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  • Janice Merino
    Janice Merino 1 hour ago


  • CG Pittman
    CG Pittman 1 hour ago

    Can you make something Gluten Free??? ❤️❤️❤️

  • Millasia Archangel
    Millasia Archangel 5 hours ago

    That's crazy! I made my dad yoda origami for father's day.

  • Sophia Israel
    Sophia Israel 6 hours ago

    My sister has the same shirt from J Crew for kids.

    P.S. What is that thing on top of your stove?

  • superlinkfighter
    superlinkfighter 8 hours ago

    still the funniest yoda joke: what kind of car does yoda drive? a toYODA. lol

  • Tilly Bear
    Tilly Bear 12 hours ago

    I Australia where I live it is Father's Day in September so it hasn't been yet

  • A C
    A C 15 hours ago

    Can you do something Moana inspired?

  • BaconTastik :3
    BaconTastik :3 16 hours ago

    Whenever I see a video with Ro's dad, I'll click on it no matter what. Even if I'm watching something else

  • Azalea SlimeBb
    Azalea SlimeBb 18 hours ago

    I have your book Rosanna and I made a lot of your baked goods like I made the churro earlier today

  • Crazygracelol Zortman
    Crazygracelol Zortman 19 hours ago

    make a orca cake PLEASE!!!!!

  • Grace and glory Estabrook

    Ro can I ask you a favor. My cats birthday is on July 7 of this year and she's turning one, can you make a cat cake or cupcake recipe that we can use for my cat. Please and thank you. Also my cats name is fern.

  • Malaïka Gaming
    Malaïka Gaming 21 hour ago

    good pun !

  • SparklyGirl Sprinkles

    They look so cool! # I ❤️ Star Wars

  • shaolintiger88
    shaolintiger88 22 hours ago

    moustache game majestic. like an American bald eagle perched on his top lip

  • Sarah Cannon
    Sarah Cannon 22 hours ago

    I would think Yoda would cross the road to get *AWAY* from the dark side.

  • Bianca Lorenzo
    Bianca Lorenzo 23 hours ago

    Bad sheet Olympics uwfwwp predict dear military bounce adequate.

  • Maggie Sulak
    Maggie Sulak 1 day ago

    hey to can you make Ella enchanted treats

  • Anonymous Girl
    Anonymous Girl 1 day ago

    Yoda is getting a crack out of those yolks 😉

  • Lorna Dwyer
    Lorna Dwyer 1 day ago

    Hey ro can u plz do Tokyo ghoul theme cupcakes,cookies or cakes if u can then thxs

  • Crazed GamerGirl
    Crazed GamerGirl 1 day ago

    Ooh yoda meaning your the I get it now
    It's pretty clever

  • madds_ 06
    madds_ 06 1 day ago

    You should do a vid with denisdaily

  • Sassy Sisters
    Sassy Sisters 1 day ago

    Can you make slime please

  • Percy Angulo
    Percy Angulo 1 day ago

    rose laugh is so cute

  • Tanusree's Reading Room


  • Amaya Zuniga
    Amaya Zuniga 1 day ago

    Can you do a trolls cake

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 1 day ago

    I don't get the Yoda Best Dad joke

  • Mysti Ray
    Mysti Ray 2 days ago

    How does she not have a TV show? It would be "Nerdy Nummies" (of course) but I would binge watch that EVERYDAY

  • Robert Wei
    Robert Wei 2 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Amber Shields
    Amber Shields 2 days ago


  • berta vlogid
    berta vlogid 2 days ago

    moana cake please

  • FEX101
    FEX101 2 days ago

    Does she have a mom? ':0

  • MyFelicity Vlogs
    MyFelicity Vlogs 2 days ago

    Pls make another cake of a shopkin with your sister

  • Luna Phạm
    Luna Phạm 2 days ago


  • Norain Zainal
    Norain Zainal 2 days ago

    can you make a giant house

  • foxy gamer
    foxy gamer 2 days ago

    im going to put a like on almost every ones coment encluding her video

  • Unicorn Princess
    Unicorn Princess 2 days ago

    Who's dad doesn't like Star Wars

  • BozzomeSause11
    BozzomeSause11 2 days ago


  • Cyrena Norris
    Cyrena Norris 3 days ago

    Do you have a video on how to make different icings or do you buy them already made?

  • 1989htt
    1989htt 3 days ago

    does she really talk like that in real life?
    I thought maybe she does that for kids...

  • Boi Savage
    Boi Savage 3 days ago

    your dad is so funny

  • yoda 0612
    yoda 0612 3 days ago

    Your dad is so funny I love him so much

  • Catherine Root
    Catherine Root 3 days ago

    I can see where you got your personality. 😂💕

  • Maddi Games
    Maddi Games 3 days ago

    Can u please do something Moana themed

  • Cristal Hayden
    Cristal Hayden 3 days ago

    do a Moana themed treat

  • sheuli akhter
    sheuli akhter 3 days ago

    Rosanna is the best

  • jordan jiang
    jordan jiang 3 days ago

    I make a cake,muffins,and cookies

  • cypriana McLean
    cypriana McLean 3 days ago

    the best dad he is

  • Ashley Sigala
    Ashley Sigala 3 days ago

    Your dad's mustache is awesome.

  • rawr xD
    rawr xD 3 days ago

    bake w/ dodie and layton(dan) bdiwnzkwkqjla

  • Irma aaa
    Irma aaa 3 days ago

    LILO AND STITCH!!!! 😍🌺

  • kairi Farnsworth
    kairi Farnsworth 3 days ago


  • Julia M.
    Julia M. 3 days ago

    please make a heart of tefiti cake

  • Mick Shaff
    Mick Shaff 3 days ago

    Why did Star Wars 4 5 6 come before 1 2 3? Because in charge of scheduling Yoda was.

