Stobarts at Tesco Macc 2

Eddie Stobart vehicle delivering to Tesco store Macclesfield 2 driving the wrong way up a one way road and then still struggling to get in.

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Author S J Powell ( ago)
Videoing him and then posting this shit online is a really cunty thing to
do. Hope you're proud of yourself. Drivers need to stick day
it might be you!! The guy did a good job, considering you were right in his
fucking line & didn't move until he asked... *and if you're so good you
should have seen well before the line he needed was where you were and

FYI A lot of stores have this arrangement where you go in a different way
to how its signed. And thats not a fucking struggle...and his only mistake
in my view was not getting you to move right from the start.

Author Neil Morgan ( ago)
If you weren't parked where you were he would have flew in there. You
didn't even attempt to move. Knobhead. 

Author mowburnt ( ago)
Just to clarify, this is not a publicly owned road, it's one of the stores
roads which they built as access, so not public highway. It would seem the
staff held back traffic to aid him so the only danger really was the lorry
driver who didn't move

Author mowburnt ( ago)
Private road, he can co what he wants and what the store allowed. The lorry
this was filmed from didn't help matters by not moving.

Author kirk stirling ( ago)
Should have moved you cunt!!

Author Ben Murphy ( ago)
nothing wrong with that, he did a good job, but that tesco is layed out

Author Kieran Laines ( ago)
he needed maybe 2ft more for a perfect in one reverse but there was a gay
nerdy class 2 rigid box van driver in the way filming..... notice how he
hid cao wmera when the artic got close to him

Author JRT313 ( ago)
I truly can not believe people are slating that reversing id say it was a
cracking job, he was still a plonker for coming the wrong way up a one way
street but earned his stars back for the backing!

Author smar tersa ( ago)
Firstly, he's come the wrong way up the street, because to reverse in there
on his blind side would be near impossible. Secondly if it's an automatic
MAN TGX, then they're not the best for perfoming tight manouvres,
especially in the wet.There is no kind of clutch control and they lurch
backwards. Thirdly the film maker is a tosser for not moving back a bit so
he could get a better line in. Finally, these stores with awkward access
should have a policy to have someone back the driver in from a main road!
They do on building sites for health and safety reasons, so why can't they
at a multimillion pound supermarket chain!!

Author t4 unhe 199 ( ago)
that is basic driving the only mistake was working for eddies go cart 

Author Norbeemagination ( ago)
fucking tesco were they designed?

Author gubber123456 ( ago)
cameraman is a tosser,sat in the drivers way so he couldn't get a good
setup for the reverse then is a total coward when filming cos when the
driver came forward he hid the camera....grow up and grow a pair u loser.i
bet u couldn't make that reverse!!!!!

Author m anwar ( ago)
dick head took the wall out only a stobbart driver can do this 

Author Robert Smart ( ago)
you no if he would losen his tye he could do it in one shunt and not look
the part for stuttering eddy who dont give a shit about anything else as
long as it looks good

Author Chris Goddard ( ago)
Hats off to him, I passed my LGV theory yesterday so next is practical and
can imagine this is going to be bloody hard. 

Author graham yogibear ( ago)
whose the nob head filming , y didn't he move back, made job a lot easier,
thick get.....

Author DFLgaming ( ago)
Thats a well old MAN tgx would of thought stobart would invest in the
latest models

Author Carl Smith ( ago)
You want to try reversing out of a side st on a red route in West Norwood
London, the shop is an old cinema & will refuse to banks you over as their
only insured on their property, they also refuse the del if the goods are
on the offside as they can't take them off, it is illegal to reverse out
onto a main rd but the shop is always overflowing with stock, it has to be

Author Carl Smith ( ago)
To anyone who thinks blind side is the answer, Wrong, the overhang on the
building, it's raining, visibility looking through near side mirrors is a
hazard, the width of the road, you would be the thickest driver in history
to attempt it, it's a Red del point & should only be done by a 20 foot Trl,
he was lucky he had staff to stop the traffic, their not insured off the
premises if anything goes wrong.

Author Aaron S ( ago)
Blind side would've been easier and safer for sure!

