We Found Love - Lindsey Stirling (VenTribe)

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    Get the Sheet Music: http://www.shopbenchmark.com/lindseystirling/books/lindsey-stirling-play-along-sheet-music-book.html

    Watch Behind the Scenes footage of this vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yjhHF76bAE

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    I never could have done this video on my own. I had so many wonderful people help me too, I want to thank:

    My friends at VenTribe.com sent me out to Kenya to film this. They are a fresh new way to shop online with friends, and they made the whole trip possible. They launch soon and will feature a gift collection of African styles featuring a few of the things you would have seen in the video. Check them out at http://www.ventribe.com/ Check out their Facebook page too where they are giving out some awesome Kenyan Kikoys: https://www.facebook.com/VenTribe

    These are some the people that looked after me whilst I was in Kenya:
    Atua-Enkop Limited -- Authentically African - Exclusive luxury tented camps
    Website: http://www.atua-enkop.com

    Swahili Beach -- Five star beach resort -- Diani, Kenya

    Ibis Tours and Travel -- A personalized boutique travel agency specializing in travel through Africa
    Website: http://www.ibistourskenya.com/

    Kenya Pro-Kite School --Kite surfing school and overland kitesurfing multi spot surfari tour operator along the Kenyan coastline.
    Website: www.kenyaprokiteschool.com

    SafariLink -- Kenya's premier safari airline
    Website: http://www.flysafarilink.com/

    Kapoeta --Recycling Feathers in to wearable art

    These are some of the local musicians who helped put together some of the African sound:
    Local Producer - Kevin_TheGeek
    Website: http://zarimedia.com/studio.html

    Local Vocalist -- Alisha Popat

    Vocals were also done by Mackenzie Madsen

    Cinematography by Devin Graham
    be sure to check out his channel

    And then Stephen Anderson did the backtrack and final mixing. You can check out his website:
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  • Runtime: 4:27
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  • R Joythirmai
    R Joythirmai 1 hour ago

    at the beginning I just used to have love for ur songs and u day by day seeing ur songs, listing to u I had lot of respect on u... love you sooooooo much..

  • Emmet Klockowski
    Emmet Klockowski 1 day ago

    I love you, Lindsey! You are very modest and you are pattern to me! Thank you!!!

  • fernando tallys
    fernando tallys 1 day ago

    não entendo como que 6 mil pessoas não gostaram de vídeo ?????

  • LionafriQ Radio
    LionafriQ Radio 2 days ago

    Beautiful... Just beautiful.

  • Nisha Lattrell
    Nisha Lattrell 2 days ago

    Beautiful ❤️❣😊

  • Kelma Ferreira
    Kelma Ferreira 2 days ago

    Amei!! Muito lindo!!

  • Julie Lane
    Julie Lane 3 days ago


  • Name Taken
    Name Taken 3 days ago

    children in africa could've eaten those dislikes

  • Laura Sullivan
    Laura Sullivan 3 days ago

    Lindsey, AMZING. Way to go girl

  • Ibrahim55773
    Ibrahim55773 3 days ago

    humanity has no color, shap, nationality or religoin ..
    its our souls .. there isn't any difference between my and u .. no 1 creat himself ..

    hope the world will live in peace..

    hope my country will have peace from war soon ..

    thnx Lindsey

  • ibrahim abo-monasar

    humanity has no color, shap, nationality or religoin ..
    its our souls .. there isn't any difference between my and u .. no 1 creat himself ..

    hope the world will live in peace..

    hope my country will have peace from war soon ..

    thnx Lindsey

  • Mhmd Ezzat
    Mhmd Ezzat 3 days ago

    She's so beautiful on the outside and inside 💙🙏🏼

  • Bishop E.R.
    Bishop E.R. 3 days ago

    Im cooking bacon. Come over

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn 3 days ago

    I love the song, video. Lord Jesus, your amazing

  • Dave Poidvin
    Dave Poidvin 4 days ago

    Hello Lindsay. your music is an inspiration to say the least. You are a pleasure to watch, when you dance you are living the music. I wish you a long and wonderful life full of music and inspiration so you can continue to bring a smile to our lips and hearts. From now on, I will refer to you as, "The Angel of Peace". Thank you for all you do and may it show others what can be done through music and passion. Dave & The Girls

  • Bev Brown
    Bev Brown 4 days ago

    Just beautiful for so many reasons <3 <3

  • Mrs. Bleach
    Mrs. Bleach 4 days ago


  • Ramona Schön
    Ramona Schön 5 days ago

    i literally cried.. this is inspiring

  • Areen Majadly
    Areen Majadly 6 days ago

    I want to cry

  • Ferose Ali
    Ferose Ali 6 days ago

    love the video,violin,country, but most off all Lindsey... million muah's girly!...

