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Author itanus7 (5 months)
hello i know its late to ask but i wanna know the addons used :D in this

Author Sofiane Ilyes (4 months)
Combat rogue plz

Author no way (8 months) Haha here's the
temporary armory link (dayuuuuuum)

Author TheLebronce (1 year)
what addons are you using, ui and that text?

Author João Oliveira (1 year)

Author jovan sucin (1 year)
6k is low dps for 6k gs

Author Виктор Тьма (9 months)
хм в 6200гс можно до 14к дать по гер маникену

Author Mateus Lovatto (1 year)
Could put the link to the build?

Author Miloš Stojaković (1 year)
Isn't better to use Glyph of Exorcism instead of Glyph of Consecration??
The glyph of Exorcism gives 20% + damage to exorcism, what's about 2k bonus
damage, while glyph of consecration gives just 2 more seconds to
consecration but gives 2 more seconds of cool down.

Author Marko Blazeka (1 year)
this suck

Author Hydro632 (1 year)
What is the name of this song?

Author Wickdzz (3 years)
Can u tell all Addons u used in that video?

Author Ram Singjali (2 years)
Hello! Have you heard related to the "Phantom Cash System"? I found out it
on Google Search and found out quite a few fantastic stuff about it. A lot
of my pal also recommend me to look into it

Author PrehistoricX (3 years)
I know the version is out of date.... But I play on a WotLK private server
and I wanted to know if you have a copy of that talent build I can look at?
Wowhead updated to cata talents, so that's a no go.

Author Mojse Nandor (2 years)
Can some1 answear me pls!?

Author Maynor Hernandez (2 years)

Author Teodoro o a (2 years)
hola que addon es el que usas?

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@Ishtelte qq moar retard

Author Burlogata Burlogarski (1 year)
plus this is heroic dummy!

Author Nathaniel Grimstad (3 years)
why tha fak you spamm divine storm on singel targets?

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@leontres321 Musicshake - Sunshine Coast... random YouTube Song

Author Nathaniel Grimstad (3 years)
@mbXtremeLive oh, give us a fresh guide man:D from 4.3.2 guide ?

Author Emi Ye (2 years)
glog and others stuffs mate :D

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@SalatMovies we are on 3.3.5 right? ;)

Author mbXtremeLive (2 years)
search for mbXtremeUI 1.0

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@Despiseful no and not interested

Author Andrea Favretto (3 years)
Also I can not, you can put them back please?

Author Dustin (3 years)
This is freaking hilarious how people are like 'z0mg haxor private server'
patch 3.3.5 scrubs...*sigh*

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
its outdated

Author Aow (3 years)
@Snakebre This was made pre-cata, the talents doesn't exist anymore :P This
video is for patch 3.3.5 as it says in the description, right now we're at
patch 4.3 in-game.

Author Axel Öhberg (2 years)
i cant log on to your web site , can you pls send a link that dosn't req
log in?? need that addon :) and oh btw what should i go for, blood dk or
ret paladin? playin on a pvt server with fully working arp ( blizzlike ) :)

Author Krieger von Fenrir (2 years)
is the interface an addon? can you tell me what? looks cool. nice video,
good for newbie 80s.

Author trungito Woo (2 years)
My rotation is: Judgement (Seal of Vengeance) Crusader Strike Divine Storm
Consencreation Exorcism (Proc) Crusader Strike And again .. On 5 proc of
Corruption all Buffs and Trinkets on.. Is this better ? want to know ..

Author SKITOLS007 (3 years)
What addons used in this video?

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
MSBT? (MikScrollingBattleText)

Author Robert G (1 year)
How did u make the art of war icon via MSBT?

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@Jootex9797 watch mbXtremeUI 1.0

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@SalatMovies released a 4.3 guide long ago... just check out my channel

Author dranzerpromage (3 years)
private servers FTW!!! is free :D, good video bro

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
mbXtremeUI 1.0 in that video

Author akiho batidor (2 years)
can u tell me the talents

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@SKITOLS007 mbXtremeUI 1.0

Author Andrea Favretto (3 years)
@Snakebre Also I can not, you can put them back please?

Author miiga mirzo (2 years)
pala neeed ability? thath true? btw nice video all good :)

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@LetsgoDJs ages ago :p privat servers ~.~

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
it's called "NiceDamage"

Author mbXtremeLive (2 years)
let me guess... 30% debuff in ICC? Privat Server? lol

Author mbXtremeLive (3 years)
@i3rdiclan wich mod is what ;P

Author whiteshark322 (2 years)

Author Niaza (2 years)
lol stupid noob

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