Author Aaron S ( ago)
He's not in the way.....any Muppet can see that Lol!

Author Aaron S ( ago)
Makes me laugh to see all the comments slagging the guy with the camera
off, for not being further away or moving back. Yet it's perfectly clear to
see that the Sobart Driver should've reversed in blind side as there's
plenty more room and a better angle, and he may have had to get out and
look..... Rather than wasting his time trying to Jack-knife it in at a
tighter angle as it's clear the kerb is in the way...... Bad planning more
than anything else, but this stobart made it look hard!

Author Rickydicky ( ago)
Having said all that there might be more room to blind side in but traffic
needs managing by banksman

Author Rickydicky ( ago)
I m with the others youe in his way muppett

Author elliot prest ( ago)
if you would have reversed and let him have some room maybe he would have
done it instead have coming out and in 

Author ryanucr ( ago)
Talking about the operational planners not the drivers here

Author ryanucr ( ago)
The amount of fucking stobart trucks i see blocking up small villages as
they try to get in to Tesco Express yards.... If you're going to take up a
logistics contract, you should at least know how to plan your drop's
carefully using the right vehicles... fucking morons

Author Jonathan Kubiak ( ago)
It is a private tescos road and a tescos employee can celarly be seen
walking up the road just prior to the truck's arrival (and presumably stops
the traffic). What is the issue? 

Author M245475SH ( ago)
You should have jumped out and shown him how it's done. TWAT !!

Author catherine tamms ( ago)
ad like to c the cunt that video this putting an artic in there 

Author sally-anne ralph ( ago)
agree with you and give the driver credit for trying

Author catherine tamms ( ago)
c who ever the fuk stick is that took this video sitting in his little 7.5
tonner i past a kid that had a bigger skate board than your lorry a mean
van fukin tit get a life or a hgv noooooobbbbbbb 

Author graham yogibear ( ago)
who was the nob sat in lorry tht didnt move, total ass hole

Author Bob Betty ( ago)
Good job driver!!! I been driving Arctics over a year and would have not
done that so quick! 

Author Phillip Goppa ( ago)
MuseumdeLatique translates as the "museum of parasites", but it's not
correct french, leads me to believe the person videoing this, is an amateur
in every sense. A prime example of the folly of Mrs Thatchers' goverment,
in reducing the age from 21 to 18, allowing the driver of this video clip,
to obtain a licence. I won't work in the former " Great Britain", anymore,
since regrettably this kind of stupid inconsiderate driver, obstructing the
Stobart lorry, is typical uk form, nowadays. CL 1 dvr

Author ghostintheshelll ( ago)
Dear MuseumdeLatique, you just expose your ignorance. You don't know a shit
about real driving. Learn about blind side reversing, then you will have
understood why he went the wrong way up. Regards.

Author 3D Gamer ( ago)
Scottie2Grottie absolutely agree, these supermarkets are in prime catchment
areas but utterly fucking useless spots for artic drivers. I used to work
for Arla foods in leeds, I went to one supermarket over by Whitby and
because of the way they dumped all the old tesco cages in the back yard it
took me 90 minutes to turn around just to get parked.

Author XANF2 ( ago)
Well done to the driver, that looked difficult

Author barumxxy ( ago)
great bit of reversing that is a nasty entrance !

Author Robert Lye ( ago)
it is a blindside delivery , cause of the angle , not easy in full side
artic. the delivery truck should have been smaller , with rear-steer, even
so , man with cam , should have moved

Author Paulo Pais ( ago)
can u please next time stick ur camera in ur fucking arse and go help the
driver? wd b easier for everybody. and move ur shopping trolley out of the
way please

Author michael pearson ( ago)
tell tescos to fuck off and the fucking wanker with cam should back up let
him have room

Author Ryan M ( ago)
hahahaha little cock with the camera shits himself when the truck pulls up
close lol hahaha your safe mate he didnt see you filming 

Author Lazy Loafer ( ago)
Nothing wrong with that, well driven. As for the uploader enough has been
said to cover that.

