How To Be Confident

The fastest route to confidence is to stop being so attached to one’s dignity and seriousness; and plainly admit that one is – of course – an idiot. We all are. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):
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“The topic of confidence is too often neglected by serious people: we spend so much time acquiring technical skills, so little time practising the one virtue that will make those skills effective in the world...”

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Steve West

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Author nickmullo ( ago)
haha @ 2:25 - 2:35

Author Derpycat flicks ( ago)
"looking like a prick" *banana walks in* *slowly dies under bed*

Author Derpycat flicks ( ago)
I failed the first step... and hid under my bed. The underneath of beds are nice...

Author Kasbian Vaulks ( ago)
The "looking like prick" made me spit my tea.

Author Lily Annarosa ( ago)
"I am a brilliant nitwit."

Author Random Spanish Inquisitor ( ago)
Erasmus had the best face at the dinner table

Author TheMightyWhite ( ago)
2:22 - Brilliant.

Author David B. Salkeld ( ago)
I Iove this channeI because instead of bombarding you with the same useIess advice you have seen too many times before, it expIains to you, in a rather caIm and funny way, a new perspective of how you couId see things.

Author Laque Off Brains ( ago)
I presumed the painting was a comical representation of people acting out old dutch proverbs.
Like a duck holding a leek.

Author Great Job Ty! ( ago)
I have a self improvement page! COME CHECK IT OUT! Hope ya enjoy!!

Author Holly Firebolt ( ago)
I liked that a lot! Earlier today I was just thinking that when you acknowledge and accept your weaknesses you just gained a strength.

Author str8 shooter ( ago)
Horrible advice, Yeah go tell yourself every day that your a fuckup... great for your subconscious and your self worth.

Author Tuko Pomwene ( ago)
I find that the most interesting, coolest, down to earth, people I've ever met are usually people that are not afraid to show their flaws or embarrass themselves

Author Yanick Landry ( ago)
This is awesome and should be taught in schools.

Author Iheardloveisblind ( ago)
I wish it was as easy at that

Author Joseph Miungi ( ago)
Very importantly and it is educational thanks Gods blessings

Author Bharti Kumaria ( ago)
who is the guy who does the voice over??it's sooooooo soothing

Author Yovessel ( ago)
Great video! I needed to hear this

Author Niklas ( ago)
Started of my job interview with a "Good morning" today. It was 4 pm. I needed this.

Author Theblacksheep ( ago)
This might be one of my favorit videos of all time.

Author jboyler1 ( ago)
One or two more acts of folly shouldn't matter too much... But they do. This episode would be more helpful if it acknowledged that our errors can be ruinous, especially when the rest of the world demands perfection and punishes people for their errors.

Author Karan Malhotra ( ago)
It's almost like god vlogging for the betterment of human race! :) keep up the good work!

Author Frank Harr ( ago)
I'va actually been told that I'm delusionally arrogant.

Author Procrestinatorable ( ago)
this made me feel better about myself already, thanks so much!

Author The Lone Dreamer ( ago)
This really helped. Thank you so much.

Author carloscoronaa ( ago)
This video gave me so much anxiety

Author Johnny West ( ago)
Nah, de Botton, you're the only idiot.

Author jimi jack ( ago)
All the self help books out there suggest the opposite, which makes gaining confidence even more out of reach.

Author THOMAS ( ago)
So calling myself an idiot every day when I wake up will make me more confident.? 🤔

Author Abraham Kann ( ago)
Calamari said it best, it does feel like a hug. i needed that

Author Ash Cash ( ago)
Was wondering why I never got updates I was unsubscribed😡thanks YouTube

Author princess tolentino ( ago)
Great content, The School Of Life!! I'm so glad I found your channel.

Author Luke Brown ( ago)
i feel you get more confidence by telling yourself positive traits about yourself,not negative,just my opinion

Author FABRIZIO Amberti ( ago)
very nice ;)

Author Tafari Lanclos ( ago)
This video helps. It really does. Sometimes you just gotta hear someone else say it to make it seem so simple.

Author soltan alosmi ( ago)
That's it i know the answer is its ok to look like i fool but I didn't realize it, I always feel scared or afraid to go to strange office in some government building i want someone to tell specifically how and what and when to go there and ask beforehand, but now i will try it I'll go and do thing and ask we all stupid and we all look idiots no matter how good we hold ourself, some time we have the answer buy we need a little push

Author Kat Infectixn ( ago)

Author lol ( ago)
yeah guys, it's ok to be an idiot.

