Intimate Note - SNSD [08.28.09] 2/6 [ENG SUB]

Sooyoung is so funny!!!!
Thats why I LOVe Her LoL!!!!
Credit goes to Soshi Subs

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Author jayzer101 ( ago)
cant stop laughing

Author Danica Dela Cruz ( ago)
Yoona's LAUGH :DD so cute ! I LOVE SNSD <333

Author Zaynxo12 ( ago)
sooyoung and hyoyeon!! i freaking love these two laughing machines!!! 

Author hendy ramdani ( ago)
hhe taeyeon 

Author Syahida Masri ( ago)
hahahha, sooyoung so funny ! I like her . XD

Author Syahida Masri ( ago)
faking cute sunny. Annoyed

Author hendy ramdani ( ago)
heh na kamsa mida 

Author UniqueCo ( ago)
Omygosh this is too hilarious. Hahahahahahah

Author Thuy Truong ( ago)
If you look closely, you would notice that all of the members are wearing
makeup. Just some are more natural, while a couple of members are wearing
more eyeliner/mascara. However, all of the members are wearing makeup. :)
<3 of course, they still would look pretty without the makeup.

Author Kriza Padilla ( ago)
Why is Taeyeon the only one wearing make up? While the others are not? 

Author Kriza Padilla ( ago)
LOL. The two maknaes are close to each other. <3 

Author Iloveyoushizuru ( ago)
wow they are so funny... lol

Author Listen to ExO's Monster! ( ago)
soooyoung and taeyeon...:) love them 

Author Jahlene Orbino ( ago)
Hyoyeon and Sooyoung XD

Author Nick Sekai ( ago)
Poor Yuri have to endure Sooyoung loud voice xDD.. 

Author 9GG1Kath ( ago)
Hahaha I love this! SNSD forever!

Author garllene faith ( ago)
Jessica! hahaha!!

Author MrFluckerz ( ago)
where did sooyoung become part time comedian?

Author jasmine nana ( ago)
hahaha TAEYEON's reaction at 3:32 makes me laugh....hahahaha

Author hendy ramdani ( ago)
sunny ]

Author Chlow Nicole Lopez ( ago)
was this when her grandfather passed away and she had to go back to

Author mellymolly132 ( ago)
Hahahahahah sooyoung and hyoyeon hahahah:'D

Author Outbox creations ( ago)
hyoyeonnn cutee...

Author Yesterday Mistakes ( ago)

Author AsukaEnergetic ( ago)
haha Jessica's confrontations are the BEST! Eating all by herself while
shikshin Soo was soo craving for her food, Hyo Soo and Jessi were Yuri's

Author Julia JAnimeLink ( ago)
Haha I love SNSD so much!!!

Author Ainna Fatimi (1444 years ago)
Taeyeon is seriusly funny! I <3 her!!

Author hannah culla ( ago)
<3 jessica <3

Author JUNHONG channel ( ago)

Author jas jane gaje ( ago)
i complain- yuri why are i not coming to the philippines ahh! hyoyeon-yuri:
u call that singing, u always go off-tone (buwahaha) additional- sunny:
take one of your earphones and try hearing yourself sing (serious sunny
almost break her voice ake ake ake hahaha yuri unnie don't stress the girls

Author yeye1309 ( ago)
part 1 please

Author mohd shahrin ( ago)

Author SNSD9sone4EVERalways ( ago)
HAHAHA sooyoungie omg i almost died laughing

Author Miyuki Nakano ( ago)

Author Rae Keat ( ago)

Author Lorena Guzman Araujo ( ago)
taeyeon dont say 1 2 3 coz tiffany was sick ! taeny

Author Garie Angelie ( ago)
HAHAHA. I love them all so much. <3

Author MaryanneTheFabulousTheFirst ( ago)
i think this was the time she injured her leg :)) 

Author seo hyun yun ( ago)
where is tiffany ? 

Author yara kfouri ( ago)
what a great show! i thoroughly enjoyed it. it would have been better if
tiffany were there though. 

Author gorettylengkeng ( ago)
every show which has SNSD spec. Sooyoung always very funny and interesting

Author chernobylize ( ago)
@jjzpjuq yep. nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen, all girls are
crazy now to meet rich guys using this site. you can also try it ->

Author filss ( ago)
HYOYEON is the BEST!! fixed ! ;) 

Author 8002nessa (297 years ago)
sooyoung complaints too !!

Author trang tran ( ago)

Author Valentina Jiang ( ago)
Yoona .. :-)

Author Hughwitt (1170 years ago)
lol moon hee jun is so cute, i wish to see more of him involved in SM stuff

Author ADC Heda ( ago)
If just Tiffany was there.... :(

Author soshifan1234 ( ago)
Hyoyeon Taeyeon and Sooyoung and Yuri where the Best!

Author Jelly J._. ( ago)

Author wai ye ( ago)
taeyeon so cute ~

Author PakWan Chakrii ( ago)
hyoyeon n sooyoung are the best complainer !

