know the first lion didnt die of old age or by another
lion..... and the second i'm pretty sure that lion is still alive......
Yup, I love troll vids.... keep em coming ya douche <3

Author Xareal ( ago)
@aaronvespro yes, 4 lions working in Unison can scatter 12 hyenas. Hyenas
are SMALLER than lions and have less natural weapons. If Clans were more
scared of lions than the other way around- Lions wouldn't be so hell bent
on attacking Hyenas. They each recognize the other as a serious threat and
competitor- and they use the advantages they have available. Hyenas, for
example, are far more intelligent.

Author aaronvespro ( ago)
@Xareal well, hyensa dont mess with lions unless they have a serious
advantage, too...and by the way, ive seen videos on youtube of one male
lion and 3 female lions scattering about 12 hyenas. Clans of hyenas are
more afraid of lions than the other way around-a male lion can kill a hyena
in seconds.

Author dpce86 ( ago)
Just a matter of body mass. 3 hyenas = 1 male lion. 4 or more hyenas = bad
day for lion

Author Xareal ( ago)
@4brigade lol, you have no idea what you're talking about. Four hyenas
would be more than enough to kill a single male lion if you put both groups
into a situation where they had to fight. There's a reason that lions don't
mess with hyenas unless they have a strong enough advantage. A single
Spotted Hyena can kill a fully grown wildebeest on its own, in fact- Hyenas
kill a higher percentage of their own prey than lions do.

Author hassaan zahid ( ago)
They are not victors ,they are loosers these type of cases are extremely Lions must be left by pride due to their injuries or health
otherwise even dozens of Hyenas dont dare to come close to a Male lion even

Author Cobus Huisamen ( ago)
Have you seen that the male lion is in very poor condition ,very skinny so
think thats why the hyenas are able to stand a chance and not one but 3 of
them dont think they would be that brave if he was in his prime protecting
the pride...

Author Bravo NovemberHotel ( ago)
@mikeyboy7777777 good point.

Author commander4465 ( ago)
Pictures are stupid ... Show me a video.

Author Iliyan danchev ( ago)

Author holboroman ( ago)
It looks like a painting to me, so picture evidence means
nothing.Photographic and video evidence can also be faked, so let's stop
claiming we have evidence for something, because by doing so we are not
very convincing at all. You Tube is not a forum for posting evidence for an
idea we have in our heads, our personal illusions. Let's ask ourselves
":What can I post to really entertain my fellow You Tubers?" Capiche? Let's
all aim for a high standard in what we post or not post at all.

Author HolyEggRollys ( ago)
I laughed at the dislike bar.

Author CHARLES GOODMAN (773 years ago)
@billybobb613 NO NOT ALWAYS

Author Very Little Gravitas Indeed ( ago)
this might be one of the shittiest youtube videos in the entire galaxy

Author robert shaw ( ago)
this is the most stupid video I've ever seen. Hyenas always lose to male
lions idiot.

Author batmannotahero ( ago)
*Loads video* *Looks at dislike bar* *Leaves*

Author mark simpson (549 years ago)
Poster is a sad bastard

Author thoroughbredelite tbe ( ago)
Hyenas will not fuck with an adult male Lion check the facts on that. 

Author popolaman73 ( ago)
thumbs up for hating comments that say thumbs up

Author Chiimpakalipze ( ago)
16 ppl like this?!? now That is very sad. 16 dont knw wat a video is. POST

Author Juan Seym ( ago)
don't be putting this kind of videos please this is a copy from another
person. you idiot......

Author fanaber70 ( ago)
One or two lions stand no chance versus a pack of hyenas. 

Author Black_n_Blue91 ( ago)
This CLEARLY shows your editing skills....

Author spawndewd ( ago)
@JackKangaroo1 Wow, millions of years? Holy moly we got fossils of this?
Lol Did you ask all lions if they knew their destiny? Lol

Author JackKangaroo1 ( ago)
A friend of mine who had spent several years in Africa put it this way:
"Every lion knows that he will someday end his days in the belly of a
hyena. That's why lions hate hyenas so much." There really is an
inter-species war between the two and it goes back millions of years.
Hyenas and lions are hard-wired to hate and kill each other.

