Adults React to SNL: Trump & Spicer Sketches (Saturday Night Live)

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    Adults React to SNL's political sketches... including Alec Baldwin's
    Donald Trump and Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer! Watch to see their reaction!

    Videos Featured in this Episode:
    Alien Attack Cold Open - SNL

    Complicit - SNL

    Sean Spicer Press Conference (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL

    Featuring the following Adults:

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    Adults React #27 - ADULTS REACT TO SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (SNL Political Sketches)
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  • FBE
    FBE 3 months ago

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    • Jack Stevens
      Jack Stevens 21 day ago

      Could you do react to Manchester Bombing/One Love Manchester

    • AwesomeRobloxFan22
      AwesomeRobloxFan22 23 days ago

      Omg I <3 SNL Have them react to The Weekend Update With Michael Che And Colin Jost! (SNL)

    • ItsMelirella
      ItsMelirella 1 month ago

      FBE college kids react to SNL

    LOCAL AND DX RADIO 8 hours ago

    I LOVE trump. Already best president ever!

  • Michael Greene
    Michael Greene 1 day ago

    Family guy

  • hihi
    hihi 1 day ago

    not to laugh react to andy sumberg snl

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen 2 days ago

    Snl you're doing amazing sweetie

  • Boo Syd
    Boo Syd 2 days ago

    the Adults should react to the Nicki Minaj challenge

  • Audriana G
    Audriana G 3 days ago

    teens react to lorde ?

  • Chris White
    Chris White 6 days ago

    Yo that Joy Division knock-off shirt is raw

  • Sammi Mari
    Sammi Mari 9 days ago

    Notice how all the reps. get all defensive 😂😂

  • Tairik Brown
    Tairik Brown 12 days ago

    You should react to SNL Korea, the clips with Shinee and Seungri.

  • phantom of the opera geek

    Omg my cat is named spicers😂

  • Yano
    Yano 13 days ago

    I love how Alec Baldwin isn't even part of the SNL cast but is in like, every episode.

  • christian hernandez
    christian hernandez 15 days ago

    sub español y doy like

  • casserole king
    casserole king 15 days ago


  • RVBouman
    RVBouman 16 days ago


  • Julie T
    Julie T 17 days ago

    Go Trump!

  • Raito Light
    Raito Light 17 days ago

    Every politician, left or right, gets made fun of, so I don't really see the problem with SNL. Trump is our president, so obviously he's going to get more attention. And to be honest, he does give them plenty of material.

  • David Hennebach
    David Hennebach 17 days ago

    I voted for Trump, and think he's great

  • TBakes10
    TBakes10 18 days ago

    radical islamic moose-lambs

  • Rebecca Brancaleone
    Rebecca Brancaleone 18 days ago

    React to Randy Rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crashed Impulse
    Crashed Impulse 19 days ago

    adults react to meow meow

  • Lita MacLee
    Lita MacLee 19 days ago

    "The only thing Trump's made great again in Saturday Night Live. Ha! well said sir.

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 20 days ago

    The girl is right about Trump throwing material :P

  • Jack Stevens
    Jack Stevens 21 day ago

    Could you do react to Manchester Bombing/One Love Manchester

  • fad23
    fad23 21 day ago

    I'm very curious how the Trump supporters in videos before the election feel now.

    • fad23
      fad23 17 days ago

      if you're featured in the videos then thank you for the response.

  • AwesomeRobloxFan22
    AwesomeRobloxFan22 23 days ago

    Omg I <3 SNL Have them react to The Weekend Update With Michael Che And Colin Jost! (SNL)

  • Tabby-in-the- TARDIS12

    "The only thing Trump's made great again is Saturday Night Live." Omg XD

  • The Legend 27
    The Legend 27 24 days ago

    Gigi hadid to play ivanka

  • kimberly s
    kimberly s 26 days ago


  • Allen Corona
    Allen Corona 28 days ago

    I love Ary <3

    She's like my Youtube crush... If that's actually a thing of course....

