How I Manifested winning the lottery

Greetings. I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the "New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Manifestation,Creative visualization

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Author OWNmindbodyspirit (8 months)

Author Druana Raven MoonShadow (7 months)
what an awesome story! thank you for sharing this as i am working on
manifesting the lottery too. I love hearing this, so much inspiration

Author Shelly Sullivan (1 year)

Author Turn_off_TV (4 months)
Why does this sound like a cult initiation video?

Author toxic prince (7 months)
this is so similar to what i've been going through! one day, a few weeks
ago, i got this feeling that i can't explain that i was going to win the
lottery. i haven't won yet, but... i ask for numbers all the time, before i
go to sleep, meditating, etc. now i have not been "manifesting" because i
had not known about this, it's still very new to me. but, the amazing thing
that's happened is, the numbers that i've been given are so close to
winning numbers. for example, say i use the numbers 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 &
45... well the winning numbers will be 8, 15, 23, 33, 39 & 45. it's like i
have it, just not completely. within 1 or 2 numbers from being right. i
asked my boyfriend if he thought i was crazy, because every lottery day i
feel so CERTAIN that i'm going to win, & then it's that close? it's amazing
to me. i feel like i'm crazy sometimes, like maybe it's just luck. i mean,
i didn't win, but it was SO close. anyways, thank you so much for this

Author John Randles (3 months)
Well im sat here right now and have been for the last 3 weeks manifesting
you giving me 10 million but.... fuck all is happening?... sup wi dat?

Author Patricia Martinez (5 months)
wonderful story!!!!

Author venturous1v (6 months)
I'd like to share a quick story with you. I've always been interested in
the law of attraction, as well as the practice of magick and witchcraft.
I've begun to see how they are very similar in their workings. A little
while back I did a very simple spell to draw abundance to me and the very
next day I won $100 on a scratch off ticket. I later realized that what I
did was essentially the same as the law of attraction. I visualized what I
wanted, felt what it would be like to have it, and released the desire to
the universe expecting it to happen. The only difference is I was using
tools to manifest that desire. I've now set my emotional and vibrational
sights on getting a million, though I am not limiting myself to just the
lottery. I'm allowing it to come from wherever it may, but I'm expecting it
to come. It'll be interesting to see in what form it manifests.

Author Sandra Howie (4 months)
Great Video.. Thank you for sharing your story. It is very inspiring,

Author grad79 (4 months)
I like your video. But what I like most of all is how sincere you come
across. Not rehearsed or fake at all. Genuinely caring. I love it.

Author shaheed313 (3 months)
How long did it take for your manifestation to become reality for your
lottery win?

Author Gary Garrett (2 months)
Manifest these nuts nigga. -Riley Freeman

Author David Ekstrom (7 months)
It seems rather stupid that you would win so much less just for having ONE
number wrong. you would still think you should win like a million dollars
at least, that's my opinion anyways.

Author super Power (1 month)
i truly believe in LOA and its Technics
but how much she won ? 

Author Mari Rodriguez (1 month)
Great video!! Thank you!! :))

Author Lulubelle (1 month)
Wow….thanks for sharing your story!

Author James Deen (4 months)
Thanks for sharing your story.

Author Jay Richest (26 days)
Congrats on your winnings.
I want to manifest a lottery win (s) as well. I'll take $6400 to begin
with, but, $64,000,000 is more like it!

Author lastfanstanding999 (7 months)
Plant life DNA 346 Religion vs Truth N

Author trashy10 (1 month)
Jesus doesn't want you to be in love with things of this world,he wants you
to love God

Author 13x60 (2 months)
I'm gonna create you sharing that winning with me. Lol ;)

Author joe hoffman (5 months)

Author sloppypoppie (3 months)
Follow the white rabbit

Author Suzette1212 (5 months)
Am now in the right train of thought thanks to you & have been talking
about the fact I am supposed to win the LOTTO forever!! The possibilities
are apparently infinite so THANK YOU!!! Let you know when & $$how much
when I roll on into this better than ever street. So many positive things
can be done for so many good reasons!!

Author Creed Justice (4 months)
I wonder if she can manifest giving me her phone number

Author ant knight (3 months)
Ah Canadian eh?

Author -Deborah Blair, MS, Ph.D-Healing Into Authenticity (8 months)
Wonderful! You are an inspirational speaker. It is so important for
people to heal within themselves and in this go on to manifest the loving,
joyful reality that we are meant to have here on this planet. Your finding
"church" in nature is an important one - and it is magnificent what you are
teaching your son. thank you for sharing your message - - you won a far
greater amount than the lottery ticket - - AND by putting and framing it
into the highest good for many - it brings you far more quality of life
than ego centered manifestation that many of the NEW WAGE put forward.
keep going!! Thank you for promoting Quality of life!

