How I Manifested winning the lottery

Greetings. I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the "New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Manifestation,Creative visualization

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Author Morgan Spencer ( ago)
I am on my own journey right now and just wanted to say this just re-aferms
everything that has been happening around me! Continue your great work!!

Author bcstarks ( ago)
Wow! I too manifested a trip to a major televised award show for two last
summer. My process was almost identical to yours. I saw the opportunity, I
became aware of the guidance provided by my intuition, I took action and I
kept my energy of belief high. I spoke of what I wanted to my family and
they too felt my excitement and returned the energy. A few days later, I
declared that it was the day that good news would come my way. Just before
afternoon it was announced that I was the winner! Law of attraction is
real! One isn't always consistent because of ones ability to believe that
it can truly happen for them without a doubt. Your faith on whatever the
topic is must be unwavering or it will not manifest.

Author Debra Moore ( ago)
There are sooo many valuable things to manifest into material form in
addition to what we call Money. Nice boxes at moving time. A perfect job
exactly when one is needed. A new friend when you need that too. The right
size light bulb for an unusual lamp. Tires at the Right price for you. An
unexpected opening at the Dentist office.....And so on......I don't think
we yet fully realize that Literally every time we HOLD a thought (current
understanding is 17 sec), we bring it into form. That DOES include the
Good, the Bad & the Ugly. I'm guessing it behooves us to be mindful of what
thoughts we hang onto....
cause we are creating our own reality day after day.

AND if you feel the need to discount/argue/be foul regarding this
comment.....why not try it 1st? You might find your life becomes just a
little bit more awesome!! I'm thinking we could All use a bit more

Author cash miller ( ago)
I manifested more money. I had a family member tell me I would never make
anymore money than what I made. Less than 6 months later my salary doubled
at my job and money was coming at me in different directions, $5 here $100
there. It works but if you are doubtful than it will never work. Change the
way you think about money.

Author Alex Rosas ( ago)
After reading some of the posted comments on this video , some should be
relieved that she is not a vengeful person. Health problems and fire can be
set into motion the same way. especially when your face can be seen. A
complete target and point of focus. Please understand that we are all
connected. just like wifi. Only better.

Author Irush Seamus ( ago)
Wins lotto, gets idea for reality tv show, gets denied, promos all over YT,
smart lady. I have zero hate, but we all know you're either full of shit
and believe it, or you're delusional. Either way, congrats. But don't read
that much into it. After I wrote this I saw it was 3 years ago. Whatevs, I
already wrote it.

Author zeag Ean ( ago)
Wonderful than you for the presentation and vibrations

Author Carlos Lois ( ago)
i like your video so much

Author Joe Young ( ago)
thank you

Author Joe Rocha ( ago)

Author Jack Straw ( ago)
I am still lost...

I am trying to practice the creative visualizations and want to find out
that after how many days of visualization I need to make a plan to
accomplish my goals. I know you all talk about thinking in your head but
after that what happens? how to take steps to achieve your goals?

For example, If I want to lose 50 Ibs, what should I do? just visualize or
make a plan and join the gym? I will appreciate your responses.

So in other way, what is the difference between visualization and

Author R,jh B ( ago)
Oh and then there was another young winner who said all day he was hearing
a special combination of numbers in his head all day, repeating. He played
the numbers and the voices stopped,,and he won. So my thoughts are that
some how either his subconscious knew the numbers or there was an
Angel/guardian on the otherside that knew them. And if this is possible
that means that everything that will be in the future already is happening.
There is no other way to actually predict..the energies are said to all be
out there.. what do you think about this? I am sure you are more educated
about this..I only have read minute amount on this subject myself.

Author R,jh B ( ago)
Did you see the videos of the women who won 112million several years ago by
using the Secret? She manifested the exact amount she asked the Universe
for.. Amazing..

Author R,jh B ( ago)
That's awesome but I was under the impression when you say the "lottery'
you meant the big prize.. What do you think was off that you didn't also
get the power number. The fact you got 5 is awesome.. just wondering
though, did you choose the numbers or were they quick picks?

Author Khayeel ( ago)
Great story. How did you become a registered wholistic nutritionist?

Author lenny natural ( ago)
thank you for this.

Author Rosalyn Jennings ( ago)
Congrats. Please teach me how to do it. I want to experience winning the
lottery as well. I love money and Money loves me.. Call me at 412 206 9376

Author Rosalyn Jennings ( ago)
Congrats. Please teach me how to do it. I want to experience winning the
lottery as well. I love money and Money loves me.. Call me at 412 206 9376

Author Kathy Randazzo ( ago)
thank you I love your genuine energy

Author Expanded Awareness ( ago)
If anyone says that you are wrong, its because they dont know universal
laws. I believe in law of attraction and have become better at manifesting
since my kundalini rose in 2014. I had hit rock bottom and had a
destructive process prior to but eventually you come out on the other side
lol. Great video

Author Brittany Woods ( ago)
I want to be a holistic nutritionist as well!! how do you go about getting
a degree in that and what job opportunities do you have when doing it?

