How I Manifested winning the lottery

Greetings. I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the "New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Manifestation,Creative visualization

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Author Amy Hatfield ( ago)
How I Manifested winning the lottery:

Author JohAnAn 777 ( ago)

Author Andrew Routh ( ago)
I'm so happy for you! That is an incredible experience!

Author Singha Bahadur ( ago)
"You are the master of your own destiny."

Author Mrhappyfuntime310 Mister ( ago)
$6400 is not winning the lottery. Who ever won the 49,000,000 actually won
that lottery. Get an education aimed at learning a viable skill and you can
earn $6400 or more every month.

Nor will $ 6400 address the needs of the various social ills that you are
concerned with. I really don't understand your rationale.

Your title is very misleading. It should been " how I got lucky and won a
very minor amount of money playing the lottery".

Author Robin Chipman ( ago)
I saw your video last year, I think about you all the time when I'm taking
a walk :) 

Author jennifer wright ( ago)

Author Barbra Enriquez ( ago)
I think this is wonderful. :) I'm so happy for you. 

Author Eddie Power ( ago)
Six thousand is not worth doing a video about I thought it was going to
be six MILLION!

Author LuxLife andCurls ( ago)
off by one number?! OUCH! awesome story though

Author bamboosa ( ago)
Wow. An advertisement. In YouTube, yet. I am so surprised. TV and clothing.
Started out as a numerologist and changed her style.

Author Becky Wyatt ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Mrs. Castillo ( ago)
Thank you for sharing this 💜

Author Jason Innes ( ago)
Thank you from Scotland .........

Author donklue ( ago)
I do I not know this is bullshit?

Author HedJGamer 8 ( ago)
Hello beautiful people~
Give me random numbers and i am going to win tonight!

Author David Mace (587 years ago)
The Force is strong with that one. Perhaps the universe speaks to us and
once we become aware of this we will notice things that before would just
pass us by. 

Author Brenda Gurrola ( ago)
loving you!

Author Hector Herrera ( ago)
Hook a brother up :)

Author Goodiesfanful ( ago)
I was beginning to have doubts as to whether to continue with lottery.
After watching this I am going to do it more like this. Thank you.

Author paulisallbadass ( ago)
She got five out of six numbers and all she won was $6400! God that's
nothing compared to 49 mil! That dose not make me want to play should've at
least got 1 million! 

Author Wacky Macky ( ago)
Thanks very much, I'm going to win mine.

Author BreezyHawk ( ago)
Several years ago I tested this by writing on a piece of paper that I
carried with me, that I had $5000 of extra "fun" money in my bank account -
money I could do whatever I wanted with. I focused on it for just 4 days,
several times a day, acting "as if" it was real. Finding some things I
wanted to buy and feeling so excited that I could now buy them. Well, on
the night of that fourth day, I got a call from a relative that I was being
given about $40,000 from a trust fund that I knew nothing about, and that I
should have it in a couple weeks. It was real, I got paid, and was blown
away that it worked! LOA - Law of Attraction is real. Try it and see.

Author jesus suarez ( ago)
I agree with you 100%

Author AshToonTv ( ago)
fock off with ur manifest bs

Author Davda ( ago)
What a beautiful story, real, relevant and to the point. Thank you.

Author Cezza ( ago)
Hi, luv ur energy! I also take walks in the forest with my dog and love
nutritional science. Lol. And yes I'm vegan too. Congrats on your win &
blessings on your journey :)

Author Henri Aasamets ( ago)
Yes it is that easy. But you have to know what you want and go with the
I was thinking that I want to get a job where a orne lot .
and I got. 300000 eur-. Only two weeks.
I did all the things that now need to think about a new desire.

Author elizabeth james ( ago)
Thank you for sharing you inspiring manifestation.
A good lesson I learnt was teaching the children to manifest what they want

Author itsYouJQ ( ago)
Hey Shelly! Very inspiring. How long after you started playing did you
actually win? 

Author Tim Cates ( ago)
I can so relate to your story...just not a lottery win...more tangible in
the sense of relationships and family...

Author Daniel Tittyfish ( ago)
Lady, i feel your positive energy and can tell you are a very radiant
person.......however you are bat shit crazy. no disrespect intended though.

