How To Be Confident

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  • Felipe Bezerra
    Felipe Bezerra 45 minutes ago

    Extremely useful, as always.

  • Sumaiya Marium
    Sumaiya Marium 5 hours ago

    'don't be afraid of acting a fool if it gets u Wat u want '

  • Will Story
    Will Story 1 day ago

    It's a big step from accepting that you and everyone screw up from time to time to telling yourself your an idiot every morning. Terrible message and video. How about some practical tips on how to be confident like the video suggests.

  • Robb82
    Robb82 2 days ago

    Haha love the mouse taking on the cat at 2:03!

  • pissicutza09
    pissicutza09 4 days ago

    This is wonderful!!!

  • Katherine Arredondo

    I'm an imbecile, who else is?

  • Happy Hippo
    Happy Hippo 6 days ago

    So should I text him again after he didnt reply for 3 days or not?

  • Selçuk Akyüz
    Selçuk Akyüz 8 days ago

    Bruegel's painting is actually depicting the Dutch idioms and proverbs.

  • Jude MDA
    Jude MDA 8 days ago

    This made me laugh so hard!

  • marina zg
    marina zg 9 days ago

    that cat dig that hole, dindnt she..

  • Iheardloveisblind
    Iheardloveisblind 11 days ago

    I love these videos. And he is always right

  • Carlos Pink
    Carlos Pink 12 days ago

    The video is so great!

    the idea with the pointer is supurb

    the animation is great!


  • Darko Subotin
    Darko Subotin 17 days ago


  • Moises Beltran
    Moises Beltran 17 days ago

    Most people don't ask for help because they'll look dumb, but life is too short to care about what other people think of you, i ask all the stupid questions because i know others have the same question but are afraid to ask for themselves, i don't mind looking dumb as long as i get results.

  • gr8oone007
    gr8oone007 19 days ago

    erasmus getting busted playing a horn at night was hilarious!

  • James Osborne
    James Osborne 19 days ago

    I love the banana looking like a prick.

  • Leroy The God
    Leroy The God 19 days ago

    I fucking lost it when that banana slammed open the door

  • Sicellia Tsui
    Sicellia Tsui 20 days ago

    I am an imbecile. Okay! *out the door*

  • Jake Parker
    Jake Parker 22 days ago

    This Video is a masterpiece

  • Mira Tarnish
    Mira Tarnish 23 days ago

    I love this. People should be genuine in accepting their mistakes, and even proudly call themselves idiots! It's a uniting feeling really

  • Vida Ursina
    Vida Ursina 24 days ago

    2:55 im dutch and that painting is about dutch proverbs. The man sitting on fire is 'wie zijn billen brand, zal op de blaren moeten zitten.' There are more than 50 proverbs hidden in the painting.

  • ilkandi1
    ilkandi1 25 days ago

    Hahahaha this really cheered me up!

  • Adithya Murali
    Adithya Murali 27 days ago

    I really needed this :) You are a real help, School of Life!

  • Tee Saifele
    Tee Saifele 27 days ago

    damn... dis good

  • Lucas Lorenzon Aragão

    Just thank you Alain de Botton and School of Life for this wonderful job you've been doing for us. It's an amazing content. It's making me question lots of things in my life! I'm spreading your videos for lots of friends. Everyone should see this vids!

  • mangaka08
    mangaka08 28 days ago

    "How to be confident"


    "You can't. Because you and everyone else are a bunch of idiots."

  • mangaka08
    mangaka08 28 days ago

    I already tell myself those things every morning. That's why I have no confidence. Lol

  • Angelpuff
    Angelpuff 29 days ago

    you guys are amazing <3 thank you for this and all the other videos. <3

  • smallBig
    smallBig 29 days ago

    It is interesting to see the perspective of humor as it cleanses the mind of insecurities. Deep in the realms of our minds lies the characteristics of a foolish being. Thus, coming to grips with this realization allows for me to finally understand the blunders that we all make and the hurtful admonitions we impose on ourselves.