Author John Skeels ( ago)
Its a Tesco access road, not a public highway. The road markings are placed
by the shop, not the highway authorities. Hence, no laws are being broken.
The markings are there simply to advise, to assist traffic flow.

Author Nordic ( ago)
no. Then he would have turned in from his " blind side" which is harder to

Author Nordic ( ago)
I think he did a good job. Yes he had some problems, but they onle came cos
of the little fucker that filmed it. Dumbass. 

Author Joe Taz6 ( ago)
Think it would have being easer to Back her from blind side ....

Author Joe Taz6 ( ago)
Haha like the way you hid camera

Author HAHAHLOL123 ( ago)

Author wikkadoo (1825 years ago)
Loading yards are built as if they are an afterthought; architects don't
realise the difficulties involved when you manoeuvre such a larger vehicle.

Author bolloxcuntass ( ago)
Cunty little faggot in his atego making thing difficult. Got a complex cos
he's not a proper trucker but talks the talk when at a truck stop (parked
out of sight so no one knows what a failure in life he really is).

Author peter claxton ( ago)
if the person videoing this got out the way he might have got a better turn
in... common sense,, 

Author Paul Sheldrake ( ago)
no it wouldnt be easier. If he goes the other way he would be reversing on
hid blind side and it is so much harder to see where you are reversing 

Author paul phillips ( ago)
I,m with you, as the truck whether it's Stobart or not, if he was not
parked there, then the driver could have swung over more and gone back in 1
movement, but because 'numb nut' in his 7.5t go kart did not have the sense
to move and allow a fellow trucker a better chance at reversing, how he has
the nerve to record this and try to convince the world not all stobart
drivers are stars, granted, but give him the space and he still f**ks it
up, then we can all laugh.........

Author Mareekk20 ( ago)
I'm sure that guy who was filming this would shit him self on the Stobart's
driver place. I hope some day when you will need some help other guy will
film you instead help you...

Author Libyaforlibyan17feb ( ago)
If he reverse from the other way of the road that would be easier

Author MrMark0611 ( ago)
Done this store 100 times and if you ask me it is a piece of cake up to the
tree right hand side touch branch. ( hangs in road ) then turn in just
watch your corners and there you go !!! The reason the driver struggled is
that he didn't read the risk assesment for the store or wasn't given one

Author Enterprising Rail Films (797 years ago)
Ladys put your hang-bags away, give him a break, jezz

Author ernest iceton ( ago)
only way nice one 

Author bradley jamie ( ago)
well that was naughty i think he come from the wrong way if u look at 3:55
arrows going the other way 

Author the trooper ( ago)
look, you...idiot, who recorded...tell you patents to think next time b4
having unprotected sex... .. must be ... .... .

Author MrMondeo55 ( ago)
the person that recorded this couldn't park his arse on a toilet seat

Author Charwoman ( ago)
did it not occur to you to pull back?????

Author MrArgenta120 ( ago)
The asshole should help the driver instead making f*cking footage.

Author Fox Mulder ( ago)
Good ol Eddie ;)

Author TheWolf7421 ( ago)
It's drivers like this, wrong way on a one way street, wrong lane and
deciding they've got right of way, no indicators, overtaking at one mph
faster when the one on the inside can lift their foot and help clear lane 2
etc that give the rest of us RESPONSIBLE truck drivers a bad name. Before
you start whining about gathering speed again on a hill, that argument held
water when you were driving a 142 with 280bhp and 38t but when you're
sitting on the thick end of 500bhp, you're talking crap.

Author TheChrisb27 ( ago)
forget whats going on in the video, whats the score in the cricket???

Author smokemybloke ( ago)
got to be a millitant lazy doncaster driver doing the filming, its no
wonder T@S@O got them out and now stobarts want rid of them too. 1k a week
and 1 drop a night thats not proper driving work is it?

Author tonyh791 ( ago)
he struggled to get in cos you were in his way you braindead prat 

Author mark zap ( ago)
fucking good driving.. as for the cunt with the camera you piece of shit
hope you get stuck one day and lose your job...i bet this was your drop
once you bitter and twisted CUNT

Author aldj1983 ( ago)
has to drive the wrong way up as otherwise he would have to blindside and
that is very dangerous in a drop like that , also that is a tight as hell
drop , why did you not help back him in instead of moaning ? 

