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Walela, the Cherokee language word for Hummingbird and the symbol of inspiration for this harmonious family of women singers. Rita Coolidge, Laura Satterfield, Priscilla Coolidge, 12 of the most beautiful and melodic songs created by Walela and included in this DVD produced by Rich-Heape Films, Inc. to benefit SNPPI's diabetes awareness projects.

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Author Acer59 ( ago)
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all.

Author Marcus Slonaker ( ago)
I loved her music I was touched.

Author darling darlene snyder ( ago)

Author Rachel Davis ( ago)
Beautiful song and this lady rocks

Author jrak ( ago)
tears of beauty

Author Gray Stone ( ago)
Blonde woman! Show some respect! It's more than putting on a feather &
claiming some ancestry. Our women don't dress like that. We have dignity!
Fake! Go board the Mayflower & take that bottle blonde hair with you!

Author Kiannah2392 ( ago)
Tsi Tsalagi!! Osiyo Dinadanvtli

Author Steve Phillips ( ago)

Author benjamin peacock ( ago)
Tsa La Ghi

Author thepackmc ( ago)
my story is the same as yours :)

Author KAPPY HAPPY ( ago)
Just Recieved The Cd To THis Song,I Totally Feel The Pain Here Live.. not
on the CD....My Ancestor was not allowed to use her Indian Name ..She was
Called Rebekah Given A Christian Name ..Under the Cherokee Books alot of
Women were Rebekah....So Sad Trying to Find Your Ancestor's

Author Missikech Kechqua ( ago)
But we already know the truth.

Author NESI ANI ( ago)

Author Diana Jones ( ago)
Laura is not Rita's daughter, she is Priscilla's daughter.

Author Sheryl L ( ago)
Lovely song, such a beautifull voice.

Author Lisa Thompson ( ago)

Author Elizabeth Davis ( ago)
Just curious, Does Laura ever see her father, Kris? Rita as always is so
spiritual, beautiful, and intense. What a beautiful tribute to our native
americans. May God Bless the natives of this land with ongoing education
(the truth) and beautiful people such as these people to carry the messages
out to the rest of the United States and world. I love you Rita, the Delta
Lady or Walela.

Author 1shehawk ( ago)
high five

Author Jim Church ( ago)
Jay, you are Metis, mixed blood, we are recognized in Canada as one of the
aboriginal people, First nations, Inuit(Eskimo) and Metis are the
aboriginal people of Canada, you can also join a Metis group if you are
from the USA

Author Jay Langley ( ago)
Raised as white in middle class home then at 65 finding my real ancestors
that my parents did not know about. I found a lot of them, Cherokee,
Algonquin, Shawnee and Wyandotte. Together they made me understand why I
was drawn to the outdoors and the old ways. But also there is English,
Irish and Scottish that I now know about. We are nothing if not all of our
ancestors. I am blessed to understand this song in a new way. .

Author Sue Piscatello ( ago)
This is wonderful! Love Rita.

Author gooangel2 ( ago)
I agree with jabberwocky...I am part Comanche. This song moved me deeply.

Author A levi ( ago)
thanks for posting, anthem for us mixed blood native americans

Author mikel harvey ( ago)
i am 1/8 cherokee. i was adopted at 2 wks old, and raised as a white. 2
months before my dad died, he revealed my true heritage to me, so I
identify with this song......I, too, have not Indian name.

Author Danny Allen ( ago)
spot on big love

Author chamamine1 ( ago)
..Peine de mort pour la tribu kayapó en Amazonie ... c'est aujourd'hui !!!
il pleut dans mes yeux et dans mon coeur !!!! ..... j'envoie tout mon Amour
à ce peuple et à chacun de ses "membres" ... chante encore et encore ...
pour eux.... que le Grand Esprit les inonde de son Amour ......

Author RicRo Mic ( ago)
Me neither, except my mother used to call me Cochese.

Author RicRo Mic (300 years ago)
They have been singing since 1970; they've only gotten better and more
authentic, true to their roots. I love how they harmonize; ; I was
surprised how long Priscilla's hair is, it's like rita and she changed Hair
length; any way, love them!

Author June Krafft ( ago)
You are just wonderful! Followed your career, Rita, since ages ago! You
only get better! You are a great name in my country Sweden, and thanks to
Youtube, you can still share your lovely music with us on the other side of
the world! Thank you so much! My people, swedes, have always loved anything
that is native American and you do represent your roots so very well!
Please, let's hear more! All my love to you and Walela!

