How I Manifested winning the lottery

Greetings. I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the "New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Manifestation,Creative visualization

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Author Jem Harper ( ago)
Oh because you see 1111 it means what ? That your living in la la land.
Time to get real.

Author Aiesha StrachanBrown ( ago)
people should be happy for people, the old saying if you dont have nothing
nice to say shut up, facebook, youtube is about people wanting to share
what went on with them good or bad, if you have something positive to say
say if not dont bother.

Author Snidho Snidho ( ago)
Friends I am going to share with you the same secret that a small
handful of other lucky people have used to win lottery…heres the link ==>
How I Manifested winning the lottery

Author DJShogunArmani ( ago)
help me please

Author Albert Bass ( ago)
Your beautiful inside and out I beleive you really did what you said you
did, people dont realize the words that come out there mouth do come to
pass its in the bible. so dont stop there your blessing's will come to pass
your heart is about blessing other's Iv'e been blessing people for 37 years
making teeth giving them thier smile back and there's no feeling like that
all the money in the world can't replace that smile when they leave, so
keep up what your doing its not about us but being a help to other's and
GOD bless you all.

Author Rachael Hardaway ( ago)
as I watched your video in a support group on fb for manifesting, I looked
to see where i was on the video....not sure why. I hovered over the timer.
it was 5:55. the group I was watching your video on is a manifesting group
called 5/55. I looked at the inbox of my facebook feed. there was a 7. my
lucky number. i loved watching you explain your story. im inspired to
meditate and listen to my intuition. thanks shelly. <3

Author j. s.g ( ago)
thank u ....iam very happy to see your video cos this amount is the one Iam
going to win tonight....talking serously....IAM ....and my messege from
universe is that 48 milions are the jack pot tonight here that is not
casuality i know....I feel it....thank u. God bless u.

Author Alvaro San Martin ( ago)
congratulations and thank you for sharing!

Author John MacPherson ( ago)

Author rei ( ago)
Thank you for sharing your story. You have good and clear energy all around
you. As for me, 7 years ago I did a fast and set an intention to it so that
I could maintain my fast. I told the universe that I'd like to hit the
'Lotto' in order to help my 'baby brother'. I forgot all about it and went
along with my fast. Well on day 11 of the fast my baby brother hit the
lotto. The universe heard 'Lotto' and 'baby brother' and that was all that
needed to happen.

Author Quinton Davis ( ago)

Author Todd Krough ( ago)
oh your a Holistic nutritionist? That is awesome. Know anything about
PPI'S? And how to quit them? I got stomach problems.

Author Jen Martin ( ago)
Amazing video. Thank you for your inspiration xxx

Author Nicole Rodriguez ( ago)
how long did you play to win the money and how much did u spend on playing

Author Anjoli Moore ( ago)
Amazing! Good for you! I have also manifested financial abundance
throughout the year. Thank you for your story :)

Author Amber Nectar ( ago)
This is fantastic. i am going to win the lottery toi. I am so excited. i am
going to buy propertie and rent at a morale rate to nurses, teaching
assustants to begin with. I am going to help those who help themselves. i
am going to lighten their every day worries. xx

Author UsedCondomCollector ( ago)
Manifest me a hot Asian broad sitting on my face

Author Malika Hunte ( ago)
Thank you. The power of positive thinking and Vibration.

Author Elric Hoo Yik Yang ( ago)
lack of money after loosing lottery so looking for more viewer

Author Jadest Kain ( ago)
someone was giving u signs

Author Jadest Kain ( ago)
someone was giving u signs

Author Mercyful universe ( ago)
I am happy for you.😇. You did it.yeeea. Thanks for the tips. I think that
the proces you had is a mix of your own thing and divine help.👻❤ one day i
heard a voice in my headwho said.Call cityhall and ask about renting an
apt. So i did. They send me papers to fill out. I did.Send them back.A week
later i was offered an appt. I had other simular things happen over the