Author ZARYYA ( ago)
Jesus Christ , you know you where going to win the lottery . i am in great
problems, is it possible for you to Share a tiny part of your winnings to
help a sick young man who can not pay for a kidnie transplant , i will die
this year and i am looking for help , so please , if you really won , can
you help me out so i can live again ! , blessed be

Author Tristin Hanson ( ago)
shelly your story inspired me so much because for a few days we have wanted
to go get lottery tickets because we want to change our lives, in fact
tonight we are going to get lottery tickets , the drawing is tomorrow and I
really want to manifest me winning the lottery tomorrow

Author Jim GFX ( ago)
I had the same feeling like her ! one day at the school I was feeling so
strong that the number I bought gonna win that night but It didnt ! :( sad
! .......... until this year 2016 . Before the bed time , some how I keep
imagining that I am the winner and what I should do after I winning the
lottery , how to spend the money right blah blah blah , is this the sign
that I will win??

Author Royal Justice ( ago)
I think this message is Wonderful and I can appreciate the method you used.
Some of the things you mentioned reminds me of the teachings of Abraham
Hicks. Cool..... If you don't know about Abraham check her out using

Author Lorie Martin ( ago)
Very inspiring, thank you for sharing your tips and story! The forest and
rivers are my church as well 😊

Author seekandestroy77 ( ago)
I see us in my dream connecting with passionate sex. Any thoughts?

Author Contessa Zeviar (892 years ago)
Are you vegan? Raw Veganism will cure all the ailments you have stated

Author Tommie Green ( ago)
Powerball 1.3 Billion. That's all I have to say

Author deesterity ( ago)
Shelly thanks a lot for sharing this - it takes guts to speak openly about
this very personal experience, bravo! (unfortunately some comments are
destructive and insulting, I hope the posters will soon be aware they harm
themselves, ignoring what respect, gratitude and empathy are).

Complete and total BS!

Author Haji al Kidya ( ago)
The forest truly is the "church". It relaxes you. I am also suffering from
low spirit. I keep trying to think positively but the negative forces keep
intruding.BTW...were these lottery choices or quick picks?

Author mikatu ( ago)
what a BS... don't wast your time watching this f****** BS.

Author Sandy Ornelas ( ago)
Law of attraction !

Author claiton jorge ( ago)
so did you win the jackpot?

Author claiton jorge ( ago)
so did you win the jackpot?

Author Bar Smith ( ago)
you have a buddha nature

Author Mike C. (121 year ago)
What works for me is... the more I tell everyone to go f*ck themselves, the
more $$$ I win.

Author soccerkakalm10cr7 ( ago)
Is this a sign.... I have been thinking about being a nutritionist, a
holistic nutritionist in fact. I was thinking about it and out of nowhere
you said that you were a holistic nutritionist.....

Author Lucy Gideon ( ago)
Thank you!

Author James Wright (Wolfpack) ( ago)

Author StefioaneCy ( ago)
yes law of attraction works. the thing that did not work on the story you
describe is that you were expecting a big win on the lottery. And that is
what you got. If you were expecting a jackpot then you would receive the
jackpot instead. This is so obvious as the last number was so close but was
not the one. Be perfectly clear on what you want.

Author vivette larmond ( ago)
are you on facebook

Author vivette larmond ( ago)
That was so cool

Author Dimitiri Sergic ( ago)
Actually I did the same !!! Twice I won the lottery, fact !! Though I will
add, I only won under £50 for both times ha ha 😂 guess I should have asked
an amount !

Author DeAnn909 ( ago)
She is right the power of thought, believing, positive thinking and not
letting any doubt come into your mind is how you can make things happen.

Author RandomVideoCircus ( ago)
Well this is rather interesting!!!!

Author demariojason ( ago)
nature, the stars, and etc has ALWAYS been the original "church" doctrine,
testimony truth, knowledge, power, etc!!

Author James Harrison ( ago)
This is BS. One wins, thousands don't - guess who makes the YT video?

Author Earl Sutton ( ago)
Put God First IN Every Thing Then Good Things Can Happen. Voodoo mindset
cannot get you anywhere.

Author Lee Pavano ( ago)
You did not win the Jackpot so this proves nothing.

