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  • SarcasticSpirit
    SarcasticSpirit 18 hours ago

    Oh the irony, if she actually lived in a communist country, she'd be in prison for this.

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert 1 day ago

    This editing gave me cancer.

  • skid mark
    skid mark 1 day ago

    Dude. just ask milo out already.

  • box
    box 2 days ago

    But aren't all of her moments cringy?

  • British asshole
    British asshole 3 days ago

    at 0:45 seriously I don't care about your gender be and do whatever you want Milo I really don't care but you really need to update your wardrobe because you look like a failed scene kid

  • exo kkaebsong
    exo kkaebsong 4 days ago

    Who would ask someone what's between their legs? WHAT KIND OF SCENARIO IS THIS

  • Aurora Heuer
    Aurora Heuer 5 days ago

    looking like Steve Smith from American Dad

  • D'ante Lastname
    D'ante Lastname 8 days ago's a she right?

  • back2paranormal
    back2paranormal 9 days ago

    OhOh another confused teeni-bopper.... stop drinking the bloody tap water for gods sake people!

  • Breadsticks
    Breadsticks 11 days ago

    oh also everyone can fucking tell that youre ftm its no secret

  • Breadsticks
    Breadsticks 11 days ago

    Oh btw guys he's a MAN now

  • Breadsticks
    Breadsticks 11 days ago

    I hate him so fuCKING MUCH

  • Mavrick Grande
    Mavrick Grande 11 days ago


  • Lee Agnew
    Lee Agnew 11 days ago

    Is this kid disabled in some way?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 12 days ago

    I really hope this thing dies

  • Eric Melgoza
    Eric Melgoza 12 days ago

    yup....she's obviously mentally ill 😐

  • Coldest Sub-Zero
    Coldest Sub-Zero 12 days ago

    she has THEE MOST punchable face

  • Liz Keller
    Liz Keller 13 days ago

    I'm transgender but this person is all over the fucking place. They really need to shut the fuck up because this information is false and you're not a cute special snow flake because you identify as nothing and are attracted to nothing.

  • Ghost 9401
    Ghost 9401 13 days ago

    I hate the way this monstrosity talks.

  • Liam Kervin
    Liam Kervin 13 days ago

    the fuck does communist have to do with it?! and how fucking stupid do you have to..?! thats it. fuck it. she has the iq of a coffee table. thats enough

  • G Ward
    G Ward 14 days ago

    Once the doses of Testosterone she is pumping into her start breaking her voice and growing a beard (as well as a micro peen) it will just get funnier. The little troll will be balding this time next year. Tumblr has a lot to answer for. The smug levels are off the chart here. Zero life experience but knows better than literally every other human being. it will be interesting to see how she tries to stay smug when she's posting vlogs of buying Rogaine and razors

  • Rachel Baker
    Rachel Baker 14 days ago

    she needs to be put in a mental asylum

  • ultrabaiter
    ultrabaiter 14 days ago

    I would bang milo.....but will have to be soon....before she acquired the male characteristics from the drugs..
    She's gonna look a proper freak with a 5 I clock shadow and as huge dick like clit

  • Prakriti
    Prakriti 15 days ago

    I have a headache now

  • Melanie Pinto
    Melanie Pinto 15 days ago

    learn how to edit.

  • DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy
    DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy 15 days ago

    is Milo a male or a female. bc I feel like it's a she with short hair

  • nikos mouras
    nikos mouras 15 days ago

    what is this boy even doing...

  • - ElegantSeal -
    - ElegantSeal - 16 days ago

    too bad you couldn't put every single second of every single video *IT* has posted.

  • Delsin Z
    Delsin Z 18 days ago

    Why do we care about this thing again? And giving it attention??

