Hollywood Doesn't Know How Drinking Works - Reckless Disagreement (Deadpool, James Bond)

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  • Deadpool, Lord of the Rings and every James Bond sequel maybe great movies but they have no idea how human beings drink booze.

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  • Runtime: 7:34
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  • Hezekiah Ramirez
    Hezekiah Ramirez 1 hour ago

    Bar fights are not badass. Grown ass men and women in a fist fight is embarrassing enough. I mean you're a goddamn adult and you can't find a better way to solve your problems than acting like a 12-year-old on the playground? Really? Yeah, that's how adults behave. Okay. But add alcohol to the mix and you have a bunch of drunk idiots acting like kids. Yeah, that's so badass. It doesn't mean you're awesome. It means you're a tool.

  • omnimetabell
    omnimetabell 4 hours ago

    Fuck you fruit of the loom!

  • Traian Constantin
    Traian Constantin 8 hours ago

    i clicked because i saw Pinochio in the thumbnail and "drinking" in the title and thought it was a Jordan Peterson video about alcohol and archetypes

  • Blyfycyfyfyf
    Blyfycyfyfyf 9 hours ago

    Also in most cases in the movies the clients don't pay in bars. They just order a drink and take it.

    I wish this kind of bar would be near my home.

  • pinball wizard
    pinball wizard 13 hours ago

    In skyfall I thought that the scorpio crawled on his hand

  • TheFireLizard
    TheFireLizard 13 hours ago

    yeah cause all people react to alcohol differently. But despite that you getting drink proves what? Yeah Hollywood alcohol doesn't seem to actually impair people. It's just a segway to another scene. Besides all these "badasses" aren't shit compaired to a "functional drunk." Sure they can hold their liquor once in a while. A functional drunk does it every single day. This is the kind of guy that can't even drive unless he's half drunk. Who do you think is going to win the drinking contest? A guy who drinks a few shots on the weekends, or the guy who drinks a pint every night and then gets up and goes to work.

  • D.M, Parks
    D.M, Parks 14 hours ago

    I believe Thor meant that Erik's ancestor's would be proud of how he fought.

  • sufian abuahmad
    sufian abuahmad 16 hours ago

    This guy's overly obnoxious

  • Lillian B.
    Lillian B. 16 hours ago

    I'll allow Thor to consider that a drinking game. Basically, drinking as much as you could as fast as you could was a competitive sport if you look at the Eddas. https://medium.com/@AleHorn/the-drinking-horn-that-took-down-thor-543addb7e550

  • Guy Montag
    Guy Montag 20 hours ago

    the lights go out Everytime you close the switch you dipshits, don't you know how electricity works

  • Sonny Williamson
    Sonny Williamson 22 hours ago

    As an exception to prove the rule, the film that really, really gets drinking and drunkenness right: Withnail & I. The amazing thing is, while Richard E. Grant gives the best ever performance of a drunk person throughout the film, the actor is in fact allergic to alcohol in real life!

  • Clean Living
    Clean Living 1 day ago


  • Dan Thedan
    Dan Thedan 1 day ago

    i mean in deadpool it is a bar full of mercanaries, so the fight makes more sense.

  • PrincessHorseradish

    "Is the guy who offered to buy the round not paying for the beer?"
    In that specific instance, I assumed no. I figured by "drinks on me", he meant "drinks on Weasel" as payback for betting on him to die.

    And Raj? "That's not a wacky joke about shyness. That's a serious drinking problem." That's more or less how they depict it, but it is BBT, so it's still played for laughs.

  • palmieres
    palmieres 1 day ago

    1:28 Oh, f- this video... I'm off to watch The Two Towers because long-haired blond Karl Urban as Eomer gave me multiple lady boners. Thank you for reminding me that existed in the LOTR movies, btw.

    Edit - As the child of an alchoholic I can asure you people DO drink themselves until they experience halucinations, until they pass out and into an in between state that seriously endagers their lives and that of others. They also sometimes ramble disturbingly loud for hours to a point where their children grow up in a constant state of stress because their parent kept them awake half the night. I hate drunk people. They're not funny, they're just very sad and disturbing to me.

