Stobarts at Tesco Macc 2

Eddie Stobart vehicle delivering to Tesco store Macclesfield 2 driving the wrong way up a one way road and then still struggling to get in.

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Could not decide what to do,,,,,,,,,,


Author Neil Morgan (6 months)
If you weren't parked where you were he would have flew in there. You
didn't even attempt to move. Knobhead. 

Author Ben Murphy (8 months)
nothing wrong with that, he did a good job, but that tesco is layed out

Author mowburnt (6 months)
Just to clarify, this is not a publicly owned road, it's one of the stores
roads which they built as access, so not public highway. It would seem the
staff held back traffic to aid him so the only danger really was the lorry
driver who didn't move

Author mowburnt (6 months)
Private road, he can co what he wants and what the store allowed. The lorry
this was filmed from didn't help matters by not moving.

Author Kieran Laines (8 months)
he needed maybe 2ft more for a perfect in one reverse but there was a gay
nerdy class 2 rigid box van driver in the way filming..... notice how he
hid cao wmera when the artic got close to him

Author spinaway (9 months)
I have been driving artics since 1978 and have seen many seasoned trucker
stand and watch a new driver hit a wall or a trailer before he would get
out and help him, i always get out and offer assistance, we all had to
learn once, its time that proffesional lorry drivers showed there
proffesionalism and helped out The younger drivers coming up today.

Author JRT313 (9 months)
I truly can not believe people are slating that reversing id say it was a
cracking job, he was still a plonker for coming the wrong way up a one way
street but earned his stars back for the backing!

Author smar tersa (10 months)
Firstly, he's come the wrong way up the street, because to reverse in there
on his blind side would be near impossible. Secondly if it's an automatic
MAN TGX, then they're not the best for perfoming tight manouvres,
especially in the wet.There is no kind of clutch control and they lurch
backwards. Thirdly the film maker is a tosser for not moving back a bit so
he could get a better line in. Finally, these stores with awkward access
should have a policy to have someone back the driver in from a main road!
They do on building sites for health and safety reasons, so why can't they
at a multimillion pound supermarket chain!!

Author Norbeemagination (11 months)
fucking tesco were they designed?

Author m anwar (11 months)
dick head took the wall out only a stobbart driver can do this 

Author kirk stirling (8 months)
Should have moved you cunt!!

Author t4 unhe 199 (10 months)
that is basic driving the only mistake was working for eddies go cart 

Author gubber123456 (11 months)
cameraman is a tosser,sat in the drivers way so he couldn't get a good
setup for the reverse then is a total coward when filming cos when the
driver came forward he hid the camera....grow up and grow a pair u loser.i
bet u couldn't make that reverse!!!!!

Author peter claxton (1 year)
if the person videoing this got out the way he might have got a better turn
in... common sense,,

Author bradley jamie (2 years)
well that was naughty i think he come from the wrong way if u look at 3:55
arrows going the other way

Author Charwoman (2 years)
did it not occur to you to pull back?????

Author tony virg (2 years)
Jesus christ, what a fucking nightmare. This site needs to be dragged into
the 21st century

Author tom pilling (2 years)
no wonder he's havin trouble with a wanker like you sat in his way!!!

Author P1mpMyBr1de (2 years)
He had to approach on the wrong side of the road cos truckers dont reverse
on their blind side. It's an amazingly difficult maneuvre!

Author makitagirl1 (1 year)
thats some damn good driving

Author Cezar K (2 years)
fuck off.eddie stotbart dont have any stupid driver.tesco has 80%,so shut
the fuck up.

Author jonnypats (2 years)
Looks like the planners could do with removing another section of that
wall, make it a damn site easier.

Author graham yogibear (1 year)
who was the nob sat in lorry tht didnt move, total ass hole

Author ernest iceton (2 years)
only way nice one

Author prospect4186 (2 years)
This driver new the risk, but at the end of the day he had to get the
trailer in in the safest possible way thats what he did, Im sure if a
policeman saw him he would of understood. The driver has a job to do, and
if you ask me that was the best reverse i have seen anydriver do.