Author Colleen Wilson ( ago)
Thanks for sharing your story! I also deeply care about natural healing and
hope that i can too help people!
I should also add visualization into my strategy ! I have in the past
meditated and gotten correct numbers showed to me (like 1-2). It's very
difficult because you have to be in a very deep meditation, plus the
numbers flash in front of you in a spit second. I also have read about
people getting numbers in a lucid dream. I've tried that a few times, but i
either get no response or the numbers warp funny! I'm going to try a 3
number daily lottery for practice before going to the 6 number ones! Sorry
I just love experimenting! ^ ^

Author Eveready Harton ( ago)
6:41 does she almost say a witch,,,,when she goes into the forest where she
considers a dhurch

Author Victor Knight ( ago)
Now, if you'd actually won the 49 million, *then* you'd have quite a story.

Author socalbassman62 ( ago)
I am hoping that you receive this as a compliment. You remind me of Kara

Author Tee Dawg ( ago)
but you didnt win the lottery

Author Kettia Moise ( ago)

Author Timithius Rex ( ago)
Sexy and amazing! Beautiful story! Thanx for sharin : )

Author Bill Bundle ( ago)
Yes. I think a true psychic should be able to win the lottery and not
charge ridiculous high fees for healing and psychic readings. The psychic
healing profession is unregulated by consumer affairs and is a legalized
rip off. There's a reason that health insurance companies don't cover
psychic healing and that's because there's no government oversight or
certification to guarantee that these people are legitimately qualified or
just charlatans.

Author Penelope416 ( ago)
What does it mean to see butterflies around you?

Author angela williams ( ago)
Thank you, this is a sign I needed to really start creating the life I want
for myself!

Author ChaNei Nei ( ago)
I didn't believe anything you said rather I thought it was karma returning
your goodwill that you'd given in the past but then I saw what you charged
for your 'gift' and I was rather disgusted. If your 'gift' was from the
light you would not burden people like that but I do believe it is a
persons choice to use your services, if they did their homework there are
some people around who won't charge them a cent, those are the people that
work for the light. I hope you well on your journey though.

Author OlymPigs2010 ( ago)
...she was going to heal the whole wretched world with a lottery
ticket...that the spooks gave her!

Author Silver Pill ( ago)
Funny thing. I've been playing around with manifestation and trying to get
this lottery thing nailed. Then this shows up in my recommendations list as
I'm just about to give up on it. Here's to winning the Irish national
lottery this Wednesday!

Author Priscilla Lewis ( ago)
Wow thank you

Author Francis Dhun ( ago)
Or Brampton?

Author Francis Dhun ( ago)
Are you from Mississauga Ontario?

Author Soogumar Krishnan ( ago)
I truly wish you win the first price next time

Author LookToTheStars LTTS ( ago)
Not all knowledge is for all people.

Author Just Kent ( ago)

Author Tim Halloran ( ago)
Anything is possible

Author karen Allen ( ago)
Thanks for sharing. Actually what you have tap into is calling things that
be not as though they were. Its in the bible and thats what Jesus did
manifesting material things by faith in God. I don't know your beliefs but
you have a glimpse of how the kingdom of God operates. Thank you for your

Author Midnight Star ( ago)
right before I watched this
...sent a pic to my cousin of my favorite church..I sent him a forest pic.

Author Wun Hi ( ago)
I bet it was an amazing experience, brilliant video :)

Author Bonnie Pal ( ago)
I would like to manifest world peace. I cannot justify manifesting winning
the lottery or a new guitar when so many people are suffering. Can I
manifest world peace using your method, do you think? And if not, why not?
Is there a limit as to what can be achieved by manifestation? The same goes
for prayer. I'd love it if someone could provide answers to these

Author EINAR VOLSUNG ( ago)
I am gonna this positive! Any thing is possible with Jesus !

Author skycanine76 ( ago)
Great story, thank you for sharing. i am looking for a nutritionist in my
company. Maybe their is a good fit here.