Author SUEDOMIZA ( ago)
You're Gorgeous OwnMindBodySpirit :)

Author Jennifer Anderson ( ago)
Amazing story.... just curious if you have a email or fb that I can msg you

Author knowtricks ( ago)
Thanks for your beautiful information and that happens when done correctly.
We just need to be aware all the moments and manifest in correctly. I just
want to say that am going to win one million dollars coming month. I am
not hopeful but guaranteed. I will share on that day.

Author getsmart ( ago)
your insane and dangerous. your a adult child. a child in a adults BODY,
one of the most dangerous living creatures on earth. a moron in a adults
body with adult privliges. you can devastate the men in your life as well
as your children and associates. Your church will rob you blind like taking
candy from a baby is child's play. I'm not listening to see if youv won or
not. I heard enouhh to know you are a dangerous IDIOT. if you were married
my sympathy to HIM. you . fucking mess

Author Nova “novanurachmad” achmad ( ago)
Thanks for share, but, I newbie for Lottery, how many times that must i try
to win the lottery, ??

Author CA$HMIER ( ago)
I'm 36 years old I worked and held a job for over 20 yrs ....started
working at 14 no one could ever tell me I don't know what a hard days work
is point is I'm ready to retire at 36 I realize I no longer want to work
for someone else I want to be completely able to spend the rest of my days
having fun in the sun with my kids and family and not having to worry about
money,also I want to help people who don't have nothing set up my money to
where I will still have a nice chunk buried somewhere just in
case.......females friends and life careless spending I'll be back
down.....oh no no not not me so tonight the lottery in my state of Illinois
is 126 million (mega millions)I'm claiming it!!!!I got a huge tingle in me
I'm felling good about it my tickets look watch what I tell ya I'm

Author Marie Williams ( ago)
Did you dream about the number or was it quick pick?

Author Mila iloria ( ago)
Awesome vibes, Shelly! How have you life transformed after winning? What
are your highest intentions you are facing right now? Thanks for replying!

Author Patricia Levesque ( ago)
thank you for sharing have inspired me that's for sure

Author Theresa Kennedy ( ago)
How do you listen and not miss the steps?

Author shantell57 ( ago)
Wonderful :)

Author Teneilee Love ( ago)
Awesome story!

Author Trace Trace ( ago)
very easy accomplish anything you want in life if you visualize
step 1/ create a need, 2/ the demand, 3/ the visualization, convincing your
five senses of what doesn't actually exist, 4/ the sabbath ( forget about
all that for real) 5/ realization will happen ..... you don't have to be
religious or anything, just those steps....

Author Denene Brown ( ago)
how awesome was that! yeah, yes, I to expect to win big lotteries, to do
be and experience greater things in this life, this resource of winnings,
will allow me to help myself and others, health healing's and prosperity/
and higher spirituality.

Author Hippie HedgeWitch ( ago)
This was really awesome! Can you help me clear up something. I often hear
this about manifestation and I can manifest stuff easily when I've
experienced it before or in tiny increments. When you are manifesting a
goal that you have never experienced before, how do you conjure up the
feelings to feel it? Thanks in advance! <3 Infinite Peace to you. Your
videos are awesome!

Author Us Watts (2PartsAnalog) ( ago)
Your energy is wider than the Universe. Thank you for your vibration. We
went from government assistance to wealth using these principals.

Author Lea Miranda ( ago)
uma vez pedrir para sonhar com os numeros de loteria dizendo o concurso a
data e sonhei isso foi em novembro de 2014 e veio dar agora os 4 numeros em
21 de março 2015, só que eu mudei os numeros, e não ganhei.

Author Brian Linville ( ago)
I feel spiritual in the woods/forest too, I think because you getting in
tune with Universe,
and nature, and you are literally a 'Nature-all', part of the universe as
well. Its where people can meditate
and think clearer probably. I got a notion, if people are going to use the
winnings to help others, they will do
WELL with the winnings and having money, if people have bad intentions
,they will probly loose it all in year or 2. (even if
they do win) that's karma.

Author hotties3v3n ( ago)
You resemble susan Myer.

