Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports

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  • Every sport requires talent and natural ability, but some positions are much more difficult than others. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

    For this list, we are focusing on the positions from a variety of sports that are toughest to play from both a physical and technical standpoint.

    Special thanks to our user Godslayer79 for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at

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Comments: 22 898

  • Blakscoper Mognett
    Blakscoper Mognett 3 hours ago

    Bro people who play water polo are freakin beasts

  • We are all KINGS
    We are all KINGS 4 hours ago

    softball pitcher is the hardest

  • Jack Rozmus
    Jack Rozmus 4 hours ago

    What about third baseman in baseball

  • mrminon
    mrminon 8 hours ago

    you forgot handball

  • Gabino Ortiz
    Gabino Ortiz 8 hours ago

    I agree 100 % because I'm a soccer goalkeeper and it's very very hard

  • Desiree Duss
    Desiree Duss 8 hours ago

    Libero in volleyball is pretty hard especially when people have amazing hits!

  • The Red Jaguar
    The Red Jaguar 9 hours ago

    Goalkeeper is #1 for sure

  • NySyN
    NySyN 12 hours ago

    i play as a soccer goalkeeper and its freaking hard

  • Kyle Brentzel
    Kyle Brentzel 13 hours ago

    soccer goalie. (I am one.)

  • Chloe Ferguson
    Chloe Ferguson 13 hours ago

    I'm a goal keeper...

  • Connor O'Halloran
    Connor O'Halloran 15 hours ago

    Fullback in Rugby is pretty hard.

  • Freestyler For Life
    Freestyler For Life 16 hours ago

    Soccer and Lacrosse Goalie

  • Yollow Feet
    Yollow Feet 16 hours ago

    I play goalie in soccer

  • Dark Warrior
    Dark Warrior 17 hours ago

    I am goalkeeper

  • Benedikt Zib
    Benedikt Zib 18 hours ago

    I play goalie in soccer and I know how hard it is to keep the ball out of the net

  • Janus Modanza
    Janus Modanza 19 hours ago

    libero in volleyball

  • Jhacemark Catacutan
    Jhacemark Catacutan 19 hours ago

    69 is a hard position lol

  • HIMANSHU K 33 Player

    I play soccer, been tackled a lot, goalie is nothing

  • John Fuller
    John Fuller 1 day ago

    At least put third baseman as an honorable mention I mean it's called the hot corner for a reason

  • Hontier
    Hontier 1 day ago

    In my opinion Cornerback is harder than Safety. You gotta be with that receiver the whole time one man coverage when he knows the route and you don't.

  • Emma Bea
    Emma Bea 1 day ago

    just rugby in general

  • Dynamite 9099
    Dynamite 9099 1 day ago

    # respect for ter stegen

  • TheWyo77
    TheWyo77 1 day ago

    middle linebackers in american football/football

  • Sam Villa
    Sam Villa 1 day ago

    For base ball it's short stop not cather

  • Howtocook
    Howtocook 1 day ago

    What about the Spider position,

  • Nikola Georgiev
    Nikola Georgiev 1 day ago

    midfielder in soccer is the hardest

  • PuiteachPig
    PuiteachPig 1 day ago

    Hurling Keeper is hardest position in world

  • Moto Vlogs
    Moto Vlogs 1 day ago

    All positions in Gaelic football

  • Sharky Josh
    Sharky Josh 1 day ago

    RUGBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uzi Vert
    Uzi Vert 1 day ago

    it looks likr every position in baseball is difficult, thats why i stick to point gaurd, running back, and middie (Lacrosse)

  • Sharky Josh
    Sharky Josh 1 day ago

    the full back in rugby the last defender to tacle and catsh the ball wen its kick hi and hi got the ball and i ronse to gane terratre

  • Poyraz Pekcan
    Poyraz Pekcan 1 day ago

    number 1 handball all positions

  • Archie Rainbow
    Archie Rainbow 1 day ago

    Wicketkeeper should be number 1

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 1 day ago

    They should switch the first 2 position.NHL goalies have the hardest job in sports.

