How To Wrap An Elastic Bandage: Hip Spica

This Ambra Le Roy Medical Products video demonstrates the proper technique for treating injuries to the hip joint, iliac crest, groin or high hamstring strains with an elastic bandage. Special thanks to the athletic training staff at Greensboro College. Please visit for additional information.

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Author Chris Benoit (4 years)
this helped a lot for my adductor strain thanks!

Author Johnnny Burtoft (3 years)
shouldn't you have wrapped the other way? I think this is actually a groin

Author korgmatose1 (3 years)
Perfect technique; very well explained! It's good to find reliable
instructional videos for things like this.

Author 323jay90 (1 year)
I agree with Johnny I believe this is a groin spica , for a hip spica u
start wrapping medial to lateral.

Author TheMKprod (3 years)
This really helped me learn as a student trainer. Thanks!

Author carmcb (3 years)
question: besides doing this wrap should ice continued to be applied?

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