Author nightcorelover222 ( ago)

Author Jose Carmona ( ago)
I literally just did that this morning, went to racetrack kept telling
myself I was going to win a scratch off and sure enough I won 10$ not much
bit me visualizing winning made it happen

Author Porsha ( ago)
Thank you so much for sharing.

Author ZeroHour Social ( ago)

Author 1spicytomato ( ago)
I love when she says forest is her church, me too

Author Sam Saluni (805 years ago)
thank u.

Author Danny Felipe ( ago)
I'll try this an see...

Author praveen nambiar ( ago)
please upload more videos

Author Amit Lamba ( ago)
thank you

Author Lydia Appelmans ( ago)
Manifesting worked for me on two very important matters, perhaps I should
try the lottery thing :-)

Author TheSocla ( ago)
This was such a beautiful story! You are amazing. Not for winning or
manifesting a win. But because I can see the purity in your heart. What a
beautiful soul! Keep it up!

Author Absent Monk ( ago)
this was awesome! thank you :)

Author nuclearskull ( ago)
You are a Beautiful Woman

Author Sally Roberts ( ago)
👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼amazing, I am starting to manifest winning the lottery myself
:) hope it works

Author COCO LA MALICE ( ago)
Thank you for Sharing

Author satsumamoon ( ago)
Six thousand dollars

Author Violet Prosperity Angel ( ago)
WOW !!! So amazed ;-)

Author DT I want to live ( ago)
Thx so much! I have an exam tomorrow, now I say that I know I'm going to
pass it!

Author Morgan Spencer ( ago)
I am on my own journey right now and just wanted to say this just re-aferms
everything that has been happening around me! Continue your great work!!

Author bcstarks ( ago)
Wow! I too manifested a trip to a major televised award show for two last
summer. My process was almost identical to yours. I saw the opportunity, I
became aware of the guidance provided by my intuition, I took action and I
kept my energy of belief high. I spoke of what I wanted to my family and
they too felt my excitement and returned the energy. A few days later, I
declared that it was the day that good news would come my way. Just before
afternoon it was announced that I was the winner! Law of attraction is
real! One isn't always consistent because of ones ability to believe that
it can truly happen for them without a doubt. Your faith on whatever the
topic is must be unwavering or it will not manifest.

Author Debra Moore ( ago)
There are sooo many valuable things to manifest into material form in
addition to what we call Money. Nice boxes at moving time. A perfect job
exactly when one is needed. A new friend when you need that too. The right
size light bulb for an unusual lamp. Tires at the Right price for you. An
unexpected opening at the Dentist office.....And so on......I don't think
we yet fully realize that Literally every time we HOLD a thought (current
understanding is 17 sec), we bring it into form. That DOES include the
Good, the Bad & the Ugly. I'm guessing it behooves us to be mindful of what
thoughts we hang onto....
cause we are creating our own reality day after day.

AND if you feel the need to discount/argue/be foul regarding this
comment.....why not try it 1st? You might find your life becomes just a
little bit more awesome!! I'm thinking we could All use a bit more

Author cash miller ( ago)
I manifested more money. I had a family member tell me I would never make
anymore money than what I made. Less than 6 months later my salary doubled
at my job and money was coming at me in different directions, $5 here $100
there. It works but if you are doubtful than it will never work. Change the
way you think about money.

Author Alex Rosas ( ago)
After reading some of the posted comments on this video , some should be
relieved that she is not a vengeful person. Health problems and fire can be
set into motion the same way. especially when your face can be seen. A
complete target and point of focus. Please understand that we are all
connected. just like wifi. Only better.

Author Irush Seamus ( ago)
Wins lotto, gets idea for reality tv show, gets denied, promos all over YT,
smart lady. I have zero hate, but we all know you're either full of shit
and believe it, or you're delusional. Either way, congrats. But don't read
that much into it. After I wrote this I saw it was 3 years ago. Whatevs, I
already wrote it.