Author baby bunnykinns ( ago)
She manifested something alright! Nature "church" new age beliefs can only
manifest very specific supernatural forces. And it only leads one down a
very wide and well worn path, as was prophesied thousands of years ago:

Author LotusFlower Flores ( ago)
Thanks for sharing your positive manifestation with us

Author Cortney Warren ( ago)
Thank you

Author MrMannekuin ( ago)
do it again 

Author Vanessa Klinger ( ago)
this is interesting because recently I went to the bank and had my balance
checked and my balance was 77777 soon as i saw that I knew something was
trying to get my attention. a few weeks later I got up in the night to
adjust my thermostat and I aw it again 7777..

Author JR Grande ( ago)
Why sell this material if you can win the lottery? ilogic

Author Charlotte Cotton ( ago)
Thank you. I believe in what has happened for you and your son. Now I too
will began to manifest things into my life.

Author Melissa Felicelli ( ago)
Hi Shelly...Very Inspiring. I call the forest my church as well. I sense
the energy as you say and feel the power ....I am able to enjoy an
abundance of trees in my forest and walks as well. I fully embrace
manifestation and also now more than ever believe our thoughts and actions
combined to do good work such as healing through nutrition, create an
energy of Light that is part of a much larger vortex and universe. Thank
you again for sharing ......

Author J. Divine ( ago)
Thank you! Blessings and Abundance always.

Author deck ( ago)
now its my turn to win

Author IrmaE ( ago)
Thank you for sharing this video! As you can see from my past comments I
watched your video a few days ago. I have started visualizing to manifest
wealth, and good health and happiness. I played the Powerball visualizing
$400....and won $4.00! I am still grateful because I have never won
anything on lotto! Then today I received a letter from my mortgage company
that I am getting a check for Escrow overpayment! Very Grateful! So do have to be specific and believe. Keep us updated and thank you!

Author Luke Williams ( ago)
so close, try again 

Author Marc Bellucci ( ago)
Thank you so much for your story and the lessons you have chosen to share
with us. May your family be blessed for ever. Marc

Author Ray Bird ( ago)
Thank you for sharing your story. So many people talk about manifesting but
its hard to understand how to do that. I will try your advice. 

Author IrmaE ( ago)
I just started watching and I believe this to be so. 

Author katkorn11 ( ago)
Small signs along the way. We are energetic being and thus, we manifest
everything in our own lives. You are one of the few who has acknowledged
your connection to the universe. Congratulations.

Author Ina Felsher ( ago)
Love this Story! So inspirational!

Author HUYNH MINH TRI (DR BOO) ( ago)
I think I can trust you who tell the truth .
Well , a nice woman like you don't need to win any lottery and a lot of
men will follow you for love & sex . That's the happiness !

Author Richard F. De Pol ( ago)
I think what you have shared, is true:) I am living prof of the law of
attraction. I am a miracle from being in a devastating MVA 81101, coma,
wheelchair, TBI, and other things :) but possitiveness wins, I just went to
the lottery today to claim a 10,000 $ scratch off that I won last week:),
they only gave me 7500 after they had to get their cut off the winnings,
but it is all good:) rickyd227 at gmail if anyone wants to send a hi, and I
can share the biography I started to write, after the car wreck, while
being in multiple hospitals:) I have had countless good fortunes that I
have manifested thus far:) Watch the movie "The Secret"!

Author Carly Call ( ago)
I have been seeing 1111 or just 11 almost every day and what your saying
is so true I Aks believe it comeing and it does we are more powerful then
we know this is from pam call I'm 52 and dream of wining lots of money to
by a home in Florida and walk on the warm sand see the world help dreams to
come true but you have to believe😁😁😁

Author Mychael McCormack ( ago)
How did you chooz your numbers ?
Where i live we have to chooz six numbers for loto 6/49 & seven numbers for
loto max .Do i chooz the extra .Any suggestions...
Thank you...

Author David D ( ago)
hey, i just happened to run into this video.. i have been saying out loud
that i want to win the lottery and presenting the numbers in the air
(before i even saw your video) i think this might be the universe telling
me something.. thank you for your inspiration.. i will keep trying..

my memory isnt to good but i will try to keep a eye out for signs.. this is
awesome.. im trying to win i just want to repay everyone
who has helped me physically in my life and to meet a special person to me..

i hope you get everything you wish for :)

Author Robert Ferguson ( ago)
I have nearly won the lottery for over two months; the number of near-wins,
I'm pushing 30. Most I almost won was $564 million! I am now ready not only
to win the lottery, but become a lottery winner. 