Author Torie Davis ( ago)
+Ownmindbodyspirit: So I moved here to Arizona from Utah 01/27/2015 and I
watched this video back then and decided I would follow your advice to
manifest winning a multi-million dollar lottery jackpot, except I know now
that i forgot one key element! I know now exactly how i will GIVE back with
my winnings thank you and all the love in the universe for your son, dog,
and you!

Author FieldSweeper ( ago)
Then how come you dont do it all the time?

fucking crazy people lol.

Author yourtub ( ago)
$6400 of $49m when she got all but one of the numbers? So who actually gets
the millions?

Author ALEX STEALTH ( ago)

Author Johnny Rocket ( ago)
Shelly, congratulations on winning. Next time, tell the store clerk that
"THIS is the day I'm going to win!" Not doing so may have indicated to
universal consciousness you had doubts and you didn't want to ""jinks" the
outcome by claiming something that would have made you look "stupid" had it
not happened. Do you know what I mean? To get as close as you got in such a
SHORT time span is quite incredible. Great story. Very inspirational. It's
got me looking at Law of Attraction in a whole new LIGHT. :) Peace and
Love, always. Robert Proue.

Author doolincafe ( ago)
I Believe this 100% I have manifested many, many different things in my
life for the last 15 years.. and lately my spirit has taken me to the
thoughts of manifesting winning the lottery and doing something great with
that money..something that will open paths toward using our own power to
manifest whatever we would love to experience during our physical existence
here on earth and share that knowledge with the billions on people already
here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Author love monster ( ago)
I bet that she did invest into mlm, timeshares or coldmarket compagnies. Is
their kind of stuff to make poeple feel that they can change their destiny
with thought power.

Author Taylor Venus ( ago)
I'm so excited to join your channel. I'm too feeling all kinds if majestic
things and manifesting amazing things in my life. I'm ready for the next

Author aman ballagan (2041 year ago)
thank you!!

Author Ani Imastounian ( ago)
Thank you for your video:)

Author Seer Seerwealth ( ago)
Yet another manifestation of how UNIVERSE blesses us. On 11-11-11 I had
precisely same mistake changing last number from GIVEN TO ME. In difference
to you 6500 dollars I won only about£1,600. NO REGRETS.

Author Seer Seerwealth ( ago)
SUCH ENCHANTING story, by so evolved spiritual being. WELL DONE. I do play
lottery. WON 100x times. Still as already I have shared, never won MAIN
JACKPOT due to my sabotaging MIND.Numbers do manifest perfectly strongly
supported by voice of GUARDIAN ANGEL((poor soul) has task with me, LOL, yet
so far I never acted on it. Care to team up Shelly?
I play CANADIAN lotto also and with some degree of success.

Author Seer Seerwealth ( ago)
MOUNTAINS ~ FOREST ~ lakes(water) is NATURE and NATURAL LIFE to us.

Author Richard Robbins ( ago)
I tell you,When you mentioned going on walks in nature,And thats what you
call your Church,well Didnt God Create The Forest and Trees?Dint he create
the heavons and the Earth,I even feel Closer to God in the Woods than in
any church,And i feel Closer to Our Lord the Same way,Didnt Jesus Teach In
the Wilderness In some of his Journeys?I feel thoe you are right in your
adventure into the woods and to the church,Where Some People call it The
Universe,I call it God! He is there In his Creation,

Author Connection Present ( ago)
What did you see on the TV that made you think of a lottery?

Author Garrett Hughes ( ago)
Wow spiritual and beautiful, great combination

Just Wonder full simplicity. I can feel the clarity .Wish you good luck in
all wlaks of life. Thanks for the video.

Author mega0876 ( ago)
love your hair , so pretty

Author Chartoise ( ago)
6000 dollar is not winning the lottery... 49 million is...
that is like 8167 times more... 6000 dollar is pocket change.

Author TheAntipedy ( ago)
thank you from australia

Author Sergiu Sandu ( ago)
so since then u never ever tryed again ? if it works u shuld have collected
at least a mil so far. since 2009

Author A wilson ( ago)

Author Rich R ( ago)
Too awesome! Thanks for sharing.....

Author nina kanam ( ago)
I had almost same experience as yours I dreamed of numbers I did not what
is this next morning I wrote it down I told my friend she informed me this
is kind of a lottery numbers and u got to play it . I played it one time
only I still have the numbers and I am going back to play it again

Author Barno mal ( ago)
I Found a Lottery System Which Actually Works!
Whats stopping you from winning the lottery right now?
Go here ==>

Author dimitar iordanov ( ago)
Law of attraction is real, BUT trust me don't try to win the lottery, don't
play the lottery or something like that.If you want results you must focus
on something more realistic and possible to happen.

Author Arreis235 ( ago)
I study the unseen, focus on attention on what will be, rather than what I
see. Optimism is key, but love works best.

