Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports

Every sport requires talent and natural ability, but some positions are much more difficult than others. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we are focusing on the positions from a variety of sports that are toughest to play from both a physical and technical standpoint.

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Author MDK KDM ( ago)
eddyking11 good one

Author Thatbf1nub ( ago)
I think being a goalie in most sports is just difficult- football (soccer), lacrosse etc.

Author Ashlyn Kammien ( ago)
Set in waterpolo

Author Rolf HarrisM8 ( ago)
scrum half and halfback are different positions LMAO

Author Kevin McGrane ( ago)
Safety should be on the list, not just an honorable mention.

Author neuer ( ago)

Author Arran McEvoy ( ago)

Author Ed Bacon ( ago)
if you put pitcher In you should have included bowler cricket as you have to hit a relatively small target field a cricket ball with out any gloves (unlike baseball) and arrange your field depending on the batsman

Author Stefan Johansson ( ago)
goalkeeper handball or, even worse, bandy, much harder than any position in this list

Author random club ( ago)
i think handball-center is very hard

Author Raze73 ( ago)
what about full back in rugby

Author Gavyn Nayandra ( ago)
chelsea manager

Author Keegan Frey ( ago)
Batting in baseball is by fair the hardest position in sports come on now

Author Andrew Lowe ( ago)

Author Andrew Lowe ( ago)
I am a cheater for the tecumseh tomahawks

Author H3ped Gaming ( ago)
the hardest position to play in rugby would be tight head prop

Author Colin Sander ( ago)
ok so volleyball liberos have to read a hitter dive on hardwood and guard a 30 by 30 court and have to keep the ball from hitting the ground

Author Em Cat17 ( ago)
I play pitcher/3rd in softball, I think pitchers have the same mental and physical toughness. I guess society doesn't care about girls and their sports these days 😒😒😒😒

Author Jon Warner ( ago)
All positions in football should be in this list. as a mid u have to be able to run for at least 90 minutes. Strikers need stamina and skill defenders need to be strong and goalie is the toughest position

Author Leo Aronson ( ago)
Quarterback should be 1 soccer is easy

Author Juan Gurrola ( ago)
i guess being a batter in baseball is technically not a position but it is definitely the hardest thing to do in any sport there's no arguement about that

Author Ryen Lim ( ago)
I'm a goalkeeper

Author Fast Networks ( ago)
Genuine fast bowling is the hardest thing in sports. Fast bowlers in cricket have one of the hardest jobs. They always get injured and it's very difficult to swing the ball at high pace. I have only seen dale steyn swing the ball outside regularly at the pace of 145-150km/h. Except him have never seen other bowlers swinging ball at such high pace regularly .

Author silvercrow ( ago)
What about gymnastics? The skills and training required is so hard that basically you have to be a physical wonder to perform it at top level.

Author T Ra Pz Z lol ( ago)
Where is my Sport Handball as a Kreisläufer it's very hard you can Bulli your enemys but you Must be clever and you got hit often

Author Micky Blue ( ago)
Any position in Australian rules football. The sport is brutal and they don't wear full body armour and helmets like american football players do.

Author knut Kragballe ( ago)
even tho i'm a hockey goalie, i'd say handball goalies should be nr 2

Author MachoPleb ( ago)
Wicket-keeper or Wicky is pretty easy only when you have to be catching spin balls that makes it hard for them. It easy to field in cricket it's only catching running sliding and throwing to it, bowling would be alot harder than pitching as it goes about the same speed but with a fast run to the crease and a hard land before the delivery. Half back in rugby is not hard and not technical same as anyone else in a rugby field just watch and play that's it and forwards in rugby have it harder with the constant threat of being knocked out, breaking our spines or just break any bone, hooker was in honourable mentions isn't hard at all they do the same job as any other forward except the lineout throw which is so simple, I play Second Row, Flanker, and Number Eight and I can throw it's not that hard. Research the positions other sports are a lot more demanding.

