Calorie Countdown Challenge

Who's better at guessing the calories of food items? GMM #1045!
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Writer/Producer: Edward Coleman
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Writer/Producer: Micah Gordon
Writer/Producer: Ellie McElvain
Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
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Production Coordinator: Alexander Punch
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Author verdatum ( ago)
Rhett absolutely won round one. Because at the end of it, he had a banana peanut butter nutella and bacon sandwich, and Link didn't.

Author BamBa CS ( ago)
13:47 when she finishes the rim job

Author Mike Haxard ( ago)
Stevie is so adorable

Author Poke Nation ( ago)
please do another episode

Author Joey Blenkhorn ( ago)
I need a sequel

Author Fedor Voronov ( ago)
you know those ladies that are annoyingly attractive, I am talking about Stevie

Author MissSN3 ( ago)
I know I'm late but Rhett shoul've won round one. Cause he said 1 oz instead of 1 tablespoon! 1tbsp = 0.5 oz just saying lol

Author Chalky Chucky ( ago)
Them dealer hot

Author muaad shabana ( ago)
Man, why did Rheet and that slice of bacon.

Author Blue Volleyballs ( ago)
"we take in 5 calories every time we breath!"

Author Hannie Kong ( ago)
Season 10 episode 100, perfect number for one of my favourite episodes!

Author Taryn Fortna ( ago)
Do a sequel!

Author Pelagia Starfire ( ago)
Is the intro stop motion animated?

Author klaine forevs ( ago)
Rhett *whispers* "That's your cue Stevie." 😂

Author Ben Rajan ( ago)
Bacon betrayed Rhett.

Author Chris Masson ( ago)
Stevie is beautiful... Didn't expect that.

Author Charlie Cypher ( ago)
If we took in 5 calories every time we breathed, we all would be so fat.

Author Fresh Poutine ( ago)
You should do will it ice cream sandwich

Author SkeletonDentist ( ago)
stevie is adorable

Author Suman Media ( ago)
you should do a will it coffee if you haven't.

Author Wageesh Arya ( ago)
I'm not sure how many anime fans are here, but Stevie look soooooo much like a grown up version of Rin from Usagi Drop

Author Rebecca Maud ( ago)
what these 2 fail to realise is that there are calories and then there are the nutritional value to those calories. Half these foods they are eating have massive calories and NO nutritional value

Author Dan Rim ( ago)
Hi Stevie

Author Mustapha Assi ( ago)
donwload this simple calorie tracker to track your daily calorie intake very easy to use

Author dor cohen ( ago)
Snack back to reality, O need more calories o

Author Isaac Tidwell ( ago)
awesome episode

Author Dylan Morrison ( ago)
13:17 when smeagol finds his precious

Author Shea Corbett ( ago)
A R E Y O U R E A D Y T O B E W H I P P E D?

Author PM_GANGSTA ( ago)
stevie is so damn CUTE!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author ikol413 ( ago)
This was a calorie cataclysm

Author TheRedSquirrel ( ago) one is gonna mention it's season 10 and episode 100? No? Ok...

Author Charlotte Gaming ( ago)
I got this as an ad before

Author Erica Veard ( ago)

Author Pandocyte ( ago)
There's a new hacker.........

Author High On Hatred ( ago)
what happened to the titles of some of your videos

Author ashley steinhaus ( ago)
You guys should do a breakfast lunch and dinner version of this

Author V SQUAD ( ago)
snackjack sounds better

Author Generic undertale Fan boy ( ago)
However many likes I get is how many friends I have and it's my weight

Author Sing Draw Act Dance ( ago)
Can we please have a part 2 of this?!

Author Wendy McCabe ( ago)
3:36 Rhett is really bed at arguing

Author André Sjögren ( ago)
link was so bad

Author xucy ( ago)
I see Stevie, I press.

Author Valentina Wimmer ( ago)
Musician request abandon yanvnt nod saving feel sake more public taxpayer.

Author The Best Gamer ( ago)
"you take in 5 calories Everytime you breathe"😂😂😂

Author Łukasz Niemiec ( ago)
She is so sexy and cute :)

Author Louis Samuel ( ago)
Link intro "Bebi got sneks"

Author Levion ( ago)
Don't wanna bust!