  • Cian Mogan
    Cian Mogan 1 day ago

    lol im a soccer goalie

  • Macamoomoo Die hard

    I play keeper in football its hard

  • Timo Priem
    Timo Priem 1 day ago

    Kicker in football😂

  • The free play Bros

    Goalkeeper is the easiest in my opinion

  • Marcos Duran
    Marcos Duran 1 day ago

    A Hockey Goalie is a way more difficult position than a Goalkeeper in Soccer

  • Epic Freezy
    Epic Freezy 1 day ago

    goalie in hurling anyone

  • Chloe Bajin
    Chloe Bajin 2 days ago

    Goalkeeper is hard. I play it in soccer you do not know how nerve racking it is. Even when the ball looks easy to get it's still scary

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 2 days ago

    bats man cricket hard balls coming at you at 135kilimetres

  • jemal mckalsky
    jemal mckalsky 2 days ago

    goalkeeper as to slide in incoming tackles to and that can be very painful

  • Sinatra Baller
    Sinatra Baller 2 days ago

    point guard should be in the honorable meantions

  • TheMobilGamer567 K.

    Mop boy in nba because what if there's a ref like crawford says its not clean enough

  • Ninja -gaming
    Ninja -gaming 2 days ago

    What about hockey goalkeeper (real hockey, field hockey)

    • Aura
      Aura 1 day ago

      That's fake hockey.

  • AJ Bourdages
    AJ Bourdages 2 days ago

    no way pitcher is harder than catcher, pitchers only work every fifth day

  • Strwaberry Berrey
    Strwaberry Berrey 2 days ago

    What about the o line and d line. The fuck

  • venre - gaming and more

    I think the hardest position in sports is playing snake in paintball

  • Malachi Zylstra
    Malachi Zylstra 2 days ago

    This video misses so much more about catching than it says in the video , they have to deal with foul balls to the legs , bats hitting them on the head when the bat comes around the hitters shoulder , framing pitches , blocking pitches in the dirt and catching pitches that have dirty movement , I'm not a catcher and Ik that this is all true because my brother catches and after every single game he has at least another 4-5 bruises and around every 4 games he'll sprain his thumb , they don't give catchers the credit they deserve

  • JD17
    JD17 2 days ago

    afl midfielders? they can run upto like 20km every game

  • Blue Bannana
    Blue Bannana 2 days ago

    Gurling goalie

  • Seb WolfGames
    Seb WolfGames 2 days ago

    And the libero? From volleyball. It's really painful sometimes and it needs great reflexes.

  • Luco Man
    Luco Man 2 days ago

    Batsmen cricket

  • Kyan Lepiks
    Kyan Lepiks 2 days ago

    goalkeeper is definitley the most hardest job on football en other sports

  • leovo
    leovo 2 days ago

    i am a child goalkeeper and 14 5ft 10 for football it might look easy but its not most of the time u cant see cause players always in ur way

  • 吳乙澄
    吳乙澄 2 days ago

    what about libero in volleyball?

  • Karsen Pritchard
    Karsen Pritchard 2 days ago

    corner back and wide receiver american fcootball

  • Diecee G
    Diecee G 2 days ago

    Libero in volleyball? Receiving 100mph flying balls that sometimes hit you in the face. oh you also get to swim without water having bruises and floor burns after your game.

  • Hudson Osborne
    Hudson Osborne 2 days ago

    Quarterback is the hardest bc you have to remember the most and get hit the most and have to still throw the ball

  • Tim Sällvin
    Tim Sällvin 2 days ago

    I am a goalkeeper too

  • OKK gamer
    OKK gamer 2 days ago

    floorball defender is getting shot with a ball what goes 100 mph

  • GC GodsKillers
    GC GodsKillers 2 days ago

    Manuel Neuer is currently the world's best goalkeeper

  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly 2 days ago

    Scrum-Half. 'Nuff said.

  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly 2 days ago

    Goalkeeper in hurling???