Author terri merritts ( ago)
I have loved Rita Coolidge since I discovered her music in 1969 when I was
10. This is so powerful. My maternal grandmother was Cherokee.

Author ayosgi ( ago)
@HermannRubartV Listen to the lyrics, "I have no Indian name..." you must
have no Indian blood hermann.

Author Gentilejedi ( ago)
I love Rita. :-) Yes, to my East Coast Native brethren.

Author Deb Brown ( ago)
I love the Music of this group. You amake me proud to be of Native American

Author ruellan2003 ( ago)

Author wolfatnight ( ago)
do they not tour anymore? I've been to their website - and their are no
recent tour dates.... do they still record? It would hurt to learn that
they are no longer making music - we NEED music like this......
desperately..... if anyone can provide me with info - it would be much

Author Nycolas Caruso ( ago)

Author Lizjulharp2 ( ago)
This is one of my favorites. Rita just can sing this song like nobody's

Author SoarsWithEagles ( ago)
It is said that in the heart is where the very essence of life is found. it
is said that if in your heart you find that you are Native then believe it.
For in my heart I am Indian I may not be full blood but I am still Indian.
Wise Elders will hope you to understand that we are all brothers and
sisters. I am no better then you and I am no less then you.

Author Roberto Flotte ( ago)
What is interesting to me is that many natives from tradition that do not
have Indian blood receive Native benefits and rights.Yet, many, many people
that do have lots of Native blood (Cough many Mexicans, Central Americans,
Us-Mexico inhabitants, and many unrecognized tribes close to bordertowns)
cannot obtain the most basic rights of citizenship? Ironic isnt? Whiteness?
I am no one to judge it but as a person with many Indigenous blood and
heritage I CAN question it. Love to all warriors :)

Author mdfreels ( ago)
It's not the color of your skin or even how much blood you have. Take away
the outer layer of skin and we all look the same with the same color of
blood. It's what is on the inside, in the heart, that really matters.

Author Re Sisk ( ago)
@Nativegirl1985 "I understand how u feel. Im 1/16 Native blood and get the
same as u spoke of. But to my family in Wi and Minnesota I am a mirror of
them all. Hold your head high and be proud of the blood and generations
that flows w/in u."

Author Julianna Sequoyah ( ago)
@onsehomma21 wut stereotype you talkin bout???

Author Julianna Sequoyah ( ago)
I love their music. I'm a half blood as well. It's a shame that our people
have to be so political.. The white people did their job well didn't they?
Divide and conquer. We can't even be whole as a people. Is it any wonder we
were over taken? And for the record... I look 'white' to full bloods, and
to white people, I look 'Spanish'. Being native isn't about color as much
as it is about culture. I've seen full bloods become sell outs...

Author Julianna Sequoyah ( ago)
I love their music. I'm a half blood as well. It's a shame that our people
have to be so political.. The white people did their job well didn't they?
Divide and conquer. We can't even be whole as a people. Is it any wonder we
were over taken? And for the record... I look 'white' to full bloods, and
to white people, I look 'Spanish'. Being native isn't about color as much
as it is about culture. I've seen full bloods become sell outs...

Author Lynda Barry ( ago)
Fantastic song, and the whole CD Walela is deeply moving and beautiful!

Author Jesse Robbins ( ago)
@clifton492 um thas a pretty stereo typical comment,not all nativez have
high cheekbones but ive heard a lot of you white people with great
grandmother cherokee princess say elvis claimedto be chahta,i
am chahta and can tell u he aint shit.and we dont have high cheek
4/4 chahta.dang nahullo

Author RakastajaPoika ( ago)
The Audio is Weak...... needs to be BOOSTED UP

Author akumie ( ago)
in english haha wtf, lame

Author armypride09 ( ago)
the ending gives me chills! reminds me of the pow wows. beautiful talent

Author ronnie3027 ( ago)
@clifton492 elvis??ehmm elvis presly was Rromni he was not native american

Author clifton492 ( ago)
Regarding Ms. Coolidge's Cherokee ancestry, simply look at her high
cheekbones and it is easy to see she does have Cherokee roots. Same for
Elvis. Anyway, who cares? She is a very talented and beautiful singer.

Author I'm Not Just a Useless Eater ( ago)
Absolutely beautiful! She sings with her whole spirit. Bravo!