Author @harvey4congress ( ago)
fav part was hearing "that's your cue Stevie" than her popping up.

Author anything with sama ( ago)
omg i went to las vegas to the same place those two girls were!

Author Adri Daja ( ago)
stevie is so pretty.

Author Jpwnage216 ( ago)
She looks a bit like a young female egoraptor

Author Amber Magrum ( ago)
Can they play Snack Black Jack with Jack Black?

Author Ethan Gracias ( ago)
How well do you know each other, Rhett and Link.

Author Jesse Ewing ( ago)

Author Ewok's cats ( ago)
Rhett " its like a little gummy powwow"

Author khalooosh ( ago)
she really reminds me of avril <3

Author OParmor OverPowerdarmor ( ago)
1:19 That's your cue, Stevie

Author Doodlebob ( ago)
Link pissed me off

Author David Alardo ( ago)
The girl is so hot😍

Author XxMs.LoveLifexX ( ago)
i enjoyed this a lot! 😊

Author Jaycee Mcinnes ( ago)
You guys should do another one of these!!

Author Tyler Jones ( ago)
make more of these videos

Author Luis Juarez ( ago)
Stevie is so cute!

Author John C ( ago)
Stevie: this is the hand that you have been dealt, via my hand... a slice of tomato.

Link: *i do not like tomato.*

Author Audrey Hepburn ( ago)
great video, could u do more of these?

Author Zack French ( ago)
You guys should do a will it baby food or apple sauce.

Author truman belknap ( ago)
Do more of this

Author Lps Golden ( ago)
Will it mac and cheese ps ly

Author Noam Ku ( ago)
I Love stevie

Author Theta ( ago)
part 2 pls?

Author Francesxo Victoria ( ago)
Hey @ Gmm this was so fun and entertaining to watch could you do it again with different foods?😍🤗

Author Jack Johnson ( ago)
Link is no gambler

Author Stryke Nation ( ago)
don't wanna bust -Link 2016

Author Emma & Julianna ( ago)
You guys should do will it cupcake

Author Siyasanga ( ago)
2000 calories a sandwich wow that would be dangerous

Author Venatical Candy ( ago)
"You take in 5 calories every time you breathe", if that were true, we would all have diabetes

Author Goodbye Wrestling ( ago)
She is so short!😂😂😂😂

Author T-cup Productions ( ago)
Lemme make a joke

Read more

Author Sayyed Shah ( ago)
Who is better at guessing food Rhett or link

Author Wahyu Ramadhana ( ago)
So this is the girl with the weird laugh. . .

Author Awesome Guy ( ago)

Author Ovi Haliuc ( ago)
Can you do a show only with Stevie? ❤️

Author I Got my, Own Sauce ( ago)
Why does Stevie and Rhett have that we're fooling around on the side awkwardness!?

Author Calista Colwell ( ago)
Do battle of the wits

Author Rani Shin Shin ( ago)
Can you pls play this again?? I enjoyed this segment so much!! Like this comment if you agree!!

Author Jose Rogel ( ago)
everything about Stevie is beautiful! The way she looks and her personality is amazing

Author cosdead46 ( ago)
13:48 looks like he just did cocaine😂

Author Super Hella High ( ago)
Stevie is so fine.

Author Turtle boy 11 ( ago)
That is a nice rhettcipe

Author MADELINE ZIPP ( ago)
Round one is the only time that bacon EVER betrayed Rhett

Author Christina Britton ( ago)
LOVE you guys I loved your old haircut link

Author Marco Monteagudo ( ago)
They should have named the game snackjack

Author Richie Delgado ( ago)
1850-1808 = search up on google "the answer to life the universe and everything"

Author Taylor Mitchell ( ago)
I really can't explain why this is one of my favorite episodes XD

Author BudderWarriors ( ago)
"You take in 5 calories every time you breathe!"

Author SaltSurfSoul ( ago)
I love you. You are the best and lm 10 years old

Author Udai Gogia ( ago)
Keep this going.

Author Charles Bronson ( ago)
kids in Detroit could have eaten that ME!!!!!!

Author Oghogho Asemota ( ago)
Vanilla Ice..... cream. lol

Author G ( ago)
Stevie is actually very cute

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