Tomi Lahren Talks Pres. Trump's Travel Ban, Treatment of Women & More | The View

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Author Jamie Garcia ( ago)
Wait @ 3:09 that lady supports it?

Author Frank Carter ( ago)
update she was the hottest conservative lol

Author fadedOTAKU ( ago)
she's 24....looks like 30 something. white ppl age in dog years.

Author fadedOTAKU ( ago)
she gets views cuz she's an attractive white blonde...nothing else. let's be honest here.

Author BBC Rooter ( ago)
She is not a exceptionally intelligent But she is just plain HOT

Author Jessica H. ( ago)
and this what got her fired?

Author kurdishgurl11 ( ago)
I love JOYYYY!!! Wish whoopi was there too!! Hahaha. she sjust pretty. That's all!

Author Codi190 ( ago)

Author Codi190 ( ago)
The bad guys dont like Russia because they are against peophilia and satanism you ignorants dumb bags

Author Cely Avila ( ago)
I wouldn't be surprised god forbid knock on wood if one of these days this chick gets popped or attacked she needs to watch her back a loud mouth always gets shut down

Author Cely Avila ( ago)
24?! wow😱 i thought late 20's early 30's guess her racism is sucking the best out of her cause her ugly personality it drying her up

Author Trollin since 79 ( ago)
Abortion is murder

Author Bradley Corp ( ago)
what is this show, chicks not cleaning?

Author Jason Pettit ( ago)
note A, Saudi Arabia is rich compared to the countries under the ban and how does this have 840k supposed views and only 1k likes

Author smbobcat 360 ( ago)
i wonder how good she is at sex

Author Juan Garcia ( ago)
She so hotttt Tomi!!! I don't give a crap about her politics we watch her cause she is smoking hot!!

Author Straka Estrada ( ago)
They should ban this show, it sucks.

Author Irene Zamarron ( ago)
your an idiot pony tailed woman in black with green earrings. I'm scared of the Russian ties when over and over they have said there is no connection to Russia from the Trump campaign. Now HIllary and Russia regarding Uranium and Obama on the open mic saying he will have more flexibility after the election. You all are not scared about that?!?!?! Also Tomi is ok with killing a baby at nine months??? That's wrong.

Author Jairzinho121 ( ago)
I'm from the UK and i wanna impregnate her😀

Author Jaime de Sevilla ( ago)
As long as she continues to espouse the right right-wing views, she will make lots and lots of money, and she knows it. She's young and attractive, so all she has to do is is keep talking and the cash will flow. She knows that tons of easy money is in her near future.

Author GingeOi ( ago)
I'm a liberal but I like Tomi Lahren. I don't agree or like most her opinions, but it is true, she is entitled to one, she explains her perspective and why she thinks that quite clearly and she is using her platform to represent these people. If she were on the other side of the fence she would be praised as crazy.
I think what she signifies is the issue of middle America being completely ignored and out of touch with the rest of the country. People there need to be educated, they need to be in contact with the minorities, etc. I think we have the state system to blame for this - if it's only republicans governing them, they are never getting out of the rut to see the bigger picture. And it's not their fault. But we keep blaming them.

Author S A ( ago)
Must be nice to be a blonde white woman who has no clue about what imiigrants go through

Author Saskia Valentine-FairestGame ( ago)
It looks like the ladies on the view are gas-lighting the guest, Tomi Laher:

*polka dots to represent dirty tricks.
*stripes to represent weaving of webs (usually worn by two women)
*black and white paired outfits to symbolize racial solidarity.

*green for vengeance and St Patrick's Day. Tomi doesn't appear to be wearing green for good luck.
*magenta to represent inter-faith/inter-racial/inter-agency community operations.

*Catholics broaching the topic of immigration on behalf of Jews.
*Jews steering topic towards women's issues and abortion on behalf of Catholics.

She was set up that's why the View panel was so cool and collected. They knew the lethal strike would come from others. Instead of weaving a web, they just gave her enough rope to hang herself, and Beck pulled the trap door.

Milo (Jewish) and Tomi (Christian) sacrificed to faith & politics held higher than truth.
America, what has become of ye?

Author B Dominguez ( ago)
OMG...There are 4 of you and you have notes!!! BREATHE!!! Don't interrupt her and over-talk her!!!!!

Author Melissa Berg ( ago)
Is she sunburnt?

Author Mike Linville ( ago)
I actually still support Tomi. I feel bad for her having to go on this garbage show. That's why she said what she did.

Author ericimi ( ago)
Isn't it crazy how about half of us knew all of the opinions of the women wearing the glasses before she even spoke.

Author wheelzwheela ( ago)
Joy is shooting daggers over there. Yikes!