  • Alexander Hammond

    Yeah, guys buying the whole bar a round happens, or at least I saw it happen once. First the bartender took a head count, then told the guy how much it was (about $700). We then all spent 20 min trying to convince him to not waste that much money, which he ignored. Bartender then passed out shots.

  • Andrew Damiani
    Andrew Damiani 1 day ago

    To be honest this guy has never been to my town lol

  • Daniel Feldman
    Daniel Feldman 1 day ago

    Wow this is complete dogshit

  • David Flethcer
    David Flethcer 1 day ago

    I think we can give the muppets a pass...

  • Pastel Pessimist
    Pastel Pessimist 1 day ago

    Did he just say the word normie? Like the fucking 4chan lingo?

  • Desert My Eagle
    Desert My Eagle 1 day ago

    I think in the unnamed show that my aunt loves for some reason, it's a placebo thing. As in he just takes a sip and it works, I also remember (or am misremembering) an episode when brown dude was fine talking to some chick then supper scrawny dude tells him it's non-alcoholic and immediately becomes shy again.

  • Aileen Pidgeon
    Aileen Pidgeon 1 day ago

    It is actually very uncommon to die from the sting of any species of scorpion. The cause of death is anaphylactic shock, although if you fell into a pit full of scorpions it would probably be the venom.

  • ImWorth
    ImWorth 1 day ago

    30 second ad you can't skip... WHYYYYYYY

  • Jack Faire
    Jack Faire 1 day ago

    Actually to be fair it's not actually being drunk that cures Raj of his shyness. Alcohol is a Placebo for him. This is demonstrated when he's drinking what he thinks is a beer but turns out to be a non-alcoholic beer. Until the moment another character points that out to him he's doing fine talking to a woman it's his perception of the alcohol and not the alcohol itself creating the effect which is why he's good upon his first drink even though like you said it wouldn't hit him for 30 minutes.

  • AlexanderTheEhh
    AlexanderTheEhh 1 day ago

    To be fair to Deadpool, the bar was a rough and tumble bar for mercenaries.

  • shovelware
    shovelware 1 day ago

    i dont think this cuck has ever made a fist let alone be in a bar fight

  • Jenny
    Jenny 1 day ago

    Good luck quitting drinking and moving to Japan. The Japanese KNOW how to drink.

    The Japanese know HOW to drink.

    The Japanese know how to DRINK.

    Seriously, though, have you ever seen a bunch of employees and their superiors coming out of a nomihoudai? It is a thing of beauty.

    Nomihoudai: translation All you can drink. Typicaly lasts an hour or two during which you can buy all the drinks you can drink, and they can put 'em down with the best of 'em.

  • D Rodriguez
    D Rodriguez 1 day ago

    5:00 the movies aren't saying people are hallucinating, it's things that are actually there and happening and the drunk person thinks "fuck that can't be real and all I've been doing is drinking a fuck ton, must be the booze"

  • D Rodriguez
    D Rodriguez 1 day ago

    2017, and you have a intro like that. THAT INTRO IS ABSOLUTE DOG SHIT

  • Tomas Silva
    Tomas Silva 2 days ago

    "How to misinterpret movie scenes"

  • nicknufsik
    nicknufsik 2 days ago

    Gets stung and dies? You should read your own website before making statements about scorpions stinging a guy and he dies, not from your site, but your site has made statements about scorpions in the past: "Only about 25 of the 1,500 known species of scorpions can deliver stings that are fatal to humans. And most of these potentially lethal scorpions can't kill healthy adults, although their neurotoxins can cause such troubling symptoms as convulsions and shortness of breath."

