How I Manifested winning the lottery

Greetings. I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the "New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Manifestation,Creative visualization

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Author OWNmindbodyspirit (2 months)

Author Joe Rand (1 month)
*People are very misguided, and they think they can affect reality in some
way. The truth is the exact opposite. Reality controls you. You don't
decide what your brain cells decide. You brain cells move themselves.*

*If you want to know the truth about yourself, life, newton's 3rd law and **everything
else relevant in life,** I'd suggest you to go to TruthContestCom and open
"The Present"- ebook there. Our true nature is **nothing*

Author OWNmindbodyspirit (11 months)

Author robert brykted (3 days)
This is absolutely true, I did not believe before but, the last time I was
in Colorado, I was a huge A Course in Miracles follower, and practice. I
wanted to stay in Colorado longer, but I needed 300 dollars to change the
flight, I asked my higher self if this would be good for my spirit and I
felt guided of what store to go to and when, well I went to this gas
station and began getting scratch offs, it just so happened that 6 tickets
in a row I chose and each on I won a sum of money, I won over 300 dollars
in a row, not skipping a losing ticket, the store clerk was gonna call his
manager thinking I was doing something illegal or strange, well I had to
buy the last ticket and it was a loser and then I left, I suspended my
flight and enjoyed the continued inspiration I got from my trip.

Author julia gallardo (27 days)
I am a walking testament to her beliefs. I as well ask the universe to let
me win and sure enough I do! I look up at the clouds and I speak to the
universe, already feeling this overwhelming energy within me as if I
already have won. 

Author Craig Forester (1 month)
7k verses 49 mil is not winning the lottery....sorry to burst your
bubble....You were close but it was no cigar.

Author sama el (2 months)
i just want to win the lottery so i can get off the grid live off solar
energy build my own garden to live off and fish and meditate near the
mountain side. that is all i want. to be free from this slave system of
repetitive work and sleep work and sleep . oh and eat....and back to work.

Author Jim Amidon (1 month)
thank you for telling your story ... straight talk in real-world scenario,
believable, anybody could follow your example - tried adding a boost to my
efforts by telling the clerk I would gift them 10% when they sold me a
winner - are you done now or going for the big one yet?

Author GRETA MALL (4 hours)
Thanks for the inspiration.

Author kaycie villa (28 days)
i do believe in #LawOfAttarction.... 100%

Author brian kelly (8 days)
all things are posible for those who believe...

Author Hashslingingslasher (2 months)
If everyone won the lottery, everyone would have stories like this. Who
doesn't want a huge sum of money, who doesn't have a plan for it, who
doesn't yell at the top of their voice I NEED THIS. Unluckily for us
viewers the money went to the person with the shittiest possible story 

Author Michael Johnson (4 months)
Enjoy eternal hell and the short lived love of your dirty money

Author Jason B (1 month)
I am a bit confused. Did you actually win the lottery? This video says
that you only won 6 grand. 

Author robert brykted (2 hours)
Well to respond a little bit it's not so much keeping hopeful its following
your inner instance in your higher self and creating the belief system
where you are going to win. I am an avid believer of A Course in Miracles
and they believe in contacting your higher self and asking it if it can
manifest this in my life and I would benefit from it and since that were
true and I would benefit from the piece that was involved after winning the
sum of money it just happened so easily.

Author mrxxpity (1 month)
How can we call it wining when one needs millions to lose in order for you
to win....

Author Faith Barnard (1 month)
Outstanding! Working with universal power that flows through all of us.
Good for you for holding this vision and manifesting it into your reality.
We are always manifesting our reality it is just a matter of what we are
manifesting. Do it consciously and anything is possible!

Author Chrisanna Thomas (1 month)
Congrats on the win! I am in total agreement with your view on "luck". My
problem is how to stop calling it " luck" and just draw the right
opportunities to myself.

Author Gary Garrett (5 months)
Manifest these nuts nigga. -Riley Freeman

Author robert brykted (3 days)
This is terrific and true thank you

Author Sarae Moon (2 months)
Thank you for sharing this story. I am TRYING to apply the Laws off
Attraction to my life but (that terrible word...but) my struggle is the
actual believing that I have won when I have not. Still trying though. I
will not give up. Keep me in your prayers.

Author Turn_off_TV (7 months)
Why does this sound like a cult initiation video?

Author Super Power (5 months)
i truly believe in LOA and its Technics
but how much she won ? 

