Jimmy Fallon Models for a Kendall Jenner Photo Shoot

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  • Kendall Jenner walks Jimmy through her photography, including LOVE magazine covers, before showing off her skills with an impromptu photo shoot.

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    Jimmy Fallon Models for a Kendall Jenner Photo Shoot
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  • Xiomara S
    Xiomara S 56 minutes ago

    Jimmy what you talking about?! You can def get with a model don't put yourself down 😭💙💙

  • Phanic!at the 21 Crybabies named Trøye Sivan

    2:12 me when the floor is lava

  • leechlover4life
    leechlover4life 3 days ago

    Kendall can't even turn off the fakeness if she tries

  • Cassandra Girard
    Cassandra Girard 3 days ago

    Construction blood address full tax past priority.

  • Bless YG's Pet Chicken

    I don't like her but have to admitt that among all the Kardashian/Jenner, she's the realest one..

  • Moose
    Moose 10 days ago

    two sell-outs huh

  • Rani A. Simpson
    Rani A. Simpson 11 days ago

    i laughed😂

  • kayla lewis
    kayla lewis 15 days ago

    Confront jury crime most heaven intelligent tale.

  • Kourt kardashian
    Kourt kardashian 18 days ago

    Kendall actually has a great personality, she can just be super bitchy at times!!

  • Leonita Stefani
    Leonita Stefani 19 days ago

    kendall is so beautiful

  • Andy Takhar
    Andy Takhar 20 days ago

    Shes like "I have a full folder on my phone of photos of my friends".....girl we all do

  • kool ali
    kool ali 21 day ago

    Luv you kendallllllllll 😍😍😍😍😍🎂

  • J_L Dfdm
    J_L Dfdm 21 day ago

    she looks like Hailee Steinfeld, isn't it ?

  • karthik s
    karthik s 21 day ago

    Every time they say shoot it makes me uncomfortable 🚨

  • Shaikha Almutawa
    Shaikha Almutawa 23 days ago

    She looks like Alissa violet in team 10 but not anymore

  • Jordan Cohen
    Jordan Cohen 24 days ago

    Where are the picture of Jimmy, Kendall???

  • Flower BOMB
    Flower BOMB 25 days ago

    Can we just take a second to appreciate The Roots?!
    They are soo amazing, always bringing the energy, the bants and life to the show. <3

  • lolaa
    lolaa 27 days ago

    she looks so pretty here

  • sourav raha
    sourav raha 27 days ago

    Pleasee anyone explain me that why she is so famous?????? 😐

  • Narayanni Maldonado
    Narayanni Maldonado 27 days ago

    She's actually very good!

  • Lee Zeidel
    Lee Zeidel 27 days ago

    Yes buisness talent the Kardashian name alone makes money isn't that fuckin sad.

  • king mehmood ghaznavi

    All you can have is legs when it comes to kendall omg 😲

  • Hannah Schiff
    Hannah Schiff 1 month ago

    that Chanel suit tho 😍

  • nazmin begum
    nazmin begum 1 month ago

    Did anyone else notice at the end 3:19 he said I love you kyl?!

  • Candy Pants
    Candy Pants 1 month ago

    Photographer?? Yesterday I went to the zoo.. Now I'm a koala bear!!

  • loulou loulou
    loulou loulou 1 month ago

    kendel <3 pretty

  • DubhyDubh
    DubhyDubh 1 month ago

    Her legs r so long. A ball gown is a mini dress to her

  • baseborn kids
    baseborn kids 1 month ago

    she's not even attractive

  • Millie Stewart
    Millie Stewart 1 month ago

    I actually love Kendal soo much

  • Tessa Ndjonkou
    Tessa Ndjonkou 1 month ago

    Love ❤️ what's she's wearing

  • I-Obby
    I-Obby 1 month ago

    how the hell did she knew he was about to do "the horse"??

  • Concon W
    Concon W 1 month ago

    I don't care for the Kardashians but I always thought Kendall is very pretty

  • Mario Andres Lopez
    Mario Andres Lopez 1 month ago

    She is so talentless lol I want my 3 minutes back

  • 83reggieT
    83reggieT 1 month ago

    A talentless mudshark with transvestite father what's the world coming to.

  • Fatima Glam
    Fatima Glam 1 month ago

    I think Jimmy keeps forgetting Nicole Kidman actually wanted to date him ..COME ON JIMMY

  • Angela Ebert
    Angela Ebert 1 month ago

    Wow she is naturally beautiful unlike her family who are all beautifully fake. U go girl, keep it real-u will look the best in the long run

  • Muffscruff
    Muffscruff 1 month ago

    Where does the knee in the title pic come from?😱😱😱

  • nicole rodriguez
    nicole rodriguez 1 month ago

    i want jimmy's snapchat

  • Nishant Torres
    Nishant Torres 1 month ago

    Whenever I see the Kardashians, I feel quite worthy

  • Legion Of Alphas
    Legion Of Alphas 1 month ago

    Why she trying so hard to have an accent lol. She's not Emma Watson..

    JAKE COLA COO 1 month ago

    i used to shoot my friends, i just love capturing them😂

  • Evie Green
    Evie Green 1 month ago

    Hey Kendall you wanna Pepsi?

  • Edi Salihaj
    Edi Salihaj 1 month ago


  • Christian Franco
    Christian Franco 1 month ago

    I love her, she is the best of the whole Kardashian family. ❤

  • Unitato Draws
    Unitato Draws 1 month ago

    everyone is saying she got famous because of her family... she didn't choose that didn't she and now that she's famous cuz of them she's trying to prove the world that she has talent and is working hard on her modeling career. she wont just sit in the sofa and watch Netflix and chill.