  • Mila Jensen
    Mila Jensen 18 days ago

    what is that thing

  • Cindy Hilger
    Cindy Hilger 19 days ago

    that bitch just need a big dick in her

  • MorganLufkin
    MorganLufkin 19 days ago

    She is litterally a furry and female fred

  • trapcell
    trapcell 19 days ago

    Just add all her videos to a playlist for a cringe comp

  • Francesco Benetti
    Francesco Benetti 20 days ago

    She definately needs to get back-fucked and aborted

  • Klaus von Schnitzel
    Klaus von Schnitzel 20 days ago

    wtf is this video

  • Marcx.
    Marcx. 21 day ago

    Its funny because the communist community hates her

  • AMMaggie
    AMMaggie 21 day ago

    Look, if you wanna go by certain pronouns I'll respect them even if I don't necessarily agree with your views on gender. But fuck you if you act like Milo. Fuck you

  • Kiarash Aalaei
    Kiarash Aalaei 22 days ago

    I have cancer now.

  • CreationSylph Fandom

    Mileschronicles is so much better my dank meme son

  • ShibesBeSilent
    ShibesBeSilent 23 days ago

    If she's asexual why does she say "super gay partner" and why did she make a video on her "sexual debut"? Jfc I've never even heard that before, sexual debut. Really avoiding saying you lost your virginity huh milo? Oh shit I forgot, milo isn't a she. Better just fix my spelling errors......that's weird, I can't.

  • Harison Griffin
    Harison Griffin 23 days ago

    She's so fucking stupid. She really doesn't know how to interact normally with others. lol she'll probably die lonely.

  • Jay Rolf
    Jay Rolf 24 days ago

    we need to throw people like this alone on an island for three days to straighten them up

  • Bear Grilled anis
    Bear Grilled anis 24 days ago

    I sexually identifie as a fidget spiner

  • superwhopotterphanRPDRlock

    wait why dont people complain about miles ?

  • The Machine
    The Machine 26 days ago

    Bruh, you did it all're supposed to put EVERY video she ever
    posted in there, but this ok

  • taffypulller
    taffypulller 26 days ago

    If she was a regular person and biologically a female (if she already is, idek), then her face is cute (when not talking) but lose the chin. Basically the only thing I like about this person is they can pull off that purpley lipstick.

  • thehoneybadger1223
    thehoneybadger1223 26 days ago

    So...I'm half white and half Asian (vietnam and Romania) does that mean I'm only a half racist?

  • Rae Jae
    Rae Jae 27 days ago

    I feel like this being is too hipster for pronouns and sexuality because being a special snowflake is over rated to this being chose to be a plesenta.

  • Jesse trashlord
    Jesse trashlord 27 days ago

    this video can get me through my bad days 😂

  • Dark Fang
    Dark Fang 27 days ago

    So this is the face of mental illness

  • Nia Ojuro
    Nia Ojuro 27 days ago

    Kill it with fire 😡

  • Mel Ward
    Mel Ward 27 days ago

    so ugly...

  • Alison J. Summers
    Alison J. Summers 27 days ago

    Did she just call herself a communist? 😳

  • Rachel Roberts
    Rachel Roberts 28 days ago

    She looks like one of those characters you can customize on Ninetendo Wii

  • Eve Davies
    Eve Davies 28 days ago

    how is this video so short

  • Hackerman
    Hackerman 29 days ago

    Imagine carrying a child in your womb for 9 months, working so hard to raise it right for it to turn out like this

  • slitmonger /
    slitmonger / 29 days ago

    If, like you, have tits and a cunt, guess what? Your fucking female.

  • Matt Russo
    Matt Russo 29 days ago

    I have AIDS now after this

  • MegaXEntertainment
    MegaXEntertainment 29 days ago

    Please..............this person needs to be launched by NASA as far away from Earth as possible

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 1 month ago

    Gender is based off of biology, that's the way it's been for thousands of years, it's not fucking changed now

  • Star Child
    Star Child 1 month ago

    Wait wait wait... communist??

  • Carlos Martin
    Carlos Martin 1 month ago

    I wouldn't classify it as a human

  • CJC Gaming
    CJC Gaming 1 month ago

    She tried to be filthy frank with that spaghetti thing but of course milo Stewart can't do anything but be a girl with mental disorders

  • shrek
    shrek 1 month ago

    "communist" what the fuck bitch how.? you can't just label yourself (like one person) a communist. that's for an entire country to do, you yourself can't just be "communist" all of the sudden. 78 million people died in China from famine because of communism, along with 30 million more in the soviet union. yes, let's label ourselves as communist even though none of us know what that means or what it has caused in the past. i wouldn't hate this milo person so much if they weren't so fucking uneducated.

