D. L. Hughley says Steve Harvey is dead wrong about Snoop Dogg, and other entertainers, showing Donald Trump R-E-S-P-E-C-T ... because the prez doesn't know how to spell it.


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Author Gabriel Ramos ( ago)
Oh really how about how your fucken hero Obama lied to the country about dismantling Syria of the chemical weapons, oh his health care plan get the fuck out of here you fucken ass.

Author cheezus crust ( ago)
fuck tmz

Author Horace Lewis ( ago)
DL Hughley and his followers are an example of people who read headlines, but never completely read the entire article, let alone fact-check. This type of sensationalism and outrage will never achieve anything. It reminds me of high school arguments. People yelling over each other trying to prove a point. Nothing gets through and facts are pushed aside for feelings.

Author MadATLSwagga ( ago)
I agree. Trump is immoral and has never respected anyone else.

Author Steve ( ago)
I'm so tired of these hollywood shills that service the global elites

Author Positive Unity ( ago)
More dislikes hereyes then likes! Guess the media doesn't have as much influence as you hoped. Ask the typical American what they think and stop treating like there not conscious of the anarchy and social unrest the government imposes in order to control the Greatest country in thee world's people. If a majority of the world's innovation came from here why hasn't the public gained anything. To be frank we should be angry that the prior government has always suppressed race and prayed on social unrest in order to gain a dependency on a government that cost the American people not the 1%. If Obama's networks was 4 million prior to presidency then why is he with upwards of 200 million now. It's an information highway just saying.

Author Positive Unity ( ago)
So it's not acceptable to say you want a president dead as a matter of fact it's an offence yet it is acceptable to say that about Trump. Not referring to this in particular person but Reagan took three years to carry out agenda which Trump has taking a quarter of that time to fulfill a large portion in which the American people voted him in for. Obama's numbers are reminiscent of that of one of the worst presidents of all time George W who may I add killed innocent patriotic Americans. Yet we neglect to look at the failing economy in which every middle class American is susceptible to not the 1% that manipulates the stock market and forces the independents to conform into their industrial greed. The information is out there and when we realize that disease cures, wireless energy , stock market fraud, government fraud, war etc etc etc has all been withheld in order to make economic gains we might have a chance. Obviously money has ruled the world and not one typical American really has benefitted at all. Instead a what was a celebrity gossip site like TMZ is now pushing for political unrest rather then looking at the facts that he was voted in by the public. Seems a little ironic that all information on Trump is negative yet Clinton should be in jail, Obama obviously tapped Trumps lines, your economy is faltering yet America is an innovator, wars wars wars yet no American wants one, service men a screaming foul, government and CIA employees are screaming corruption and TMZ, CNN and so on are reporting on non relevant issue as they hide the truth. I'm Canadian and love the USA and no that a solution isn't putting the same government in place that have sucked the life out of the greatest country in the world hands down! I no longer watch garbage like TMZ for this reason and will spend what ever time I can to maybe change one person and make them understand the goverment gets richer as we get poorer and at any point they own which goes against our constitutional rights. We encarcirate people for life after three offences yet the " heirarchy" is entitled to freedom regardless of crime. We are smarter then this people and if we are required to follow and conform so should everyone else. What happened to the multiple cases of sexual assualt ? We can all see and speak our mind because we are the gifted ones not the ones that suppress for financial fortitude.

Author east bay925 ( ago)
wtf y so many dislikes dl the truth!

Author bzb1441 ( ago)
this guy is talking about lieing like our president/ goverment lieing is a new thing or somthing this guy is obviously not very informed.... sad

Author C B ( ago)

Author neika ross ( ago)
in order to receive respect . you must first give respect .. and I can't respect Trump sorry I don't care who he is.. with his petty ass

Author Bruh ( ago)
I wanna rip the announcers vocal cords out

Author Mezzripper 570 ( ago)
I wish this irrelevant piece of washed up shit would just shut the fuck up already..... He needs to get off of Trump's nuts.

Author Aubrey M Hollins Jr ( ago)
✨✊✨FUCK THAT 🇨🇴🇴🇳 🐺 Steve Uncle Tom Harvey is a first class super🇨🇴🇴🇳🐺 that mr. Bojangles sold his people out for family shit . Feud a fucked up TV show BROTHER DL stands for his people assalamualaikum to you my brother AND. FUCK. UP. UNCLE. Harvey they need to put your fucking picture on a box of white rice because you are a true 💯 . percent UNCLE. TOM. A 💯 percent SUPER 🇨🇴🇴🇳🐺 assalamualaikum✨✊✨

Author ej jones ( ago)
D L is speaking facts and trust and believe that he aint no Hollywood pawn.....

