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Walela, the Cherokee language word for Hummingbird and the symbol of inspiration for this harmonious family of women singers. Rita Coolidge, Laura Satterfield, Priscilla Coolidge, 12 of the most beautiful and melodic songs created by Walela and included in this DVD produced by Rich-Heape Films, Inc. to benefit SNPPI's diabetes awareness projects.

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Author darling darlene snyder (19 days)
we will you so!

Author Etnalleb (1 month)
I Love you Rita ! You make my heart soar like a 1000 Eagles. When-ever i
am tired,weary and stressed from the poison bigotries of this World i go
out on my deck at night and look into sky and hear your soothing, beautiful
voice and all is well with my soul. Thank-you for you God given talents
and for the proud ,strength to share them.

Author I'm Not Just a Useless Eater (9 days)

Author walter campbell (10 days)
bearwolf cherokee

Author Clark Garman (17 days)
So sad to hear the passing of my old friend 'Miss Pris'. A lovely
hummingbird is no longer with us. I'll see you again soon.

Author FunkyANGIE (1 month)

Author DELAREY MINING (2 months)
Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity ... I do not think that the
measure of a civilization is how tall its buildings of concrete are .

Author Runningdoe (3 months)
enjoy listening to all of your music my spirited sister, love this song
will be glad to see you agin Running Doe

Author YarpwarSongs (6 months)
Sorry, but I don't like this, the women act american media pleasing
sexi-fied movements body language>> not native american> especially the
blonde looks like she's swallowing, well, you know>>also I'm surprised at
Rita, she used to be well, different.

Author Pat Akers (3 months)
I have taken the steps necessary. ..I now know my Indian name. ......♡

Author Cora LaTourette (3 months)

Author john dotson (3 months)
nor i; i'm a Celt! on TURTLE ISLAND, learning native wisdom. love to all
who seek true knowledge and spirit path walk!

Author Freeway Godzilla (18 days)
Ive been waiting for years for another cd from this group.

Author charrmmee (5 months)
this fabulous just like Rita - cooler than cool

Author joel hall (5 months)
thanks haya never seems to get old.. anishinabe mishkezeewin 

Author charlindabob (5 months)
Watching that blond gal, I thought I might have clicked on a porn video.
She brings nothing to the table with her actions, IMHO of course.

Author Boz Martin (9 months)
Calling her "blonde woman" shows bigotry. My beard was dark brown and
almost black before it went grey, but it does not mean I don't have Indian
heritage that I do have a beard. The usurpers were the ones who imposed all
these strict guidelines about who is native and who is not, it was no part
of the Ancestors thinking to worry over matters of race. Many on
reservations have less "Indian blood" than me, but SO WHAT? I do not berate
them for it or tell them to go back on the Mayflower. Such hostility
carries forth the cultural genocide of "Manifest Destiny" into our age.
This sister is a free independent woman and does not need your judgement. 

Author Jimmy Wagers (6 months)
I was at this show in Dallas.

Author Fran Brown (7 months)
I love their music

Author Karen Shirk (7 months)

Author Teresa Fikes (8 months)

Author Greta Fields (9 months)
heyyah is the sound two hawks make when they are mourning the death of a
person they love. I doubt that many Indians remember where this sound
comes from anymore. They just steal feathers from birds, never get to know
them the way my mother did. They came to my mom's back door crying when
she died.

Author Jerry Davis (10 months)
apparently the blonde woman is laura satterfield, the daughter of priscilla

Author marie...formally known as chickadillydee (10 months)

Author Spring Robinson (11 months)
Am a HALFBREED too. Many of the People are of Mixed bloods. Also Know
Lakota . The Name of The Band Walela is Morning in Cherokee Tongue. In
Lakota Na-Ma-Ste = We Are One. NI-AH (Lakota NO) WOKSAPE ! (RESPECT) Is The
Native Way!
Upsauliplipa Walela !

Author sapphirerings (11 months)
wado, beautiful.

Author John Redcorn (11 months)
wheres my red mother? she hates her indian blood

Author Lois Xenakis (6 months)
Sad but I don't have no Indian name!

Author Nicole Spray (1 year)
Always n times of despair?!? Shared?!? Say y have said? I want 2go home.
Twilite as I walked faith n grace! Pace, embrace of our Rosary aha handed
left hook. Post? Gucci aheha heha ehaheheh suffice?!? Tejas born y reared
aheha hehaehaheh! Tejas s not my home, as Hood Los Angeles 2my beautiful
Portland 2D.C. 2? New Orleans or Hemingway Keys are not my home. This s not
my shell!

