[Guide] - Paladin - Retribution Patch 3.3.5 - Rotation / Specs / Glyphs - Full HD

Welcome to the Paladin Retribution Guide!

*** Retribution ***

*** Note ***
This is not a DPS Showcase!
This Video is for the Rotation, Spec and Glyphs only!

*** Character ***

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Author SkyDriv3r ᴴᴰ | MidOrAfk Editor ( ago)
Could you upload your current interface UI Setting !

Author Minth Minthy ( ago)
can you link your talants again please <3 ty.

Author Kevin Knott ( ago)
wouldnt exorcism glyph work better then consecration?

Author Łahcimex 96 ( ago)
wut? as 6k gs paladin you were able to make only 6,6 dps?

Author cccombo777 ( ago)
Reload talants plz

Author Sofiane Ilyes ( ago)
Combat rogue plz

Author itanus7 ( ago)
hello i know its late to ask but i wanna know the addons used :D in this

Author Klas Junskog ( ago) Haha here's the
temporary armory link (dayuuuuuum)

Author Виктор Тьма ( ago)
хм в 6200гс можно до 14к дать по гер маникену

Author João Oliveira ( ago)

Author Jox In Box ( ago)
6k is low dps for 6k gs

Author Hydro632 ( ago)
What is the name of this song?

Author Mateus Lovatto ( ago)
Could put the link to the build?

Author TheLebronce ( ago)
what addons are you using, ui and that text?

Author Miloš Stojaković ( ago)
Isn't better to use Glyph of Exorcism instead of Glyph of Consecration??
The glyph of Exorcism gives 20% + damage to exorcism, what's about 2k bonus
damage, while glyph of consecration gives just 2 more seconds to
consecration but gives 2 more seconds of cool down.

Author Marko Blazeka ( ago)
this suck

Author Brendan Li ( ago)
Whats the addon for the scrolling damage display called>?

Author 999superboy ( ago)
ofc he will , i make 16-22k dps on raid and imagine what he would make o.O

Author Evaldas Silobritas ( ago)
* maike, sry for my bad english

Author Evaldas Silobritas ( ago)
can u manke the protection guid for paladin? Please for raids and dangeons?

Author Robert G ( ago)
How did u make the art of war icon via MSBT?

Author Sahell ( ago)
look at his gear - it's t10 (251 ilvl) and just Shadow's Edge.... and it's
Heroic Dummy + no buffs... in raid, he will make 10k +

Author Burlogata Burlogarski ( ago)
plus this is heroic dummy!

Author Treides ( ago)
Which is the addon that shows you the damage done by each skill?(srry for
my english :P)

Author Ryan Farrar ( ago)
Hey, guys! I just started playing on this awesome new server called
eternal-wow. It's so easy to set up an account, and get connected. I was
literally playing my character in less than a minute. I used to have so
much trouble trying to find a decent server to play on. Well, now I'm
playing on the best. Check it out, guys. You won't regret it!

Author Roshan Pai ( ago)
You need to rethink decisions then

Author Pinedsauce ( ago)
Anyone who says its "super low Dps" first of all he's on a dummy totally
unbuffed , in a general raid environment he'll be pulling 10k+ and second
of all , many of the Dps whores commenting dot realize that Dps races
aren't the most important thing, survivial and tactics determine what make
you wipe or not

Author Petromir Cvetkov ( ago)
can u tell me the name of the damage addon

Author edijs belinskis ( ago)
superlow dps,i can pull 9k dps with my 5,4 gs score sh1t face

Author RStunits ( ago)
What addons do u use to get ur IU TO look that that?

Author Destajz ( ago)
need this song =X

Author Олег Мальцев ( ago)
Hey. Could you send me a list of add-ons used in this video. This is my

Author Freezzy ( ago)

Author Freezzy ( ago)
I'd take STS over HCDC

Author Jan Pizúr ( ago)
What is this addon? (shows the art of war next to chat menu)

Author Emi Ye ( ago)
glog and others stuffs mate :D

Author Soulless941 ( ago)

Author Soulless941 ( ago)
can you show your talent build ? pls

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
You should have way less expertise O_o try to get rid of it

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
This is for PvE

Author Emi Ye ( ago)
I don't understand i got 38 expertise on my pala(donated) why do i need
seal of Vengance than :S

Author MrNunchakulee ( ago)
So this is mainly for pvp? The glyphs and everything?

Author Alexander King ( ago)
i tried a few rotation variations myself and i came to a point where using
consecration was actually a waist of mana... So what i ended up creating
was this like spell rotation Judgement Light/Wisdom Crusader Strike Divine
Storm Sacred Shield Crusader Strike then i would use Exorcism (when off
cooldown right after Sacred Shield) and i would only use Consecration when
my GENERAL Cooldown was too long. Of course Divine Plea always active. Hope
it helps those still on 3.3.5 ;)

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
search for mbXtremeUI 1.0

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
not anymore, sry vid is to old

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
MikScrollingBattleText, NiceDamage, right side? wut?