Author Grandus11 ( ago)
alicia machado en la granja

this is on youtube

Author Grandus11 ( ago)
Alicia Machado was looking for her 15 minutes of fame. My god look at the video on youtube and read about it she is on a show having sex with another man while engaged to another man. She gains weight and trump lets her keep her crown what did he do to her that was so bad. you liberal idiots need to start fact checking crap you say especially the red headed old woman on the view

Author Aleydis Sinclaire ( ago)
I think...Tomi Lahren took one too many pages from the Donald Trump playbook without realizing that it worked for him because he had the money to back it up.

Author Fuck NlGGERS ( ago)

Author Unique365Oki ( ago)
Joy did her best to keep her composure & make it through the to the end of the Tomi interview; I saw the irritation. Kudos to the producers; drama-free environment over ratings!! Whoopi would've brought it!!

Author Onailuj83 ( ago)
Now the Liberals are defending Tomi? Just because she is "against life"?

That's the proof that Liberals hate womans, black, gays, etc... Liberals just love who suport the evil IDEOLOGY!!!

Author deepfreeze11 ( ago)
Why the audience keep clapping !!!!!!!!!!

Author Elizabeth S ( ago)
They are pro women, except for the ones in the womb. Hypocrites.

Author Mrs S ( ago)
she does not speak for me, I wonder what would have happened if whoppi was there.

Author Juliahni Fox ( ago)
Joy was over her from jump 😭

Author Rajab Croswell ( ago)
I looked this up to see Whoopi rip her a new one.

Author Rajab Croswell ( ago)
Where is Whoopi?

Author Ashlynn Hirth ( ago)
bunch of bullies commenting on here

Author Tony Punzo ( ago)
She is not a hypocrite, Her position is that abortion is immoral but making it illegal won't stop it because it will cause people to have back door abortions and enforcement of anti abortion laws could result in extreme scenarios like arresting and charging women who have abortions, So it would give government too much power over people. I'm a libertarian and I think that abortion is wrong personally, But just like so ca
lled "drug control" the method of criminalizing it won't prevent it, It will only create a demand on the black market for coat hanger abortions in garages. People are saying she is a hypocrite and trying to cow tow to the left because they don't understand what her position on the issue actually is. this is regressive right wing hive mind behavior, It's the equivalent of the regressive left on collage campuses. This is why I'm a libertarian and not a Republican.

Author No One ( ago)
Apparently conservatives are even more intolerant of her opinions than liberals.

Author Kavya Reddy ( ago)
She's an opportunist. She says things for ratings, clicks, and attention.

Author lotusssypringa ( ago)
she has no weight when confronted. her arguments always are but Obama this but clinton this. if Clinton stayed with her spouse what does that even have to do with her capacity to run a country. gotta be fair here. it's ok to have an opinion I do not mind conversations with someone with a different viewpoint but she doesnt have a leg to stand on.

Author Onix Outlaw ( ago)
according to the comments
pretty = intelligent

Author Francisco Hernandez ( ago)
I don't agree with all the other points that Tomi Lahren made, but I am glad that she has her own voice in saying that she is Pro-Choice

Author XERXES HAMBURG ( ago)
by the way....just because she has 5 mio Viewers, that doesn't mean that all 5 mio viewers are fans/supporters xD

Author wisam rohilina ( ago)
India?? WTH..

Author Bell Pepper 2.0 ( ago)
the reason why there's so many dislikes is b/c of tomi lahren. she just makes me so mad

Author Malcolm Rodgers ( ago)
Really sad to hear this from Tomi. Please look back on your own videos Tomi. There are laws in our countries against killing people why won't we protect our unborn boys and girls.

Author Brian Brookins ( ago)
She dumb asf period.

Author Nik Brunz ( ago)
Tomi larhen pro-choice comment makes me wanna puke

Author Loudpackmike ( ago)
Whoopi would've been a waaaaaay different interview

Author Chupa Cabra ( ago)
None of those judges have the intel that President Trump has. So, those judges are weakening the security of the US. Hopefully, we will never again have a terrible terrorist attack like 9/11 but if we do, we can blame those uninformed judges for it. I guess the US has to learn the hard way. Too bad they're not smart and wise enough to see what is happening in Europe.

Author jav75 ( ago)
She loves the constitution? What a joke.

Author onelife tolive ( ago)
I can't believe they gave the devil a platform to speak.

Author onelife tolive ( ago)
people watch her videos to get a good laugh.

Author Kathleen L.A ( ago)
Why does everyone keep saying "she's pretty" She's tan with bleach blonde hair and bleached teeth any white girl can get that look and be called "pretty". They just don't because a lot of people don't find that attractive.

Author ChristianMetalFan100 ( ago)
Why do people think tans look good? They don't.

Author Kenny Smith ( ago)
I don't want to be white anymore. Our culture sucks, it's just racism and hate. I'm sick of this pale skin. Looking at this racist Uh ..I mean concervative skin is making me sick, maybe our time is up, i voted for trump, he didn't build the wall, i hate being in this skin

Author Tim Westchester ( ago)
I think she is a right-wing ideologue who doesn't commit to her own arguments for the sake of saving face, but my god is she one gorgeous human being.