Author Maximilian Zink ( ago)
goalkeeper in team handball

Author oisin Cooke ( ago)
the rugby one is all wrong since the scrum half is the player who passes it away from a breakdown

Author José Luis González ( ago)
Im a goalkeeper and no one has scored when I'm In the net

Author Seth York ( ago)
I feel that halfback in American football is also extremely hard. You have to take hit after hit and control the ball and memorize the playbook not as much as quarterback bough

Author Raekwon Brown ( ago)
I'm a catcher and that should be way higher

Author Philip Sallkvist ( ago)
GK in bandy maby ?

Author ALF The boss ( ago)
I play goalie in football but my defence is bad so I gotta do everything and its not Just hard it's tiring if your big like me

Author Rugby Channel ( ago)
In rugby the hardest positions are Number 8 and out half

Author JoshBlonde2005 ( ago)
i play in goal and it is so hard to save every shot but i don't agree i think striker is harder because you have to play well or the fans and team hate you

Author Nic NoData 404 ( ago)
i am just saying one thing, i tried both and i have to say handball goalkeeper is so much more demanding then soccer, you can't even compare.

Author Χ.Κ ΚΑΜΠΟΥ ( ago)
I'm goalkeeper (football) it's very hard

Author HostileHippo ( ago)
3rd Base in baseball. They have to have insanely quick reaction times with the ball hit off the bat at around 120 mph, dive to catch it and then deliver an 80 mph throw to first. Before the runner can get their. A sports science video says a 3rd baseman has about the same time it takes for a helicopter blade to rotate once to react to the ball.

Author The Black Senju Lord ( ago)
It should of been the offensive line for American football because they have the hardest position in the game without them no time for quarterback to throw and they may look like they don't anything but block but the game is won in the trenches real football players know that without that good line you team is gonna have a bad season

Author Max McFarlane ( ago)
Unless you have played scrum half in a game of of rugby non stop movement hand eye coordination through the whole game

Author RBNHO Music ( ago)
i have played between the sticks (another way of saying soccer goalie) and i can definitely say it is the worst job on the fucking pitch. not only are you stopping footballs at nearly 50mph but as a rookie, IT FUCKING HURTS when you hit the ground.

Author KonosPlays ( ago)
i play as a goalkeeper and i can say to you that it really hard especially when you concede a goal and the whole team will put the blame on you and its really not a good feeling

Author Jorge AJ. ( ago)

Author MMC Mostly Minecraft ( ago)
hocky center is rely hard too I play it

Author MrChemik25 ( ago)
Bullshit, where are handball GK?? Really?

Author craver ( ago)
bandy goalie..

Author JizzyJake99 ( ago)
Hockey goalie should have been number 1, just the amount of physical strain and hand eye coordination that goes into it is insane.

Author TrippieHippie ( ago)
Cornerback, us football!?

Author Chris Rosa ( ago)
I'm a catcher and is not easy

Author Mcniksu 47 ( ago)
soccer goalie i know it goes im soccer goalie

Author I'm awesome ( ago)
in Ireland theirs a sport called hurling goalkeeper is very hard

Author CFC Comps ( ago)
Lmao the goalkeeper is the easiest position

Author Fred Loops ( ago)
Can we just say goal keepers any sport

Author DS 10 ( ago)
Full back in rugby

Author Meghan Tieff ( ago)
I'm goalie in lacrosse when my teams defense SUCKS!

Author bill watson ( ago)
running back in the nfl should at least be a honorable mention. they only last 2.57 years on average

Author Ryan Rosenquist ( ago)
What about middie in lacrosse

Author BLACK OPS BROA COD 3 Cod ( ago)
I play catcher and pitcher

Author Andro Deenen ( ago)
libero in volleyball

Author Alejandro Lopez ( ago)
Goalkeeper underwater rugby

Author João Santos ( ago)
what about handball goalkeeper?