Author Jay Sheck ( ago)
A celebrity hating on Trump?!?!!?! Who would've thought?!

Author Genesis 24 ( ago)
This dude is a dumbass, if I'm not mistaken the investigation proved Donald trump's comments correct. He was being taped under president Obama and so was his transition team.

Author Mastapoole ( ago)
This dumb goofy looking motherfucker making shit up and talking about deserving respect. Smh 🤦‍♂️

Author push a hippie ( ago)
Another delusional Hollywood liberal

Author Ben M ( ago)
he's right

Author dsusak ( ago)
TMZ leave celebrities alone you jackasses

Author shartedmypants ( ago)
Who is he?

Author TheGreenShaman ( ago)
lol no views.

Author AC/DC.4.LIFE ! ( ago)

Author Tim Miller ( ago)
Man it's sad how brainwashed these people are by media... that's called wasting your brain power when you let other people think and decide what's best for you like the media do.

Author Gunner11 ( ago)
Oh look! Another celebrity I've never heard of dissing Trump.

Author Micaiah Williams ( ago)
never knew how he looked til now

Author Adam Jones ( ago)
What has Donald trump said negatively about black people?

Author Adam Jones ( ago)
This man has that common look in his eye that shows he doesn't have the slightest idea of what he's talking about.

Author JenRose89 ( ago)
I didn't understand a word that was said... 😒

Author Tactical Testis ( ago)
Neither did oblammy so stfu...

Author jared buckley ( ago)
trump's a liar. not hillary though. she is a nice lady

Author Just Bee ( ago)
I like DL.

Author Joshua Perry ( ago)
DL moved to the dresssing like a grandma stage of his life.

Author Vegan4Christ ( ago)
Know nothing about social/political issues. Against racism. Media says Trump's racist. Suddenly passionate social activists...

#lemmings #dumb #beta

Author Chlero's eyes ( ago)
D.L. is just saying what he thinks is popular enough to have people talk about him , what a sheep!

Author Seeds When it's nite time ( ago)
What in the hell does race have to do with any of that nonsense?

Author RL 26 ( ago)
what did Trump do exactly to make him so upset? Down Low Hughley needs to shut up and man up

Author Dude I'm Black ( ago)
Another angry black "man", imagine that.

Author Slim Smith ( ago)
more dislikes then likes how the fk is this trending? looking at "whats trending" has made me decide to watch one more piece of garbage shake their ass and. remove youtube

Author D Holly ( ago)
Fuck Trump!

Author Mark Anthony ( ago)
look at this dude he talking mad shit boi if you dont get yo bama did nothing wrong head ass old hag bill loved the black community head ass ole ass trump don da best thing that happen to minoritys in long time

Author hoywendell ( ago)
too blinded.

Author John Titor ( ago)
right cuz obama never lied. also who is d.l. hughley?

Author DJ Akadmiks Dog ( ago)
The trending system is so rigged

Author Nicholas Adams ( ago)
the cult of celebrity is a satanic cult.
these are your idols.
celebrities are idiots. TMZ is a sad joke.
Americans are smarter than this.

Author ShadesOfArmani ( ago)
He wasn't lying though 🐸☕️

Author Daniel Rivas ( ago)

Author Shaun B ( ago)
Dl who? Oh yea wasn't he a comedian? It's sad the lengths some will go to to hold on to their 15 min of fame when it has slipped past them.

Author George Washington ( ago)
Dear god don't read the comments.

Author Dhime ( ago)
Funny, I could say the same about Obama, belittled our allies, called Americans stupid, demeaned and disrespected our law enforcement. Lied about just every policy that he had a part in. Not only did he not do ANYTHING he campaigned on in 2008, he turned us back 70 years in race relations pandering to black communities that martyred criminals, from Trayvon to Brown, Hands up Don't Shoot. Yet, was "understanding" of the BLM Dallas cop killer.

So, as a race, how does it feel to have the first black president be one of the worst presidents, albeit well spoken in the history of the United States. Who not only doubled the debt, but added more debt than the previous 43 presidents COMBINED. But he was liked by the left, mainstream media and Hollywood, so what does his performance as president have to do with anything as long as he was a respectable man, AMIRITE HUGELY???

Author Rude Man ( ago)
Respect is earned not demanded

Author Pupper ( ago)
43k views is trending now.

Author SeminoleBH ( ago)
What did Obama do for the inner cities? nothing, taught them to just destroy their own cities when they don't agree with anything. What did Obama do for Flint? Nothing, sent millions overseas instead of sending anything to Michigan. Speak on the D.L.

Author Andrew LaPlante ( ago)
Who the fuck is this?