  • OpTic_InstaKill
    OpTic_InstaKill 3 days ago

    Dasaaaaamnnn that mustache is bigger than my.....

  • Olivia Heart
    Olivia Heart 3 days ago

    She looks young but mature

  • BlindTiger
    BlindTiger 3 days ago

    Could you make these cookies without the peppermint extract and food dye?

  • Savage_Lissa_945 -Julissa-

    I'm a huge fan of her I've been watching her since 2012

  • nhchowder
    nhchowder 3 days ago

    Theodore Roosevelt is that you?

  • Achazia Kolo
    Achazia Kolo 3 days ago

    Who watches all these baking videos and doesn't actually make it? LOL v(⌒o⌒)v♪

  • Audrey オオドリイ

    i wish my dad had a mustache like that!

  • Jenna E
    Jenna E 3 days ago

    Make something LOTR please Rosanna!

  • Alyssa Armstrong
    Alyssa Armstrong 3 days ago

    Her dad is hilarious I would love to have him as a father

  • Psygod
    Psygod 4 days ago

    Who else was terrified when she voiced over yoda for the recipe part?

  • Critical Glory
    Critical Glory 4 days ago

    Ro, if you want the yolks without the other part, use a water bottle and squeeze the yolk into the bottle, then push it out to release the eggs

  • Laisha Z
    Laisha Z 4 days ago

    Ro's dad is so cute! I love him!

  • Josiah Blancas
    Josiah Blancas 4 days ago

    Do something from the wizard of Oz with Jake Paul

  • Yuki Breeze
    Yuki Breeze 4 days ago

    Can you do invader Zim cupcakes or cookies for the upcoming movie?

  • Inuyasha TT
    Inuyasha TT 4 days ago

    Those were A+ jokes dad

  • Joseph Kurtz
    Joseph Kurtz 4 days ago

    Is that a new kitchen or a different angle

  • Kylee Bouse
    Kylee Bouse 4 days ago

    You should have Collins Key, and make card cookies, or something magician related❤🃏♠♥♦♣

  • markopolo310
    markopolo310 4 days ago

    Papa Pansino is awesome.

  • Aminata Diabate
    Aminata Diabate 4 days ago

    eh ow come we've never saw ur mom but we saw ur dad

  • Aidan M
    Aidan M 4 days ago

    my sister has the same shirt.

  • Donna Swientisky
    Donna Swientisky 4 days ago

    What!!!! i thought Ro was on in her 20's

  • Bayburt Nadim
    Bayburt Nadim 4 days ago

    You HAVE to cook with brizzy voices

  • Sarah
    Sarah 4 days ago

    Please show how to make disney land treats

  • Anna
    Anna 4 days ago

    Is it just me or is the talking yoda face creepy?

  • Dana Osuna Martinez

    Make something about boss baby 👶

  • Dana Osuna Martinez

    Make something about boss baby 👶

  • Dana Osuna Martinez

    Make something about boss baby

  • Dana Osuna Martinez

    Make something about boss baby

  • Super Cute girl
    Super Cute girl 4 days ago

    At first, I didn't *GET* the 'PUN'
    "YODA best!" And I was like' OH AHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂

  • HEY STOB IT! LeJINdaryworldwideHANDSOME

    Do something fidget-spinner themed! Please~~~

  • HEY STOB IT! LeJINdaryworldwideHANDSOME

    Do something fidget-spinner themed! Please~~~

  • HEY STOB IT! LeJINdaryworldwideHANDSOME

    Do something fidget-spinner themed! Please~~~

  • Jordan Jackson
    Jordan Jackson 4 days ago

    Maybe something Moana themed?❤️❤️

  • Ruthless Angel
    Ruthless Angel 4 days ago

    350 degrees F is 176.766 but I just put in in for 175 degrees C and baked it for about two or three min more

  • Miyuki Miyahira
    Miyuki Miyahira 4 days ago

    Ro can you do the candy assembly challenge with Justine. Plz put thumbs up or down if you want to do them to do it.

  • Rian Tuanakotta
    Rian Tuanakotta 4 days ago

    And the question is, Is that a real laugh?

  • xXMagicTouch
    xXMagicTouch 4 days ago

    I wish she could do a vid with jacksepticeye

  • Ashlynn Hana
    Ashlynn Hana 4 days ago

    Rosanna's dad is so cuteeee!!!❤️

  • Lucia DP
    Lucia DP 4 days ago

    The connection between Rosanna and her dad is just amazing.

  • saw saytha
    saw saytha 4 days ago

    How the today cookie talks it's just creepy 😬

  • Vanilla Diva
    Vanilla Diva 4 days ago

    Ro, I'm a HUGE fan!! I've watched all your videos and I bought your book! If you subscribed to my channel I would probably cry!!! I'm such a HUGE fan! I love your work! You're a great role model, and you're my role model!

  • Miriam Duran
    Miriam Duran 4 days ago


  • Houda Alkwatli
    Houda Alkwatli 4 days ago

    I love cokkies

  • Shelby Ann
    Shelby Ann 4 days ago

    You should do another video with Molly!

  • wonderful life
    wonderful life 4 days ago

    "yoda best father."
    i cant 😂😂

  • wonderful life
    wonderful life 4 days ago

    "yoda best father."
    i cant 😂😂

  • GirlyBird
    GirlyBird 5 days ago


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