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
so old video, mr privat server hero :P

Author Sirgan S ( ago)
What Addons do u use? (interface, bars, etc)??

Author akiho batidor ( ago)
can u tell me the talents

Author Mojse Nandor ( ago)
Can some1 answear me pls!?

Author Mojse Nandor ( ago)
What is the name of the damage addons? and the chrit addon? that one on the
right side!

Author miiga mirzo ( ago)
pala neeed ability? thath true? btw nice video all good :)

Author Max Khan ( ago)
so... so low dps with shadow edge.

Author Ram Singjali ( ago)
Hello! Have you heard related to the "Phantom Cash System"? I found out it
on Google Search and found out quite a few fantastic stuff about it. A lot
of my pal also recommend me to look into it

Author mbXtremeLive (637 years ago)

Author tano tanotanotano ( ago)
tard, now u have to count 30%+ damage cause icc´s buff, and u have to count
with raid´s buffs.. he can do around 20k dps without problems

Author Maynor Hernandez ( ago)

Author jiří mikovec (1822 years ago)
6K DPS ? :DD Fail :D

Author John Smith ( ago)
best trinket choices in PvE? I play with: Deaths Choice HC and Skull HC...
some pals play with Tiny Jar, double Choice, Herkuml... what is the best?

Author josse2893 ( ago)
Weapon, is that the shadow's edge or the shadow's mourne!?.

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
search for mbXtremeUI 1.0

Author Kenn Mark ( ago)
is the interface an addon? can you tell me what? looks cool. nice video,
good for newbie 80s.

Author Orc Man ( ago)
I am confuse.. should i b using Seal of Corruption or Seal of Command for
more damage??? in PVE!

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
str ofcourse... your dmg scales with str

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
check out

Author White Shark ( ago)

Author Ilmeeni Kun ( ago)
I love how people come to whine about how low the dps is on wotlk videos..

Author SilentzCAEU ( ago)
1 question: As a paladin, what is better in sockets? Strength or Armour
penetration or spell damage. I'm asking this because a paladin use mana as
resource and instants attacks it's about holy damage. Plz awsner back. Good
video btw ;)

Author Anton Iliev ( ago)
so umm where can i get that addon from? or maybe u can just send it to me
somehow :D

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
the logins do work on the website and how should i know what you should
play? :P

Author Niaza ( ago)
lol stupid noob

Author Axel Öhberg (350 years ago)
i cant log on to your web site , can you pls send a link that dosn't req
log in?? need that addon :) and oh btw what should i go for, blood dk or
ret paladin? playin on a pvt server with fully working arp ( blizzlike ) :)

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
search for mbXtremeUI 1.0

Author Ferda Grossmann ( ago)
any1 noticed that the flag of the dummy waved in the beat of the song?

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
Sorry, Vid is about 2 Years old

Author Shilo Nelson ( ago)
what about talents? the link is for cata

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
vid is 2 years old, right? and back then, that (video) was the correct

Author trungito Woo ( ago)
My rotation is: Judgement (Seal of Vengeance) Crusader Strike Divine Storm
Consencreation Exorcism (Proc) Crusader Strike And again .. On 5 proc of
Corruption all Buffs and Trinkets on.. Is this better ? want to know ..

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
let me guess... 30% debuff in ICC? Privat Server? lol

Author samotron1984 ( ago)
lol and i was worried about my dps... i do 6k in t9 mate.

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
MSBT (MikScrollingBattleText) with Jacinto Font

Author JPguizzeline ( ago)
Hey dude, how you get the name of the skils with you values on the right
side of your char? Which AddOn is it? I have NiceDamage one and is not same
as yours

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
wotlk is years ago so can't tell ya the exact talents i had there, sorry

Author TheRoky913 ( ago)
what about talents please?

Author Teodoro o a ( ago)
hola que addon es el que usas?

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
i made those for 4.3 - i'm a retail player

Author Pablo Rodriguez ( ago)
Dude can you make a video of hunter survivor...o marksman spec sorry for my
bad english but if you understand me.. no problem jeje

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
if you play cata why you need a wotlk 3.3.5 guide

Author Bass Drop ( ago)

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
at 00:26

Author Tiago Silva ( ago)
i dont get it where are the glyphs?

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
mbXtremeUI 1.0 in that video

Author TheMoebro ( ago)
What is your UI called?

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
it's called "NiceDamage"

Author Oliver Saunders ( ago)
omg this is bugging me, what font is that damage?!

Author joestar99 ( ago)
Right on!

Author dranzerpromage ( ago)
private servers FTW!!! is free :D, good video bro

Author mbXtremeLive ( ago)
PvE... PvE needs Rotation, PvP needs brain

Author Benjieeje ( ago)
Is this the PvP rotation or PvE?

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