Author Tara Christina ( ago)
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Blessings!!!

Author Zaguta ( ago)
Theres no such thing call good luck & Bad luck in this world. 

Author Shelley Maday ( ago)
thank you very much for sharing this video! Besides our names being the
same (a coincidence?), I too want to become a health and wellness coach! I
totally relate to your message, and I was just telling a co-worker that
I've managed to 'change' the vibrations around me by embracing the fact
that I AM the creator in my own life. I began with going on a positive
mental diet about 6 months ago and even though I started off with "this is
soooo fru-fru" I have watched how things (little and big) have a positive direction!!! and yes, I win money a LOT more than
I ever did. Plus, things just fall into place! I laugh now at how negative
I was before and how many things around me DID NOT work- including
mechanical things! So I have personally witnessed and continue to
experience a much more positive, healthy outlook that 'manifests' many
positive events, and all it took was to change my way of thinking!
P.S. it took did NOT happen overnight-I had to be consistent
with thinking the same way.

Author Lorrielain (1742 years ago)
Pretty inspiring" and I love your calmness with just hint or spicy
excitement rolling beneath the surface. I won $120. On 649 last Wednesday,
I was so excited 

Author mikemer79 ( ago)
Buy American don't play lottery

Author Allinta Rose ( ago)
Time goes by way too FAST!!
Make sure you are making those memories as often as you can.
I took my friend out to lunch today while most people were at work.
I love it that my business is mobile and allows me to work where ever I am.
Business is cash flowing on auto pilot. Paypal keeps sending me emails,
deposits being made..
Unlimited deposits to your Paypal account.

Author Sean Morris ( ago)
I am I am I am. I will win the lottery.

Author craziest info out there ( ago)
Wow! Incredibly happy and exciting vibrations just watching and listening
to her speak! Beautiful woman, beautifully spoken, and beautiful story!
Thank you so much for sharing! ♡♡♡

Author KUTTER29662 ( ago)
You lost me as soon as winning ticket shown. Thats waaaaaay south of 1
million let alone 40+. Not curing obesity with that.

Author Pace Yrself ( ago)
Did you choose the numbers or did you do a quick pick? Just wondering. I
enjoyed hearing your experience.

Author Mazze Marks ( ago)
Your advice is so true & helpful. You're amazing 

Author you nique ( ago)
Thanks for sharing your story and the process you went through in order to
win the lottery . Very inspirational. 

Author diamond b ( ago)
Thank you this was powerful when i cash my check from winning i will post
on here

Author Luka Fantinič ( ago)
hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out about law of attraction try
Panlarko Instant Abundance Planner(just google it ) ? Ive heard some super
things about it and my friend got excellent results with it. 

Author Sheila Hall ( ago)
I was thinking of giving this a try... so I decided to look up videos and
this was the first I had watched. you mentioned something about you seeing
something kinda weird and took it as kind of a sign. anyways you had my
full attention when you said you had called your sister and said her name
is "Shelly". Then you mentioned your name, "Sheila" and thought that was
kinda a weird coincidence because that is my name and my sisters name is
Shelly also 😳

defiantly giving this a try

Author Leo R nshung ( ago)
Yes Laaaawd! !!

Author Lucy Handy ( ago)
i get what shes talking about! I went to the casino the other day and i
don't know why but i was staring at number 16 for ages and saying to myself
thats the one! i put $50 on it and won! I just knew! it might be just a
coincidence but i saw myself winning

Author Abhishek Mishra ( ago)
She is enlightened... she is the modern 'faking' Budha!!! 

Author Haniel Glow (1207 years ago)
Excellent ! Shelly. I am manifesting a local permanent job which pays
$4500.00 per month and am sure to get it. Thanks for putting me on track.
God bless u.

Author And Ka ( ago)
You should come back to that forest and complain for missing one number :)
I would..

Author 00bob000 ( ago)
I think she rushed her spiritual journey and wasn't patient enough and the
"greediness" was seen and that presented her from winning

Author Raw Reiki ( ago)
Please can you answer me... is there a way to manifest a situation out of
your life?

Author Leave Mark ( ago)
Nice story, but if I was one number away from 49,000,000 and all I got was
6,000 I would have nightmares for years. 

Author Victor Adaramola ( ago)
Your story was truly amazing and thanks for shearing it.

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