How I Manifested winning the lottery

Greetings. I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the "New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Manifestation,Creative visualization

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Author OWNmindbodyspirit (1 month)

Author OWNmindbodyspirit (10 months)

Author Joe Rand (29 days)
*People are very misguided, and they think they can affect reality in some
way. The truth is the exact opposite. Reality controls you. You don't
decide what your brain cells decide. You brain cells move themselves.*

*If you want to know the truth about yourself, life, newton's 3rd law and **everything
else relevant in life,** I'd suggest you to go to TruthContestCom and open
"The Present"- ebook there. Our true nature is **nothing*

Author sama el (1 month)
i just want to win the lottery so i can get off the grid live off solar
energy build my own garden to live off and fish and meditate near the
mountain side. that is all i want. to be free from this slave system of
repetitive work and sleep work and sleep . oh and eat....and back to work.

Author Jim Amidon (25 days)
thank you for telling your story ... straight talk in real-world scenario,
believable, anybody could follow your example - tried adding a boost to my
efforts by telling the clerk I would gift them 10% when they sold me a
winner - are you done now or going for the big one yet?

Author Jason B (27 days)
I am a bit confused. Did you actually win the lottery? This video says
that you only won 6 grand. 

Author mrxxpity (24 days)
How can we call it wining when one needs millions to lose in order for you
to win....

Author Chrisanna Thomas (11 days)
Congrats on the win! I am in total agreement with your view on "luck". My
problem is how to stop calling it " luck" and just draw the right
opportunities to myself.

Author Michael Johnson (3 months)
Enjoy eternal hell and the short lived love of your dirty money

Author Craig Forester (23 days)
7k verses 49 mil is not winning the lottery....sorry to burst your
bubble....You were close but it was no cigar.

Author Sarae Moon (1 month)
Thank you for sharing this story. I am TRYING to apply the Laws off
Attraction to my life but (that terrible word...but) my struggle is the
actual believing that I have won when I have not. Still trying though. I
will not give up. Keep me in your prayers.

Author Turn_off_TV (6 months)
Why does this sound like a cult initiation video?

Author Gary Garrett (4 months)
Manifest these nuts nigga. -Riley Freeman

Author Super Power (4 months)
i truly believe in LOA and its Technics
but how much she won ? 

Author Anmol Nag (2 months)
im working on $100,000 for the last 23 days and the feeling has got a lot
stronger over the days ..... just 7 days more for the deadline i have set
wish me luck :)) im rich vooohooo

Author John Randles (5 months)
Well im sat here right now and have been for the last 3 weeks manifesting
you giving me 10 million but.... fuck all is happening?... sup wi dat?

Author SN4ify (1 month)
So how much money did she win?

Author Sandra Howie (6 months)
Great Video.. Thank you for sharing your story. It is very inspiring,

Author Hashslingingslasher (1 month)
If everyone won the lottery, everyone would have stories like this. Who
doesn't want a huge sum of money, who doesn't have a plan for it, who
doesn't yell at the top of their voice I NEED THIS. Unluckily for us
viewers the money went to the person with the shittiest possible story 

Author grad79 (6 months)
I like your video. But what I like most of all is how sincere you come
across. Not rehearsed or fake at all. Genuinely caring. I love it.

Author Davidle141 (1 day)
Oh and to all the other people trying to win the lotto....stop ....I gottta
win first ha ha 

Author Michael Turany (2 days)
I friend ed you on Facebook if you could give me a few more pointers on
winning the lotery I have been looking at manifesting positive circumstance
s in my life I feel something moveing me towards this end of winning the
lottery but to no evail . Anyway the trip is fun and I have met so many
interesting people. I feel that I have made some progress .Please if you
could help I would appreciate it 

Author russeling bridges (1 day)
I like luck now

Author Jay Richest (2 months)
Congrats on your winnings.
I want to manifest a lottery win (s) as well. I'll take $6400 to begin
with, but, $64,000,000 is more like it!

Author Mari Rodriguez (3 months)
Great video!! Thank you!! :))

Author Cezary Grajewski (9 days)
Let me know how did you do that. I mean the details.

Author Lulubelle (3 months)
Wow….thanks for sharing your story!

Author Faith Barnard (20 days)
Outstanding! Working with universal power that flows through all of us.
Good for you for holding this vision and manifesting it into your reality.
We are always manifesting our reality it is just a matter of what we are
manifesting. Do it consciously and anything is possible!

Author Adrian Collins (10 days)
Great blouse! Great message. Buying lottery ticket today! Yaaay!

Author Tikur Bey El (14 days)
Thank for sharing with us i under stand peace

Author Patricia Martinez (7 months)
wonderful story!!!!

Author Ebony Rising (18 days)
Neat Story, thanks for sharing!

Author Lonna Moreno (19 days)
I love what your doing!

Author trashy10 (3 months)
Jesus doesn't want you to be in love with things of this world,he wants you
to love God

Author Glenda Pruett (20 days)
Hi Shelly, I can totally relate to you in some way, this is a feeling that
really I don't know how to describe. I do know that being on a spiritual
level and having peace with yourself and thinking positive has really
changes your energy and the energy around you. Have a great day shelly

Author tysm (26 days)
You are truly amazing!

Author Theresa Ballou (26 days)
You're beautiful! Keep inspiring others with your messages! 😇🌈😘 

Author Davidle141 (1 day)
I would of been disapointed....$6,400? what a got 5 out of 6
numbers and that's 6,400 in powerball that's 2 million dollars and in mega
that's 1 million so $6,400 is like nothing.... I had a few positive
experiences and I think I am getting better at it but when I go for the
lotto I need a minimum of 5 million dollars or in my book it's not enough 

Author Mike Rinaldi (1 month)
Thats an awesome story .. without a doubt I believe we manifest our
thoughts. There is nothing impossible in this life, belief in yourself and
staying in positive vibration and thoughts is the key to happiness and
manifestation .. God Bless!

Author phillyfan182 (1 month)
I just wanna win the lottery so I can win a car. 

Author Chris Dingman (1 month)
Thank you for this video! You've inspired me!

Author EJonline609 (28 days)
Do you know how many people go through those "visualization" motions every
day and don't win squat? You say you did all these "spiritual"
visualization exercises and then "won the lottery". You only got $6000 out
of a potential 49 Million. I would not exactly call that "winning THE
lottery". You won something IN the lottery, but not The lottery. I had a
friend who went through those "visualization" exercises every day for
Years, and never won diddley scoop. This New Age manifestation crap is Poop
Scoop. Poo-per Scoo-per. Period.

Author Wewillwake (1 month)
Thank you for sharing your story, now let me clear did you win the 49
million that day?

Author ant knight (5 months)
Ah Canadian eh?

Author Peter Wallace (1 month)
You can only win Lottery by getting the winning numbers and i have just
won, Guess how??? Contact me And i will tell you but i can only tell the
poor and not the rich

Author pinkpoo007 (1 month)
Awesome. I send you luck love and best wishes

Author Tom Collins (1 month)
Thank you.

Author Angelus (1 month)
Like the song goes: "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson: Jesus loves you more
than will know, woh-oh-oh..."

Author Marelle Bardot (1 month)
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story ! :)

Author Michael Angel (1 month)
Thank you...
I think I needed to hear this...

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