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Author shakhawat hossain (3 months)

Author Abru Miah (1 month)
Make me tears 

Author Elias Mia (2 months)
Everybody Remember it.

Author Singer: Annie Jilani (4 months)
This is the truth of life.

Author jakir hossain (3 months)

very nice!

Author Abdul Hakim (4 months)
universal truth

Author roshon komar (6 months)
my favorite song

Author Nowab Miah (9 months)

Author Nil ShraboN (1 year)

Author Mohammad S Miah (1 year)
Really excellent this song.

Author rony bogra (1 year)
valo gaan

Author md kuddus (1 year)
may fabart song

Author Shomon Kabir (1 year)
very nice

Author md musa ahmed choudhury (1 year)
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Humayun Rashid (1 year)
Real song is an every life 

Author Oliur Rahman (1 year)
Listen this song 

Author jamshad hossain (1 year)

Author nazrul binjohir (1 year)

Author shohid297 (1 year)
Something to think about..when their gone their gone!!! Hence it's never to

Author Syed Ahmed (2 years)
so nice lyrics and beautiful singing.

Author shah alom (3 years)
very nice and an universal truth.

Author Md Titas (3 years)
who is the singer?

Author EnamTech (3 years)
nice song nd video

Author suyeb (3 years)
keno bando dalan ghor?

Author moniraju (5 years)
great song, thanks bro for upload a great song. bro if possible pls give
the details, and if anymore songs this singer.

Author EnamTech (3 years)
awesome song nd video editing, thnks bro for upload

Author hamidur rahman Joy (2 years)
একদিন মাটির ভিতরে হবে ঘর রে মন আমার কেন বান্ধ দালান ঘর প্রাণ পাখী উড়ে যাবে
পিঞ্জর ছেড়ে ধরাধামে সবই রবে তুমি যাবে চলে ...বন্ধু বান্ধব যত মাতা পিতা
তারার সুতো সকলই হবে তোমার পর কেন বান্ধ দালান ঘর রে মন আমার কেন বান্ধ দালান

Author malayu lapu (1 year)

Author EnamTech (3 years)
awesome song nd video editing, thnks bro for upload

Author Rony Ahmed (2 years)
yes nice song

Author Waise Quarni (4 years)

Author Mesbah garges (2 years)
nice song

Author Hossain Arman hongkong (4 years)
thank you mr ashrafua for matir vetore song try 2 upload more

Author Nur Islam Mondal (1 year)
Porokaler kotha mone porbe nischoy.

Author Monjur Chowdhury (1 year)
chorom sotto kotha

Author Emamhasan Rony (2 years)
Nice ...........

Author Waise Quarni (4 years)

Author Rimon ahmed (2 years)
so nice song gante sonar por chokar jol chola asa.

Author rofiq ahmed (2 years)
nice,what a feels:thanksful to him,who created it.

Author Tanvir Shyduzzaman (3 years)
One of the most magical thought represents! Masallah

Author robel chy. (4 years)
I Love this song its very very respectful song.

Author Rb Khan (2 years)
nice song

Author Rumon ksa (3 years)
thanks ashrafua

Author Shahin Ahmed (2 years)
thnx osadaron......

Author sabiak17 (2 years)
An audio for all generations. Plz respect Islam n pray for the muslim
ummah. Ameen

Author Tanvir Ahmed Ohi (2 years)

Author monir ahmed (4 years)
one of hart touching song ever a hard. thanks ashrafua for upload.

Author monir ahmed (4 years)
one of hart touching song ever a hard

Author Sajib Islam (3 years)
can anyone kindly tell me who is the creator of this song?

Author Monjur Chowdhury (1 year)
amra ki buji

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