akdin matir vetore hobe ghor: bangla hit song

bangladeshi hit bangla music video song

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Author shakhawat hossain ( ago)

Author md rigan ( ago)
sunle monta choto hoye jay.

Author kazi king jakir (773 years ago)
for any questions Facebook. I'd.
(kazi king Jacky )
New York city America

Author kazi king jakir (1010 years ago)
one day I was Bangladesh in my little city of FENI.
some time I'm singing and writing some some.
aikdin matir vitore hobe ghor..... I'm writing the song 2005... soundtracks
studio recoding 2006 by album.(matir ghor)
singer. bashu dev. tone by uttom borua.... and this is my writing favorite
allso I have a more then 20 popular song in Bangladesh.

Author Zannat Zannat ( ago)

Author Abru Miah ( ago)
Make me tears 

Author Elias Mia ( ago)
Everybody Remember it.

Author shakhawat hossain ( ago)

Author jakir hossain ( ago)

very nice!

Author Singer: Annie Jilani ( ago)
This is the truth of life.

Author Abdul Hakim ( ago)
universal truth

Author roshon komar ( ago)
my favorite song

Author Nowab Miah ( ago)

Author Mohammad S Miah ( ago)
Really excellent this song.

Author md kuddus ( ago)
may fabart song

Author rony bogra ( ago)
valo gaan

Author shohid297 ( ago)
Something to think about..when their gone their gone!!! Hence it's never to

Author Shomon Kabir ( ago)
very nice

Author Love Mehedi ( ago)
== Nice song
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Author Humayun Rashid ( ago)
Real song is an every life 

Author Oliur Rahman ( ago)
Listen this song 

Author md musa ahmed choudhury ( ago)
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author jamshad hossain ( ago)

Author Nur Islam Mondal ( ago)
Porokaler kotha mone porbe nischoy.

Author Monjur Chowdhury ( ago)
amra ki buji

Author Monjur Chowdhury ( ago)
chorom sotto kotha

Author malayu lapu ( ago)

Author Shafiq Rahman ( ago)

Author Abir ahmed Chowdhury ( ago)
Universal truth for every human.

Author darwan dada ( ago)
worlds best song

Author Mesbah garges ( ago)
nice song

Author shohid297 ( ago)
Gone with the wind..when their gone their gone!!

Author Rb Khan ( ago)
nice song

Author Rimon ahmed ( ago)
so nice song gante sonar por chokar jol chola asa.

Author Syed Ahmed ( ago)
so nice lyrics and beautiful singing.

Author Mazharul Islam ( ago)

Author Shakhawat Hossain ( ago)
so nice song

Author mehedi jony ( ago)

Author Shahin Ahmed ( ago)
thnx osadaron......

Author Rony Ahmed ( ago)
yes nice song

Author JOY Joy ( ago)
একদিন মাটির ভিতরে হবে ঘর রে মন আমার কেন বান্ধ দালান ঘর প্রাণ পাখী উড়ে যাবে
পিঞ্জর ছেড়ে ধরাধামে সবই রবে তুমি যাবে চলে ...বন্ধু বান্ধব যত মাতা পিতা
তারার সুতো সকলই হবে তোমার পর কেন বান্ধ দালান ঘর রে মন আমার কেন বান্ধ দালান

Author Tanvir Ahmed Ohi ( ago)

Author Imran Khan ( ago)
what a buety

Author rofiq ahmed ( ago)
nice,what a feels:thanksful to him,who created it.

Author Happy Khan (1721 year ago)
I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this songggggggggggggg and he got very nice tone

Author sabiak17 ( ago)
An audio for all generations. Plz respect Islam n pray for the muslim
ummah. Ameen

Author sabiak17 ( ago)
Subahan Allah, an excellent gahzal and i recommend everyone 2 listen n
cherish the words. May Allah forgive us all. UK

Author uzzaluoda ( ago)
why this three fuckers dislike this song?

Author Emamhasan Rony ( ago)
Nice ...........

Author cazut69 ( ago)

Author Ovi Xvi ( ago)
best song forever

Author Fardhosh Bablu MCN TV (169 years ago)
nice songs

Author Md Titas ( ago)
who is the singer?

Author rahman ailiur ( ago)
Aito bastob jibon.

Author Rumon ksa ( ago)
thanks ashrafua

Author Sajib Islam ( ago)
can anyone kindly tell me who is the creator of this song?

Author Sajib Islam ( ago)
very spiritual song...

Author R HOSSAIN ( ago)

Author Tanvir Shyduzzaman ( ago)
One of the most magical thought represents! Masallah

Author EnamTech ( ago)
awesome song nd video editing, thnks bro for upload

Author EnamTech ( ago)
awesome song nd video editing, thnks bro for upload

Author SIRAZUL ISLAM ( ago)
Amar khub valo lagar ekti gaan.

Author litonkamrul ( ago)
Ata Tumadar Song Nai...Bai

Author Koly443 (364 years ago)
man is mortal universal truth

Author Gau gram ( ago)
apnar proti salam. gaaner shathe drissho gulir khobmil koresen, onek
bhalolaglo bhai dhonnobad. aro notun kisu upohar dien bhai. allah hafez.

Author M Rahman T ( ago)
deeply solemn song!!!! the root song of Bangladesh

Author Oxygen ( ago)
very nice and an universal truth.

Author Md. Nazmul Ahasan ( ago)
I like this spiritual song very much.

Author suyeb ( ago)
keno bando dalan ghor?

Author EnamTech ( ago)
nice song nd video

Author Reton Ahmed ( ago)
outstanding lyrics

Author monir ahmed ( ago)
one of hart touching song ever a hard. thanks ashrafua for upload.

Author monir ahmed ( ago)
one of hart touching song ever a hard

Author TopG01x ( ago)
What is the name of the Singer?

Author Waise Quarni ( ago)

Author Waise Quarni ( ago)

Author robel chy. ( ago)
I Love this song its very very respectful song.

Author Towsif457 ( ago)
thaker jonno ghor hoi ghumabo koi...?

Author kopalpura ( ago)
@ashrafua thks 4 uplod this bro its a vry nice n gud song

Author moniraju ( ago)
great song, thanks bro for upload a great song. bro if possible pls give
the details, and if anymore songs this singer.

Author monjuche ( ago)
Thanks for uploading the song. Please give me the details imformation of
the song.

Author monjuche ( ago)
Great song. Please give me the singer of the song and details of the song(

Author Ashraf Ahmed ( ago)
thnx for ur coments.

Author CryForCry ( ago)
Very respectful song.....................

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