new holland VS john deere

quando non si può tirare la slitta perche piove si ammazza il tempo a fare gli sciancarana!!!!!!

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Author Team Deutz ( ago)
Attach to the New Holland TM190 John Deere 7730 and check again ...

Author Fox Invictus ( ago)
New Holland :D

Author HATEM BOZKURT ( ago)
Newholland çeket

Author Toxic Pixel ( ago)
Newholland is the better than green scrap

Author williamwallace1307 ( ago)
It seemed to me that those tractors were throttled way below their full
throttle. Maybe I am wrong.

Author Lena Früh ( ago)
4Q PMQ 6z×'%8¥5"*:8,*+÷÷÷%£€€___*%==&&____%%=////@×+×.;:€€£££¥£¥97€€&/__%

Author Reynaldo Escalante ( ago)
por eso tengo un new hollan jiji

Author speedy miners ( ago)

Author Raul Chiroi ( ago)
Hola me encantan los tractores más los azules

Author lorena ruiz ( ago)

Author Wutthikai Chaiyo ( ago)
กากจังjohn deere

Author BOHDYYYY ( ago)
Old good american green quality and power is better than Belgian from car
power Fiat (New Holland). I have big square baler from New Holland and New
Holland dealer told my after 10 years: we haven't spare parts you must buy
new baler. I have 18 years old john deere tractor and spare parts are
available everyday. New Holand service is very very bad.

Author vlogging gamers ( ago)
if they were in dirt or mud jd all day

Author guillermo gonzalez ( ago)

Author Sud Team 4x4 - Ewan Sean ( ago)
Great video 😎

Author Ismael Baniandrés García ( ago)
Los John Deere son malísimos no entiendo que la gente se los compre, lo
único que hacen es consumir muchísimo, no tienen potencia y abultan lo que
no son

Author New Future ( ago)

Author 4 gauge ( ago)
Bottom line...John Deere dominates 65%of all farm equipment used
world-wide.New Holland will never come close to that.

Author Alessandro Dallapiazza ( ago)
è il t6 il new holland?

Author mc_agrar ( ago)
Für so einen Scheiß die nich gebaut

Author Khorshed Syed ( ago)

Author The1973F1004x4 ( ago)
ford f100 vs chevy k10 > ford f150 vs dodge ram > JD vs NH :'D

Author Joe Don ( ago)
idiots nobody tell to you tractors not for tarmac?

Author Bristol Bishop Bishop ( ago)
um ford is made from fiat

Author Vasif Vasif ( ago)

Author Tavin Uden ( ago)
the new Holland horsepower the the jd in real life

Author Cedric Van Lathem ( ago)
new holland power!!!

Author Roy Patterson ( ago)
Which is like having slicks on it, so the JD would have won if they had the
exact same size tires on it

Author Roy Patterson ( ago)
The NH has more traction, look at how much wider the back tires are, and
the center of the tires are bald, whic

Author Dougla Aguillon ( ago)
boca a abierta desprestigia a John deer ese operador es un baboso creo que
in save estar com una mujer yo usando 4x4 com una aceleración de 1500 rpm
no queda nada jonh no fabrica tractores para operadores mariquitas

Author Callum Kennedy ( ago)
if shes not blue she wont do

Author Martin (1415 years ago)
Good to see the well spent EU direct payments.

Author DoomDriver32 ( ago)
How did I end up here

Author MingLee ( ago)
lol u are all so stupid new holands use parts of john deere engines

Author Fran MF ( ago)
The NH have more than 30 cv of difference, very just battle.

Author 2007Tarkus ( ago)
You cant beat blue power

Author Honey Sodhi ( ago)
6065 engine 60 farm epi (black

Author Honey Sodhi ( ago)
my new ( black epi) is a best tractor

Author Aleksandra Kielb ( ago)

Author László Àrgyelán ( ago)
New holland TM 120-190 forever....

Author Michael Dick ( ago)
What TM series tractor is that? I have a TM 155 and a TM170 the best two
tractors I have ever had I can work the tractor all day long and not guzzle
near the amount of fuel as the john deere's that I turned in.

Author Bristol Bishop Bishop ( ago)
To tell you the truth I'm not outing down JD but when ever new Holland came
from the best tractor in the world I think it shows what tractor is more
dependable when ever JD costs 10,000 more dollars and isn't that dependable
there is a big screw over . and new Holland came from FORD and FIAT and is
affordable and dependable which would you rather go for your decision 

Author Jake Tucker ( ago)
Sure the New Holland may have dragged the John Deere on its heels, but that
doesnt mean it has more pulling power, all we know is that it has more
traction, its a heavier tractor. The John Deere could have more pulling
power, but is light enough for the Holland to pick it up.

Author Lovedeep Sandhu ( ago)
New holland is best only ....

Author sripathy p ( ago)
I like to own john deere tractor

Author KSarah Sarah (1360 years ago)
Instead of making a test, they could have looked in the manuals to see
who's got more horse power...