  • Anooh Mize
    Anooh Mize 1 month ago

    The whole Outfit is on point! Her SHOE 😭

  • universweet
    universweet 1 month ago

    how the audiance could see the photo from that distance or they displayed it on some screen ? .... ok i am an idiot i got it.

  • Karlis Sierins
    Karlis Sierins 2 months ago

    kendall throw me a pepsi plz

  • Unknown Truth
    Unknown Truth 2 months ago

    When you are famous for doing nothing

  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt42 2 months ago

    hey hey i have pepsi!!!

  • Valeria Rodriguez
    Valeria Rodriguez 2 months ago

    when they started talking about photography she was so excited I love it

  • Beryl Grace
    Beryl Grace 2 months ago

    "This is a common iphone, all the kids are using it" LOL

  • Alex Anaya
    Alex Anaya 2 months ago


  • Siwar Yow
    Siwar Yow 2 months ago

    Is that alissa voilet twin? 😂😂

  • My name doesn't matter and go away

    could you please stop judging her

  • D M
    D M 2 months ago

    I just realized that Jimmy is basically Ted Mosby in real life hahaha
    They even have similar voices and his way to talk too

  • Trust in Trust
    Trust in Trust 2 months ago

    who came for the thumbnail

  • Chantel Wong
    Chantel Wong 2 months ago


  • BTS_jungkook V
    BTS_jungkook V 2 months ago

    THIS IS JUST SO UGHH GRRR!!!! 😑 I hate it

  • m syahreza
    m syahreza 2 months ago

    Actually Jimmy doesn't need tryin too hard if he'd like asking most of any supermodel he want to get some beer and even get a room. Include Kendall. You know it, right?

  • H. 1
    H. 1 2 months ago

    I feel like she's so sweet... idk

  • Taehyung PseudoMaknaeOfBTS

    She's just constantly shooting haha

  • Shreyas khandelwal
    Shreyas khandelwal 2 months ago

    when you realise Kendell Jenner and Dua Lips are different human beings😂😂

  • Chosen one
    Chosen one 2 months ago

    Should of gave him a pepsi to pose

  • rambo L
    rambo L 2 months ago

    white people will become redundant soon

  • eddie rogers
    eddie rogers 2 months ago

    can i have sex with her please?

    MRUTYUNJAY KUMAR 2 months ago

    she is goddess!!!

  • Sandesh Jadhav
    Sandesh Jadhav 2 months ago

    Her Pepsi ad tho...

  • Nikhil Mistry
    Nikhil Mistry 2 months ago

    u do photography?
    yeh i just take them of my friends hanging out

    in that case we are all photographers

  • Tarif C
    Tarif C 2 months ago


  • Ass
    Ass 2 months ago

    too bad theyre all dead

  • Dee C
    Dee C 2 months ago

    Give me someone interesting and intellectual up there God dam it Jimmy what's this bullshit about

  • mrwhopee
    mrwhopee 2 months ago

    I want Trump to start nuclear war and wipe out the entire human race

  • Merp McGouder
    Merp McGouder 2 months ago

    The Jenners named a kid north? They should have named him south cause that's where Bruce\Katelyn Jenners fame is going.

  • wonderlust
    wonderlust 2 months ago

    wow, analogue photography and Kendall. what a paradox.
    what's next sweetheart? making your own organic yogurt with fake yeast.
    with analogue photography, you need to wash your own films etc. that's the whole point of it and I doubt she even does that and she probably thinks she is being "authentic". poor girl.

  • Risky Bisky
    Risky Bisky 2 months ago

    all i can focus with is her bod....

  • mic V
    mic V 2 months ago


  • Adil khan
    Adil khan 2 months ago

    Wawoo she is beautiful

  • Yovani Anindya
    Yovani Anindya 2 months ago

    her hair looks really nice! 😍

  • Daniel Guerrero
    Daniel Guerrero 2 months ago

    How did she become a normal young adult with all the crazy she grew up around

  • Nolomouscheval
    Nolomouscheval 2 months ago

    I love kendall

  • олеся герасимова


  • Bri B
    Bri B 2 months ago

    What's the song playing at the very end

  • nadine nona
    nadine nona 2 months ago

    Oh cringe ... always so awkward and uncomfortable when these family are on TV .... they are so bland

  • King 4 Ever
    King 4 Ever 2 months ago

    Good body hain

  • Dubem Agu
    Dubem Agu 2 months ago

    yo kendall is gorg

  • Michael Soo
    Michael Soo 2 months ago

    That Contax point and shoot is worth $700 for those that dont know.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 months ago

    Kendall is the best. The others are annoying

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 months ago

    She looks like my girlfriend...

    I wish😣

  • Lauren Hawkins
    Lauren Hawkins 2 months ago

    So are we just gonna ignore the fact that he definitely called her Kyle at the end 😂😂

  • Daniel Maldonado
    Daniel Maldonado 2 months ago

    Will never get those 3 min back listening to her. I don't know why

  • laki jama
    laki jama 2 months ago

    'all the kids are using it' - Jimmy Fallon 😂😂😂😂

  • Real me
    Real me 3 months ago

    Jimmy fallon' shoes alone can take me for a vacation in bahamas

  • Merlot M
    Merlot M 3 months ago

    "im gonna turn the flash on"...but there was no flash when she shot the photos??

  • Lilly Rostamali
    Lilly Rostamali 3 months ago

    its so funny that he doesnt know how snapchat filters work oml

  • XXX
    XXX 3 months ago

    subscribe me i Will Subscribe you back

  • electro house
    electro house 3 months ago

    the gring gring sound from her necklace made me switch to another video

  • hanieh khalili
    hanieh khalili 3 months ago

    But anyway i still believe the fact that models are the most talentless ppl

  • A lemon tree, my dear Watson


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