Debra Messing on Addressing Ivanka Trump, 'Will and Grace' Return | The View

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  • Marchant2
    Marchant2 2 days ago

    Someone needs to put Pence through conversion therapy so he can go from religious retard to normal person.

  • jessi CuRLz
    jessi CuRLz 8 days ago

    I love Debra and the rest of the will and grace cast , I can't wait for it to come back on !!!!

  • Tex Truman
    Tex Truman 8 days ago

    The only time anyone wants to see Messing anymore is when they see the back of her head as she's getting a good rogering up the shitter.

  • Clinton Rusthoven
    Clinton Rusthoven 11 days ago

    Just women and chidren, Debra? How come we don't include the millions of American men who are suffering from lack of jobs and poverty? If we are ALL truly equal, then stop pitting the sexes against each other! But I love ya', Debra!

  • CraftyJane
    CraftyJane 12 days ago

    I ADOOOORE this woman!!! Debra Messing, you are one amazing person.

  • kate kissick
    kate kissick 13 days ago

    homosexual are mostly su/fringe from a mental disordeespically all the ones I know. I don't fault them and would never ever hurt them for the world but I think you should not be broadcasting which gender floats your boat. nobody needs to know and there would be alot less hatred if we kept that in the bedroom. I do have gay family members whom I love to the moon and back and I think there is nothing wrong when ppl are life partners having the same deductions and medical ins. as hetrosexuals. it called treating ppl with respect. I do not enjoy seeing hetrosexual couples making out either but then again I am 59 and been married 40 + years.

  • Michael K.
    Michael K. 15 days ago

    Of course she hasn't heard from her ... she ain't that relevant! Ivanka is thinking "Who? Oh that chick from Will & Grace who porked up and ruined the show when she got preggers and never lost the weight?".

  • LeMattiekinz
    LeMattiekinz 15 days ago

    I hope Whoopi does an episode of Will and Grace!!!!

  • Josh Bixby
    Josh Bixby 16 days ago

    How is "miss conservative" Jeddah a "huge" fan of the view? begs to think that she is just paying a role on the view as a conservative and she really isn't which I hope is the case she is so fake sad !

  • Suzanne B. Kenney
    Suzanne B. Kenney 17 days ago

    Debrah...why do you think Dirty Dancing was never remade....there is a REASON
    Stick to Will and Grace and random Romcom movies...thank you for proving that you can't remake a classic and you can't really act that well other than the Wedding Date and even that was REACHING

  • Sindy Anderson
    Sindy Anderson 22 days ago

    amazing she's had virtually NO career since Will & Grace? Hmmmmm

    • Sindy Anderson
      Sindy Anderson 18 days ago

      Ummmm, Looks like more than you? IDK Trust me, Since Will & Grace I buried a child from cancer, took care of a sick MIL, started 3 new businesses, (thriving!) had 2 grandchildren, Graduated 2 more beautiful young WOMEN from college, AND ran a good many fundraisers. You?

    • Rhaeqo
      Rhaeqo 18 days ago

      So....what are you doing then?

  • Scarlett Mirabelle
    Scarlett Mirabelle 23 days ago

    Use to love Will and Grace, I can't watch it anymore. #liberalagendamakesmelaugh

  • nay rod
    nay rod 25 days ago

    Pence should know if conversion therapy works. Right, we all know he's still gay!

  • 54jeanmarie
    54jeanmarie 26 days ago

    Debra reminds me of Lucy!!!

  • That Girl
    That Girl 26 days ago

    This video really isn't that interesting.  It's the misinformed and know it alls that make it more so  :D  I like Joy of course, Paula, Bawbawa, Sara, Sunny, of the present crew.  I also enjoyed Rosie of course.  She called a 'spade' (abc and Barbara), a spade.

  • Purplemetall007
    Purplemetall007 27 days ago

    DM is so good and her hair color is on point! She should definitely do a mini-series or movie as Lucille Ball!!!

  • Stephen Charles Nott

    I am Being Crushed By Hypocrisy, I liked Debra Until she tried to score Points with another Human who also does good work for Others,

  • Marie Carroll
    Marie Carroll 27 days ago

    The Trumps don't know HOW to TRY to be empathetic human beings.

  • Valerie Dolenac
    Valerie Dolenac 27 days ago

    I used to like you - what a shame

  • MJ B
    MJ B 27 days ago

    For someone who hates change, it is beyond amazing for Will and Grace to be returning exactly as it once was! Thank you!!!