  • Cathal Daly
    Cathal Daly 2 days ago


  • Peace Pigeon
    Peace Pigeon 2 days ago

    Goalkeeper hurling is so hard pl make another one look it up its so hard

  • aurjun tamang
    aurjun tamang 2 days ago

    How about running back in football

  • Hotshot1945
    Hotshot1945 3 days ago

    As a WR (Wide Receive​r), the hardest position would be in football since you have to know your plans, your oponnents, sudden on the field changes and you get hit, not to mention landing wrong you can break multiple different bones in your legs or arms, not to mention getting hit. It may look like it doesn't hurt but it really does. I almost broke my knees 3 times because a safety or course smashed me in midair. WR is the #1 hardest position in sports

  • christian curtis
    christian curtis 3 days ago

    offensive linemen American football

  • Jonah Koehler
    Jonah Koehler 3 days ago

    face off middie in lacrosse

  • Zevbrick Gaming Vlogs and More

    It should have been Batter in baseball

  • Luke Stento
    Luke Stento 3 days ago

    Goalie for soccer shouldn't even be on this list (I used to play but I quit soccer altogether because it was soooo boring for me)

  • Borgathgold
    Borgathgold 3 days ago

    Wr in American football, you have to rea all the defense while still trying to catch a pass

  • The Nerd Files
    The Nerd Files 3 days ago

    the hardest is definitely either pitcher or wide reciever

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 3 days ago

    I'm a goalkeeper and not gonna lie the blame is set on you when the team loses but the feeling of saving most important goals at the right time is amazing

  • crunchynutters
    crunchynutters 3 days ago

    Whoever made this video doesn't understand rugby. They're talking about an inside centre. A scrum half is the one who passes the ball away. It's vital but not difficult

  • Kevin Chapman
    Kevin Chapman 3 days ago


  • Ultra Hyperdog22
    Ultra Hyperdog22 3 days ago

    I think the hardest would be Ruck in AFL

  • minecraftguy1
    minecraftguy1 3 days ago

    What about libero in vollyball, yall can roast me but im just saying

  • Victor Holberg
    Victor Holberg 3 days ago

    In handball it is fløj

  • Aidan Hopper
    Aidan Hopper 3 days ago

    football golie

  • Tim Bossart
    Tim Bossart 3 days ago

    middlefield soccer

  • Junior Reyes
    Junior Reyes 3 days ago

    soccer golie is the hardest I play golie and I have injured my neck

  • Tetanic Lemming
    Tetanic Lemming 3 days ago

    Scrumhalf, because I do play rugby myself, but you can also say fullback

  • Zoya Wierzbicka
    Zoya Wierzbicka 3 days ago

    I play hockey on ice for 4 years and I can do all moves

  • Anthony Montoya
    Anthony Montoya 3 days ago

    Cornerback in football 🏈

  • Mitch Scott
    Mitch Scott 3 days ago

    I'd say it's tough to be lineman, no one cares unless they screw up and it's so much physical toughness

  • Soul Star
    Soul Star 3 days ago

    handball goalkeeper is the hardest in my opinion

  • Brady Ervin
    Brady Ervin 3 days ago

    A goalie is never the hardest position! I know u have 2 make saves, but it is much harder to run the whole time and create a play!😡

  • darckozz nacro ramirez arancibia

    handball goalkeeper

  • gamerguy123 Riley
    gamerguy123 Riley 3 days ago

    dummie half isn't a thing in rugby+the fly half controls the game is well

  • Aleksandar Farfalov

    Striker football me

  • C Fitzmaurice
    C Fitzmaurice 3 days ago

    corner Back/ hurling

  • Jalapenos Are Spicy

    real football go

  • Ralph J. Louis
    Ralph J. Louis 3 days ago

    stricker id the hardest

  • RBS
    RBS 3 days ago

    perfect list, you didn't make the mistake of calling football "soccer" and placed the hardest position in team sports (goalie in football) #1. made me subscribe.

  • מישהו משהו

    cup ultimate frisbee

  • Caden Darrin
    Caden Darrin 3 days ago

    Water polo goalie

  • maxinator das biest

    The hardest Position is the Handball goalkeeper

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