How I Manifested winning the lottery

Greetings. I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the "New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Manifestation,Creative visualization

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Author OWNmindbodyspirit (24 days)

Author OWNmindbodyspirit (9 months)

Author Michael Johnson (2 months)
Enjoy eternal hell and the short lived love of your dirty money

Author ogSneaykerS47 (10 days)
its crazy because 47 is the last number your lottery sequence picked, and
the last number in my youtube name is 47......... also i used the 47
because its the 47th element, which is silver and silver has to do with
seeing thru ur chakras, opening up your chakras will open up your third eye
. really wierd how it all adds up

Author Rik Schoonenberg (5 days)
Ahhh, how beautiful, m'am!

May you, your son, and your dog live in prosperity for the rest of your

I wish for Love & Peace, everywhere on this beautiful planet, third rock
from the Sun. I hate to see War everywhere...

Manifesting certain ideas, will eventually become true in the physical
realm. For you are, human, and capable of many ''impossible'' things. Which
can be bad either, however, try to be a postive person under ALL
circumstances. One doesn't want to end up like a sad and lonely person...
It's not in our nature (humans), that's how society has created us.


p.s. Also, I'm not trying to be a Beauty Queen, for I am a guy. LOL! ;-) As
you've probably noticed.

Author sama el (8 days)
i just want to win the lottery so i can get off the grid live off solar
energy build my own garden to live off and fish and meditate near the
mountain side. that is all i want. to be free from this slave system of
repetitive work and sleep work and sleep . oh and eat....and back to work.

Author Sarae Moon (17 days)
Thank you for sharing this story. I am TRYING to apply the Laws off
Attraction to my life but (that terrible word...but) my struggle is the
actual believing that I have won when I have not. Still trying though. I
will not give up. Keep me in your prayers.

Author SN4ify (20 days)
So how much money did she win?

Author Hashslingingslasher (18 days)
If everyone won the lottery, everyone would have stories like this. Who
doesn't want a huge sum of money, who doesn't have a plan for it, who
doesn't yell at the top of their voice I NEED THIS. Unluckily for us
viewers the money went to the person with the shittiest possible story 

Author Anmol Nag (1 month)
im working on $100,000 for the last 23 days and the feeling has got a lot
stronger over the days ..... just 7 days more for the deadline i have set
wish me luck :)) im rich vooohooo

Author Wewillwake (12 hours)
Thank you for sharing your story, now let me clear did you win the 49
million that day?

Author Mike Rinaldi (15 hours)
Thats an awesome story .. without a doubt I believe we manifest our
thoughts. There is nothing impossible in this life, belief in yourself and
staying in positive vibration and thoughts is the key to happiness and
manifestation .. God Bless!

Author Gary Garrett (3 months)
Manifest these nuts nigga. -Riley Freeman

Author super Power (2 months)
i truly believe in LOA and its Technics
but how much she won ? 

Author ant knight (4 months)
Ah Canadian eh?

Author Disciple OfYESHUA (11 days)
blood moons *lunar eclipses* will fall on Passover and Feast of Taberbacles
back to back years 2014 2015, sun darkend *solar eclipses* Jewish new year
2015 Feast of Trumpets 2015, this will not happen for another 500yrs, it is
a sign from God as Genesis 1:14 tells us God made the lights for signs.
Rapture, 3rd temple being built, Dome of the Rock coming down and or world
war is coming. Nov 28,2013 comet Ison will pass us, this is the 1st night
of the Jewish Holy Day Hanukkah. Signs from God

Author Peter Wallace (13 days)
You can only win Lottery by getting the winning numbers and i have just
won, Guess how??? Contact me And i will tell you but i can only tell the
poor and not the rich

Author John Randles (4 months)
Well im sat here right now and have been for the last 3 weeks manifesting
you giving me 10 million but.... fuck all is happening?... sup wi dat?

Author pinkpoo007 (17 days)
Awesome. I send you luck love and best wishes

Author Angelus (17 days)
Like the song goes: "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson: Jesus loves you more
than will know, woh-oh-oh..."

Author Sandra Howie (5 months)
Great Video.. Thank you for sharing your story. It is very inspiring,

Author fuck you (2 months)
your lottery sucks if im one number off i get 1 million , your lucky
forest should be set on fire fuck dat place fema and the agenda 21
will shut you outta there soon enough anyway 7k fuck that

Author Marelle Bardot (21 day)
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story ! :)

Author Tom Collins (22 days)
Thank you.