    It could be that drinking a strong liquor is unpleasant, but not nearly as unpleasant as being stung by a scorpion, because even if the sting isn't deadly, most would rather not be stung by a scorpion than be stung by a scorpion, and the combination of the natural tension of having a stinging animal sitting on your hand, to the harsh burning unpleasantness of whatever strong liquor he was drinking, all while wanting to hold steady to avoid panicking the scorpion and getting stung, and not spilling a single drop of the liquor could make for an interesting game, though not one I'd be willing to play (anymore) I'm much more of the enjoy a good book or lively conversation or whatever game is on while sipping on a craft brewed pint kind of guy now.

  • Chrono105
    Chrono105 2 days ago

    Did you just complain about the rules of a drinking game from dwarfs and norse gods?

  • Foxtrot Hotel
    Foxtrot Hotel 2 days ago

    "It takes thirty minutes to feel the effects of alcohol." Most definitely bullshit

    • Muzis Potatoes
      Muzis Potatoes 1 day ago

      Foxtrot Hotel he's prolly not even old enough to drink yet or never been to big city, just stay in some hellhole horseshit and drink whack shit like BudLight

  • greenghost2008
    greenghost2008 2 days ago

    Apparently buying a round is an Irish thing.

  • jay yarbrough
    jay yarbrough 2 days ago

    This pussy is in charge of the drinking video? This guy? He looks like he is bombed after a zima

  • 7waysupsidedown
    7waysupsidedown 2 days ago

    So much of this is just wrong. I can't decide whether it's ignorance or arrogance.

  • Steven Bosch
    Steven Bosch 2 days ago

    Robert Stack once talked about the stages of intoxication which he needed for his role in the film "Written On the Wind." It stands out to my mind when Stack's character goes absolutely wacko.

  • ninjapleazz
    ninjapleazz 2 days ago

    Did you do any research at all?

  • Petter Bakken
    Petter Bakken 2 days ago

    what a cuck this guy is. fucking fag

  • Steele Jones
    Steele Jones 2 days ago

    yeah the sobriety in Japan thing definitely isn't a thing. if anyone's been to Japan they know almost every japanese man is a functioning alcoholic haha

  • The Gullible Skeptic

    As I'm watching this, I'm sitting on my couch resting my beer on my beer-belly and squinting to see the screen on my phone because it's almost dead. In the real world, being good at drinking doesn't make you an awesome socialite, it makes you a sad, fat, abusive loner.

  • Tira Faison
    Tira Faison 2 days ago

    Hallucinations are a symptom of alcohol dependence, it often occurs when ppl are experiencing withdrawal.but xan happen while drinking or blacked out

  • Beautyful Nytmare
    Beautyful Nytmare 2 days ago

    Technically alcohol CAN cause hallucinations.... albeit auditory.... it's just wickedly rare.... sorry to spoil the joke

  • DAMN420
    DAMN420 2 days ago

    Is this kid even old enough to drink in a bar?

  • feh meh
    feh meh 2 days ago

    Leftist millenial hipster does not know how real dive bars work. I am going to go back asleep in the dj booth now before the hookers make off with my bottle of scotch.

  • DAMN420
    DAMN420 2 days ago

    Hmm Kids

  • Ji Cottrill
    Ji Cottrill 2 days ago

    You must live a sheltered life with no real friends bub.. We used to play similar drinking games all the time.. and got absolutely rekkd!!

  • They prolly know how it works but what's more entertaining: hollywoods bar fights, or real barfights

  • Tygr Sardon
    Tygr Sardon 2 days ago

    big bang theory: beer makes people more confident then usual so it would help the Indians anxiety thing

  • Johnson
    Johnson 3 days ago

    you're so adorable

  • sule kuta
    sule kuta 3 days ago

    I heard about BBT but never watched nor do I wanna

    How did u know?

  • TibiShan S
    TibiShan S 3 days ago

    Wow this dude pee'd on cop cars! Who are you trying to impress? I bet you wouldnt have the balls to

    SMOKELUNGS 3 days ago


  • Alex Davenport
    Alex Davenport 3 days ago

    God, you're voice is hot

  • David Umstattd
    David Umstattd 3 days ago

    Scorpions aren't deadly. They just hurt like hell.

