Supercharged go-kart engine running- Honda clone- first attempt.

Supercharged Go Kart built with a 2009 Harbor Freight 6.5 HP Honda GX200 clone engine. Supercharger is smog pump off a late 80s "FC" RX7.
(Engine pulley 5") (Jack shaft driving pulley 6") (Jack shaft driven pulley 4") (stock smog pump pulley ~5")
Ignition timing set to stock (20 degrees BTDC)
Carb jetting stock, running fully choked.
93 Octane pump gas.
Clutch not installed yet.
Definitely not running right yet, but the supercharger housing itself needs to be disassembled and sealed since it leaks on the low pressure side where the back cover meets the main body.
With this much "suck" behind the carb, any little vacuum leak seems to be enough to stop the engine dead.

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Author carholden1 (8 months)
And trust me, I've removed the governor off my Honda GX160, and trust me
Ive had that engine revving full tit for full minutes going down the beach
at about 50mph on my go kart, and it hasn't skipped a beat.

Author carholden1 (9 months)
@James West yea but it will go sooo slow and whats the point in having a
slow go kart? You might as well remove it and blow the engine up having

Author Afdhal Atiff Tan Amin Husaini Tan (4 years)
@88bigpapa It's a smog pump...

Author EngineeringFun (4 years)
@499882 The torque increases which means the power increases
proportionally. By installing a shim between the head and the cylinder you
can reduce the compression and increase the supercharger pressure. This way
the the torque and accordingly power can be almost doubled without
increasing the rpm and having to buy extra parts. A junk smog pump is 15$
at Upull&Usave, plus you don't have to deal with all the problems of
increased RPM. I would put the smog pump before the carb though.

Author korrutustabel (2 years)
If you only disconnect the governor arm from carb and dont fix it in place
with a weakish spring then the weights in that governor gear might hit the
cranckshaft and fuck up the engine. And change this supercharger v belt for
a flat belt(dont know the exact words for this) because v belt takes a lot
of power to turn around.

Author Colby Luciano (1 year)
who gave you the idea of putting the fucking corborator right next to you.
dumb shit.

Author colin kimber (2 years)
take off the gas tank and mount somewhere else and put the blower there

Author matthew mclaughlin (1 year)
lmao, notice the lever sticking out under the gas tank? that is the
unhooked governor smart guy.

Author spugsautorepair (1 year)
Remove the governor on this engine. Also, tighten up your Swagelok
retainers, lol.

Author donyboy73 (2 years)
quite the setup!

Author hyperformance24 (4 years)
even if there is no major increase in performance, there has to be some
improvment. and if not, this is still some sick shit. BRAVO!

Author floridalawncare (4 years)
All you need is 2psi boost on one of the small single cylinder engines.

Author logan pruitt (2 years)
its going to burn up the valves and bend the push rod all ready did that it
olnly lasted half a summer

Author Rancid Cocks (3 years)
did you have to alter the compression ratio for it?

Author tsummerlin84 (3 years)
Ha Ha, your getting no boost what so ever from that smog pump. Shave the
head instead!

Author babybaby72586 (3 years)
lmao nice governor man you should try taking it out so you can get some
real rpms

Author Rick Sanchez (1 year)

Author bison299 (1 year)
maby he uses carb cleaner to pop it off lol thats what id do

Author Isjix (3 years)
Where did you get the exhaust, I want it :(

Author submitcyber (2 years)
Nice be careful you don't blow a head gasket! What ratio are you running?

Author charles keeton (1 year)
Any processes or documentation of needed to go about this?..

Author Jrob92544 (3 years)
How much did u pay at harbor frieght?

Author Donald Jackson (4 years)
i have to admit that is pretty sweet

Author Michael Mocan (4 years)
I was thinking of attempting this a while ago, but decided to try making my
engine run EFI first. Have you measured the power increase at all? Very
interested in seeing results.

Author Chad Rodriguez (1 year)
Nice build, ugly concept...

Author Tyson (3 years)
Lose the belt drive haha

Author charles byrd (3 years)
lol wtf is that a smog pump

Author 88bigpapa (4 years)
i just bought a motor like that where can i get a supercharger like that???

Author CCSinventions (3 years)
@kreigsmann ats y there called a honda clone its basically exact same thing
as a honda engine except its cheap and made really low quality

Author pcblah (3 years)
@vaultingy most engines use belt drive for super charger but if it goes to
the axel and i was not observant the you are right haha

Author Joseph Murphy (1 year)
I bet that smog pump actually makes the engine make less power because of
restricting the air flow.

Author wertheroriginal (2 years)
@babybaby72586 The governor isn't hooked up, look where the carb is.

Author EngineeringFun (4 years)
Very, very cool! That seems the way to go. How much more power do you think
you gained. I just got one of them recently. Can I install a supercharger
and a small (1-2 quarts) air buffer BEFORE the carburetor so that I don't
need to tinker with the engine (except lower the ignition timing advance).

Author Nathan Bradfield (1 year)
Learn how to spell carburetor before you insult, dumbass.

Author dbd044 (4 years)
is it shifting

Author XSYPXAWSOME1 (4 years)
looks like its working

Author TeamEggmotor (2 years)
With all the extra power you might need wider tyres :) Nice project

Author matthew mclaughlin (1 year)
probably not, honda clone will do about 30 cfm normal atmospheric pressure.
smog pump will do probably 3 psi and pull 50 cfm. not saying it's a huge
performance boost, but it's very unlikely that it's restricting.

Author 499882 (4 years)
whats the point it will still be slow

Author warmfreeze (1 year)
i laugh at the people that put turbos and superchargers on their go-karts
and don't change the gear ratio...way to go your gokart still
tops out at 35 mph but at least it'll get you there faster..

Author triple423 (3 years)
@Fraziernrc hahahahahahahaha

Author steelmesh (3 years)
Are you building any pressure? I am asking for actual boost numbers not
your theory.

Author PsychoGuitarist21 (4 years)
shit will take-off

Author tbens9 (2 years)
Hey I'm in the process of fitting a turbo to my Gx200, so i've done a bit
of research on forced induction. are you running the stock carbie? if so id
suggest getting a larger aftermarket one that you can adjust the air/fuel
you can get air/fuel monitors on ebay fairly cheep, also for a supercharger
id attach something like a pressure regulator in the intake manifold so
that you can at least control your max boost, you shouldn't have to run
with the choke so id say bigger pulley on pump too.

Author colin kimber (2 years)
one very imprtant tip: take of the oil low sensor... when you hit a corner
hard the oil goes up the side of the engine and shuts it off

Author weekendtotaal (3 years)
hello, what frame do you use? i want to make a go kart myself;) Thanks in

Author poopdogsays (3 years)
2hp parasitic drain for a .25 hp gain... Mmmm, I don't see the logic.

Author James Dotson (3 years)
@destruxxx Changing the valve springs will not increase the RPM unless you
remove the governor, and I wouldn't call 18# springs safe without other

Author rjc862003 (3 years)
the problem with attempting to super charge these motors is a: the super
charger offen takes more power then you make b: adjusting the air fuel
ratio to make more power and not lean it out and blow it up

Author kaspatheghost419 (4 years)
great videeo

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