Author Kim Haze (4 months)
Hi there, wow, lotsa haters out there (saw some other comments) but
anyways... found you today (not by accident I'm sure (there are no
accidents)) .... awesome info. Especially on the pineal (I am using
bottled water and baking soda now)... I'll keep up with ya (got your
website too) and best of "luck" (ha ha, not luck) in all you do! :) 

Author Ronald Jackson (6 months)
I did the same thing at my wife Christmas party. I visualized my raffle
tickets winning i had 2 raffle tickets. both numbers won.

Author sally cruz (7 months)
*Finally, A Formula Designed To Bring You Closer To Winning The Lottery
With Strategies Supported By Both Mathematics And Metaphysics!*

Author The Fakey Cake Maker (5 months)
Really interesting to hear. The law of attraction and manifestion of
desires are Biblical principles, I pray you will come to know Jesus who is
the Word of God made manifest, the way the truth and the life and the
creator of all things the great I AM. :) xx

Author advaitanr2 (8 months)
Wait,wait. on moment.before the start of the whole story, you say winning
numbers appeared on the T.V that was off!? So what, ghost?, magic?

Author Angela Davis (7 months)
This can't be a coincidence finding this video on the day that I went to
the park (today) in the dead of winter and walked barefooted to get
grounded & connect with nature/universe to raise my vibration so I could
start manifesting the things I want to experience. I'm counting this as a
sign. I got on youtube to watch my normal videos and end up running across
this one. 

Author Ernie Preciado (8 months)
hello my name is Ernie and I enjoyed your comments very much"I myself am
beginning to understand our life journey on this planet" I think when we
are in that peaceful 'place ' we entertain entities from another planet or
a different Vibration filled
of a faster more peaceful dimension' that we can access 24 hours a day
once we learn how to control that would goes in to the heart-. And visual
it's very important to understand that the blood flowing through our body
puts out a frequency that only can be seen in the spirit world"I'm
thoroughly understanding this now and trying my best to pick the thoughts I
dwell on I'm trying to understand how to become enlightened of a God
quality I know this is good is possible and I also know that they are
people on this planet that understand this"quite well
and they rather keep it hidden..that is too late we are living under a new
according to Ryan's belt. And many of the ancient calendars
I am so grateful please contact me or read some of my writings on my Google
homepage"I would like to have more friends like you"
signed Ernie the great innovator

Author Charles Martel (8 months)
I find your experience fascinating. Yet I wonder why you did not manifest
winning the full jackpot and instead just got for 5 out of 6 numbers, thus
winning a very small amount of 6K$ compared to the 49M$ ? Any ideas?

Author Lito Avalos (7 months)
I love your church, nature, nothing could be more original and correct,
church is the material manifestation of Source, I love you Shelly, as my
spiritual sister, because you have inspired me to believe, thanks again,

Author Chris Lowrey (7 months)

Author fonzoblessed3 (8 months)
Thank you for posting this video people need to see this because there are
alot of limited thinkers on youtube that post videos saying you can't
manifest the lottery.So again i say thank you! Oh yea, i manifested the
take 5 lottery in ny,so this is real and you have just been subscribed!!!

Author Sonia Johnson (8 months)
Thank you, I understand through visual, just by reading, its sounds like fa
la la, but by you explaining through details, and completing it with what I
have read, OMG, IT IS CLEAR, It is true, words don't teach, experience do,

Author John Storojev (8 months)
Thanks. You look and sound genuine. More power to you and I hope you
all your desires, the good ones.

Author Cashpocket (8 months)
You are an awesome person and beautiful too!

Author FR WI (2 months)
Have you heard about probability? You had your numbers on your side.
Nothing you do before of after the pick of that numbers will affect the

Author Gregory Derushe (8 months)
I just have a couple of questions. When you said you "logged in monthly"-
what exactly do you mean by that. And when you were reading the numbers off
the lotto ticket. Was those your own numbers. And also, how often did you
go into the forest for your walks. Thank you.

Author Michael Johnson (1 month)
Enjoy eternal hell and the short lived love of your dirty money

Author margaret byrd (3 days)
I love it! very cool to share this, the law of attraction is a fact and
more and more people are learning about it and gaining creative control
over their own lives instead of creating by default! amazing, I also have
been playing certain numbers for a year now . I will manifest winning the
big one soon :) thank you for sharing dear :)

Author Latashia Tipton (2 days)

Author Gia S (8 days)
When you were focusing on winning, did you focus on the specific amount you
would win? Or did you just feel like you won without a specific amount
attached to that? Thanks for sharing! 

Author Anmol Nag (10 days)
im working on $100,000 for the last 23 days and the feeling has got a lot
stronger over the days ..... just 7 days more for the deadline i have set
wish me luck :)) im rich vooohooo

Author Nancy Echevarria (11 days)
Wonderful story, connecting with nature is very important! Adding your five
senses is extremely important, sight, taste,hearing,touch,smell.

Author Faerie Tale (4 months)
thank you for this, how wonderful! The forest is a magical place and
amazing things always happen in the forest :) 

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