Moon Trance - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

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Written and Directed by EMMY® Award winning director Nathan D. Lee

1st Assistant Ditector Katie Schwarz

Production Design by Chloe Huber

Director of Photography Jacob Schwarz

Dance Choreography by Marc Alexanda
Utah Urban Dance Organization (U.D.O.)

Chaz Layne Bodily, Marcquet Hill, Arianna Brockbank, Kelsey Skousen, Leif Belnap, Rylie Tucker, Denali Pontvianne, Tia Aiono, Bethany Boutwell, Kalli Haws

Dale Flink, Noah Bailey, Joanna Bishop, Shiloh White, Meg Sorensen, and Emily Jacobsen

Gaffer John Bills

Key Grip Tyler Stevens

Edited by Lindsey Stirling

Special thanks to Adam Abel and Kent Findley.

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Runtime: 5:12
Comments: 32531

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Author Aly x ( ago)
amazing 😍 i admire you Lindsey you have an amazing talent

Author Ryan & Rose Animators & Sketchings ( ago)
Wow how can a violin be buried should that be like broken

Author Carlos Novo ( ago)
o love music

Author chamme dirty ( ago)
i love lindseyyyyy

Author Zila Nature ( ago)
If ya can't kill them dance with them .

Author Mack ZEEE ( ago)

Author Lory Favart ( ago)
I love you lindsey Stirling

Author Underswap Sans ( ago)
wow this is actually a bit creepy(i mean the Ending is creepy)

Author Patricio Hondagneu Roig ( ago)
Still a better zombie show than The Waking Dead.

Author Bunny Fnaf ( ago)
i loooove

Author gracz23 ( ago)
szacun dla skrzypaczki fajna nuta

Author Hinata Hanzo ( ago)
thiller the resurection

Author TenTonNuke ( ago)
I don't know which would be scarier: being surrounded by flesh-eating zombies, or being unexpectedly caught in the middle of a flash mob dance off.

Author Matthew Jacobsen ( ago)
your so hot Lindsey!

Author 郑戈 ( ago)
Night can not look too scary...

Author Candy Grenade ( ago)
you are awsome

Author Shmup Head ( ago)
if it's not for the music this video must be the cringiest video ever

Author Marie Manning ( ago)
Wow!! Dance and play  SUPER WOW!!

Author Anngel ovalle ( ago)
I love you

Author Wamcelot ( ago)
Resident Evil - REGENERATION

Author x Serenity ( ago)
Ich weiss jetzt das ich keine angst vor Zombies haben muss 🤥

Author Izabella Glomb ( ago)
so cool

Author Klaudia Klaudia ( ago)

Author King Shan ( ago)
she wanted to make it like THRILLER!

Author Adrijose1234 Darkness ( ago)
Reference to Michael Jackson?

Author Alena Holubová ( ago)

Author James Jean Louis ( ago)
Hey are you Irish

Author Melanie Buchmiller ( ago)
Her own little version of Thriller :P

Author Erica ( ago)
id be sitting there like "are you going to eat me or....? Oh. Okay. Dance mob then. Dance mob works." * flails around because I sure as heck can't play the violin to ward them off *

Author Luca Fragapane ( ago)
Convenient violin is Convenient

Author Gabriella Trevino ( ago)
it's like the Michael Jackson video. ya know, with the dancing zombies. <3 ya little Michael

Author Mohd Faraz ( ago)
awesme songs

Author Saber 5000 ( ago)
1:14 When you and your friends have too much sugar during Halloween

Author Jeremy ZunigaGYMNASTICS!! ( ago)
I love this song and it is also funny because all the zombies afe dancing with her!!!!

Author Huma Shaikh ( ago)
nice trance you are the inspiration for me

Author Daniela Yulisa Calla Garcia ( ago)
que chido la parte donde salen de sus tumbas, me encanta 3l video clip😊😊😀y la musica me mato😄

Author rise spartan ( ago)
Lindsey please do thriller...

Author Danielle Hougland ( ago)
so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Author SadisticKitten X ( ago)
love the music. just can't stand how silly the music video is XD. amazing as always

Author Taty Animes ( ago)

Author Taty Animes ( ago)

Author Taty Animes ( ago)
amei sua performace

Author zain fry ( ago)
I like the music but not as much for the acting.....

Author DomesticatedGoth ( ago)
The moral of this story is that if you magical violin powers zombies go from being a threat to backing dancers.

Author Véronique Latraye ( ago)

Author Viktoria Wirt ( ago)

Author ali kulaber ( ago)
the song take me away in nature ... perfect performans ...

