Intimate Note - SNSD [08.28.09] 2/6 [ENG SUB]

Sooyoung is so funny!!!!
Thats why I LOVe Her LoL!!!!
Credit goes to Soshi Subs

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Author hendy ramdani (1 year)
Intimate Note - SNSD [08.28.09] 2/6 [ENG SUB]

Author tania salim (2 years)
wkwkwk veryy realy funny i will funny in one home wkwkwk

Author navim589 (2 years)
Sooyoung screaming LOL

Author Eunhae_icefishes (2 years)
I'm sorry to say this but I'm a bit agree with what Seohyun say to Sunny
because when i first know SNSD Sunny was too cute so i thought she was
maknae and Seohyun was older than her but after that I search on Google and
it was opposite as I thought.Anyway I love SNSD.

Author garllene faith (1 year)
Jessica! hahaha!!

Author Angel x (1 year)
If you look closely, you would notice that all of the members are wearing
makeup. Just some are more natural, while a couple of members are wearing
more eyeliner/mascara. However, all of the members are wearing makeup. :)
<3 of course, they still would look pretty without the makeup.

Author pop harukaze (2 years)

Author Princessbloq SONE (2 years)
HYOYEON Complaints is the BEST!!

Author melody verganio (2 years)
wahaha!!taeyeon dj-ing while sleeping cracks me up!!

Author Fany Tastic (2 years)
ahh no fany :(

Author XING YING WU (2 years)
this is so darnin funny i started crying

Author Anson Chiah (2 years)
Lee soonkyu is cute....

Author hardeninone (1 year)
hahaha sooyoung saying hyoyeon is teroris stylish,,,its true

Author Isaac Lim (2 years)
Oh gawd the way Sunny crinkles her nose! 3

Author Hina Chan (2 years)
Yoona is so pretty here and she's a bit meatier.

Author cheei (2 years)
I love yoona's hair here ^^ I wish they kept it :D

Author wai ye (2 years)
taeyeon so cute ~

Author iloveyoushizuru (1 year)
wow they are so funny... lol

Author mxkxylplk (2 years)
for some reason, i always thought Jessica was taller because of her legs.
But then i see her standing next to Sunny and Taeyeon and i realize she's
short. I also wish Hyoyeon would have hair color like the one she has here
instead of the blonde look she has now. She looks so hot with darker hair

Author michelle herman (2 years)
because she's maknae haha

Author yopleh (2 years)
Taeyeon timing...ahhhha so cute!

Author Princessbloq SONE (2 years)
yes you right!! they are duo complaints!!

Author Nick Sekai (1 year)
Poor Yuri have to endure Sooyoung loud voice xDD..

Author HeathyDodo (2 years)
Sooyoung is so vicious ! LOL <3

Author hannylee99 (2 years)
how can hyoyeon be a fashion designer when snsd label her as their fashion

Author Tammilynn Cheng (2 years)
4:08 -> Twinkle move!

Author Iz C (2 years)
LOL taeyeon's "WHAT?!" XD 3:17

Author JUNHONG channel (1 year)

Author Caitlin Lie (2 years)
can't watch part 3 x_x

Author hendy ramdani (1 year)
sunny ]

Author Kriza Padilla (1 year)
LOL. The two maknaes are close to each other. <3

Author kevRhode (2 years)
I love how SNSD fight here (>o<)

Author 미드나잇 (2 years)
Yoona isn't wearing make-up right? she's really pretty.. and omg, i love
hyoyeon xD

Author StarXNite (2 years)
every part except this part is blocked > the other parts??? i really want to watch this!

Author filss (2 years)
HYOYEON is the BEST!! fixed ! ;)

Author yara kfouri (2 years)
what a great show! i thoroughly enjoyed it. it would have been better if
tiffany were there though.

Author ShineeGeneration26 (2 years)
Hyo and Soo were so funny!

Author MsEmilyse (2 years)
Haha real funny

Author soshifan1234 (2 years)
Taeyeon And Hyoyeon come up with the great comebacks that the members get
scared lol

Author gnesisbroken (2 years)
taenggggsicccc. <3

Author Nerdy Kuan (2 years)
snsd's talents: singing, dancing, aegyo, languages speaking, being humor

Author Rae Keat (1 year)

Author mellymolly132 (1 year)
Hahahahahah sooyoung and hyoyeon hahahah:'D

Author hannah culla (1 year)
<3 jessica <3

Author Kriza Padilla (1 year)
Why is Taeyeon the only one wearing make up? While the others are not?

Author 97kangel (2 years)
Hyoyeon -3 lmaoo the only one made me laugh hyo soo yuri teo

Author Phiel Yzabl (2 years)
Where's part 3?

Author jayzer101 (1 year)
cant stop laughing

Author Gesu' e iL Signore (2 years)
i love you giappone.........................

Author cris13lol (1 year)
sooyoung got a little excited xD

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