Author Michael Angel (24 days)
Thank you...
I think I needed to hear this...

Author Claudia Valeria Sorrentino (24 days)
Thanks for sharing this !

Author Tracey Gorrie (25 days)
I need to tell you how amazing you are ! thank you so much for your video !
it has helped me so much , After watching you i realised numbers have been
making them self appear and i thought it was weird but never looked into it
then i came across your video and wow ! i have been playing the lotto ever
science and I am winning ! more and more every week thank you very much :)

Author FR WI (3 months)
Have you heard about probability? You had your numbers on your side.
Nothing you do before of after the pick of that numbers will affect the

Author Latashia Tipton (1 month)

Author margaret byrd (1 month)
I love it! very cool to share this, the law of attraction is a fact and
more and more people are learning about it and gaining creative control
over their own lives instead of creating by default! amazing, I also have
been playing certain numbers for a year now . I will manifest winning the
big one soon :) thank you for sharing dear :)

Author rlalko l (1 month)
Why do they have to shut the store down?? Anyone know the answer???

Author Michael Johnson (11 days)
Luck people aren't lucky, they create a pact with satan.
What is her church I wonder?

Author Gia S (1 month)
When you were focusing on winning, did you focus on the specific amount you
would win? Or did you just feel like you won without a specific amount
attached to that? Thanks for sharing! 

Author Disciple OfYESHUA (11 days)
satanic bullshit

Author George Shutts (1 month)
so if everyone does this, everyone will win the lottery at once... meaning
they pick all the same numbers.... that would mean they would get half
their money back....

Author cynthia steele (1 month)
I love this positive video, I am glad you are sharing your message and are
doing things to help others, this is very inspiring and as a mom I love the
fact you are helping nutritionally and healthy eating for children!

Author Nancy Echevarria (1 month)
Wonderful story, connecting with nature is very important! Adding your five
senses is extremely important, sight, taste,hearing,touch,smell.

Author sbusumacinta (1 month)
You want to support my feature film?

Author Alan Navarro (1 month)
Thank you for sharing how you manifested your win, Shelly. I shall try what
you mentioned because my fiance and I also plan to help children and
elderly people who deserve the help that they need. May you be blessed

Author Maxnewton9 (1 month)
Fantastic thank you as I have been training all day 

Author grad79 (5 months)
I like your video. But what I like most of all is how sincere you come
across. Not rehearsed or fake at all. Genuinely caring. I love it.

Author JasonNLG (4 months)
She only won 6k 

Author Dinesha Kuruppuarachchi (1 month)
Great!! Thank You!

Author thisclearconscience (1 month)
awesome. thx for sharing !

Author reeceyhiggs (1 month)
6400? wow,i expecting a life changing amount :-/ ubelievable that your last
number was one out, just goes to show how in tune you need to be.
I also go to nature to feel, there is no better place then in nature in the
calm and natural world. You completely re-align with our universe there,i
thought i was the only one who did this. Its the lack of distractions that
does it.
All humans knew this once, but the chaos of our daily lives and the
introduciton of strictly masculine side of the brain thinking has meant it
has been lost in time.

Author strawberryseason (1 month)
"Among Buddha’s teachings, there is a definite recommendation against
gambling related to the suffering it causes in human society." The money
you win comes from someone else's losses. This not a good thing to
participate in.

Author German Gallardo (1 month)
Where u get the winning numbers? Do you visualized it? Or just choose some
and then you manifested? After the election.. Nice job thank you and good

Author Ralph Rosario (1 month)
Nice story, thank you for sharing it.

Author RDG G (1 month)
Went to a horse race in Pickering Ontario with my wife. She loved the races
but I had never been. She asked me who would win the first race. I said,
"Let me ask the horses as they brought them out." It was not a joke and I
actually could not understand why I said this. Well I got the answer in my
head and the horse won. Five more times I did this and won first place each
time 6 for 6. My wife, who by now was stunned asked about the final 7th
race. I asked and the answer was no winner. She persisted and I said again
no winner. Three false starts and last race was cancelled. Figure that one

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