new holland VS john deere

quando non si può tirare la slitta perche piove si ammazza il tempo a fare gli sciancarana!!!!!!

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Author Jan Kotze (5 months)
It does not matter which one has more power, and size of wheels does not
count, these guys want to do this, may be a bet and they have their
results, to the joy of some and the shame of others, both are nice

Author dajhrm (3 months)
which one weighs more is the real question

Author md asif Khan (5 months)
new holland

Author Mary Ann Burnett (10 months)

Author Ruben herruzo doblas (5 months)
New Holland the Best¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Author pelipoika (5 months)
new holland is best

Author Jim Garrison (6 months)
Fuck John Deere and especially fuck John Deere fans!

Author Quentin Giraudon (6 months)
nawholland the chite

Author BJ FARM (7 months)
go john deere

Author furfur13 (16 days)
this isnt a test of their true strength. these tractors are designed to
pull heavy objects through the mud and dirt, not on wet pavement. those
tires provide no traction at all on pavement due to the minimal contact

Author kadir ateş (8 months)

Author andreea utiu (6 months)

Author Paul Reeve (5 months)
Any tractor built in Basildon has to be the best ! ;-) Fun vid whichever
way you look at it.

Author michael jennings (6 months)
The john deere definetly won whether it pulled better or not!!

Author andreea utiu (6 months)
hai john deere

Author Peter Gunton (5 months)
It is all rubbish, nothing to do which tractor is better, it is about who
is the better driver, the one that can drop the clutch first and select the
right gear !!

Author Wilbur Finnigan (4 months)
Don't you guys have some field work to do????rather than screwing

Author filip cubic (2 months)
it does not realy matter its what fits your needs the best

Author michael nolan (1 month)
nothing smells like a john

Author dkhill27 (5 months)
Nothing runs like a Deere because its always chasing the Cat

Author breuci (1 year)
JD need more traction and weight.

Author bryan1282 (10 months)
You wanna fight about it punk?

Author galaxy9610 (1 year)
John deere: ahahah

Author Sven Aeberhard (1 year)
Yes New Holland

Author 12KKJohnDeere6830 (10 months)
190hp NH vs 170hp JD?:/ that's not right

Author Jack Roden (1 year)
John deere needs more weights on it mate

Author eternalblackproject (11 months)
depends on who has better tires,

Author vanessawhitton69 (11 months)
Put them on the fuckin grass deere will win

Author albert muder (1 year)
sorry dude but it does prove somthing,and that is that a ford will outpull
a deere of the same hp.

Author JT BRITT (11 months)
fuck you asshole new holland kicked that pos ass

Author Nick Decker (1 year)
Face it man john Deere sucks

Author petr petrov (10 months)
синий трактор охуителен

Author Jacob Santo Salvo (1 year)
kubota all the way

Author MrAbouesbetan50 (1 year)
Wheel pace on NH is lit bit longer thats why NH pulls batter

Author super6954 (1 year)
Well its the heavy piece of junk that's gonna tow the JD to the scrap yard
backwards !. Was in a new JD the other day fixing electrical issues with
power plugins, More cheap plastic in that cab than on a 1/32 Britains toy

Author KLimanAndrey (1 year)
у синего резина мягче-сцепление с асфальтом лучше. испытания надо было
проводить на грунте, было-бы честней

Author Krankie V (10 months)
I work on a farm which uses John Deere tractors... they're junk. we keep
them maintained well and fix everything that breaks but they still have
problems all the time. Hell we had one brand new throwing service codes the
same day we got it

Author Christian Candle (1 year)
Jhone qweer

Author James Loy (9 months)
Every brand has their problems...

Author renan felipe (11 months)
trator mesmo é da jonh deere

Author Vincent Leroueil (1 year)
allez new holland bou jd

Author CroMatej12 (1 year)

Author Bruno Bass (1 year)
kkkkkk,nada a ver, tem força isso sim,se o jonh deere tivesse força tinha
arrastado o holland,ou ao menos queimado pneu.Jonh deere é trator pra

Author ANDY MOTL (1 year)
Take em across a scale and see what it reads. Looks like that blue thing
has wide metrics on it. I guess if I'd never accomplished anything in life
(other than staging a tug-of-war like these ass clowns) I'd be all radical
too. Fucking jerk offs.

Author 12536910 (1 year)
john deere is very power ful trac.

Author Zdeněk Preisner (1 year)

Author Ryan Spell (1 year)
Needs more weight on the deere

Author Akkerbouwer050 (9 months)
john deere ftw :)

Author TrueBlueAussieSully (11 months)
Farmers pay out of pocket for this shit. Now yes we may get to write off
some taxes and shit but the government doesn't pay for anything.

Author Ted Tedder (1 year)
Stop feedin him. Then see how much you hear about tax $. The reason this is
done on wet cement is it might cost $20,000 to hook em up in the dirt for
the stuff that gets broken.

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