  • Haziq Zuhair
    Haziq Zuhair 29 days ago

    this is good. how i wish we could do this in Malaysia as well.xD

  • dodie is my idol
    dodie is my idol 1 month ago

    Like they said, they aren't "coming up" with most of the stuff, Trump and the rest of those guys are just 'throwing material at them'. Because truly, if they honestly just stopped doing the stuff they did on social media or not thinking through things clearly, like the 'compicit' thing, then SNL wouldn't be able to even make fun of this. That's why I can tolerate these.

    • Sammi Mari
      Sammi Mari 9 days ago

      dodie is my idol
      They would still make fun of it regardless, they make fun of everything and anything that's popular in our society. It's inevitable lol

  • Roman Mestas
    Roman Mestas 1 month ago

    I literally did not see one genuine laugh. They were all so forced.

  • taylor ariyoshi
    taylor ariyoshi 1 month ago

    is 'brandon' steve from sourcefed? lol

  • Jack Wells
    Jack Wells 1 month ago

    Wow really diverse opinions here

  • BlueFox Studios
    BlueFox Studios 1 month ago

    Please do teens react to SML movie

  • UpInThePocket8611
    UpInThePocket8611 1 month ago

    now with 56% more libtards

    • dodie is my idol
      dodie is my idol 1 month ago

      Well when their presidents are critical to others it's okay, but when someone is critical to them it has to stop. Because that's respect? XD

    • Nguyen Huy
      Nguyen Huy 1 month ago

      Trends exist , but It's bad when Trumptards are being critical of everything said about their presidents.

  • Natalie Bryan
    Natalie Bryan 1 month ago

    expected a reaction like that , there californians afterall #sheep

  • Brian Fox
    Brian Fox 1 month ago

    Well atleast Alec Baldwin has a job for awhile

  • Eliazar Omondi
    Eliazar Omondi 1 month ago

    React to TREVOR NOAH!!

  • Jay
    Jay 1 month ago


  • Lesedi Keneliwe
    Lesedi Keneliwe 1 month ago

    Please do Teens react to Trevor Noah

  • TatlTails39
    TatlTails39 1 month ago

    I think the SNL sketch that stuck with me the longest was the Christmas sketch with the radio announcers and the bon-bon things? Mostly because a Christmas compilation episode was the first episode of the show I watched, and that was the first explicitly sexual sketch I had ever seen. And it was the first time my mom was perfectly fine with me seeing it, because she was laughing so hard.

  • Kato
    Kato 1 month ago

    She has a little mor life in her eyes tho...

  • gogethitbyabus
    gogethitbyabus 1 month ago


  • Brittany M
    Brittany M 1 month ago

    My favorite snl moments were mostly andy samberg & jt sketches

  • TrailBlazer Dude
    TrailBlazer Dude 1 month ago

    Scott has a Mighty Ducks shirt.....GO DUCKS

  • Ashley Cecena
    Ashley Cecena 1 month ago

    You guys should react to The daily show or some of jimmy kimmel videos

  • MinecraftBoyPlays
    MinecraftBoyPlays 1 month ago

    React to our videos like fan videos! :D

  • Isabel Martinez
    Isabel Martinez 1 month ago

    "laugh through the pain"

  • Nick and Henry's crazy life

    Who doesn't like trump👋

  • Kanchan Kulkarni
    Kanchan Kulkarni 1 month ago

    teens react to eminem

  • carmen edwards-henry


  • kimberly s
    kimberly s 1 month ago

    We gotta laugh so we don't feel the dread of that idiot being president. Alec and Melissa nailed it

    • kimberly s
      kimberly s 14 days ago

      I laugh and tear up because because Trump is a clown.

    • Alex Mercer
      Alex Mercer 15 days ago

      kimberly s oh you poor thing... keep crying 😂

  • Alec Sigurdson
    Alec Sigurdson 1 month ago

    I love Tom

  • Nerdytimes
    Nerdytimes 1 month ago

    I thought that these four years would be a golden age for SNL and South Park.
    Looks like I was correct.

  • silverbow 123
    silverbow 123 1 month ago

    adults react to stephen colbert on trump

  • jason vorhees
    jason vorhees 1 month ago

    they're making fun of the best thing that could happen to the US

    • Alexandra Trigg
      Alexandra Trigg 25 days ago

      But I thought they were making fun of Trump. Were they making fun of Obama?