Author koprov Gaming ( ago)
Great, get rid of weapons military.... we´ve got violins

Author Artiom Rad ( ago)
Music can be pretty insulting, even for zombies

Author Katarzyna Sołowiej-Rutkowska ( ago)
to jest ekstra

Author Viet Tran ( ago)
sao toàn fan anime lạc trôi vào đây vậy, cần lời giải thích ??

Author Ethan Albright ( ago)
The only YouTuber that I know that only made 88 vids but has 9 million subscribers!keep up the great work!👍

Author Віра Костюк ( ago)

Author صفاء صفاء ( ago)
مابالك انتي لستي صديقتي ليس للشر مكان هنا افهمتي واياكي والاقتراب من اختي 👊

Author Marek Bohdziun ( ago)
Greetings from Poland, great show! ☺

Author yüksel kocatürk ( ago)

Author King Charles ( ago)
Even zombies can dance better then me😱😭😆😅
Sorry if someone else made that joke too

Author marchofwolves ( ago)
So by this logic my saxophone Necromance things.... Interesting,

Author charlie mashara ( ago)
The moon is a friend to me, sometimes the only friend I have had.  I think it maybe good for others to remember that.  It maybe good to remember that.

Author Azuli Angelin Zavala Dragen ( ago)
Me encanta esa melodiaaaa pero el video kasino tiene lojika

Author Golden Arts ( ago)
If you love music that sound different than what the mainstream media is putting up out there you might enjoy my music aswell. Im not some kind of known artist but I try to make my music as good and inspirational as possible. My latest work neOne is my proudest work, wich is almost allways the case. I make 95% of my music by myself, without samples, patches, banks and presets. I make music from scratch, with inspiration of other good artists and my own way of seeing reality in.

Author Jingyi Miao ( ago)

Author Bastion E54 ( ago)
one of the zombies must be maycon jackson

Author Evocationz Adhera ( ago)
Deffo think lindsey would play like, a healer in raids :)

Author Pablo martinez ( ago)
this video is so silly. I like it.
Oh, the music is good to

Author Mia Alamaras ( ago)
Lindsey your awesome i love all your videos and im one of you bigest fans no aircon! YOUR AWESOME!!!!

Author Beatrice Peralta ( ago)
This just proves music is now a weapon...

Author DJ Slaughter X ( ago)
Dncin zombies an musician zombies, u cant beat that

Author 135792468062 ( ago)
this looks so real

Author mrpuppyface aj ( ago)
this is the song my class danced to

Author sergio eydelver alvarez cortes ( ago)
genial i love it

Author david parance ( ago)
Je t adore continue tu es sublime

Author zenzuu ( ago)
This makes me wonder if she's played Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Author GoldenGlider ( ago)
dab on it

Author mehirou younes ( ago)
This is the music!

Author Tanith Liegh Turner ( ago)
i love your music Lindsey love it

Author kyle gauths ( ago)
Already got Your album Goddess Lindsey;  just LOVE IT  ;-)

Author George Grammatikas ( ago)
Very scary xaxaxa

Author Anouk Iver ( ago)
Violin thriller

Author Anouk Iver ( ago)
Acting skills, 10/10.

Author Nolanjr55 Gaming ( ago)
is she even using the violin

Author Family Mooney ( ago)
I'm imagining the zombies having to wait while Lindsey tunes the violin.
"Hurry up!"
"....A string just came off."

Author D.L. Greeley ( ago)
A tribute to MJ's Thriller? The concepts are awfully similar.

Author Jacob Lyden ( ago)
I see dead people... like for real.

Author Александр Мальцев ( ago)
Линдси молодчинка.

Author La 8c ( ago)
when you meet zombie,
just have a violin,
you will be ok.😜

Author Thegirlofmeep ( ago)
Zombie the musical!

Author benltolte ( ago)
Hahaha, the zombie did the DEATH-drop! x'D

Author damian gamer ( ago)
the boos amazing

Author Devlin Davis ( ago)
part of me wants to conjure the raving dead now X3

Author Joshua Harbin ( ago)
Nah here's What Happens when you remove the G from Graveyard as Buddy Holly has a song title Named Rave on

Author Ján Molnár ( ago)
Waw this song is so amazing 😉

Author Santi Alzate ( ago)
Lindsey impresses with his videos

Author heaven leigh ( ago)
yo its lindsays version of thriller

Author Chaitanya Negi ( ago)
Are they in real graveyard? They are disturbing the deads...... Rip.

Dead ppl: come up there is a party above

Author Chaitanya Negi ( ago)
Think if she got the hand of a living skeleton instead of violin

Author Chaitanya Negi ( ago)
Zombies dance better than her

Author Chaitanya Negi ( ago)
She took a cursed..... Violin which belongs to the dead now he will follow her

Author Android Key ( ago)

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