  • Monty Jimmy
    Monty Jimmy 3 days ago

    This video inspired me to crack open this morning beer

  • Archie Ward
    Archie Ward 3 days ago

    This guy doesn't know how fact checking works.

    • Muzis Potatoes
      Muzis Potatoes 1 day ago

      Archie Ward "I done research"
      Show the first page of his google. So much for facts and researchs

  • Zachary Bigger
    Zachary Bigger 3 days ago

    I can honestly say that I've never been in a bar fight

  • help4343
    help4343 3 days ago

    You don't know how drinking works if you think it takes 30 minutes to feel any of the effects of alcohol.

  • 8BitSensei
    8BitSensei 3 days ago

    How does having to carry your buddy home passed out make anyone proud? It looks like you're the one that has never drank before

  • Allister Quinn
    Allister Quinn 3 days ago

    Everything about this guy repulses me

  • Marius VanDamme
    Marius VanDamme 3 days ago

    This guy obviously has never been in scandinavia. All of these things happen regularly.

  • luckynbr13
    luckynbr13 3 days ago

    If you are a severe legit alcoholic you can suffer from paranoia and hallucinations while you are detoxing. Detoxing like that can also legit kill you.

  • Alex König
    Alex König 3 days ago

    Of course, real fights aren't as good looking as professional choreographed scenes. I don't get the point here.

  • Jason Freeman
    Jason Freeman 3 days ago

    my thing with alcohol in movies & TV has always been , you always see people / friends come over or go to the store and only come back with a six pack of beer , then split it with a couple of others or just for themselves , who the fuck buys 6 packs !!?
    it takes me 6 beers , just to get started , hell , I buy beer by the 18 pack and can drink a whole one by myself

  • koolerpure
    koolerpure 3 days ago

    The problem with this everyone has a different tolerances, larger people can drink more before passing out compared to thin small people. Then alcohol tolerance plays effect to keep you standing more

  • David Slaymaker
    David Slaymaker 3 days ago

    So what's your wife's boyfriends name?

  • Benjamin Malave
    Benjamin Malave 3 days ago

    Alxohol is poisonous,
    why would you want to drink it?

  • José Hernández
    José Hernández 3 days ago

    maybe Holliwood do not get booze, but this video is boring as hell

  • MGSBigBoss77
    MGSBigBoss77 3 days ago

    Don't think the fisherman in Superman II was drinking beer from a coffee cup man?! Like WTF.

  • yoke 916
    yoke 916 3 days ago

    this show sucks

  • andrew7taylor
    andrew7taylor 3 days ago

    You should do the Withnail and I drinking game. Chug every drink they chug (including the lighter fluid and the meths)

  • Jesus Kovacs
    Jesus Kovacs 3 days ago

    They are fucking movies holy shit

  • Kim Norberg
    Kim Norberg 3 days ago

    Hollywood doesn't know how drinking works - Reckless doesn't know how movies work.

  • SirPetterTheFirst
    SirPetterTheFirst 3 days ago

    Some people also think, James bond should not drink a lot or drinks fake alcohol to make other people think he is drunk and gain a advantage in a fight.

    Alcohol consumption is illegal in shooting companions. Alcohol lowers your hearth rates and makes your aim steadier. James bond is actually improving is shooting performance and would explain why he keeps getting blind sided, It improves his aim butt not is attention

  • cerealforthewhale
    cerealforthewhale 3 days ago

    why is the narrator a castrated twink?

  • Иван Василевыц

    Last Samurai = First Weeaboo

  • Rachie Rue Ra Holo
    Rachie Rue Ra Holo 3 days ago

    The " free pint all around" happens in Ireland...

  • Daniel Lund
    Daniel Lund 4 days ago

    Alcohol can make you hallucinate. Long term alcoholism can bring about a psychosis, in which the alcoholic sees and feels things that are not there.