Author peter tinnelly ( ago)
prick never even made an attempt to move dick was in the way.

Author peter tinnelly ( ago)
ya thats why the cunt was hiding the camera sly cunt,hope he gets done for
hours the dick.

Author peter tinnelly ( ago)
spot on lad well said fair play to the driver,cameraman a dickhead,if we
dont help each other who will,not prickd like this guy.

Author peter tinnelly ( ago)
totally agree lad,a prick if ever there was one,none of us perfect.

Author jonnypats ( ago)
Looks like the planners could do with removing another section of that
wall, make it a damn site easier. 

Author rockandroll626 ( ago)
so you have got 44 ton artic i'd like you to help me not idle cunt

Author MrMark0611 ( ago)
Tesco Macclesfield 2 um " WHY NOT FOLLOW THE RISK ASSESMENT " up to the
bush in front of the Tesco truck as tight as you can to the kerb then throw
it in !!!

I mean i`m no trucker But, if i saw that problem i would at least try to
guide him in safely . Rather than sit on my arse & video him struggling. 

NO consideration to help a fellow trucker out. More interested in filming
the driver who is struggling to back into the loading bay. What a KNOB!!!
Good 1 for the Stobbart driver who managed to do it all on his own. NO
THANKS to the MORON!!! who was just filming him. 

Author Jim Elwell ( ago)
Now you know why they only get 1 drop per day ,,, lol 

Author gorrila m ( ago)
just goes to show that eddie stobart can handle idiots like you

Author Kevin Hall (195 years ago)
He'd have had an easier time if some prick in a numpty truck had not sat
right in his way

Author topgrafter2007 ( ago)
What would of been good footage... someone filming the Stobart driver
knocking fuck out of YOU for filming him!!

Author njm74 ( ago)
whats wrong with that then you prize prick sitting there in ya little 7.5
tonne merc

Author dave clarke ( ago)
con grats the guy used his head unlike the twat filming... 

Author rockinbillyboy (355 years ago)
Well done that man!!..excellent driving!!...i hope the managers at
Stobbart's see this and appreciate the stress a driver can have when making
drops. Sales reps drive into car parks in their Mondeos, take an order and
don't give one thought to how the driver has to get in!

Author Andrew Lodge ( ago)

Author paul coul (1338 years ago)
he got nthe job done what more can you say 

Author Aaron S (1874 years ago)
looks like he made it 10 times harder than it needed to be, I'd have gone
for a blind side reverse.

Author Bas (46 years ago)
You could help him rather than filming the situation. He's struggling to
get in because you'r to lazy to move you'r truck a bit backwards. And
hiding you'r camera when he is near you is just sad!

Author Richard Hughes ( ago)
who did he get permission to drive wrong way in a one way street? 

Author David Hunn ( ago)
That driver did a good job of getting though the gate. The moron behind the
camera, who apparently was also in a truck should have realised that more
room was needed for the Stobart driver to set the thing up, and moved back
a lot sooner than he did.

Author P1mpMyBr1de ( ago)
Aye* I do some trunking for Stobarts on weekends to Tesco RDC's. Had my 1st
ever store delivery on friday in Chesterfield which nearly gave me a heart
attack. I'm dreading this one. Wish i could stick to the A - B trunking!

Author scits1 ( ago)
try lunsford tesco the road aint as wide 90 degree blindside bollards on
left and home shopping vans on right and one chance to get on the bay or
you pull out and start again, that store helped me lose my hair (well thats
my excuse for going bald)

Author scits1 ( ago)
i think if the police had came along the stobart drive would have been the
one getting the ticket

Author scits1 ( ago)
to go the correct way and blindside reverse would have been a lot easier
and had there been a copper there he would have

Author scits1 ( ago)
what and polish freshlinc then they can destroy yet another industry here
whilst sending all the cash back to warsaw thats a good idea is'nt it 

Author TheJo2305 ( ago)
Just shows how thick these Stobart drivers are though! Why didn't he get
out of his cab and tell this prick to move his car?

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