Author soshifan1234 ( ago)
Taeyeon And Hyoyeon come up with the great comebacks that the members get
scared lol

Author michelle herman ( ago)
because she's maknae haha

Author jacqueoloughlin ( ago)
Hahahahaha sooyoung was soo funny!

Author Eunhae_icefishes ( ago)
I'm sorry to say this but I'm a bit agree with what Seohyun say to Sunny
because when i first know SNSD Sunny was too cute so i thought she was
maknae and Seohyun was older than her but after that I search on Google and
it was opposite as I thought.Anyway I love SNSD.

Author Kai Cross ( ago)

Author XING YING WU ( ago)
this is so darnin funny i started crying

Author ChaoticVulturi ( ago)
HEH?! hahaha! can't help but laugh at Taeyeon's reaction XD

Author Raineydropp ( ago)
snsd always make me laugh xD 

Author Oscar Diaz ( ago)
seohyun didn't say much to the short team. she is so nice

Author Đức Anh Trần ( ago)
HyoYeon @@ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 

Author navim589 ( ago)
Sooyoung screaming LOL

Author yoges waran (Dj Yogibear) ( ago)
It is not because they korea it is beacuse they are like a family they are
together as a family 

Author 0002pA ( ago)
Hyoyeon complains to others about singing ? That's like McDonald's
complaining to a five star restaurant. lol

Author Autumnkissez ( ago)

Author 7vgitz ( ago)
i love that they can do this sort of things and still be best friends
after. :) i need some korean frenz!!

Author senpaiunniee nguyenn (328 years ago)

Author Seaweed Panda ( ago)
For short: "EVERYTHING"

Author Isaac Lim ( ago)
Oh gawd the way Sunny crinkles her nose! 3

Author johnny miller ( ago)
Yoona is so pretty....

Author virgo wp ( ago)
too many to be listed!

Author Anson Chiah ( ago)
Lee soonkyu is cute....

Author mae ann duran ( ago)
Hyoyeon Fashion Terrorist .. HaHa .. Kyeopta <3<3<3

Author 426JW ( ago)
For the full episode,pls watch @Dailymotion...

Author Phiel Yzabl ( ago)
Where's part 3?

Author Tammilynn Cheng ( ago)
4:08 -> Twinkle move!

Author teoman200 ( ago)
yet or in this time from the show ?

Author jobsucks ( ago)
they are all so pretty, but OMG!, especially Taeyeon.

Author victoria mistoffelees ( ago)
even when the maknae is trying to be mean she just cant do it

Author hannylee99 ( ago)
how can hyoyeon be a fashion designer when snsd label her as their fashion

Author Alison Ma ( ago)
sooyoung is gorgeous!!!

Author faith caralos ( ago)
taeyeon's reaction was so funny .. 3:18 !! love you tae !!

Author mxkxylplk ( ago)
for some reason, i always thought Jessica was taller because of her legs.
But then i see her standing next to Sunny and Taeyeon and i realize she's
short. I also wish Hyoyeon would have hair color like the one she has here
instead of the blonde look she has now. She looks so hot with darker hair

Author 미드나잇 ( ago)
Yoona isn't wearing make-up right? she's really pretty.. and omg, i love
hyoyeon xD

Author TyTimeIsAwesome (1453 years ago)
ahaha sooyoungs fance after taengoo says she likes moon! priceless!

Author cx533 ( ago)
THIS. Is why i love SNSD. XD

Author 쥴DREAMER ( ago)
All the members are individually funny and hilarious... but if I had to
rank them from funniest to least funniest, it'd be: Hyoyeon, Sooyoung,
Sunny/Taeyeon, Yuri/Yoona, Tiffany, Seohyun, then Jessica. BUT like I said,
none of them aren't funny. They all entertain us in some way :)

Author Hina Chan ( ago)
Yoona is so pretty here and she's a bit meatier.

Author melody verganio ( ago)
wahaha!!taeyeon dj-ing while sleeping cracks me up!!

Author yi kuan ( ago)
snsd's talents: singing, dancing, aegyo, languages speaking, being humor

Author ayotebak ( ago)
love u sooyoung!!!!!

Author deny fox (122 years ago)
i love you giappone.........................

Author pharoahakai (271 year ago)
The show is called Intimate Note. You'll find several K-Pop Idols as guest
on the show. They are all hilarious.

Author the kingdom's ( ago)

Author Caitlin Lie ( ago)
can't watch part 3 x_x

Author tania salim ( ago)
wkwkwk veryy realy funny i will funny in one home wkwkwk

Author paerarru ( ago)
...I don't even know what to comment! :D snsd <3 oh yeah 6:07 killer unnie

Author Thomas Huynh ( ago)
What show is this? Must watch -3.-3

Author navim589 ( ago)
Sooyoung FTW! so hilarious she should host her own variety show

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