    • Brian Fox
      Brian Fox 1 month ago

      Conner Nielsen so we were buried six feet under from Obama and you're glad we're going straight down to the center of the earth cuz of trump?

    • Conner Nielsen
      Conner Nielsen 1 month ago

      Lol. Brian, Obama did that already.

  • Areus Agiad
    Areus Agiad 1 month ago

    I love how you only bring on people who share your political views...very professional!

    • Nisselak
      Nisselak 15 days ago

      If someone claims that the Earth is flat, against any scientific evidence, what do you think of him ..?

    • LordAaronus
      LordAaronus 21 day ago

      Areus Agiad it's a lucky draw, they got all the normal people this week

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 1 month ago

    funny because the reptilians are mentioned in the bible, and they are known as "Nephilim" and in Quran they are known as "jinn", and in the Sumerian tablets they are known as the Anunnaki ("those who came from heaven to earth").. jesus described them as serpents..

  • 393Dan
    393Dan 1 month ago

    Got to love those forced laughs for the camera.

    • 393Dan
      393Dan 1 month ago

      what denial?

    • Bijoy Shah
      Bijoy Shah 1 month ago

      393Dan gotta love the denial

  • Thea Bentzon
    Thea Bentzon 1 month ago

    "The only thing that Trump made great again is Saturday Night Live"
    ... enough said.

  • difranchise
    difranchise 1 month ago

    libtardville.   Teens like, cant even like, understand like, what diversity of is....

  • CrazypurpleDino
    CrazypurpleDino 1 month ago

    teens react to hamilton

  • Eternal Gaming
    Eternal Gaming 1 month ago

    Everyone is from California so they are all mainly libtards

    • KeiKAndLies
      KeiKAndLies 1 month ago

      *(Sarcastic tone)* "libtard"? Name calling to hurt not to parody is definitely the hallmark of an intelligent individual. smh

    • differentboy96
      differentboy96 1 month ago

      Eternal Gaming Dude. It just a parody. Your president must be doing more important things.

  • Sam C
    Sam C 1 month ago

    How can you do a SNL 2017 political reaction and not include Kate McKinnon (a snl castmember?!)

  • Charliecomet82
    Charliecomet82 1 month ago

    So funny that I forgot to laugh

  • Javed Mohammed
    Javed Mohammed 1 month ago

    Tbh I didn't want Trump or Clinton but I'll give Trump a chance

    • Duy Nguyen
      Duy Nguyen 24 days ago

      +Johnmark Deleon I don't think he has the support of the majority of Americans Even Republicans are jumping at the chance of getting him impeach. Maybe take a look at reality before drinking the kool-aid

    • Johnmark Deleon
      Johnmark Deleon 24 days ago

      Duy Nguyen everything he's done has gotten support from people as so long as that continues you have no luck in impeaching him

    • Johnmark Deleon
      Johnmark Deleon 24 days ago

      Duy Nguyen such as what

  • LuckyPeople YT
    LuckyPeople YT 1 month ago

    How old do u have to be to watch this channel I'm 9

  • luisfer071
    luisfer071 1 month ago

    they need to react to more sketches awesome

  • Mary S
    Mary S 1 month ago

    You guys should react to Kate McKinnon SNL political sketches.

  • Thaismina Knnedy
    Thaismina Knnedy 1 month ago

    they should react to Junji Ito's movies, like particular scenes that r scary

  • Lorin Sette
    Lorin Sette 1 month ago

    Well Trumps our president for 4 years. So I'll give him a shot. But damn I didn't want Hillary either. It's like your damned if you do or don't.

    • Happy or Not
      Happy or Not 1 month ago

      we dont have to wait for years, we can try to impeach him

    • Rue Surnameunimportant
      Rue Surnameunimportant 1 month ago

      One has to be the lesser of two evils. It's impossible to be neutral at the end of four years -- Already it's like living in a cartoon. A scary, maniacal cartoon.

  • R.M.S Olympic
    R.M.S Olympic 1 month ago

    If everyone dies in California is that a good thing?
    There just idiots over there

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose 1 month ago

    Next idea for a SML parody, based on Sweeney Todd, a bunch of hated politicans get trapped together in a room, and a real life pyscho comes to make them regreat for their corruptive method of power. What does everyone think of this?