Author The Mario Fiend ( ago)
What of those of us who find parting with our dignity impossible? I swear, you never say anything of value in anything I've watched so far.

Author Stefan Nincetovic ( ago)

..and I am a fucking imbecile myself ^.^

Faults, mistakes, errors, and all other "wrong" actions are actually the perfect imperfections that make us human, and help us grow and prosper, every day, in every way, throughout whole life.

Every single one of us is a nitwit,
and every nitwit is special and amazing in his own way.

..what kind of a nitwit are you? 😃

Author Nousenesp ( ago)
I was an unconfident person and so shy, i was taking attention to other "cool" persons and all have their strange things and moments of ridiculous. It is in our hands to change that moments of shame in funny moments. Our attitude can change the way which others see us.

I know is difficult, but keep going and making things out of your confort zone where you can lose your "dignity"

Thanks to the video i will try to kiss a person when i feel that it could matters

Author Mahak Sharma ( ago)
Absolutely love your work :) It is such an amazing page. Keep up the Good work. Always looking forward to new videos from your page :)

Author Luka David Torkar ( ago)
Any girl wanna kiss?

Author Gongasoso ( ago)
There are two kinds of fools.

The Self-Aware and the Unaware.

You are either one or the other.

Author light light ( ago)
thanks for the greatest inspiration

Author CNSproductions14 ( ago)
"looking like a prick"

Author The Charisma Academy ( ago)
"We don't venture very far from our cocoon" - perfect line.

Author Skc X ( ago)

Author TheNorwegianGuy ( ago)
People will judge you no matter what so why not just do what you want

Author Belconnen ( ago)
the lack of confidence may not be rooted in "i feel i am stupid", it may simply be "i feel i am inferior". he is a lawyer, she is a banker, and i am just a waiter.

Author Demetrios Hilton ( ago)
wow this guy is really on to something. for now on I'm keeping a blunt close to me when I watch these videos

Author Heather Gevertz ( ago)
fun and good

Author BakingBacon ( ago)
The best way to be confident is to think that everyone is gonna die and no one will remember us in 500 years and you might only get that one chance to do it comes once in a lifetime mom spaghetti and just feel like you have known that person you wanna talk to your whole life and just feel comfortable around anyone even when you feel weak and wanna give up you gotta search that mom spaghetti in you and find that inner strength and pull that shit out of you and just be yourself don't give a fuck about what people think about you, unless you really like that person, then just try to be comfortable and keep it cool.

Author Au Chanel. Fantastique! ( ago)
So in other words, don't give a shit about what other people think, cos you're not going to be able to change their thoughts, so just go for it in whatever you want to do in life.

Author Maotora ( ago)
hahaha "We are idiots now, we have been idiots in the past and we will be idiots in the future" I'll use this as my wedding vow..

Author MaximumGaming ( ago)
2:30 - The guy on the right looks exactly like John Illsey from Dire Straits!

Author Ismael Chouaiby ( ago)
Thanks, I needed it, but I don't think that saying to yourself everry morning that you are an imbecile is any good psychologically.

Author Violaceous Phantasmagorical ( ago)
Well, having too much dignity results in heavy falls, and I agree with this video. But don't think that you're a fool though! That will just make one not want to change the world. I understand this video, but it slightly grazes the surface of the ludicrous. Depending on the composure of the onlookers, this slightly absurd claim may become downright fallacious.

Author Violaceous Phantasmagorical ( ago)
Omg doing bizarre things in the night and dropping random stuff! LOLS

Author Aiseruchan ( ago)
Please make a video about Depersonalisation and Derealisation

Author Jonathan Gandara ( ago)
Guy nice video... I suspected it before... Now I am sure, I am an idiot;,))

Author Kimsuong Sreng ( ago)
Man, what a glistening confidence.

Author MrQuan2u ( ago)
great video

Author Riz Panjwani ( ago)
The presenter is also a nitwit like me!

Author babayaga108 ( ago)
I just laughed my ass off. The hilarious Truth.

Author Memeosaurus Swegx ( ago)
For some reason, that scene with the sax playing in the dark room, is the funniest thing I've seen all year.

Author duckificationish ( ago)
billiant video mate!!!

Author WTFWhatTheFrak Amlak Nigus ( ago)
thx u for making this I may have to watch this at least once a week though because I can be hard-headed as fuck 😂

Author ana maria ramos pena ( ago)
This has something to do with Stoicism, doesn't it?