Author motogpfan46rossi ( ago)
A hyena won't attack a health lion male or female. Even a group of hyenas .
They will try and run the lion off of a kill which they often do because
the hyena pack is usually larger than a pride of lion . 1 on 1. Lol. Its no

Author Lioninthenight ( ago)
Total Geek.

Author Carsten Aretz ( ago)
That lion looked really sick, possibly an older lion, I could see his rib
cage. He might have been ready to go anyway. 

Author Kanoee64 ( ago)
Wow still pictures!

Author Daniel Majerly ( ago)

Author edubsb32 ( ago)
Can not you read? The lion was killed by other lions. The hyena is eating

Author hulkbuster11 ( ago)
That's why there king if jungle

Author hulkbuster11 ( ago)
Hyenas can't kill full grown male lions

Author Noeldiego ( ago)
I hate people that post pictures on youtube, wtf??

Author chancergordy ( ago)

Author Bang4URBux ( ago)
@Hammersley1967 so fucking true

Author Lutus ( ago)
@TarzanloveJane1965 As a matter of a fact search on youtube 2 lions 1 tiger
that proves whos the best

Author Puredrogaine ( ago)
inutil para que subes esta puta mierda, fuck you

Author James Elmer ( ago)
Shocking, first vid is a hyena with another hyena's head and the other is a
old sick male lion, how stupid!!

Author Alltimeboxing ( ago)
weird people do weird videos

Author TarzanloveJane1965 ( ago)
Yes I agree this does not represent the true picture. This is not a healthy
male lion in its prime. It is old and probably on its last legs. Thats is
the only way that a gang of hyena's can even come close to hurting a lion.
A male lion in its prime can destroy a pack of hyenas. He is the king of
the beasts. 

Author ririgogololo ( ago)
may be it's old, and alone lion , you strange for prefere hyenas at lion

Author Peter Parker ( ago)
Hyenas wouldn ever attack a grown male lion unless they were DESPERATE for
food ive seen them kill Gazzeles and then a lion shows up a pack of 8
hyenas flee.

Author ztztzyzy ( ago)
"It is not clear whether (sic) male lion, the head and hide...." stupid ass
discription of the pic. that is NOT a lion's head. lion's don't have a
narrow and pointy snout like that.. damn poster will title crap like above
just to get hits. piss on you, poster. "research" have someone explain that
word to you or look it up: dictionary.c o m

Author Dinko Banov ( ago)
fuck this moran 

Author Асен Миланов ( ago)
Dis fak turkesh hiena vs lion bg

Author A Hyena ( ago)
@malefti can't believe I missed that typo D:

Author walter kibbs ( ago)
@Yenaboi loin???!!! TRY LION!!! LOL!!!

Author A Hyena ( ago)
@malefti loin is as much of a king as I am ruler of the earth

Author walter kibbs ( ago)
That was a young sick looking male lion; hyenas would not dare attack a
fully grown KING!!!

Author furorTeutonicus09 ( ago)
I have not seen any killing

Author topkualamu166461 ( ago)
dont fucking post any vid by your own

Author tony montana ( ago)
that was an old and sick male lion 

Author Jeffrey Chiu ( ago)
hyyenas are cool 

Author solomanz10 ( ago)

Author Nexus Universe ( ago)
Very stupid video.

Author dave penta ( ago)
Yeah, just look to the right, all the videos that have Hyenas killing
Lions! What an idiot. But I have to say, we're idiots to for feeding these
dimwits in the first by watching their useless videos. No more.

Author Alan kayman ( ago)
I hate when people post stupid ridiculous videos like this that don't live
up to their name you fucking cunts!!!

Author martmart1 ( ago)
who put this?--of course American. why some of them are so incredibly
stupid? is there a competition between them-"Who is the biggest
Stupido-Stupidissimo-Stupidiani in the world?" ?

Author Daniel Todea ( ago)
oh yeah! celebrate! you have less brain than the hyenas(with video
evidence) :))

Author elnagualmex ( ago)
What is this a fucking music video???

Author sebastian c ( ago)
are you stupid? why do you upload this shit?

Author micael alves de oliveira ( ago)
video ridiculo

Author MASSIMO MIEDO ( ago)
sciacalli di merda!!!!!

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