Author Anmol Nag (3 months)
im working on $100,000 for the last 23 days and the feeling has got a lot
stronger over the days ..... just 7 days more for the deadline i have set
wish me luck :)) im rich vooohooo

Author Supafly2027 (1 day)
I am so grateful for you, :-)

Author Darrell Thundercloud (2 days)

Author SN4ify (2 months)
So how much money did she win?

Author JonceMissy Ellemor (8 hours)
congratulations law of attraction is law. Thank you for sharing your
beautiful video and positivity. 

Author Z enTai Christ (8 days)
I want to win The Lotto because I need a home of my own and I want to start
a family away from the Necropolis which is the city that I live in,
preferably somewhere in the mountains where I can grow and hunt my own
food, where I can meditate in peace and from where I could come down and
spread knowledge and love to people that need it...I wish to win The Lotto,
mostly because I want to be a healer, and for this I need a lot of mana
(money) so that I can have enough resources to spend on helping the world
heal back from this zombie state in which it has brought itself...
The Lotto is 6/49 here as well, and so far I have managed to manifest only
2 numbers out of 6 almost every time I play...but I have kept faith, and
since my awakening in 2012, I have kept playing at least once a month, but
without having the time to always meditate for manifesting this.
@OWNmindbodyspirit, you helped me a lot today and I remain forever grateful
for your post. If you have any suggestions that might help me with my
manifestations, please reply me :)

Also the 77/777 sign appears INSANELY frequent (2-5 times per day) for me
as well, in different forms :)

Author QueenTina (5 days)
Thank you very much!

Author John Randles (6 months)
Well im sat here right now and have been for the last 3 weeks manifesting
you giving me 10 million but.... fuck all is happening?... sup wi dat?

Author Sandra Howie (7 months)
Great Video.. Thank you for sharing your story. It is very inspiring,

Author Trembly (3 days)
Thank you for sharing! :)

Author useris privat (15 days)
HAHAHAHAHAHA I bet she was mad when she thought she won 49 million and only
got a couple of grand.

Author Marilou Ritter (14 days)
Congratulations for winning! Thank you for sharing your story! I do
believe in the Law of Attraction. More power to you! You took things in
your own hands. The Universe gave you the answers through. signs and you
picked it up! Do you know the story of Einstien and his famous formula
E=mc2 ? He actually got the formula in an intuition and them proved it
after...and not the other way around!!! Look up his story and bibliograhy,
he says that! The Universe gave him a hint and he took it!
You did a Great job! Light and Love to you for spreading the word! Thank

Author amarsbarr (13 days)
I'm so glad she won $6000 or so, would have been amazing for her to have
taken the whole jackpot but still that's a nice happy win! :) 

Author Andrew Hyles (12 days)
I use the secret to manifest my dream car as a test run to see if this
really work, from every detail of the car from the interior to the exterior
and I'm proud to say I got it!!! =D A brand new 2014 Dodge Charger R/T.
Couldn't be more happier, took me 2 months to manifest it =D

Author Fraser Orr (12 days)
tits or gtfo

Author 1hardgamer (11 days)
I think your right

Author Steven Negrete (13 days)
Great story.

Author kolobite (23 days)
Thank you for sharing your story!

Author Moe Thomas (20 days)
Good video!! I believe in manifestation!!!

It take skill and strategy for lottery games.

Author Elena Aulet (20 days)
Beautiful powerful lady

Author Open-minded Skeptic (21 day)
Why stop at six grand? Didn't the fact that you nearly hit all six numbers
make you want to keep trying for the 49 million? Or perhaps you continued
trying but have no further positive results to report. Just curious. All
the best! 

Author Lotti - the Lottery App (24 days)
How I Manifested winning the lottery

Author grad79 (7 months)
I like your video. But what I like most of all is how sincere you come
across. Not rehearsed or fake at all. Genuinely caring. I love it.

Author Latasha Ramsel (28 days)
Thanks so much for sharing 

Author Rainey Lane (24 days)
I was manifesting winning the Lottery for about a month straight. I did
VERY similar things to her and I won $1 4 separate times in one week, Not
exactly what I had in mind, but I took this as a sign to keep playing. I
stopped for a little while. Began manifesting again and I won $6. It's only
a matter of time before I win the Mega Millions JACKPOT! I will be sure to
post when it happens to me! Blessings to all of you! :)

Author Linda Byrne (28 days)
How inspiring!

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