Qari Sakhawat Hussain Ex Sunni Alim 14 June 2010 Part 1(Amir Pur Mungun)

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Author mushtaq ahmed ( ago)
Mute ki niyat ne Shia banne par majbur kia Sach bata kitne Shia ki larkio
ko choda

Author mohammad shah ( ago)
jo shio ka qattle kertey hai wo dosak mai jainge or sahaba ne koi galti
nahi ki balke islam ki help mai help kerti gaye the likhlo ye

Author Manzoor Jaffery ( ago)
Many sunni are ignorant and worship AbuBaker, Omar and Uthman. They think
they are their gods. They close their eyes like a pigeon. They consider
their Saha Satta next to Quran but they ignore the hadiths about AbuBaker,
Omar and Uthman in their own so called Sahih books.

Author Syed Hussain ( ago)
shabhiyo ne jo galti ki hai woh aap kyun nahi mante un rah pe kyun chalte
ho jaise innocent shiao ko marna Quran mante ho waha saf saf likha ki
insaan agar insaan ka qalt karre na us ki is duniya mei mafi na
waha....waise bhi aap logo ko samjh thori aayegi aap logo ko saudi or
isreal paisa jo ata hai....Labbaik Ya hussain hum marte aaye hai marte

Author Vickey0800 ( ago)
SALA Sikh MADAR chod lag raha hai

Author Asad Ali ( ago)
Jiyo Jiyooooooo, MOLA salamat rkhain Molana aaapko, Insaan ko Bedaaar Ho
Lene Do, Har Qoum Pukaray gi humaray hain HUSSAIN a.s , aaameeeennn :)

Author Samar Hussain ( ago)

Author Samar Hussain ( ago)
mula AP ko her dushman ky zir sy bachai ameeeeeeen subhanALLAH.

Author Tissarthamacho12145 ( ago)
amin yaa ALLAH

Author Ashfaq Hussain ( ago)
May Allah give all botheren of AHLE SUNNAH ko acept the truth...understand
and then do whats right..

Author zehra batol ( ago)
@UsmanAli771 kharjis are not shia's they are deviated group. see the
description in nah jul balagha. and who do shia remember all year round? on
every event and occassion in life ? and celebrate 13th rajab and 21st
ramadan? and yes all martyrs of battles are remembered including hamza and
all flag bearers . but the difference is kerbala was not a battle , it was
massacre of prophet's family and companions.

Author 72jafry ( ago)
Ali Wale Zinda Baad.....Mashallah

Author nadeembhalwal1 ( ago)
wah wah wah ksi mahfil a naat main ksi majlis main nahin hoti bhen chodon

Author Sohaib fawad ( ago)
sare poodrii baithay hn

Author Shahzad Khan ( ago)
SYEDNA MUSA ALKAZIM SAYS ABOUT "SHIANE ALI": If I had to truly distinguish
my Shî‘ah I would find them nothing other than pretenders. If I had to put
them to the test I would only find them to be apostates. If I were to
scrutinise them I would be left with only one in a thousand. Were I to sift
them thoroughly I would be left with only the handful that is truly mine.
They have been sitting on cushions all along, saying: " We are the Shî‘ah
of ‘Alî." (al-Kulaynî, Rawdat al-Kâfî vol. 8 p. 288)

Author Wilayaat ( ago)
@Muslim1993100 (AKA MuhammadAhmad1 AKA roopmati): Lover of Yazid, why
changed your nick AGAIN? Stop peddling same old copy & paste rubbish. Imams
(AS) are divinely appointed, not chosen by their followers. Other Imams
(AS) also had numerous sons, so what? Holy Prophet (S) stated would be 12
so that's it, no more & no less.Tell me Mr. Spam-A-Lot; which son of Imam
Hassan (AS) CLAIMED Imamat? And which sahaba named their sons after
Ahlulbayt (AS)? You claim they ALL loved aal e Nabi so name them.

Author Wilayaat ( ago)
@12342026: What does name have to do with anything? FYI there were over 20
sahaba called Umar & numerous called Uthman - prove to us Maula Ali (as)
named after caliphs? Also, stop lying on daughters all being called Ayesha,
shame on you. Lastly, stop copy/pasting from YouTube Nasibi MuhammadAhmad1
- or are you him under a different nick? Either way, shame on you. You have
no answer for your leaders running from kuffar so you divert & lie!

Author ali121786 ( ago)
shia r real muslim

Author szaghumabbas ( ago)
Ali Haq

Author Nasim Abbas ( ago)

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