Author Murat Kazanli ( ago)
Sözde "Türk Traktör" adı altında üretilen model ismi bile yabancı olan
firmayı kınıyorum. Türkiye'de üretiyorsun madem ne halt yemeye yabancı
model ismi koyuyorsun he ! Şahin / atmaca / Boğa / Kaplan / Aslan / Kartal
/ Kangal / Pars / Koç gibi model isimleri dururken New Holland neyin nesi ?
Yabancı sermayeden kazandığınız para zehir zıkkım olsun size...

Author Stefan Neacsu ( ago)
John deer is THE BETTER

Author The Duraina ( ago)
The tires look a little warn down on the Deere. Js..

Author Kuba Rolnik ( ago)
blizniaki :D

Author Kadir Gcn ( ago)
sonuç.. ?

Author sai swami ( ago)
Johndeer is best

Author William James ( ago)

Author Zerebox ( ago)
New Holland wins always :D

Author Andrew Matskiw ( ago)
All said and done, I'm a case guy, but NH is 2nd go to on my tractor list

like they say if it ain't red, leave it in shed

Author Matt Hammerschmidt ( ago)
That ain't a fair fight you sacks of shit. Dumbasses. They're both good

Author Cana De Lana xD ( ago)
new holland YES!

Author Najia Aich ( ago)
et ça sert à quoi?

Author Steven Beasley ( ago)
New Hollands have better grip in wet weather. Their tires have different
material on the grips. I know, I'm a farmer.

Author kylewil12plays ( ago)
New holland is hevyer then the deere that the only reason it won 

Author dewaelesplayerp ( ago)
i still do and always love John Deere. they were silly facts were you never
listen to. MERICA!

Author dewaelesplayerp ( ago)
blablabla bladidaddidaaaa! we call it european muscle bitches! belgian for
be exactly. if you have your shit already lock n load... you shut check out
CLAYSON claeys history first! (not CLAAS!) and you will find out that all
your case s are replicas from new holland. name on this moment CNH. Have a
nice day! 

Author Jack Sparrow ( ago)
why everything made in murica sucks

Author matteooooable ( ago)
john deere che merda.....

Author Buster Carr ( ago)
Let's face it john deer suck

Author mcinkyt ( ago)
Are they on identicle tires?

Author ocala 1885 ( ago)
Fuck green 

Author Jatinder Singh Singh ( ago)
Johndeere dirty new holland best

Author duramax diesel powa ( ago)
john deere is better than new holland. so all you new holland fans go fuck

Author Shawn P ( ago)
Should have did it in the dirt

Author duramax diesel powa ( ago)
new holland sucks.

Author crimsontide_15 ( ago)
this isnt a test of their true strength. these tractors are designed to
pull heavy objects through the mud and dirt, not on wet pavement. those
tires provide no traction at all on pavement due to the minimal contact

Author Anthony Rappazzo ( ago)
That new holland has way better tread then the Jd

Author michael nolan ( ago)
nothing smells like a john

Author kakaboem0 ( ago)
the real question is: which one has the most friction with the ground.

Author Terra Ambiental ( ago)
aooooo indiaiada igual aqui memo!!!!

Author cody12zombies ( ago)
The john deere weighs less, therefore it was being pulled by the new
Holland, but tractors that weigh less tend to preform better in the field
and Get stuck less

Author Lee Goins ( ago)
well, if I ever need to pull a big John Deere tractor, I'll go buy a big
Ford tractor.

Author filip cubic ( ago)
it does not realy matter its what fits your needs the best

Author C Redmond ( ago)
Go blue or go home!

Author southernrebel69420 ( ago)
id say put it in the dirt and see then instead of wet pavement because with
the tires these tractors are equipped with they are going to get better
traction in the dirt and grass

Author Gooseworks Labs ( ago)
which one weighs more is the real question

Author Wilbur Finnigan ( ago)
Don't you guys have some field work to do????rather than screwing

Author pelipoika ( ago)
new holland is best

Author Ruben herruzo doblas ( ago)
New Holland the Best¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Author Peter Gunton ( ago)
It is all rubbish, nothing to do which tractor is better, it is about who
is the better driver, the one that can drop the clutch first and select the
right gear !!

Author Paul Reeve ( ago)
Any tractor built in Basildon has to be the best ! ;-) Fun vid whichever
way you look at it.

Author dkhill27 ( ago)
Nothing runs like a Deere because its always chasing the Cat

Author Jan Kotze ( ago)
It does not matter which one has more power, and size of wheels does not
count, these guys want to do this, may be a bet and they have their
results, to the joy of some and the shame of others, both are nice

Author md asif Khan ( ago)
new holland

Author andreea utiu ( ago)

Author andreea utiu ( ago)
hai john deere

Author Jim Garrison ( ago)
Fuck John Deere and especially fuck John Deere fans!

Author michael jennings ( ago)
The john deere definetly won whether it pulled better or not!!

Author Quentin fred perry ( ago)
nawholland the chite

Author BJ FARM ( ago)
go john deere

Author micio62 ( ago)
new holland 190 falla la sfida contro jonn deere6190 e vediamo come va a

Author Дима Чик ( ago)
мтз сила!!!

Author kadir ateş ( ago)

Author Michael Mcguinness ( ago)
its the other way around isn't it!!!

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