UFN 106 Post-Fight Press Conference: Kelvin Gastelum

After his TKO win over Vitor Belfort, Kelvin Gastelum discusses the victory, what weight class he plans on fighting at in the future, why he wants a fight with Anderson Silva, and more.


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Author Rodrigo Hermida ( ago)
me gusta como peleador gastelum, pero debe dejar de perseguir viejos o peleadores que ya estan fuera de foco... solo se esta haciendo nombre

Author Yaqoub Alshatti ( ago)
CM Punk should consider going up to 185 for a fight with Vitor Belfort

Author Jaime Loyola ( ago)
Cmon Romero and the line gets bigger for wanting and easy has been the interviewr said -pick on someone your own age and strength...there's no class in beating over the hill post trt fighters....that said Anderson should retired cause anyone beats him these days means nothing and just clogs up the rankings...

Author Kyle Sprague ( ago)
Why is everyone acting like he chose to go up to 185

Author Dean D ( ago)
For some reason I want to see Kelvin vs. Yoel in Rio. Have Kelvin fight another older fighter that isn't as shop worn.

Author Tony Torres ( ago)
He deceived you ,don't look like but it's really talented.

Author 77zurin77 ( ago)
UFC Middleweight Champion in 2018 , trust me !

Author Luke Cuckhold ( ago)
If Kelvin cleaned up his diet he could take the Welterweight belt.

Author Jakobi Robi ( ago)
This guy is crazy impressive. I thought Kennedy was gonna at least put a hurt on him, but he worked Tim over. Really want to see more of him. Glad he's ready to go, ASAP, for the next one.

Author Rotkiv ( ago)
@3:25 So what opponent should he fight in middleweight that is closer to his age?'
Champ: Bisping is fighting GSP
#1: Yoel is fighting the winner of those two, hopefully
#2: Luke Rockhold- Maybe this guy? AVAILABLE
#3: Souza- Gonna fight whittaker
#4: Weidman- fighting Mousasi
#5: Mousasi- fighting weidman
#6: Whittaker- fighting souza
#7: Himself
#8: Silva - AVAILABLE
#9: Belfort - Just got put down by Gastelum
#10: Brunson - coming off two losses
#11: Jotko - fighting Branch
#12: Leites- Fighting alvey
#13: Boetch- Coming off a loss
#14: Hendricks - AVAILABLE, maybe, but kind of a big step back
#15: Uriah Hall - coming of a ton of losses

So who exactly should he fight that makes sense, that is closer to his age and will be available?

Author coecovideo ( ago)
Chewing in front of the camera is GROSS !!!

Author Misael Reyes ( ago)
ufc matchmaking Is so bad legends should be fighting legends there should be no reason silva should be fighting Kelvin like seriously makes zero Sense on this card it should of been belfort vs shogun or something.

Author Maxwell101 ( ago)
Kelvin Gastelum is really Leo DiCaprio doing full immersion performance art.

Author MrRemixV3 ( ago)
Kelvin vs Jorge Welterweight? Both good boxers would be interesting. Tho I'm not sure about ranking.

Author Todor Velinov ( ago)
he sounds like leo dicaprio

Author schwill81 ( ago)
kelvin is a hell of a fighter. dude is impressive as hell...

Author Jarod W ( ago)
The fight to make is Rockhold vs Gastelum

Author Escalathor _ ( ago)
Look at Vitor vs Rockhold, and then look at Vitor vs Gastellum. I love Kelvin but i think he's just too small for 185. The top 4 completely tower over him

Author Ryu Panther ( ago)
He can't make 170. Just leave it alone, Kelvin. Stay at middleweight because you look at your best at 185.

Author Surrpent ( ago)
One day, I wanna see Khabib vs Gastelum at 170

Author 4iamu ( ago)
Sorry, but Gastlem will never be a champ at welter weight and certainly not at middle weight. He's one of those weird built short stubby wrestlers with good standup skills......he's too fat to healthily make welter weight and too small to out power the top middle weights like Romero, Weidman, Rockhold, Jacare,.... Fighters like him, Johnny Hendrix and Hector Lombard need to be fighting at a new divisions, somewhere between 175 -180 lbs.....there he would stand an excellent chance at becoming a champ. Let him fight the newbie David Branch, especially considering he wants a household name that's higher ranked than he is.

Author Sassy MonsterJ ( ago)
he is soooooooooo gorgeous

Author Sam L ( ago)
trtor would have taken gastelum head off

Author SmileB4DEATH ( ago)
Sub titles turned on, phewww

Author Ubercubertuber ( ago)
Man this kid made it look easy in both of his last fights.

I was rooting for Vitor with the upset but he had no bussiness to be in there.

Author Mike Goldberg ( ago)
That gum, though.

Author Pickle ( ago)
Kelvin looks very impressive at 185 so far but it will very interesting to see if he could deal with the height, reach and power of the top 4 (I think Kelvin beats Bisping though )

Author I Tink, Derefore I Am ( ago)

Author Right Wing Trooper ( ago)
Dude reminds me of Oberyn Martell

Author Joc ( ago)
Gotta respect where he's coming from. Not obnoxious just wants to "keep beating big names." Woodley vs. Gastelum 2?

Author Matt Skylar ( ago)
I thought the question that was going to be asked is how certain are you that making the 170lb. division is within your "guaranteed" grasp. As reliability is huge, and absolute when a title is on the line, or you get no title even if you obliterate the Champ. I like this Anderson fight he has in mind.

Author allstardesiraja ( ago)

Author Ivan G ( ago)
Kelvin is too small for that division. When he starts fighting the Top 5 he is going to feel the difference.

Author M. Smelyansky ( ago)
I think him vs Brunson is the fight to make.

Author Robert DeBone ( ago)
hes trying to slay all the past their time legends

Author Adilkhan Tleuzhanov ( ago)
Kelvin's brows exactly similar to his moustache

Author Frankie Gonzalez ( ago)
im just here for the english subtitles

Author jem Ogn ( ago)
Dam Kevin knows how to box

Author jack frost ( ago)
Kelvin, is the GOAT! best boxer in the ufc.

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