  • Luke Woods
    Luke Woods 4 days ago

    i am a bar manager of 11 years and deadpool actually got barfights pretty damn accurate!! every bar fight i have ever had to try and break up were all in brawls with everyone punching everyone and us bartenders and the security desperately trying to break it up......

  • ThatIMayServe
    ThatIMayServe 4 days ago

    Yeah.........Tom Cruise's character isn't "The Last Samurai". Makes me wonder if you even watched the movie.

    SHOGZILLA 420 4 days ago

    Bullshit, come to Scotland and we'll teach you how to drink properly. Keep drinking until you're unconscious and when you wake up, keep drinking again to get rid of the hang over

  • misantroop
    misantroop 4 days ago

    One punch in the face done properly will break your jaw or your nose or you might just be knocked out and end up with a brain injury. Reality.

  • kittypie
    kittypie 4 days ago

    Also did Hollywood really not realize that Pinocchio thing? Not to brag but as a little kid I understood that the alcohol and cigars were turning the kids into donkeys

  • kittypie
    kittypie 4 days ago

    What's up with punch sounds in movies by the way? It sounds like a tree branch splitting open a watermelon. I want to get in a fight just to hear what real punches sound like

  • bosstube
    bosstube 4 days ago

    most scorpion stings aren't deadly

  • GreenvilleSteez
    GreenvilleSteez 4 days ago

    amethyst is a hallucinogen thats alcoholic

  • Samir Gartner
    Samir Gartner 4 days ago

    Not everyone responds to alcohol in the same way as you, that's an arrogant way of thinking (If I can't I'm sure no one else can), I have passed out just like the guy from Riders Of The Lost Ark and I stopped drinking after that night ... but not before throwing up all over me.

  • Mark Routt
    Mark Routt 4 days ago

    "one rounds on me" I've been too a few bars like that.

  • conway 4590
    conway 4590 4 days ago

    i once was in this super badass bar fight. this guy threw a punch atthe bartender, then a the guy turned into a draagon and ate him. Man it was cool

  • Bryan Raftery
    Bryan Raftery 4 days ago

    This is the guy at the movies that talks the whole time about how "things like that aren't accurate enough"

  • J Flynn
    J Flynn 4 days ago

    If japan cures ptsd sign my 12 year old ass up

  • J Flynn
    J Flynn 4 days ago

    Of course i watch big biang theory

  • DAEOFMember7788
    DAEOFMember7788 5 days ago

    Vikings thought alcohol was a gift from the gods, and that it brought them closer to the gods. Therefore, getting shitfaced is something a viking would be proud of.

  • ShaNagmaImmuru
    ShaNagmaImmuru 5 days ago

    fuck cracked is garbage

  • Dzul Asyraf Azman
    Dzul Asyraf Azman 5 days ago

    The game is about who can hold the most liquor?

  • James Chaffee
    James Chaffee 5 days ago

    also. now I've decided to get drunk. LEMME SPLAIN YOU A THING. Alcohol takes effect WITHIN 30 min, not after.There's also A HUGE "constitution save" required to take a shot of any alcohol worth a damn. This is because you are inhaling a significant amount of ethanol. There is also the fact that absorption through the tongue and teeth is WAAAAY faster than through the stomach. That being said most people feel the effects of alcohol in under 15min. Taking that many shots in a span of say 20 min would knock you FLAT on your ass.

    TO PROVE THIS I CHALLENGE ANY CRACKED EMPLOYEE TO A SHOT CONTEST TO THE DEATH. (I would prefer Jack as I am certain he won't make it and I don't like him please respond in the form of carrier pigeon or via the town crier)

  • I GOT DA 30 FOE
    I GOT DA 30 FOE 5 days ago

    pretty sure they dont want to make drinking look too cool so that little kids dont want to do it lol

  • Paul G
    Paul G 5 days ago

    im swedish i have lots of viking haritage one viking in my family drank so much that he passed out so they threw him off the ship because its just a prank bro and while they tried to pull him out he hit a rock according to written parchment by the vikings

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