Author sara velasquez ( ago)
your getting all right. 💩💩💩💩

Author Timothy Biggers Jr ( ago)
Is asked about Trump. "But Obama!"

Author La Berlinoise ( ago)
Joy "we should ban all majority muslim countries". Disgusting old fascist hag.

Author Timothy Biggers Jr ( ago)
She is very very orange

Author Timothy Biggers Jr ( ago)
love it when wealthy people speak for me. so thanks tomi. hope you dont get your job back

Author somuchkooleronline. ( ago)
Tomi Lahren was fresh air in a room full of nastiness (esp. Joy Behr).

Author cndvd ( ago)
What's wrong with a Muslim ban ? That's who the terrorist are , dumb shts. It's extreem vetting.

Author sweetlady85 ( ago)
she looks like a red neck. ewwww

Author angieciv ( ago)
Is anyone gonna comment on how she's slowly becoming orange like trump? Are these two competing or what?

Author Kreeoshia Burks-Moore ( ago)
Tomi got that Trump Tan going on...interesting...

Author Lryn Liz ( ago)
" Folks"

Author Jim Spibbins ( ago)
Fire the murderer!

Author Alfarojv ( ago)
It's called a body living inside another body, science and murder. Good bye Tomi fake conservative

Author XperiencE ( ago)
The biggest problem I have with Trump is he speaks his mind WAY too much

Author tuvtuvl ( ago)
I feel like I'm the only conservative that can stand tome lahren

Author indigo_blue ( ago)
24. terrible skin ( look at her chest). PUMP AND DUMP... age like white milk

Author Halman2112 ( ago)
She never should have been suspended from the Blaze for her choice.

Author Christine Marie ( ago)
She's growing on me ..

Author you tuberWopinion ( ago)
the likes and dislike button has never been such a close run ahahaha

Author Ginny Hix ( ago)
omgee - i just lost respect for the 2 women that used to be on the weekend morning news show... they should have stayed where they were - this show stinks

Author AzureAnie ( ago)
I loved seeing Tomi on the Daily Show, and i'm glad to see her on The View, but I hate the live audience applause. The red head would make a comment out of irritation it seems, and the audience claps? and it's just... annoying...

Author Walter Bernard ( ago)
Why hasn't anyone pointed out that Trump never said ( not even once) that he wanted a Muslim Ban. He wanted a Ban for Radical Islamic Terrorists. The left gets away with this misinformation , nearly every time they open their mouth.

Author Eva ( ago)
Joy is having none of it

Author Goner Kid ( ago)
Reality Check - the racist parallels in world views between the KKK and BLM are comparable. That is obvious. Basic.

Author Liban Adam ( ago)
Somalia is on the list and have not been behind any terrorist attacks in the us

Author Brayden Gibbs ( ago)
"the government should tell me what to do with my body"??? Well looks like in your eyes all drugs should be legal (because the government tells us what we are allowed to put into our bodies). When it comes to being pregnant... (you already made your choice) you don't have a choice to choose the consequence. THAT's THE DIFFERENCE You don't want to have the consequence from you choice or mistakes...

Author The One ( ago)
it's funny how the left is so focused on the so called "Russian hacking". even if it's true, I'm glad it happened because the people deserve to know who and what they are voting for. the left used lies and propaganda against Trump with no evidence during the whole campaign, and that's OK, but when wikileaks exposes the DNC for funding the mainstream media and the corruption of Hillary Clinton by hacking the Clinton foundation is not??

Not that I give 2 shits about religion, but I think it's very hypocritical by the left to say people are bigots because they dont want Muslims from high terrorist populated countries coming here, then the left tries to take the pledge of allegiance and bible study out of schools because Muslim parents don't want their kids to be around that.

Author Forever Faithful ( ago)
Tomi is a beast! #Trump2020

Author Betsy sunshine ( ago)
now I remember why I quit watching the view. idiots! tomi was great and did not have to read notes.

Author Brittany Dallas ( ago)
I love her so much. Literally everything she says I agree with.

Author truther29 ( ago)
"I'm concerned about protecting the Democratic process" but let's totally ignore the rigged primaries and the tampering from the Hillary camp

Author Christiana Gillespie ( ago)
She spits hate and lies people love that

Author sulphurman ( ago)
Oh god, she is Elizabeth Hasselback 2.0 Why can't she simply share an idea and speak rather than hysterically yell and talk.

Author gmonk003 ( ago)
"something"..lmbo. right?

Author Tim Patterson ( ago)
At least she recognizes the hypocrisy of claiming to want limited government and personal freedom while also desiring to have the government regulate the bodies of half the population.

Author D.E.B. B ( ago)
She really has absolutely no clue that no one would give a crap about what she thinks or says, if she was ugly. She's the eye candy of the day for the horny old right wing white guys.

Author mayhem mayhem ( ago)
she is gettin pimped

Author Raechelle-Symone ( ago)
India is largely a Hindu country with approximately 70% practicing compared to only about 14% practicing Islam.

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