Author zeag Ean ( ago)
Wonderful than you for the presentation and vibrations

Author Carlos Lois ( ago)
i like your video so much

Author Joe Young ( ago)
thank you

Author Joe ( ago)

Author Jack Straw ( ago)
I am still lost...

I am trying to practice the creative visualizations and want to find out
that after how many days of visualization I need to make a plan to
accomplish my goals. I know you all talk about thinking in your head but
after that what happens? how to take steps to achieve your goals?

For example, If I want to lose 50 Ibs, what should I do? just visualize or
make a plan and join the gym? I will appreciate your responses.

So in other way, what is the difference between visualization and

Author Khayeel ( ago)
Great story. How did you become a registered wholistic nutritionist?

Author lenny natural ( ago)
thank you for this.

Author Rosalyn Jennings ( ago)
Congrats. Please teach me how to do it. I want to experience winning the
lottery as well. I love money and Money loves me.. Call me at 412 206 9376

Author Rosalyn Jennings ( ago)
Congrats. Please teach me how to do it. I want to experience winning the
lottery as well. I love money and Money loves me.. Call me at 412 206 9376

Author Kathy Randazzo ( ago)
thank you I love your genuine energy

Author Expanded Awareness ( ago)
If anyone says that you are wrong, its because they dont know universal
laws. I believe in law of attraction and have become better at manifesting
since my kundalini rose in 2014. I had hit rock bottom and had a
destructive process prior to but eventually you come out on the other side
lol. Great video

Author Brittany Woods ( ago)
I want to be a holistic nutritionist as well!! how do you go about getting
a degree in that and what job opportunities do you have when doing it?

Author ZARYYA ( ago)
Jesus Christ , you know you where going to win the lottery . i am in great
problems, is it possible for you to Share a tiny part of your winnings to
help a sick young man who can not pay for a kidnie transplant , i will die
this year and i am looking for help , so please , if you really won , can
you help me out so i can live again ! , blessed be

Author Tristin Hanson ( ago)
shelly your story inspired me so much because for a few days we have wanted
to go get lottery tickets because we want to change our lives, in fact
tonight we are going to get lottery tickets , the drawing is tomorrow and I
really want to manifest me winning the lottery tomorrow

Author Jim GFX ( ago)
I had the same feeling like her ! one day at the school I was feeling so
strong that the number I bought gonna win that night but It didnt ! :( sad
! .......... until this year 2016 . Before the bed time , some how I keep
imagining that I am the winner and what I should do after I winning the
lottery , how to spend the money right blah blah blah , is this the sign
that I will win??

Author Royal Justice ( ago)
I think this message is Wonderful and I can appreciate the method you used.
Some of the things you mentioned reminds me of the teachings of Abraham
Hicks. Cool..... If you don't know about Abraham check her out using

Author seekandestroy77 ( ago)
I see us in my dream connecting with passionate sex. Any thoughts?

Author Contessa Zeviar (892 years ago)
Are you vegan? Raw Veganism will cure all the ailments you have stated

Author Tommie Green ( ago)
Powerball 1.3 Billion. That's all I have to say

Author deesterity ( ago)
Shelly thanks a lot for sharing this - it takes guts to speak openly about
this very personal experience, bravo! (unfortunately some comments are
destructive and insulting, I hope the posters will soon be aware they harm
themselves, ignoring what respect, gratitude and empathy are).

Complete and total BS!

Author Haji al Kidya ( ago)
The forest truly is the "church". It relaxes you. I am also suffering from
low spirit. I keep trying to think positively but the negative forces keep
intruding.BTW...were these lottery choices or quick picks?

Author mikatu ( ago)
what a BS... don't wast your time watching this f****** BS.

Author Sandy Ornelas ( ago)
Law of attraction !

Author claiton jorge ( ago)
so did you win the jackpot?

Author claiton jorge ( ago)
so did you win the jackpot?

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