How I Manifested winning the lottery

Greetings. I am Shelly Sullivan a Spiritual Transformation Coach. Many excited changes happening in our Universe and the "New Earth. Stay informed, enlightened and in the NOW.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Manifestation,Creative visualization

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Author Mz G ( ago)
One time, I was sure I was going to win the $64,000,000 pot. I had been
getting four out of the six numbers on a consistent basis. Anyhow, on the
day, it was $64,000,000, I played my usual numbers... but this time I was
just sure I was going to win. Last minute, before I went to buy my ticket,
I told my mom that I knew I was going to win. She laughed when I told her.
Her laugh created doubt in me, but I tried real hard to put myself back
into that zone of certainty. I bought my usual 5 tickets on one paper... I
ended up having all four numbers on line 2 and the other 2 numbers on line
3. I knew somehow that seed of doubt manifested that result.

Author William Gates ( ago)
I want to suck her tits and watch her cum so hard! This woman is so hot!
Love her body, and want to fuck her all day and night!

Author Joven Naval ( ago)
That's great, amazing manifestation.

Author Marie Williamson ( ago)
Positive Energy is the key.

Author The Realest Idealist ( ago)
6:23 THE SIGNS!!! They're everywhere! The feeling is so mystical!

Author Dominique Dupont ( ago)
Wow, you're lying, you don't believe what you're saying !

Author G Kab (G boogy) ( ago)
beautiful, absolutely inspiring to me.

Author G Kab (G boogy) ( ago)
I've tried and came close. I'm always missing the last number. I've won
thousands, but never the jackpot. and my intentions with the money if I
ever win is absolutely selfless. I'm motivated to help as many people as I
can. I can't wait to win.

Author Dolly Grooms ( ago)
hello Shelly I just wanted to say that you came to me during a meditation I
think somehow we are connected I kept seeing your face you were talking to
me but I couldn't here what you were saying

Author Emlyn Williams ( ago)
Many millions of folk every week imagine or feel that they are going to get
lucky and it turns out they were utterly mistaken.

Author Gary Williams ( ago)
How could you "manifest" (to use your word) anything? The future has
already happened. If the future has already happened you cannot change or
"manifest" ANYTHING. After 40 year in psychical research it is pretty clear
that linear time does not exist. This is shown through precognitive dreams,
psychic readings and other means. Everything that is ever going to happen
has already happened. This is pointed out by the great psychical researcher
F.W. H. Myers in "The Road To Immortality"
THE Great Memory is, if you will, the subconscious mind of the whole human
race. In our life, as in yours, there is the consciousness, the self known
to other discarnate beings who live in the same state as those akin to them
fundamentally. But there is also a deeper self, which is the self of the
world, imperishable as I believe, containing what was and is, containing
also what shall be. For the history of man from the earliest to the latest
times is all within what is sometimes called "The Tree of Memory." You may
say, "But future events have not yet happened, so how can they have shaped
themselves upon the ether?" I tell you they have happened, for they have
already been born in the imagination of God. But the future is difficult to
read, I mean difficult for men to read, because the memory of the future
has not been so deeply impressed upon the invisible timeless substance, in
that it has been thought only once and not twice, thought by the Maker of
the Universes: therefore, it is very fine and faint, and only its echo is
caught by certain mortals who have the inner hearing.

Author Woods ( ago)
So did you play Quick Pick or did you choose your numbers when you won?

Author savior02 ( ago)
You didn't really win since you were off by one number. Had you played
another game you would've won way more money. In the hundred thousands.

Author Chan Skuxx ( ago)
This is wayyy cool!

Author molybogo ( ago)
guys I found the secret to winning,you just put your card in,press four
digits and manifest the amount you want to win..its called the ATM

Author alban productions _ ( ago)
is she vegan?

Author Mitch Meier ( ago)
I too feel a connection in natural settings. I "ground" to the earth at
least an hour per day. This raises my vibrational frequencies. Walk
barefoot in the grass, stand in the surf, climb a tree, etc., . I think it
is better to go fishing and think about God rather than go to church and
think about fishing. This woman on the video is on a Divine pilgrimage and
I enjoyed listening to her.

Author Satish Sridharan ( ago)
You are beautiful BTW

Author BardCoennius ( ago)
Had an interesting dream a few months back - I was walking under a bridge,
and suddenly found myself showered in currency coming out of the sky. Then,
there was a voice that said, "It's always here for you."

Author Brown Sugar ( ago)
I never miss the time 9:11 weather its am or pm why is that?