  • wayne mawston
    wayne mawston 1 month ago

    he, she is a fucking idiot

  • Pavlina Valkova
    Pavlina Valkova 1 month ago

    All her videos have to be here...

  • Elizabeth Calix
    Elizabeth Calix 1 month ago

    oh boy, communism won't be so easy on that poor little girl.

  • Cristian Lupu
    Cristian Lupu 1 month ago

    Since when are men a majority?

  • Brandon Noah
    Brandon Noah 1 month ago

    Leafy will take over the world

  • lee holtzmann
    lee holtzmann 1 month ago

    Wait she's calling herself racist then lol

  • Lani Pati
    Lani Pati 1 month ago

    She's fucking stupid

  • Lette Renault
    Lette Renault 1 month ago

    What the hell is with her facial expressions? These people always have mental problems beyond their general delusions, they always do

  • Doctor HoSlayer
    Doctor HoSlayer 1 month ago

    Her parents FUCKED her right up.

  • Halla the tipp celt
    Halla the tipp celt 1 month ago

    what a strange girl

  • TCherice
    TCherice 1 month ago

    This girl is the most cringy thing on all of the internet. I can only imagine that, in high school, she was the one who had, like, three friends and was the "angry nerd"-type where, if you tried to befriend her, she would just ignore you and shuffle away back to her little hugbox circle of friends. I have no idea if this is accurate, of course. I just feel like it would be.

  • Outfield 243
    Outfield 243 1 month ago

    should've uploaded every video she ever made

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 1 month ago

    Is that autistic thing a female or male?

  • Egdy Af
    Egdy Af 1 month ago

    Finna kill myself

  • nismogtr82
    nismogtr82 1 month ago

    haha this bitch makes me laugh

  • Heather Nolan
    Heather Nolan 1 month ago

    Freak show LOL

  • Cyril Connelly
    Cyril Connelly 1 month ago

    The kid from Jerry Maguire

  • Luvur Stysu
    Luvur Stysu 1 month ago


    I cringed so hard that I nearly bit my hand

  • Sophie's Life
    Sophie's Life 1 month ago


  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 1 month ago

    I support trans by introducing them to Mike

  • Aila Reyes
    Aila Reyes 1 month ago

    All white people are racist
    Call men are misogynistic

  • Alfredo Gonzalez
    Alfredo Gonzalez 1 month ago

    I'd still bone

  • Chu chu LaRue
    Chu chu LaRue 1 month ago


  • De La Plata
    De La Plata 1 month ago

    This girl needs to go to the psychologist.

  • Basically_ Illuminate

    0:40, You don't know what biology is?

  • Neennik
    Neennik 1 month ago

    Bring this girl to Afghanistan or Somalia for a couple of days. It will cure on of the cancers youtube is suffering from.

  • Pikachu :3
    Pikachu :3 1 month ago

    I don't mean to be rude.... but what is this person's gender? I am confused...

  • Princess Carolyn
    Princess Carolyn 1 month ago

    they look 12 jebus

  • Princess Carolyn
    Princess Carolyn 1 month ago

    that outfit Milo had on was not cute

  • Destiny Choate
    Destiny Choate 1 month ago

    Out of all of the cringe compilations I've seen, this one I couldn't do.

  • currently LOADING .
    currently LOADING . 1 month ago

    1:39 wasting noodles, SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Fred Pitts
    Fred Pitts 1 month ago

    If she's satire she's a fucking genius

  • Ryokovich
    Ryokovich 1 month ago

    She looks like tyler oakly but with autism

  • Sandra  Yazdani Farsad

    she looks like a crazy monster

  • Jackson Jules
    Jackson Jules 1 month ago

    surprised it's only 2 min long lmao

  • Rach Stone
    Rach Stone 1 month ago

    This was the best worst thing i've ever seen

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