Author Razer Force ( ago)
If you're going to that soccer is football it's not "football" it's "fútbol"

Author Gabe Bramwell ( ago)
I'm the Mount pearl blades atom A goalie

Author Tiernan Ward ( ago)
i play scrumhalf

Author Chris Connelly ( ago)
wtf soccer is for pussies. its so easy

Author ARMIN SAVI ( ago)
i am a goalkeeper and i agree that it is the hardest position in sports

Author FeatheRs シ - CS:GO ( ago)
Wicket keeper, at international level a test match can go for 5 days, trying your endurance strength and mental ability. Each day lasts 5-7 hrs and the keeper has to focus on every delivery there is. The human mind can only focus for 1hr a day btw.

Author Towns Passmore ( ago)
I still don't understand why 3rd base isn't on the list it is seriously called Devils hole

Author a2s mathur ( ago)
batsman, cricket

Author AssignGaMe ( ago)
cornerback in the NFL is hard you have to keep up with works class sprinters and keep them from catching the ball and most cornerbacks are under sized compared to receivers

Author dez nuts dez nunts ( ago)
I think chatcher in baseball should be number 5

Author Gcarr2 ( ago)
Hockey goalie is much much much harder than a soccer goalie. And I've played both QB, soccer goalie and pitcher and I can say for a fact pitching is 5x harder than QB or soccer goalie. Never played hockey goalie but I would probably put it #1

Author Eric Betancourt ( ago)
What about shortstop or 3rd baseman (baseball).

Author JohnCenaGuy 21 ( ago)
I'm a goalkeeper

Author NikTru ( ago)
With all due respect to futbol goalkeepers, I believe that it should be no higher than 3 on this list. Hockey goalie and quarterback are more difficult.
It could be argued that it isn't the most difficult position in the sport (midfielder), but:

1. I am only speaking from observation


2. It depends on what attributes of the position you value over others (the physical demands, the mental demands, the amount of pressure/responsibility involved, etc).

Author Sports and Outdoors ( ago)
Any other catchers here?

Author ThatGuyUKnow18 ( ago)
imo offensive line man in NFL is really hard just look at what they do and how people land on their legs

Author Grant Gunderson ( ago)
Being a catcher is really tough especially when your in the highest league select major, also you have to have the quick feet strong for arm to frame pitches, strong arm and quick reflexes to block the ball when it hits the dirt so i would say catcher would be top 5........ that's my opinion

Author _KetchaLater_ ( ago)
Defensive Back is really hard

Author Dankest Of memes ( ago)
Where tf was third base?

Author Yee M8 ( ago)
Whoever says basketball is not a physical sport. There stupid. Just try it if you haven't yet.

Author Benjamin Gil ( ago)
I feel like striker for football should be on the list because how much they have to run in one game

Author Riley Supp ( ago)
I'm just saying I have played catcher and pitcher in baseball and catcher is much harder than pitching

Author Barnacle Man ( ago)
what about 1st base you get the ball the most

Author Prederaptor ( ago)
I also play keeper every one expects you to save everything and then our Defence never comes with back so its rly hard and you have to cover the short corner and the far corner its so hard

Author gage ladewig ( ago)
Until you've played every single one of these positions you can't really say which is hardest.

Author jaden Dadras ( ago)
bruh you just gonna leave the linemen in football in the dust they are the hardest workers

Author Bryan Roselles ( ago)
They didn't mention that catchers have to have a throw time under 2 seconds

Author taryn doyle ( ago)
I'm surprised they left off field hockey goalkeepers they go through some pretty rough shit and get abused by strikers a bit

Author Jake Rodrigues ( ago)
Doggy style with your mom, because it's hard to find her hole with all the folds.

Author Patrick Star Football ( ago)
How about wr because they have catch while defenders try to block

Author Jeff Jolly ( ago)
3rd base baseball its called the hot corner for a reason

Author Asher Jordan ( ago)
but yes it is hard

Author Asher Jordan ( ago)
goalkeeping is not as hard as a few of these on the list

Author Amzad Arifin ( ago)

Author MrMaLeK ( ago)
I play safety/Qb in football and goalkeeper in soccer and center in basketball. And tbh those are the funnest positions

catching a curve ball is the hardest thing to do in any sport ever

Author Keagan Pita ( ago)
I'm a catcher

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