Author Rickydicky (1 year)
I m with the others youe in his way muppett

Author scits1 (2 years)
what and polish freshlinc then they can destroy yet another industry here
whilst sending all the cash back to warsaw thats a good idea is'nt it

Author Philip McCartney (2 years)
@onemattsmith i take it your a young driver who needs a FORTY acre field to
turn a unit and trailer,you need to wise up and smell the coffee i would
not move for you so that you could get reversed in,if you cannot blind side
reverse then do something else ,like be a painter,you tosser.

Author M245475SH (1 year)
You should have jumped out and shown him how it's done. TWAT !!

Author Joe taz6 (1 year)
Think it would have being easer to Back her from blind side ....

Author wikkadoo (1 year)
Loading yards are built as if they are an afterthought; architects don't
realise the difficulties involved when you manoeuvre such a larger vehicle.

Author scits1 (2 years)
i think if the police had came along the stobart drive would have been the
one getting the ticket

Author RNDMGAMRUK (2 years)
Eddie Stobart,haven,t a fucking clue,shit company,shit drivers

Author peter tinnelly (2 years)
prick never even made an attempt to move dick was in the way.

Author neilellerton (1 year)
I agree with bigsabigsamf.....if you had moved back or drove off it would
have made it allot easyer for the guy !!

Author sally-anne ralph (1 year)
agree with you and give the driver credit for trying

Author Frank Gallagher (2 years)
@dieselphil59 , i would be out my lorry up to your window slapping your
puss for filming me illegally for a start its also against the law to film
people without there consent . I would then present you with the wanker of
the week award for sitting in a vehicle right in the fucking way like the
up your own arse awkward cunt that you are .

Author ryanucr (1 year)
Talking about the operational planners not the drivers here

Author threckulator (2 years)
@george20y Yea! Stotbart is good drivers.

Author Joe taz6 (1 year)
Haha like the way you hid camera

Author peter tinnelly (2 years)
ya thats why the cunt was hiding the camera sly cunt,hope he gets done for
hours the dick.

Author Philip McCartney (2 years)
@4crevis no i bloody well would not move the stobart driver is an
arsehole,and it's not tight just he cant drive,he is after all breaking the
LAW of the ROAD.u *****

Author scits1 (2 years)
to go the correct way and blindside reverse would have been a lot easier
and had there been a copper there he would have

Author suemayrose (2 years)
I think if the police came along , they would of moved your dad !!

Author Matt Smith (2 years)
@100madmatt i know it wasn't a blind side reverse, if you read my comment
correctly you'll see i said no one likes to blind side reverse hence why he
drove down there instead of backing in from main road.

Author davyhboro (2 years)
You fucking shithouse......if you hadnt parked your fucking daft merc
shitbox there the lad wouldnt have had a problem...YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH
THIS MANOUVRE YOU CUNT...if id had seen you filming whilst i were reversing
that id have put ya clean in hospital...FACT

Author the flying bathtub (2 years)
stobart have to take risks have you not seen stobart trucks and trailors on
5 every job they do is LIFE AND F******G DEATH those biscuits nearly didn't
make it to doncaster before everybody was killed in a big FIRE .

Author Nathan Strawn (2 years)
Gee, I sure I get someone with a brain nearby when I'm manouvering like
that, not a camera-yealding tit like you. KNOB!

Author killsville1972 (1 year)
So he's come the wrong way up a one way street. I suppose the cameraman
could blindside that into there! Well done Mr Stobbart driver. Good job

Author scits1 (2 years)
try lunsford tesco the road aint as wide 90 degree blindside bollards on
left and home shopping vans on right and one chance to get on the bay or
you pull out and start again, that store helped me lose my hair (well thats
my excuse for going bald)

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