As bashar says it, Through paradox, through darkness AND the light. The
day, and the night. Both sides of the polarity.

Author jaida may ( ago)
Wow that is an amazing story, thank you for sharing <3

Author LondonHelp ( ago)
You can manifested things in your own life.

Author Angel Williams ( ago)
I'm going to try this. I really want to move to Georgia next year but I
lack the finances and I'm still trying to save up for a car.

Author Karl GK ( ago)
very weird woman

Author Lady Noir ( ago)
I agree that you can manifested things in your life. I hadn't lost weight
over ten years. Each time I tried I never lost so I started to envision
myself losing weight, I was ver important, and I would write and make big
money. The weight thing did happen the writing I don't know. Now since I
don't envision myself skinny I can't lose weight. I feel like I'm curse
with my creativity so I don't get anything with it. I also envision a
closer intimacy with the spiritual world that I could meet up with people
out body while I was sleep. I was seeing all kind of things so I manifested
not seeing these things again. That's pretty dangerous. I think of
manifesting as believing . You first have to believe with no doubt to bring
forth things. Now getting a situation out your life I don't know. I
envision myself with the right guy but look like we were out body. People I
don't like to move away and life is back to the norm for me. It has not
manifested itself yet.

Author ephilosophizer ( ago)
Consciousness is part of the fabric of reality, and on the deepest level
all reality is but one reality. Thus, it makes sense, at least in theory,
that conscious intention is connected to physical reality, and thus
physical manifestation.

Author Bernita Mcmullen ( ago)
Thank you, but How do you manifest?

Author Alexander Yaz ( ago)
Connectedness? Really?

Author mastronova74 ( ago)
Thank you so much for this! In my spiritual journey and awakening I want to
help people to feel good about themselves no matter what is going on I
their lives. You are inspiring! ✨Blessings✨

Author Londa Kay ( ago)
Wow this is the first vid that I watched from your youtube page and you
hooked me with your authentic delivery and the part about you being a
holistic nutritionist….you go girl! :)

Author Lauren Bucciero ( ago)
Do you think asking the universe for too much can backfire, like you can be
too greedy? Just curious!

Author Margo Jamieson ( ago)
Thank you very much for your information. How lovely that you are also
teaching your son how to create his reality. You are a beautiful spirit.

Author Dawn_of_the_dead ( ago)
thank you Shelly ! thank you ;) <3

Author Bantie1 ( ago)
the one time I won pick three I did what you did. I was wondering what
three numbers to use when I saw a road sign. The number for the road is
what I used. I had five dollars. I started to put it all on those numbers,
but decided instead to use one dollar. I bet exact numbers-exact order. I
won 500 dollars. If I had bet the five dollars I would have won 5,000

Author AudioMayhem100 ( ago)
When 1 digit costs you 5 figures...

Author Erika Lantigua ( ago)
Thank you for sharing! This was a wonderful story.

Author Lakisha Snipe ( ago)
I've manifested things in my life too. Once I said to myself I'd like 40
dollars just 40 and I could do this with it and that I imagined I already
had the money well a week later I found two 20 dollar bills on the ground.
And another time my son and I manifested 100 dollars. He kept saying mom
wouldn't it be cool if we found 50 dollars on the ground and I was like
yeah it would be and he was like i wish we found 50 dollars and I was like
me too. So on our way from his Dr's appt I decided to take an alternate
route home we were walking and it was folded up 100 dollars on the ground I
was like our energies put together was strong enough to manifest 100
dollars. BTW my boyfriend and I always find money on the ground 5, 10's 1
dollar bills some times monthly transit passes. I once stepped out of
Forman mills from getting my kids all these clothes and i was like well how
am I gonna get home I was like oh well I'l walk well as soon as I stepped
outside I found a monthly transit pass they costs like 108 dollars and the
month just began!!! So yeah manifestation is real. I just need to figure
out how to manifest winning lottery numbers!

Author Juana PoCruz ( ago)

Author mienmiennn ( ago)
thank u for ur lovely story! a friend of mine manifested it with his mom
too, they're very similar stories. cheers

Author sharone pink ( ago)
i saw 77 and 777 for around 2 or 3 months. everyday i saw it more than 3
times a day. after that now i saw 888 around 2-3 times a day. i asked my
higher self whether can i win grand prize? i get a " yes" answer. although
i dont know when will happen but im sure i will win. and when i on the tv ,
the screen showed the grand prize present . and when i went to my office,
there was also big banner about the grand prize. universe want to tell me
something, i believe. i just trust my self.

Author nazaruddin abu zaharin ( ago)
Wow. Thank you very much for sharing ...

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