  • Mackenzie Harbeck
    Mackenzie Harbeck 2 months ago

    I like how the one kid's like "it reminds me of the Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey days." oh boy. seriously, how about Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin? Snl in the 70's and 80's was the best

  • andres franco
    andres franco 2 months ago

    If snl was all right wing people would be screaming but us trump supporters have some ball and can take some little hits

  • Kozziemomo 1
    Kozziemomo 1 2 months ago

    Make them react to the Easter bunny Sean spicer

  • Givea5talgia
    Givea5talgia 2 months ago

    Ary thought that Trump was The real

  • Ujuani68
    Ujuani68 2 months ago

    3:03: Even the candles go!!  :-D

  • Max Merel
    Max Merel 2 months ago

    React to bad lip reading trump vs hillary debate

    CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR 2 months ago

    I don't see the political landscape as Left or Right. I see it more as Sane, Smart, and Rational... and Stupid Fucktarded. Let's face it, the right is basically the stupid fucktarded and always has been.... and not even a valid political position. It's like the Idiocracy voting and arguing that being stupid and adopting stupidity as your political philosophy makes it a valid "alter" counter political philosophy to having common sense.

    • Luke San Roman
      Luke San Roman 1 month ago

      Ember Charizard The republicans back during 1800's would be considered democrats present day, just like the democrats back then would be republicans today. So no, you're argument is invalid ☺️

    • Ember Charizard
      Ember Charizard 1 month ago

      I mean personally I'm a Republican so I'm going to stand in defense. You know Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and he is considered one of the greatest presidents of all time.

  • FluffyPandaGirl
    FluffyPandaGirl 2 months ago

    so close to real life

  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis 2 months ago

    Adults react to Dr. Who

  • Marti Cadena
    Marti Cadena 2 months ago

    Adults react to 13 reasons why!

  • Cody Biris
    Cody Biris 2 months ago

    adults react to wild'n out

  • ingahauks77
    ingahauks77 2 months ago

    Adults React to George Michael

  • Ginger Jesus
    Ginger Jesus 2 months ago

    That dude that said "I love Leslie jones" is everything you'd expect a Leslie jones fan looks like.

  • Logan Bryant
    Logan Bryant 2 months ago

    React to that 70s show

  • Kevan Beazer
    Kevan Beazer 2 months ago

    People saying it's like real life, Come on, Yes it's funny, yes it's good humor, but It's not real life and they aren't actually like that this is what's wrong with society they watch a comedy and think it's real facts as if they're watching the news

  • Jasmine Orozco
    Jasmine Orozco 2 months ago

    Teens react to 13Reasons Why!!!

  • Langford_artist
    Langford_artist 2 months ago

    Even though I am a Trump supporter I can't help but laugh because this is comedy gold

  • Todd Mayo
    Todd Mayo 2 months ago

    try reacting to seinfeld

  • Luke Shively
    Luke Shively 2 months ago

    React to seventh element

  • Kristian Fuentes-Lemus

    I'm with ary cause she says she hates him who with ary and me

  • Mark scarfaface
    Mark scarfaface 2 months ago

    That emo chick is hot

  • Taylor Lassiter
    Taylor Lassiter 2 months ago

    the editing to this video is insanely bad. hope someone got fired

    • Turbo Nerdo
      Turbo Nerdo 2 months ago

      They have to cut all the clips awkwardly like that so that it falls under fair use. If you just cut the video from start to finish seemlessly inserting reactions than you're using the whole clip, not part of it, and regardless of wether the video's content falls under fair use it is still sopyright infrignemnt because fair use only allows segments of the material to be used.

    • Taylor Lassiter
      Taylor Lassiter 2 months ago

      Sama Alkaabi let's call this editing workshop 101. if someone in the audience notices it... you screwed it up.

    • Andrew Kostiw
      Andrew Kostiw 2 months ago

      At least she knows how to spell.

    • Sama Alkaabi
      Sama Alkaabi 2 months ago

      Taylor Lassiter like u know how yo edit

  • Kevin Gamon
    Kevin Gamon 2 months ago

    Cupcake 😂😂

  • Jimmy Du
    Jimmy Du 2 months ago

    these are a bunch of teenagers.

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