  • Will Dawson
    Will Dawson 28 days ago

    Remember when she spent all of last year calling Bernie supporters filth? Why wasn't she picking out Trump's flaws then instead of stepping on the little man for her own perverse agenda? Bernie would have one and Deb brought this on herself

  • meah adelgado
    meah adelgado 28 days ago

    Trumps family does not care about holly wood anymore

  • Emmie Matt Gordon
    Emmie Matt Gordon 29 days ago

    Love you debs! ❤️

  • Leticia Albitos
    Leticia Albitos 29 days ago

    Will and Grace, one of my all time favorite show. I am very happy it is coming back.

    • 32lxx6ika 88
      32lxx6ika 88 28 days ago

      Leticia Albitos we were actually told by our teachers in script writing class to read the scripts to become better writers👍

  • Manda White
    Manda White 1 month ago

    Right or wrong these students made a statement. I respect it.

  • ternitamas
    ternitamas 1 month ago

    "actions speak louder than words"

  • Laura Lewis
    Laura Lewis 1 month ago

    Ms.Messing is a a Beautiful Soul. The shout out she gave to Ivanka was awesome. Ivanka did not reach out to her, shows that those TRUMPS have NO SOUL and NO CONCERN, they are so self absorbent and wrong for AMERICA!! I wish that I could have a talk with SISTER, Sonny, she is lacking something. I LOVE THE VIEW!!!

  • Indie Style TV with Leah DeVon

    Love her!!!! Can't wait for Will and Grace to begin again.

  • kefou kefak
    kefou kefak 1 month ago

    I am so thankful that the cast of one of my absolute favorite shows are so smart and not Trump followers.

  • Chrisnat Mills
    Chrisnat Mills 1 month ago

    Gee she looks like a young Lucille Ball.

  • The Meister
    The Meister 1 month ago

    wow. what delusional idiots...

  • Miguel  Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez 1 month ago

    come on judadia say something. well i guess your trying to keep a job

  • steven m.
    steven m. 1 month ago


  • Erin Grainger
    Erin Grainger 1 month ago

    Did whoopi eat a rhino ?

  • Ian Campbell
    Ian Campbell 1 month ago

    I love Debra- she's so normal, so down to earth I love listening to her interviews

  • caroline n
    caroline n 1 month ago

    why is this show still on?

  • Rosie Gutierrez
    Rosie Gutierrez 1 month ago

    Love Debra Messing 💖,

  • Joezeh M.
    Joezeh M. 1 month ago

    W&G ! Such exciting news.

  • dee sousa
    dee sousa 1 month ago

    Debra Still looking STUNNING!

  • jonny davis
    jonny davis 1 month ago

    STFU debra messing

  • Carl LaFong
    Carl LaFong 1 month ago

    I don't care about the politics, I just turn off the sound and stare at sweet, sweet Debbie!

  • Adrian Ugarković
    Adrian Ugarković 1 month ago

  • Deborah Torres
    Deborah Torres 1 month ago

    real people suffering? hundreds of thousands of Christians murdered....

  • Deborah Torres
    Deborah Torres 1 month ago

    this is what stupid sounds like gross, you're not in Ivankas league.... yuck

  • qwed qwed
    qwed qwed 1 month ago

    susan sarandon

  • Jonelle Pemberton
    Jonelle Pemberton 1 month ago

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the fact that called him "Mr. Pence" instead of Vice President Pence 😂😂😂 both he and Trump need to be knocked down a few pegs on the egometer

  • red baron
    red baron 1 month ago

    Jed please quit being on the wrong side of history.

  • JJ20
    JJ20 1 month ago

    Please bring Will and Grace back and keep doing it for ever!

  • Sonja Dawn
    Sonja Dawn 1 month ago

    Debra Messing just keeps getting better...I've loved her since Ned and Stacey.

  • Jen kb
    Jen kb 1 month ago

    I have no interest in this Dirty Dancing version. Why did they have to ruin a good thing?

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes 1 month ago

    whoopi hates Jed

  • Len Peterson
    Len Peterson 1 month ago

    Liberals are fucking stupid assholes! Donald Trump is the only one with the intelligence to know how to combat the terrorism problem: block Islamic immigration! Trump is a God!