Author windthatturnsthesky ( ago)
beauty filled music. ~ / ~

Author windthatturnsthesky ( ago)
~ / ~

Author windthatturnsthesky ( ago)
Brule should team up with Walela!

Author James Blanton ( ago)
Who's the white girl trying to sing with spirit?

Author beechnutdau ( ago)
Rita is part Cherokee and very proud of it

Author cymbeli ( ago)
Racist and sexist?? In what way. They are cherokee. All you have to do is a
tiny bit of research to find out they are cherokee. All of them because
Rita and Pricilla are sisters and Laura is Pricillas daughter and therefore
they are all cherokee. Her parents were both cherokee. One was part
scottish so what is the big deal and why in the world would they fake it.
Its obvious they do this because they love who they are not for the money
thats for sure.

Author cymbeli ( ago)
Go read about these women turkey bird they are all native even the little
cute blond one because she is family so yes they are and they talk about
their family and ancestry in some of their vids.

Author raccoonpoet ( ago)
so beautiful! Wow! I just discovered them, thank you for posting, so much!!

Author docwhispr ( ago)
still makes me cry when I hear this song truly a beautiful song

Author w5pda ( ago)
Rita...Priscilla...Laura. What more is there to say? Wa-do sisters :-)

Author cheroshawnee ( ago)
I'm addicted to this song :)

Author Paul Refici ( ago)
I wonder if they can share more videos?

Author CantolaoTV ( ago)
This is an spiritual song

Author faith7533 (178 years ago)
Amazing performance by Rita! So soulful and heartfelt it made me cry. You
can feel her truly spiritual journey!

Author Paul Refici ( ago)
excellent song what does hey Ya mean???????

Author templeraven ( ago)
This is so hauntingly beautiful, Walela makes me cry, I can't stop
listening to this song -- Nizhoni, nizhoni...

Author Paul Refici (1240 years ago)
love their music

Author cvte2 ( ago)
love this song! Go Walela -you ladies rock!

Author QueenofalltheGothics ( ago)
i love this song... im Porud to be Cherokee! Yigaquv osaniyu adanvto adad
naqvv utlogasdi nihi (May the Great Spirits Blessings always be with you)

Author evelynjean1956 ( ago)
Words fail me when I think about the brutalization and murder of the native
american peoples. Thank you for your channel and such beautiful music.

Author SoarsWithEagles ( ago)
May we never forget our heritage and our ways Mitakuye Oyasin we are all

Author hayyalife ( ago)
what does wayaa heyya mean? Is is just a sound or is it more? It made me

Author pate60 ( ago)
Greelat song. More Walela and Laura Satterfields videos here please.

Author luxunity ( ago)

Author Odra14 ( ago)

Author msjulieeann ( ago)
This is a very moving song. It sure tells a heart wrenching story. It can
sure stir one's soul.

Author Etnalleb (1924 years ago)
Walela Rita ohh WADO !! I just finished watching this entire concert on
DVD, so Peaceful, so Serene , so very Beautiful, Please Rita don't ever
retire and never said Dohiya to your fans, We love you.

Author jinxred ( ago)
If you are reading this LADIES OF WALELA you need to come out with another
album!!!!!!!!!! Especially you Laura, I caught you all here in Phoenix when
you first begun your tour back in early 2000, I was the only one that knew
the lyrics to all your songs back then! I sang along and you noticed!!! I
still sing along to your album and I still haven't learned cherokee but
know the words!!!!!

Author ancat78 ( ago)

Author w5pda ( ago)
"This is so bad." Excuse you? How can you insult them like that? Can you
not see the beauty in this song???

Author CougarsTears ( ago)
Aniin Let The Healing Begin!!! No Finer Beauty Exists, Than That of Love,
The Heart and The Spirit. Walk In Beauty For ALL TIME Nea Ese Cougars Tears
In The Rain

Author thuggie1 ( ago)
thats a nice song

Author w5pda ( ago)
Tok'sa my sisters, Tok'sa

Author cvte2 ( ago)
a very talented family of Cherokee women! Very emotional song! wado!

Author fbucking1 ( ago)
Rita is still as beautiful as she was 35 years ago when I bought all of her
albums. I wish they would post the lyrics to this song.

Author Patty Zello ( ago)
"I Have No Indian Name" is one of Rita Coolidge's most powerfully emotional
songs ever...Thank you for adding it for all to experience...

Author mastercchan ( ago)
thank you for posting the video it was nice to see and hear the music
please can you make some more thanks and god bless peace to all

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