Steinbeck s my thought! Mi alma es mi casa. Move, por please, back allow me
2spread alas de cenizas, momento lost n El Espirito Santo. Most hard 2key
as soul communes con grace. Alas de cenizas, cenizas al polvo ohoy que no
tengas fear. Glow s my key! Resplandor s mi corazon! 4sq s our God! I bow
2your greater than n out! I hand my key 2God who s our Savior! moment

God? Creator! God? OUR Christ! God? Our kadosh Espirito, Diyin Santo n Holy
Trinity we hand this day. have ya handed faith n grace this day? Have ya
exercised? Have ya begun your day n communion con Dios the Kadosh Trinity

Virtual we can change what cannot be changed. Have ya ever Dundee d harm of
greater than whether peer or corporation? Virtual has someone taken your
salty tear y handed a grin? How did ya feel n emotion y thought? Virtual ya
are an asset yet walked, much less understood. Take what can not be
measured n ego or n technology! Take your world back. 2late?!? Look down at
those babe browns 4blue 2green are first choice! Do 4we chocolate, brown
lashed moo-moo!

Author Tina Thomas (1 year)
This song asks the question that I often wonder about. "Is the rainbow
just the color for the blood inside my veins?" Many of us of mixed
heritage know little of our ancestors and long to learn more...

Author Elizabeth Davis (1 year)
Just curious, Does Laura ever see her father, Kris? Rita as always is so
spiritual, beautiful, and intense. What a beautiful tribute to our native
americans. May God Bless the natives of this land with ongoing education
(the truth) and beautiful people such as these people to carry the messages
out to the rest of the United States and world. I love you Rita, the Delta
Lady or Walela.

Author Diana Jones (1 year)
Laura is not Rita's daughter, she is Priscilla's daughter.

Author ancat78 (6 years)

Author wolfatnight (3 years)
do they not tour anymore? I've been to their website - and their are no
recent tour dates.... do they still record? It would hurt to learn that
they are no longer making music - we NEED music like this......
desperately..... if anyone can provide me with info - it would be much

Author Patty Zello (7 years)
"I Have No Indian Name" is one of Rita Coolidge's most powerfully emotional
songs ever...Thank you for adding it for all to experience...

Author Deb Brown (3 years)
I love the Music of this group. You amake me proud to be of Native American

Author Chastalard (5 years)
when the Jesus people caught my grandfather. I love this song. Rita & clan
are beautiful, what voices!!!

Author RicRo Mic (2 years)
They have been singing since 1970; they've only gotten better and more
authentic, true to their roots. I love how they harmonize; ; I was
surprised how long Priscilla's hair is, it's like rita and she changed Hair
length; any way, love them!

Author Gray Stone (1 year)
Blonde woman! Show some respect! It's more than putting on a feather &
claiming some ancestry. Our women don't dress like that. We have dignity!
Fake! Go board the Mayflower & take that bottle blonde hair with you!

Author SoarsWithEagles (3 years)
It is said that in the heart is where the very essence of life is found. it
is said that if in your heart you find that you are Native then believe it.
For in my heart I am Indian I may not be full blood but I am still Indian.
Wise Elders will hope you to understand that we are all brothers and
sisters. I am no better then you and I am no less then you.

Author w5pda (7 years)
Tok'sa my sisters, Tok'sa

Author evelynjean1956 (5 years)
Words fail me when I think about the brutalization and murder of the native
american peoples. Thank you for your channel and such beautiful music.

Author KAPPY HAPPY (1 year)
Just Recieved The Cd To THis Song,I Totally Feel The Pain Here Live.. not
on the CD....My Ancestor was not allowed to use her Indian Name ..She was
Called Rebekah Given A Christian Name ..Under the Cherokee Books alot of
Women were Rebekah....So Sad Trying to Find Your Ancestor's

Author pate60 (6 years)
Greelat song. More Walela and Laura Satterfields videos here please.

Author msjulieeann (6 years)
This is a very moving song. It sure tells a heart wrenching story. It can
sure stir one's soul.

Author Odra14 (6 years)

Author thepackmc (1 year)
my story is the same as yours :)

Author fbucking1 (7 years)
Rita is still as beautiful as she was 35 years ago when I bought all of her
albums. I wish they would post the lyrics to this song.

Author RicRo Mic (2 years)
Me neither, except my mother used to call me Cochese.

Author RakastajaPoika (4 years)
The Audio is Weak...... needs to be BOOSTED UP

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