  • horrored
    horrored 1 month ago

    funny how shes such an ''advocate'' for gay rights.... yet defends muslims who want to bring in the right to legally behead gay people.

  • Gábor Vág
    Gábor Vág 1 month ago

    Oh the Dirty Dancing remake soundtrack, yay... I thought we're gonna get the Will & Grace Complete collection DVD box set. :/

    - If I was in the audience :)

    EARTH ONE 1 month ago

    *Male homosexuality is demonic possession or demonic incarnation, where an incarnate succubus (she-demon) inhabits the human host's sphincter muscle to receive its lesser god, the phallus (penis), during anal sodomy and copulation, and as a result the succubus erotically enjoys the anal copulation along with the human host, mutually, as one, but this mutuality is unknown and oblivious to the homosexual victim. The demonic possession occurs during birth of the male infant-victim when the infant is going through the birthing canal and complications arise of strangulation or any form of asphyxiation, even subtly, and at this point of death-threatening injury the succubus demon takes full advantage of the emotional distress as an Open Door to enter and inhabit the infant in their "secret hiding place" within the soul. So the she-demon (female-occupant) is with the male host since birth, giving the future homosexual a false female identity and feminine attributes perceived as "natural", and also a false sense of an origin that he will claim, "I WAS BORN THIS WAY". As time progresses the homosexual host, unknowingly, engages in an illusory life and false gender identity where the succubus' personality gradually increases, overtakes and substitutes the host's True Personality with its own, resulting in the host acting out on the demon's emotions, desires, sexual cravings, and feminine mannerism and ways, falsely believing they are all his own emotions and desires, when they are not. The objective of the demonic entity is to push its host to ever more increasing high-risk behavior until death is acquired, especially death oriented towards pleasurable sexual eroticism, S&M, and other reprobate and debased sexual behaviors. At the core of homosexuality's modus operandi is a "cannibal compulsion" in which the incarnate succubus facilitates an insatiable and habitual hunger to ingestion attributes that she desires to consume. Real cannibals do not devour people that they hate, but rather people who possess attributes that they admire and want to inherit. This is apart of the cannibal compulsion instilled in the homosexual via the succubus, where subconsciously the homosexual attempts to fill the void of the un-affirmed self by eroticizing towards a same sex individual who displays attributes that they admire and want to inherit via ingestion, i.e. fellatio, as well as sodomy. When taken to its most extreme, a rare phenomenon, the homosexual is driven to actual cannibalism in this manner, as was documented in the Jeffrey Dahmer homosexual-cannibal case; and it is noteworthy that he revered his victims by using their decapitated heads in an altar shrine with candle; Dahmer's face physically morphed before his horrified eyes into a seething vitriolic demon, of course being the momentary exposure of Jeffrey's inhabited succubus. Ultimately, the unseen diabolical plan is to emasculate the male-victim as part of a larger scale hidden demonic agenda of mass human genocide in which homosexuality serves to hinder procreation of the human species.*

  • Lorisa214
    Lorisa214 1 month ago

    Was Debra always Jewish? I just remember a storyline on Will&Grace where she was super surprised/shocked she married a Jew Dr. I know it's not IRL, but still

  • Maria Gonzales
    Maria Gonzales 1 month ago

    Why do celebrities feel like they're opinion is gospel? Over half of them aren't educated. It's so strange that people value celebrities political opinions.

    • Colin Yapp
      Colin Yapp 27 days ago

      Most of the top actors are classically trained, meaning they attended colleges with an arts program. Trust me, many, are very intelligent and well travelled people.

    • Maria Gonzales
      Maria Gonzales 1 month ago

      Jay McKenzie we will have to disagree on this one Jay. For many reasons. If we were in person I think we could have an interesting debate. But it's Friday night!
      I'll say this, there is a respectful and mature way to share values without dismissing others'
      This was and still is my point. I think it poor taste, to come from a place of " let me preach to you about values and I have no interest in hearing yours"

    • Jay McKenzie
      Jay McKenzie 1 month ago

      Maria Gonzales well no, a Morman has the right to knock on my door for a conversation and I have every right to ask them to leave if I'm not interested. It doesn't make either one of us "inappropriate". You're correct in saying that some blindly idolize celebrities but that doesn't invalidate the opinions of said celebritie; human beings with valid experiences and thoughts. I don't subscribe to this thinking that bc an actor or musician or artist or news pundit is well known/successful that they're completely "out of touch" with the average American. MANY famous artists grew up poor and have worked tirelessly to defy the odds and attain great success. That's the American Dream. To say their opinions no longer have value because they may have an extra house or two and more cash in the bank than we do is foolish and unjust.

