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Author Preethi Kumar (5 days)

Author Ramon Torres (1 year)
It is an example of courage that definitely defines a good leader.

Author Precious Anne Cabague (1 year)
i can relate.......

Author Alba Reyes (1 year)

Author The2Fish (1 year)

Author Funmi Jaji (1 year)
Great leaders are always passionate and have compassion for others!

Author Lisa E Auciello (1 year)
Sweet (brief) Leadership Video

Author Alemor Baron (3 years)
i was touched and tears can't stop falling from my eyes...

Author IntegrationTraining (2 years)
is this authentic? Feels a little Hallmark for my tastes

Author יוסי סוויד (4 years)
this is scary, i was sure somthing realy bad was about to appen the whole
video thrue.

Author blacknwhite1379 (4 years)
such a sweet vid. :>

Author lawrence manalo (2 years)
as a leader you must have the courage to overcome your fear to your
follower because you care for them. and if you care you will learn lots of
things and it will develop more in leading people.

Author rawnah (3 years)
i've seen this video for the nth time... in everytime i've watch this... i
always think of all my leaders in my cfc - sfc community ("you know all who
you are... *-*") i thank all of you for leading with courage and without
fear... and i honor all of you for doing what is right not what the
easiest... all because you care for me, you care for us. May all of you
remain faithful in His calling! God bless you all!!! ^-^

Author Sol Paulino (3 years)
got emotional while watching....very true....thanks.

Author Jay Stayner (6 years)
Wow! After I got a tissue, and wiped my eye, I thought to myself what a
beautiful & most innocent example this is to us all of how we should treat
everyone. Thanks

Author The Renegade Leader (2 years)
Wonderful story, So true! a leader care more about those they lead than

Author Sabeena Menon (1 year)
i just love it! so true and authentic!

Author Teamwork and Leadership (1 year)
It's an absolutely true story!

Author Raq Ricare (2 years)
Bakit galit ka!? comment lang, walang personalan, bwahahaha!

Author aliroot25 (6 years)
I think this video is great!

Author Raq Ricare (2 years)
Nothing is impossible, when you want to do something, specially if its for
someone who is very close to you, even if there are some struggles or
obstacles along the way, you will still do it. -RAQ

Author Sheryl Andrews (2 years)
great thank you

Author rowena carbungco (2 years)
I like the message of this video. Upon watching it I realized what are the
traits does an ideal leader have

Author Ma. Theresa Esteban (2 years)
this video showed a good qualities of a good leader: the courage, being
responsible, caring, and the leadership within.. being a leader is thinking
about others, not just about yourself. THERESA

Author resumeserviceplus (3 years)
Leaders can be made or born to be a leader.. We can see them in every
aspect of our lives and in your video, you have presented it well! Great
job! Resume Service Plus

Author Cynthia Fowler (4 years)
Moments to discover what binds us together is priceless. It is our love,
hopes, fears, dreams, and nightmares, and it crosses the boundaries between
age, religion, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. I often miss moments
to discover what is truly important, because I am engaged in activities
that make me feel like I am important. This video, pondered often, will
remind me to get out of bed.

Author dbathemom (6 years)
Children often are our greatest teachers. Beautiful message, powerful video!

Author A.W. Rudy Marendradika (4 years)
What a very nice motivation story...

Author ybenitsuj tuazon (2 years)
Leadership is action, not position.! Leadership cannot be taught, It can be
only learned through experience.-JB

Author rohanie sultan (2 years)
got carried away.. i remember prophet Mohammad's (peace be upon him)
sacrifices to lead his ummah (muslim community). truly inspiring. thank

Author vanessa dizon (2 years)
This video is very inspirational. The little girl showed her leadership by
facing her fear just to protect her little brother. The little girl is very
determinant even though she is helpless she choose to do the right thing.
We can show our leadership even in a simple things. Everyone can be a

Author Jay Johnson (6 years)
Truly a moivng video. It is amazing how children can teach us such great
life lessons. Think about how much humanity we have lost as adults. Mike,
this is right on. Everybody should take this lesson and apply in life
everyday. Great Job!

Author ambrosia2download (4 years)
Love it!

Author Teamwork and Leadership (6 years)
Thanks Pat82240!

Author Teamwork and Leadership (3 years)
@sol011081 Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed. I feel good when others find it
touching. Mike

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