    Consequently, this notion leaves me smiling at the fact that we are all creative beings full of wonder in the sense that we are inevitably going to face failure but in a dignified manner that encapsulates our inner child.

  • Tom Parsons
    Tom Parsons 1 month ago

    Confidence is preference

  • Akira Tao
    Akira Tao 1 month ago

    Anyone like me just stop and contemplate in front of people before saying anything, the important point is that: being laughed by other people is not news to us.

  • grungeboy619
    grungeboy619 1 month ago

    lmao, "we are all nitwits"

  • Joe Alias
    Joe Alias 1 month ago

    I've had plenty of practice telling myself I am a useless piece of garbage. I think the key for me is that in the past I've been thoroughly convinced that I desperately needed to fix that. So in some cases it's just as much about accepting yourself as a nitwit as it is recognizing that you are one.

  • Ghada Adel
    Ghada Adel 1 month ago

    *How To be confident*
    *How to overcome shyness*
    *How not to be boring*
    OMG this channel knows what I want

  • Synochra
    Synochra 1 month ago

    The School of Life is doing essential work here.

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 1 month ago

    confidence comes from action and mastering

  • Take Flight 23
    Take Flight 23 1 month ago

    2:22 the banana killed me 😂

  • ForeverCuber
    ForeverCuber 1 month ago

    you should have more subscribers

  • freeloder17
    freeloder17 1 month ago

    I'm a piece of shit, but then again, so is everyone else, so lets get it, lets go.

  • Too Many People
    Too Many People 1 month ago

    Other people don't think of you that much, if that.

  • Simon B.
    Simon B. 1 month ago

    So i become more confident if i tell myself that i am an idiot?

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt 1 month ago


  • GitfiddleMike
    GitfiddleMike 1 month ago

    While eliminating the fear of failure is great for confidence, the caveat is that one might become an unbridled jackass. One must be careful to ensure fear is a counselor and not a jailer.

  • Samaih S.
    Samaih S. 1 month ago

    Whay u don't put arabic sub

  • Kalid Jackson
    Kalid Jackson 1 month ago

    i love how all of his insults are like... high lvl and shit... me personally i jst see everything including myself as flawed. i act how i act and it doesnt bother me. life is to be lived and fuck everyone who disagrees. basically 😁

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    The animation is too good. Can't focus on the actual voice. haha

  • Skyris
    Skyris 1 month ago

    i love you

  • Vera Schijndel
    Vera Schijndel 1 month ago

    The sad thing about confidence is that i was never encouraged to have it. People didnt like those who tought well of themselfs or found themselfs okay. Everything in our society wanted us to feel less so we would buy more and just idk. When i was little and i liked the way my hair was braided for example, i was told by my peers never to let it show because it sounded selfish. I dont really know if it makes sense, but everytime i have to meet new people there is always that voice telling me that they dont like me and i dont deserve to be their friend because im just... me. Ordinary, stupid, awkward me. And that's what i became because i didnt have the confidence to show how interesting i really was. I am still having trouble being me and talking and making new friends, but as i feel more confident, i feel like i can talk more. It effects every part of your life so just know that confidence is more that just likeing yourself

  • Jennifer Ann de la Torre

    It seems we learn to accept ALL of ourselves -- not just the seemingly perfect side. I have done many foolish things in my life and I eventually succeed in the endeavors that are most important to me through perseverance. I try not to let anything get in the way of accomplishing my goals and dreams despite my many setbacks and disappointments.