    • Maria Gonzales
      Maria Gonzales 1 month ago

      Jay McKenzie I do not. That is the point of my argument Jay, some, blindly idolize celebrities and will believe and endorse anything they say. Having friends of deferring views, we share our perspective without trying to change views. They're entertainers who are often out of touch with working people, it's just wrong, what is right for one, isn't for everyone.
      Because of their platform, it is absolutely important to limit the projection of affiliations and beliefs in hopes of changing beliefs. It's like the Mormon knocking on your door so to speak. Inappropriate.

    • Jay McKenzie
      Jay McKenzie 1 month ago

      Maria Gonzales they're only voicing their opinions. They just happen to have a much larger platform than most of us. Do you think your opinion is "gospel" every time you voice it?

  • mark ferrari
    mark ferrari 1 month ago

    This protest was absolutely perfect...non violent educated young people walked out on a religious zealot and created a controversy, it has maybe enlightened how small minded and ignorant the vice president really is. Congratulations you are not just puppets to the Alt right regime. Brilliant!!

  • Rick Matsokotere
    Rick Matsokotere 1 month ago

    What is GLAAD??

  • Marc Serrano
    Marc Serrano 1 month ago

    Debra Messing still throwing shade at beautiful Susan Sarandon

  • Hana MO
    Hana MO 1 month ago

    she seems very stupid how did she wrote a smart speach like that!? I think someone wrote the speach for her

  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 1 month ago

    Umm. Why would Ivanka who was raised in a billionaire family know anything about the 'suffering of real people'? Celebrities are completely deluded.

  • Lilo Bandz
    Lilo Bandz 1 month ago

    Jed is dumb

  • धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर

    ivanka, tell Trump stories of real people suffering???? what's that Debra messing ??? Trump already connected more to suffering of people than Hollywood celebrity

  • Pi ppa
    Pi ppa 1 month ago

    The show should be called "One View" due to not wanting to accept an opposing point of view and executed in a harassing manner.

  • caren goodwin
    caren goodwin 1 month ago

    bunch of dumbasses

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown 1 month ago

    she is a nasty woman.

  • Vreeland Gardner
    Vreeland Gardner 1 month ago

    Dreadful old dirt bag
    at the awards show she look like Freddy Muster in drag
    and  with the dress borrowed from Big Mike

    • JP BLACK
      JP BLACK 1 month ago

      Vreeland Gardner I was watching that going SINCH HONEY SIIIIINNNCH!

  • Lauren Tierney
    Lauren Tierney 1 month ago

    can't wait for will and grace

  • Marshall Belmont
    Marshall Belmont 1 month ago

    Love her

  • bostaurus1
    bostaurus1 1 month ago

    she seems shallow. not a confident speaker. she is better in the show.

  • randall Jake
    randall Jake 1 month ago


  • Karen Gervasi
    Karen Gervasi 1 month ago


  • Roman KTM
    Roman KTM 1 month ago

    I love you Debra Grace!!!!

  • Marty Brooks
    Marty Brooks 1 month ago

    Wouldn't watch her in anything, what an idiot Messing is.

  • greg romero
    greg romero 1 month ago

    trump and his nasty nest are the biggest idiots on the planet. pure evil ! this includes the republicant party. right wing christians are two steps behind isis! open your eyes america !

  • Drew
    Drew 1 month ago

    Deborah Messing looks amazing even better now than she was in Will and Grace 10 years ago. Love her and she is so eloquent.

  • Ron Douglas
    Ron Douglas 1 month ago

    I love this woman...

  • maria DVH
    maria DVH 1 month ago

    you can play hide and seek under her nose

  • bngltinkerbell
    bngltinkerbell 1 month ago

    The look at Debra Messing's face when Jed says she actually had gay friends is priceless?! Lol

  • Rissa A.
    Rissa A. 1 month ago

    can't wait! thanks for coming back!

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby 1 month ago

    Debra is SO jealous of Ivanka.

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby 21 day ago

      Oh, of course.  She's liberal.  They've never been silenced, unlike Coulter at Berkley.  Free speech only applies to them.