Author Jade Furuta ( ago)
This is a lovely story! Your son is very blessed to have you teaching him.
I wish my parents had this knowledge too

Author Damian Silveira ( ago)
gosh u are beautiful....

Author Roselily Corpuz ( ago)
past few weeks I'm always saw a 11,22,33 what does it mean??

Author João Lourenço ( ago)
I am inspired already, Thank you so much.

Author Vincent Golingham ( ago)
You are truly blessed

Author Musty68 ( ago)
Don't listen to haters

Author Arun Kumar ( ago)
Stop spitting in between talks, it's annoying 

Author hotzpacho ( ago)
why didn't you win the $49M? if you could win $6400 why can't you win $49M?

Author EmpressLys ( ago)
thank you soooo much for your connection to the whole :-D God bless your

Author Wendersoy Brilhante ( ago)
fantastic I Use to go to foest too I feel great there.

Author Judyta Procio ( ago)
I love this!I had a premonition I would win Around 6 years ago and when I
went for my yearly psychic reading she brought up the win and directed me
to play a certain game . Interestingly enough my best friend went for a
resding before me and she told her her friend would win the Lotto. I
haven't won yet and I actually had to work on receiving as I have blocks
but I expect to win very very soon. I can't wait to share my

Author Juanita Martinez ( ago)
thank you ☺👍👏$$$

Author Seth Foster ( ago)
Your beliefs are satanic and materialistic. If you continue along this path
the only thing that awaits is eternal damnation.
Repent of your sins and give your life to Jesus Christ.

Author Andrew the Snowmon ( ago)
perfect you answer the question I've been asking for the last few days
thank you.

Author Joe G ( ago)
only 6400 lol

Author Amerikan Culture ( ago)
I'm going to win the powerball.

Author Rob Low ( ago)
I have a mental and emotional road block that prevents me for doinganything

Author R,jh B ( ago)
You are not going to believe this. But I saw your video months ago and what
jumped out is that you found a smaller place to play that had an Asian
owner or store clerk. I thought to myself that I should also look for an
out of the way place with an Asian..that is a weird thought but I felt I
should do that. Well it didn't happen. it's not that easy to find a little
asian in my area since we have mostly mexicans. I gave up looking and
settled for the Mexican place.. never won of course. But low and behold
there was the big jackpot recently and someone in my town matched 5 numbers
so they won the second prize of almost a Million dollars. I googled the
Market where it was sold and there was a review of it on Yelp and The ASIAN
clerk was mentioned in the review. OMG.. I have a feeling had I found this
little Market that is less than a mile from my house I would have most
likely been the one to win (maybe, I'll never know) because I played
aggressively. I'm really angry with myself for not seeking a place like you
described out because that really stuck out and I wanted to do the same.
Now I know to listen to my little intuitions.. next time I write I'll will
be saying I won..

Author Rebecca Ann Sinkula: Mystic Angel Healing ( ago)
beautiful. thank you for sharing. :)

Author Adamo Marquez ( ago)
thank you

Author Qi Huna ( ago)
Gambling & Lotteries are ILLEGAL here in Hawaii :-(

Author Chrstina Alicia ( ago)

Author Cristina Aquino ( ago)
I was guided to buy a lottery ticket this weekend I bought 2 one 649 and
one lotto max the 649 was dated for the 6th and the lotto max was dated for
the 12th and the lions gate is tomorrow and I am so feeling the ticket not
sure how much I will win I already started making a list about where the
money will flow to I am hoping to clear debt I have with my karmic ex as I
am on a twinflame journey and working on my youtube channel and website as
a intuitive coach

Author Thando Gorata ( ago)
Inspired by ur story.I have learned a lot from ur video. Myself I like
manifestating things in my life but along the way I discourage myself,
supress some feelings and loose my focus..but with ur video I have learned
being positive, consistence with actions leads to manifestation.Thanku 4d

Author Mallorie Macklin ( ago)
I don't care what anyone has to say... I feel rich, therefore I AM rich..
the rest will follow

Author Melessa Moore ( ago)
thank you for your story☺

Author Melessa Moore ( ago)
im going to win too i feel it

Author peter walsh ( ago)
did your son ask for the guitar from the grandparents or was that their

Author Xx_Iphone_xX ( ago)
It's call luck the other day I on $2 from a $1 lottery ticket and it was my
first time playing it and it was a lucky spot lottery ticket XD

Author Scar Archer ( ago)
Two Rules to being famous. 1. You must be a LEGEND in Your Own Mind; not
others expectations. 2. Never jock another's acchievements in life. Jock
Yourself! and Realize the Only Successful Person is One who Works a square
Honest 9to5; pays their Own way through Life, never using Credit!