  • Mario Romero
    Mario Romero 6 days ago

    dis wack

  • Dance Xplosion The Studio Of Dance Art

    from me unlimited liks for life time

  • Dance Xplosion The Studio Of Dance Art

    all the foolish mindless pepols who dislike this vdo

  • Dance Xplosion The Studio Of Dance Art

    awesome style great work jesus bless you

  • catabu_neko
    catabu_neko 6 days ago

    This is the most beautiful video and song i have ever listen. Is just amazing and so cute.
    You are a great person Lindsey. :)

    PD: sorry about my english

  • Mônica Fernanda
    Mônica Fernanda 6 days ago


  • Estela Parada
    Estela Parada 6 days ago

    I don't know how kenyans would feel about this video but I find it a bit offensive. I'm not sure if she understands what those dances and clothes mean in their culture and she seems to treat them like if they were some cute puppies for instagram. She says it was a meaningful video and she adds she meet incredible people, but did she took the trouble to learn some of their lenguages? If she didn't, who is that incredible people she met? Also, did all the people who appears in this video got paid for being filmed?

  • Fabiola Maldonado
    Fabiola Maldonado 6 days ago

    Im so in love with this and the people! God bless Lindsay, you are just amazing!

  • pleiades dragon
    pleiades dragon 6 days ago

    I just love her . she does make every body happy . met her for the first time with the Pantatonix and entjoy her violin , sinds than she is on my list . thanks 4 sharing

  • John Bagyan
    John Bagyan 9 days ago

    How the heck did i miss this one. Its a very incredible video. TY Lindsey. Try also here in Asia.

  • Bellatrix Lestrange

    I can't think of a better person to show them a Violin.

  • kevin oneill
    kevin oneill 9 days ago

    Anyone know who the vocalist is? She's gorgeous

  • Jan Kadlec
    Jan Kadlec 10 days ago

    We are you from Alisha Popat?

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love 10 days ago

    only adding guidelines and no, because we are strong enough to be able thank you

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love 10 days ago

    only adding guidelines and no, because we are strong

    MATT FLY 10 days ago

    vive l’Afrique libre

  • Evangeline Lim
    Evangeline Lim 11 days ago

    Lindsay really now I'm ur big fan...

  • Jayrishi Samoel Thonson Bravo

    thank fpr give a little of hope to them, thank and god bless you, thankful

  • Joshua Bernil
    Joshua Bernil 13 days ago

    The vocalist looks like Angel Aquino!!!

  • DarkJustice6983
    DarkJustice6983 13 days ago

    Lisa Hay: Not some people, but all people of this Earth should hold her as an example of how life is meant to be lived.

  • truetobetrue truetobetrue2

    awsome Linsey 👍

  • Banana 24
    Banana 24 14 days ago

    Oh my word I LIVE THERE! It makes me so happy to see you in Kenya blessing these amazing people! Thank you so much! (I know this was a while ago, but still) my heart is actually just so happy right now!

  • Kali Archer
    Kali Archer 14 days ago

    heart touching...

  • Thomas Brehm
    Thomas Brehm 15 days ago

    even its now 5 years old im getting goosebumps again

  • Piera Palmeri
    Piera Palmeri 15 days ago

    I love this culture and people!😍

  • plango_ vulnera
    plango_ vulnera 15 days ago


  • ive sim
    ive sim 16 days ago

    God Almighty bless you!!

  • Elena Soldatova
    Elena Soldatova 17 days ago

    Beautiful video! So many thanks

  • margit güldenkoh
    margit güldenkoh 17 days ago

    I absolutely love it! 🕊 Thank you!

  • George Bakewell
    George Bakewell 17 days ago

    I can't tell if they liked the violin or not.

  • Edward Hazzard
    Edward Hazzard 17 days ago

    Thank you! Very powerful and touching. Love your music! Love who you are.

  • bruceblackthorne
    bruceblackthorne 17 days ago

    Delicate Stirling.
    Been a Huge fan of your Music and Talent since first Discovered. Man the Vocalist is Beauty Perfected as well.
    A Great Match up.
    Even tho you're Beyond it.. I think you should Enter and Win America's got Talent and Use the Million to Create Music Shows Around the World.
    It's Obvious you have that Gift that Touch's Hearts. Awesome stuff. -a Beautiful Setting and Culture!

  • Donna Shumskis
    Donna Shumskis 18 days ago

    God is so very good. Lindsey Stirling, He does a work through you.

  • Jay Valor
    Jay Valor 18 days ago

    her voice is so amazing. Sterling you both have truly created sometjing beautiful

  • Simba Moyo
    Simba Moyo 19 days ago

    I haven't been to Africa since 1999

  • lombombaj
    lombombaj 19 days ago

    no comment-this muzic and all is epic thy

  • Frog Hogger
    Frog Hogger 19 days ago

    What a lovely song

  • Carole Kraehenbuehl
    Carole Kraehenbuehl 19 days ago

    LOVE This. However the site to go to for Ven Tribe items takes you to a domain requesting site.

  • Vonitah Nnnn
    Vonitah Nnnn 19 days ago

    ohhh my country kenya our culture is rich and am happy to see videos like this from country...Karibu kenya

  • Norbert Milczarek
    Norbert Milczarek 19 days ago

    Nie ma Takiej drugiej skrzypaczki jak Lindsey która potrafi zagrać i zatańczyć to co gra.