    • Matt Stryker
      Matt Stryker 21 day ago

      bill bixby I guarantee she's much happier being able to say whatever she wants to about our country... instead of being forced into silence like Ivanka and Jared.

    • Matt Stryker
      Matt Stryker 21 day ago

      bill bixby Why would she be jealous of Ivanka? Debra is a woman who has made tens of millions of dollars because she is a talented actress, starred in one of the most successful sitcoms of all time and has worked steadily since. Ivanka was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and is completely out of touch with reality. Plus her father is a sexist pig who has repeatedly demeaned women. Has Ivanka, a supposed women's rights activist, spoken up about that at all? No, she knows not to bite the hand that feeds her and elects to remain complicit.

  • BurgerInParadice34
    BurgerInParadice34 1 month ago

    When Debra said "we were touching each other inappropriatel" I expected Whoopi to be like, "well, when you're famous, they let you do it!"

  • Matthew Quinn
    Matthew Quinn 1 month ago

    Did Jedediah say "UGE" 😂😂😂 a "uge will and grace fan" hahaha listen chick get your head out of Trump's a$$ lol my lord

  • Arizvi23
    Arizvi23 1 month ago

    Lol why does she look so uncomfortable

  • chimpakawanzelu
    chimpakawanzelu 1 month ago

    Ivanka is a working woman! She knows what it's like to work hard!.... provided you have millions of dollars and multiple nannies. Get off of your asses ladies; f'n deadbeats.

  • mccarraa
    mccarraa 1 month ago

    love will and grace 😍

  • sweetrupturedlight
    sweetrupturedlight 1 month ago

    Debra shading Jed. LMFAO.

  • R A
    R A 1 month ago

    Does Hollywood have no original ideas... the industry is now filled with re-boots

  • jack johnson
    jack johnson 1 month ago

    After the kids getting SLAUGHTERED in the UK ask Debra and the View "idiots" if they still stand with the Muslim Terrorists like they have in the past. "Messinthehead" has been a OUTSPOKEN advocate for Muslim relocation.

    • jack johnson
      jack johnson 1 month ago

      Incoherent MUCH??? WTF are you even trying to say..

  • Smith A
    Smith A 1 month ago

    Conversion therapy WORKS!! Just look at Mike Pence!

    • slfisher 70
      slfisher 70 25 days ago

      @JJ20 maybe that's why he won't dine alone with women? he must be around the company of men? WTF

    • JJ20
      JJ20 1 month ago

      Pence is still gay, he was born gay and will die gay, but he won't ever leave the closet!

    • Casey Chandler
      Casey Chandler 1 month ago

      Courtney l love you.

    • mykel1990
      mykel1990 1 month ago

      Smith A and Michele Bachman's husband.

    • courtney
      courtney 1 month ago

      Smith A lmao

  • Stuart Ireland
    Stuart Ireland 1 month ago

    Liberal shite needs to stop. And who wants to hear a bunch of fannies sitting round a table talking about stupid fanny stuff.

    • Stuart Ireland
      Stuart Ireland 21 day ago

      Martin Mallit yeh your right , I am a fanny.

    • Martin Mallit
      Martin Mallit 1 month ago

      Stuart Ireland obviously you because you've watched it lol

  • DreamingTata VeganMama

    She's such a great person! Love her!

  • betterthandead ohyea

    too many dumb cunts in one place

  • Tiffany Lee
    Tiffany Lee 1 month ago

    No comment Jed, you sure chew Meryl Streep out about her speech.

  • KempireRadio
    KempireRadio 1 month ago

    This is the only thing (Will & Grace's return) getting me through this administration. Haha

  • Heather Stahlnecker
    Heather Stahlnecker 1 month ago

    exactly...."he point has been made so clear" - WE the PEOPLE and these graduates, the FUTURE, want NOTHING to do with these evil sociopaths and their "great" plan.

  • Myra Robinson
    Myra Robinson 1 month ago


    • Stephen Charles Nott
      Stephen Charles Nott 22 days ago

      Yeah, Being Typecast Sucks.

    • Lucy
      Lucy 22 days ago

      ..even though he is straight?

    • Stephen Charles Nott
      Stephen Charles Nott 27 days ago

      Yeh Will is now a time traveller on Netflix and it does not suit him playing straight

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