Author Mary York ( ago)
I'm very happy for you and your son. May your luck continue

Author Sorai Max ( ago)
i had a dream that i didn't win the lottery. but there was an address where
the winning ticket was sold.. i don't have any intense feels. I'm not sure
how i should feel or what it means

Author Stevie Gilmore ( ago)
You seem a very beautiful and generous soul with a true and genuine wish to
share your gifts of manifesting. . Thank You for your shared mission. Keep
up the good work.

Author jermaine pearson ( ago)
can you post the link to the story about you winning the lottery

Author DX 99 ( ago)
1. How would you feel if you won the lottery?
2. How would you feel if you lost?

If you know you are going to win the lotto, you will not be shocked when it
happens. Instead, you would be shocked that you lost. But most of us only
believe we can win. And that is not powerful enough. You must go from
believing to knowing. Knowing is more powerful. The woman in the video said
she knew she would win.

Would you be surprised if you won? If yes, then you didn't know you were
going to win in the first place. Tackle that obstacle and you will win the

Author Noel James Healey ( ago)
Hi I'm manifesting receiving that six figure sum of a donation from your
lottery winnings......? still manifesting .....waiting waiting waiting

Author Muylinda33 ( ago)
Thank you

Author Angelica Welter MUA ( ago)
Funny because I looked up a video for the lotto ticket I just bought, the
flashing numbers that day were three 8 numbers on the screens,, I do wish
to do health and charitable work and self development to impact more lives,
i old the universe and always have that I would share my money for awesome
things! Thank you for the video :) Glad you won!

Author Gaby Kidwell ( ago)
Years ago, my sister dreamed some numbers, but she did not believe in it,
and did not play...guess what?...All the numbers showed up in that row, and
she had no finger nails left to chew on them!

Author Wetdookie ( ago)
Thank you

Author Kim Armstead ( ago)
Why wouldn't you have "manifested" winning the entire $49 million? Did you
only really want $6400?? Why don't you win the lotto daily, monthly or
whenever you want to?? Why did you make such a dark, ominous looking video
about this topic??

Author Konrad L. ( ago)
In the next Video please expalin, how many evil Spirits You got with that.

Author Raffaele Soccol ( ago)
Pure coincidence

Author Takeru Takaishi ( ago)
Okey. It's clear to me.

Author PilsnerLager ( ago)
I'm gonna learn this deal.. Okay, let's get started. The TV was on but the
Power was Off.. That's a sign.. Ok, keep going.. Saw a billboard with a
number, That's a sign.. okay.. wow.. I'm on it.. Imagined the numbers going
to the universe. I'm going to give this a try... Except, my TV is off.. and
the billboard isn't cooperating.. Yet.. But' I'm still searching. I do see
the numbers going in the universe... So that's a good thing... I'm working
on the energy vibration piece, too.. Feeling it.. Anyone got some numbers
to share with? Seems like this Law of Attraction, has some flaws.. Oh
well.. I am going to manifest, manifest, manifest.. Believe, Believe,
Believe. It comes eventually.. Thank you...

Author LemonZeppelin ( ago)
So let me get this straight: if I believe that I am going to win the
lottery and repeat the numbers and hold that as a sustained belief over
time while looking for signs, I will win the lottery?

Author Chrisleeoz ( ago) awesome ...I know that energy feeling of 'I Know' ... It is really
something to feel it before it actually happens. I recently did it with a
change in travel plans which seemed highly unlikely, but i knew the night
before it happened. Now I want to do it again!

Author Jem Harper ( ago)
Oh because you see 1111 it means what ? That your living in la la land.
Time to get real.

Author Aiesha StrachanBrown ( ago)
people should be happy for people, the old saying if you dont have nothing
nice to say shut up, facebook, youtube is about people wanting to share
what went on with them good or bad, if you have something positive to say
say if not dont bother.

Author Snidho Snidho ( ago)
Friends I am going to share with you the same secret that a small
handful of other lucky people have used to win lottery…heres the link ==>
How I Manifested winning the lottery

Author DJShogunArmani ( ago)
help me please

Author Albert Bass ( ago)
Your beautiful inside and out I beleive you really did what you said you
did, people dont realize the words that come out there mouth do come to
pass its in the bible. so dont stop there your blessing's will come to pass
your heart is about blessing other's Iv'e been blessing people for 37 years
making teeth giving them thier smile back and there's no feeling like that
all the money in the world can't replace that smile when they leave, so
keep up what your doing its not about us but being a help to other's and
GOD bless you all.