  • ATC - Assistência Técnica e Conservação Hidráulica e Elétrica

    Tem gente que espera o anjo vir do céu, eu digo que este anjo possui um instrumento de corda "violino"  Lindsey é o anjo que Deus enviou para confortar os nossos corações e trazer alegria.  Só uma pessoa enviada por Deus conseguiria nos emocionar como ela faz.

  • Erin Rees
    Erin Rees 19 days ago

    The singer is beautiful.

  • Prancey
    Prancey 19 days ago

    dang I love this girl. God bless you

  • Serena Squ
    Serena Squ 20 days ago

    I love this video. :)

  • megfrsyh
    megfrsyh 20 days ago

    I am always torn whether to watch this video because the song sounds pretty, but the whole video is more of that annoying, preachy, white saviour voluntourism nonsense. What to do, what to do...

  • Ceragia xoxo
    Ceragia xoxo 20 days ago


  • MrRossHartman
    MrRossHartman 21 day ago

    Why no mention of singer Alisha Popat during the video?

  • Surama King
    Surama King 22 days ago

    Indeed we found love. Amazing, inspiring!!! Will make sure my students perform this. WE need more of such things.....

  • snorky776
    snorky776 22 days ago

    This is so heartwarming! Love this! and her voice is so beautiful!!

  • Jenny O'connor
    Jenny O'connor 22 days ago

    So beautiful and lovely spread the love ❤️🌍✨

  • gonçalo Bastos
    gonçalo Bastos 22 days ago

    Many congratulations for this fantastic project! Hugs from portugal

  • PierSuperTramp
    PierSuperTramp 23 days ago


  • Олег Ершов
    Олег Ершов 23 days ago

    in my heart, спасибо Линдси!

  • Federica Lazzara
    Federica Lazzara 23 days ago

    Great! ❤

  • Hannah Renton
    Hannah Renton 23 days ago

    Love this! Please check out my cover of this song and let me know what you think :) x

    RJENSON13 23 days ago

    This video is amazing! Oh I play the violin and I'm in advance orchestra!!

  • Lilou Lamour
    Lilou Lamour 24 days ago


  • Michael hein
    Michael hein 24 days ago

    wow 😍 it is so nice

  • Ina H
    Ina H 25 days ago

    One of the most beautiful videos on youtube!

  • Pat Pesa
    Pat Pesa 25 days ago

    This is one of the most beautiful songs we will ever create, Lindsey is truly a gift from God 😇

  • Sovabehr Solace
    Sovabehr Solace 26 days ago

    Is this anywhere on spotify? I can't find it...

  • Shivendu Menon
    Shivendu Menon 26 days ago

    Local Vocalist -- Alisha Popat
    I am in love with her... I wanna get to know her. The voice "Amazing" Beautiful to looking...

  • Shivendu Menon
    Shivendu Menon 26 days ago

    Local Vocalist -- Alisha Popat
    I am in love with her... I wanna get to know her. The voice "Amazing" Beautiful to looking...

  • Mitchred99
    Mitchred99 27 days ago

    This made me day
    I'm crying I'm so happy

  • Sherry Wilton
    Sherry Wilton 27 days ago

    This is an amazing and moving video Lindsey Sterling. I've always wanted to travel to Africa one day,,, it's such a magical place I think. I also think that this kind of creativity and shared goodness IS the kind that changes the world and is so so needed that we just do this , share our hearts and joys and love for us all across the world. thank you very much for this. very Cool.

  • Alex Korchma
    Alex Korchma 27 days ago

    Wow, you're just lovely) sorry, I'm writing with the help of an interpreter. Are you clever

  • EniChe
    EniChe 27 days ago

    I dont have word for this. Its...
    My mouth wants to say wonderful, but its stronger then that.

  • Pascal Ulrich
    Pascal Ulrich 28 days ago

    perfect, this song is very very nice👍👍

  • Francisco Blanco
    Francisco Blanco 28 days ago

    What's the singers name? plz.

  • A Wild Zaneta
    A Wild Zaneta 28 days ago

    People think everyone in Africa is sad and suffering, that is not true. As an true African-American girl who has been to her parents' country multiple times I can tell you this is not true. Many people are happy, and I have not once seen a starving child. Now I am not saying that these issues do not exist, but not every child in Africa is depressed and suffering.

  • Sylvia Wairimu
    Sylvia Wairimu 29 days ago


  • Naomi P
    Naomi P 29 days ago

    "We found love in a whole new place" such a lovely way of putting it!

  • Naomi P
    Naomi P 29 days ago

    Wow, real shivers from this! So beautiful!!!!

  • Luis González
    Luis González 29 days ago

    i love this video, it's so beautiful

  • Marinés Hernández
    Marinés Hernández 1 month ago

    Besti video ever!

  • Sybel Sybel
    Sybel Sybel 1 month ago

    lindo de mais amei

  • Andreas Bolln
    Andreas Bolln 1 month ago

    Emotions pure !!! I like this song very very much, more i can say.

  • Sami Ollikainen
    Sami Ollikainen 1 month ago

    Sounds beautiful, well done! Check my drumming channel.

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