Author JJtops ( ago)
obama shredded the black community like no other, i cant take people who dont know facts seriously. trump is here to fix this country and everyone is bickering about trivial shit and not the muslim take over

Author RoadTripVidz ( ago)
DL, what did Obama do for Blacks? Go ahead... I'll wait.

Author DankTech ( ago)
Right on hugely is on point FUCK THAT ORANGE FACED CLOWN TRUMP

Author Eddy B ( ago)
who is this guy

Author Julian Hicks ( ago)
So I guess the tmz comment section is where all the trump supporters hide.

Author joshua hand ( ago)
Fuck dl

Author zeroinfinityzero ( ago)
Anyone who supported Obozo for eight years has no business talking crap about anyone else.

Author Toby ( ago)
Wow, surprising amount of downvotes.

Author Christopher Parsons ( ago)
clueless copy-pasta robot in ebony

Author PowderHeight ( ago)
I never liked his comedy but I've always loved his political views & he's never afraid to share them.. plus he speaks up for blacks bcuz he is black but he's rooting for us all to win, just like Obama was

Author ExtremePilot1 ( ago)

Author Thomas Anderson ( ago)
DL doesnt even have a clue whats going on...he as lost as most people...that is unless he said the same thing about Obama, cause theyre pretty much the same so far...or at least the military industrial complex is operating on its own.

Author Mr. Robot ( ago)
Who is this cocksucker anyway?

Author ( ago)
Another moron to poison the minds of the black community .

Author DSkehan2004 ( ago)
stfu hughley

Author Damianftw1 ( ago)
Fuck Spendrush,com srsly... fuck off it's so annoying seeing this shit in every trending vid...

Author Kimjongtrump ( ago)
fuck Donald trump!!!!!

Author uniqueunique28 ( ago)
I agree with everything his saying

Author Cat Pool ( ago)
Just here to read the Trump snowflakes comments.

Author Smooth kriminal ( ago)
D.L Fucking Hughley is an American Hero! Trump will now cease and desist Medicaid. Now, even white racist POS have trunk their back on trump. I Say, fuck them too. We tried to warned them. Guess what; Trump is going back to golfing this weekend in good older Mar-la-go. Haha, I will spit at your grave when you die from drug overdose or obesity; TrumpCucks!

Author Mullet McNasty ( ago)
I never respected that black piece of shit Obumer !!!!!

Author Secretariat1950 ( ago)
I'm so tired of openly black supremacist,

Author Jay Jadotte ( ago)
Andrea Reynolds- Ohh my mistake your right, they only want healthcare for people who can afford it. Meaning the poor, sick, and elderly will just die.

Author Kay Thomas ( ago)

Author Deebo Molina ( ago)
I like DL but this is pretty far mate...

Author Morgan Daniels ( ago)
Respect is given when it is earned. Trump lies all the time to us, thereby disrespecting us. So why the fu*# would any citizen respect him. He hasn't earned it.

Author Jacob S ( ago)
So him having the EPA provide 100 million to Flint to fix their water which has been poison for years now while Obama did nothing is somehow him NOT respecting black communities?

Author jorge ruiz ( ago)
Who is this black nig ?

Author jorge ruiz ( ago)
How the fuck is this trending ?

Author wolfgang flywheel ( ago)
dL . who-guly... just another one to put on the list of hollyweird, libtard, snowflake, chuckhold, spider headed , nobody gives a shit what you have to say, you fuck hole you!!!

Author Randy Ayo ( ago)
Of course nobody respects you, look at that dumb fucking hat 🤓

Author japple17 ( ago)
Notice how everything "trending" is anti Trump propaganda. A little weird huh

Author M VGA ( ago)

Author Elias Cuevas ( ago)
How is it TRENDING with 20k views?


Author msluvlee717 ( ago)
People you don't get to bitch about how celebrities should stay out of politics when you voted for one!!!

Author Lee Wynn ( ago)
FUCK DL HUGHLEY! He is a fucking racist...period!

Author Robert Jones ( ago)
what a dick

Author Sarmad Iyengar ( ago)
Type in SpendRush,com on google to find what cool site really is.. Like if you agree

Author Austin Lee ( ago)
Back up your accusations.... anyone can say something, but back them up you fuck ass

Author Laconic ( ago)
(((Google))) sure likes to form a narrative with the trending videos.

Author John Taylor ( ago)
Thought he died ?

Author Nick Henry ( ago)

Author Warvvolf ( ago)
If the leftist ever get another idiot in the White House can we treat that person this shitty?

Author FULANO MENGANO ( ago)
Dl hughley needs some whitelash

Author camaro rider ( ago)
nice to see more and more people opening thier eyes to this racist, gay, feminist, NWO, communist, divisive agenda.

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