Author Rachael Hardaway ( ago)
as I watched your video in a support group on fb for manifesting, I looked
to see where i was on the video....not sure why. I hovered over the timer.
it was 5:55. the group I was watching your video on is a manifesting group
called 5/55. I looked at the inbox of my facebook feed. there was a 7. my
lucky number. i loved watching you explain your story. im inspired to
meditate and listen to my intuition. thanks shelly. <3

Author j. s.g ( ago)
thank u ....iam very happy to see your video cos this amount is the one Iam
going to win tonight....talking serously....IAM ....and my messege from
universe is that 48 milions are the jack pot tonight here that is not
casuality i know....I feel it....thank u. God bless u.

Author Alvaro San Martin ( ago)
congratulations and thank you for sharing!

Author John MacPherson ( ago)

Author rei ( ago)
Thank you for sharing your story. You have good and clear energy all around
you. As for me, 7 years ago I did a fast and set an intention to it so that
I could maintain my fast. I told the universe that I'd like to hit the
'Lotto' in order to help my 'baby brother'. I forgot all about it and went
along with my fast. Well on day 11 of the fast my baby brother hit the
lotto. The universe heard 'Lotto' and 'baby brother' and that was all that
needed to happen.

Author Quinton Davis ( ago)

Author Todd Krough ( ago)
oh your a Holistic nutritionist? That is awesome. Know anything about
PPI'S? And how to quit them? I got stomach problems.

Author Jen Martin ( ago)
Amazing video. Thank you for your inspiration xxx

Author Nicole Rodriguez ( ago)
how long did you play to win the money and how much did u spend on playing

Author Anjoli Moore ( ago)
Amazing! Good for you! I have also manifested financial abundance
throughout the year. Thank you for your story :)

Author Amber Nectar ( ago)
This is fantastic. i am going to win the lottery toi. I am so excited. i am
going to buy propertie and rent at a morale rate to nurses, teaching
assustants to begin with. I am going to help those who help themselves. i
am going to lighten their every day worries. xx

Author UsedCondomCollector ( ago)
Manifest me a hot Asian broad sitting on my face

Author Malika Hunte ( ago)
Thank you. The power of positive thinking and Vibration.

Author Elric Hoo Yik Yang ( ago)
lack of money after loosing lottery so looking for more viewer

Author Truth Seeker ( ago)
someone was giving u signs

Author Truth Seeker ( ago)
someone was giving u signs

Author Mercyful universe ( ago)
I am happy for you.😇. You did it.yeeea. Thanks for the tips. I think that
the proces you had is a mix of your own thing and divine help.👻❤ one day i
heard a voice in my headwho said.Call cityhall and ask about renting an
apt. So i did. They send me papers to fill out. I did.Send them back.A week
later i was offered an appt. I had other simular things happen over the

Author Colleen Wilson ( ago)
Thanks for sharing your story! I also deeply care about natural healing and
hope that i can too help people!
I should also add visualization into my strategy ! I have in the past
meditated and gotten correct numbers showed to me (like 1-2). It's very
difficult because you have to be in a very deep meditation, plus the
numbers flash in front of you in a spit second. I also have read about
people getting numbers in a lucid dream. I've tried that a few times, but i
either get no response or the numbers warp funny! I'm going to try a 3
number daily lottery for practice before going to the 6 number ones! Sorry
I just love experimenting! ^ ^

Author Victor Knight ( ago)
Now, if you'd actually won the 49 million, *then* you'd have quite a story.

Author socalbassman62 ( ago)
I am hoping that you receive this as a compliment. You remind me of Kara

Author Tee Dawg ( ago)
but you didnt win the lottery

Author Kettia Moise ( ago)

Author Timithius Rex ( ago)
Sexy and amazing! Beautiful story! Thanx for sharin : )

Author Bill Bundle ( ago)
Yes. I think a true psychic should be able to win the lottery and not
charge ridiculous high fees for healing and psychic readings. The psychic
healing profession is unregulated by consumer affairs and is a legalized
rip off. There's a reason that health insurance companies don't cover
psychic healing and that's because there's no government oversight or
certification to guarantee that these people are legitimately qualified or
just charlatans.

Author Penelope416 ( ago)
What does it mean to see butterflies around you?

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