Author Francisco de souza ( ago)

Author Georgio E ( ago)
Holy shit thank you so much this helped me ask a girl out!

Author haley smith ( ago)
my entire personality is based around being a clueless idiot when im not, i usually know the answer already but i want to see other ppl's viewpoint and as a bonus it helps conversations along. i was a mess in high school when it came to talkin to ppl but by college this personality stuck and now it's my signature

Author Jommy Davi ( ago)
Is there a transcript of this video? I need to make it into a bible

Author paula fratila ( ago)
Estas cosas se tendrian que enseñar en los colegio, me parecen de gran importancia. La enseñanza se tendria que reinventar.

Author виктор ковчик ( ago)
Never thought there would be any help from phycholgial video on youtube

Author Alaa yasir ( ago)
I prefer to think that there is no fool people on earth and there is no thing or act is idiot
And all what i do is naturally everyone may it and everyone could fail !
the stupid person who think that someone is fool or stupid for Failing or doing some thing
Because we are HUMAN , we do mistakes we do fail to learn ! , no one doesn;t
This thinking is very comfortable
and it also help you to respect people
🐵note : i don't relay speak English , but i hop you got what i mean
:) ❤❤ ✨
and thank you sooo much for the Amazing videos

Author Lolly Molly ( ago)
this is actually the BEST video I've ever seen on confidence that makes sense!

Author Duncan Teege ( ago)
*I loved this.*

Author Shil Dg ( ago)
Thank you sooooooo much The School of Life for all these great videos!

Author Gerrit Ter Haar ( ago)
This is one of my favourites. Really really good and to the point. Great job guys!

Author Sam Wilt ( ago)
yeah this is a great one

Author J Prevatt ( ago)
Only my opinion but I think most semi to successful people in the world are confidence obsessed. Look at movies, music artists, actors , newscasters, publishers, magazine covers, anyone in mass advertising, all they wanna sell is confidence confidence confidence confidence... Skills at times fall by the wayside... Doesn't matter what you can do, as long as you believe you can do it well!! Even if you suck at it, who cares as long as the person who is doing whatever is CONFIDENT.... buzzword of the last couple decades.
Just something I have observed over the years

Author MindUp ( ago)
I love this kind of stuff, personal growth and discovering ourselves and what we can be :D Remember to be open-minded peeps and be your own person!

Author Alicia Jones ( ago)
I love it channel. I just stumbled on it and I can't get enough!

Author Smith Kerk Jhian P. Basco ( ago)
Thank you for this great advice . Now i will try to be confident :)

Author Arunima Chakraborty ( ago)
I am a fool. YAY! Never been happier. :P

Author Daleco X ( ago)
My many trues in a short period of time...nice video!

Author SITCOW ( ago)
the Dutch proverbs? that, you fool, is the cover art from Fleet Foxes' self titled album

Author Fernando barrera gorrochotegui ( ago)
No one has ever insulted me with such delicacy!

Author Olivia Hesson ( ago)
This is so beautiful, charming, and comforting. I hope everyone who lacks confidence understands the message behind this video and embraces their idiocy.

Author baja blast ( ago)
i only knew the painting bc of it's one of fleet foxes' album covers lmao

Author Jasper Alkmaar ( ago)
Doesn't this mean you're making a 'bad' belief about yourself? .. Im totally confused, someone says tell yourself youre great. And you're saying, tell yourself youre an idiot? (Sorry if im wrong, English is not my main language) Anyway, the video sounds very interesting and the comments people give are good.

Author Munene Ndereba ( ago)
So freakishly funny!!!!

Author iamillasfuck ( ago)
These videos are simply amazing, outstanding work!

Author Lotte de Groot ( ago)
This is so good, short and really easy for the viewer to understand. Totally gave me a different look at myself as an individual an myself in social environments 👍

Author Dil Howlter ( ago)
I feel like I'm seen as shy because I don't talk much.
But I honestly have nothing to say.

Author Shaylah M. ( ago)
soooo... you are saying that in order to boost my self esteem, just call myself and everyone around me an idiot? lol Wow! I have seen it all. *shrugs* I guess its worth a try. lol sounds like my sense of humor!!

Author Christopher Galleta Feliz ( ago)
I love this channel... has so great content... Really good feelings from them

Author Jade Sgt ( ago)
I am an idiot 🙋

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