Awasa SDA Ketnantu Yeteleye Adis Misgana mezmur

A song by Awasa 7th Day Adventist (SDA) Church choirs, from their first Album #1

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Author TinbiteYonas (3 years)
ይህን የሚባርክና የማይሰለች መዝሙር ያቀረቡትን የአዋሳ አድቬንቲስት ቤ/ክ መዘምራንን እግዚአብሄር ይባርካችሁ ፦ዘፈን
ማለትም.......የአሁኑ ዘመን መ......ር ? ሰልችቶናልና በዚሁ ቀጥሉ

Author yoni mes (5 years)
wow Dear brothers and sis from Awassa SDA chior i just thx God for such
service may Our God bless u all and ur church. i thx God for the song

Author Bogale10 (5 years)
Amen!The second coming of Christ is the blessed hope of the church,the
grand climax of the gosple.The Saviour's coming will be
literal,personal,visible,and worldwild.When He returns,the righteous dead
will be esurrected,and together with the righteous living will be glorified
and taken to heaven,but the unrighteous will die.The almost completes of
most lines of prophecy,together with the resent condition of the
world,indicates that Christ's coming is imminet.We are therefore exhorted
to be ready

Author Baby Aylin (6 years)
wawuuuu!!! i like this song very much God blass u bereket.

Author Bogale10 (5 years)
Thank you! again Awasa SDA. The spirit brings comfort,guidance,and
Correction.John16:7-14 Acceptance of Christ leads to separation from wordly
practices.1john 2:15;2corinthians 6:16-18. Those who accept Christ as Lord
and Saviour receive eternal life.John 3:16. The Holy Spirit inspires
faith,hope,and love in all Christians.1 Corinthians 13. The gifts inspire
concern for our world.1 Timothy 2:1-3. Jesus loves you all!! Jesus is
Victory! I want to see more songs please and" keep it up" T.O

Author Bogale10 (5 years)
Amen!I love it!That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,of things in
heaven,and things in earth,and things under the earth;And that every tongue
should confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD,to the glory of God the
Father.Wherefore,my beloved,as ye have always obeyed,not as in my presence
only,but now much more in my absence,work out your own salvation with fear
and trembling.For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of
his good pleasure.PHILIPPIANS.2:10-13.Amen!

Author bereket7 (5 years)
indeed, God's good in all the times.

Author gdamte (5 years)
I am not sure who is putting these songs from the Seventh Day Adventist
church. I like to thank you so much. Please work so hard that our church
will dominate u tube. We have a lot to contribute to this perishing world.
If you don't have my books and tracts please let me know your mailing
address. . Girma Damte P O Box 600 Angwin, CA, 94508 USA

Author Cebsa (5 years)
wowowowow I was looking for this song for the last three years, can anybody
tell me how to get the CD? Otherwise yo'll are wonderful may God bless you

Author btrueeth (5 years)
Just too many memories with this gospel song. At the time of my need I was
listening to this song and my problems seemed too small. AND now to find
this song when I am in need. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Author Bogale10 (5 years)
Praised the Lord!Amen! Amazing "keep it up" It is a time for coming to know
and delight in GOD. Isaiah 58:13-14 It is a time of our special
relationship.Exodus31:13-17 Jesus,the Lord of the Sabbath,gave us an
example of doing good works on the sabbath.Take look your Bible on Verses
it is clear Matthew 12:1-12 Christ's life perfectly exemplified obedience
to God's law.John 15:10 When we see our sin,we turn to our Saviour.Romans
7:24-25 Thank you!Awasa SDA God bless you All! Canada,Toronto

Author dget2006 (4 years)
I love u SDA singers for putting up this song. God Bless you all. Please
keep on uploading so that others be able to get the blessing coming out of
the TRUE church.

Author TinbiteYonas (3 years)
አዋሳዎች በርቱ

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