  • Funky Dude
    Funky Dude 1 month ago

    this channel is just amazing

  • Shae Shero
    Shae Shero 1 month ago

    This vid have boosted my confidence instantly.... thanks

  • Airish Viscara
    Airish Viscara 1 month ago

    It's ridiculous but at the same time full of wisdom hahaha I liked how you explain it that it's okay to be foolish and never to be contempt about it because we accept it in ourselves. That we are born foolish that it shouldn't hold is back from being amazing

  • jbdmb
    jbdmb 1 month ago

    hmm... I get not taking yourself too seriously... but I dk

  • DreamBeatsBakery
    DreamBeatsBakery 1 month ago

    OK. I tried this. I went about my day willingly accepting the possibility that everyone could think of me as an utter douchebag. Suddenly my inhibitions flew out the window, I started speeding and going full hype in my car. Chatting up strangers and I managed to bed a 10. I love being a stupid cocksucker no good dumb dumb. Now I'm free to do what I want, when I want. I mean, who gives a shit? This is what it must feel like to be a psychopath! Fucking awesome mate!

  • Sarah Wu
    Sarah Wu 1 month ago

    But if you call yourself an "imbecile" every morning, won't that make you less confident and make you less likely to take risks? Yes, you have nothing to lose but you might not even bother taking risks because you view yourself as a failure.

  • Kris Vickers
    Kris Vickers 1 month ago

    the less you give a fuck, the happier you will be.

  • Elias Dam
    Elias Dam 1 month ago

    I can agree on a lot of this. BUT! I dont think we should call ourselves idiots or imbeciles or whatever. More like: not perfect. Yes, we are not perfect. But I dont think we are all incompetent idiots. We try, we fail, we learn. That does not make us complete idiots. We must accept that we cant do everything right, and that we have to learn. I dont think we should see ourselves as idots just because we cant do everything perfect.

  • wackaloo123
    wackaloo123 1 month ago


  • Liferbanda
    Liferbanda 1 month ago

    This channel raised me more than school and parents

  • Rainer Dünnschiss
    Rainer Dünnschiss 1 month ago

    i always thought the painting at 2:42 is about sayings

  • Neo
    Neo 1 month ago

    We've all been taught that we should reach for coolness, but we should try to be more real about ourselves

  • Gao Riao
    Gao Riao 1 month ago

    Absolutely a great video!

  • Arcis arc
    Arcis arc 2 months ago


  • Sebbrix
    Sebbrix 2 months ago

    The first minute already has me down to a T: I'm unable to even add friends on Facebook for fear that they think I'm too forward and prefer social media to actual social interaction

  • Mordecai Morales
    Mordecai Morales 2 months ago

    "We are idiots now.
    We have been idiots in the past.
    We will be idiots again in the future.
    And thats okay :)."

  • Artifex Mortis
    Artifex Mortis 2 months ago

    Interesting take on confidence. Still does not change the fact that you WILL be judged by others regardless of what you do (ergo might as well do what you want). People delight in mocking others of their imperfections, it makes them feel superior, the only way to "philosophize" out of this conundrum is that if/when the others make a mistake, you can have your turn to mock them.

  • Connor Phebus
    Connor Phebus 2 months ago

    Hey there! Any ladies looking for a good time in the comment section. I am on my A game for the next 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Nickname863
    Nickname863 2 months ago

    4:33 I don't think that this is a good way to see oneself.

  • Erinaa V
    Erinaa V 2 months ago

    Now I know what's wrong with me I try to be perfect because I'm afraid others would judge me but this video really helped me a lot ❤️

  • kathaofdisaster
    kathaofdisaster 2 months ago

    so we are all idiots :D i like that !

  • melv douc
    melv douc 2 months ago

    You're only what life allows you to be. You don't get to choose whether you're confident or reserved. You can fool yourself for a while but reality will always come back to hit you in the face.

  • Tan Onay
    Tan Onay 2 months ago

    I'm so glad I found this channel.

  • Camryn Prater
    Camryn Prater 2 months ago

    i love how they used a cat as an example

  • Empatik ­
    Empatik ­ 2 months ago

    I love this channel! keep it up the good work :)

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor 2 months ago

    This is what is so refreshing about most Seniors. They have given up being so one dimensional and egotistical. No wonder ageism exists as those elders might teach us to relax and realize life is very short. What a dangerous concept. Wisdom might just mean having a good time and not caring too much about what others think or waste their time focusing one.

  • Alicia Ingalls
    Alicia Ingalls 2 months ago

    sometimes, when I'm trying something new, and I'm not sure about it, I stand in front of the mirror and insult myself with all the words and aspects I can think of. I do this, and when someone does insult me, it doesn't hurt, or surprise me, because I've heard it before, and I can joke about it.

  • Mert Selvi
    Mert Selvi 2 months ago


  • Butterfly Snowy
    Butterfly Snowy 2 months ago

    hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 this is so me

  • Moraru Lucian
    Moraru Lucian 2 months ago

    Its no so healthy to lie to yourself everyone else its like you ; an idiot.
    you will overestimate people and utilimately you will fail at everything..

  • Grace Webb
    Grace Webb 2 months ago

    This is fantastic!!! I love it. So absolutely true. 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Space Squid
    Space Squid 2 months ago

    It's nice to know that I can stop looking for the point in my life where I'll stop messing up, doing embarrassing things and, generally being awkward. I used to frequently joke with my sister, asking if The Queen has actually farted in front of people, or ever peed herself as a three year old. I always look back at my younger self with disdain, grateful that I'm nowhere near THAT anymore- but I'll never be smarter, or kinder, I'll just have gone through more I guess. Just because I'm an eternal meathead doesn't mean I will never accomplish anything

  • shawarmageddonit
    shawarmageddonit 2 months ago

    The message in this video will only be fully valid once Hugh Hefner is no longer with us.

  • Roel Robles
    Roel Robles 2 months ago

    we are stupid.

  • Vault-Dweller Atheist
    Vault-Dweller Atheist 2 months ago

    i fucking hate myself.

  • Ronnie Roberts
    Ronnie Roberts 2 months ago

    Who's been here since 100,000

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago

    So I get told quite often that I am good looking by girls (and some guys as well) but I literally have 0 confidence at all and feel like anyone I speak to won't want to speak to me; what is going on and what should I do hahahaha

  • Jacqueline Nicoll
    Jacqueline Nicoll 2 months ago

    I've subscribed 😁this was awesome :-)

  • Eduardo Barbosa
    Eduardo Barbosa 2 months ago

    That's comforting.

  • Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Junior the third

    I'm an idiot to think that everyone cares what I do 🌚

    • 안희은
      안희은 16 days ago

      Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Junior the third same

  • Josheel Patel
    Josheel Patel 2 months ago

    i think that you should die

  • Isaac McCormick
    Isaac McCormick 2 months ago

    Thanks a lot,, Ima give it a shot

  • Valerie Buenafe
    Valerie Buenafe 2 months ago

    Wow, I have never looked at self-confidence in that way.

  • Call me Papi
    Call me Papi 2 months ago

    I used to be cocky then I got jumped by 5 black kids now I'm shy and low self esteem now I'm watching a video how to be confident 😒 I wish I still had the cocky 2012 version of me but now my 2017 version of me is so lame

  • simon rylance
    simon rylance 2 months ago

    Your video just helped me I think

  • Yeah Way
    Yeah Way 2 months ago

    I think this is my favourite video from you guys

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape 2 months ago

    Isn't that kind of a fatalistic view that will eventually result in not caring enough to take care ? ...

  • Liz S
    Liz S 2 months ago

    i am a knitwit.

    feels good.

  • Ms. ConFidentiality
    Ms. ConFidentiality 2 months ago

    There is some logic in this video, but I don't entirely agree with it. I have my own ideas when it comes to confidence and you can find it in my channel. Plus just because we make mistakes does not make us dumb. It means were human. There is a differents.

  • TheZebra
    TheZebra 2 months ago

    I just uploaded my first video, I'd anybody wants to listen to the turth, I recommend you watch it

  • olamide macjob
    olamide macjob 2 months ago

    You're a cretin!

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