Bluetooth 5.0: Explained!

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  • Surajit Banik
    Surajit Banik 2 hours ago

    cool T shirt

  • Dom Carter
    Dom Carter 6 hours ago

    So will the audio be clearer on Bluetooth headsets? the

  • Manan Saluja
    Manan Saluja 10 hours ago

    Does oneplus 5 which comes with bt v5 has this same dope feature "dual audio"..? #askmkbhd

  • engitect
    engitect 1 day ago

    does dual audio work with OnePlus 5?
    is it possible that the lag disappears for the same dual speakers?

  • bill02 fernandez05

    why call it Bluetooth 5.0??...why not just call it Redtooth, Purpletooth,Greytooth,Soretooth, Blueteeth,

  • Erdem Ozdemir
    Erdem Ozdemir 2 days ago

    what is your referance to compare 5.0? 2 times faster than what? 4 tımes more range compared to what?

  • PS4life
    PS4life 2 days ago

    Is the one plus 5 gonna support that dual speaker feature?

  • Valkyrie Valkyrie
    Valkyrie Valkyrie 3 days ago

    just got the OnePlus 5, can't wait to use it's Bluetooth 5.0 features

  • julio garcia
    julio garcia 4 days ago

    like your analogies n the fact that u use metric units!

  • nehabhawani
    nehabhawani 4 days ago

    what about power consumption.. that is one of the most important item you dint comment.. can you tell something about that too..!

  • Jacob Flint
    Jacob Flint 4 days ago

    I believe the range of Bluetooth 5 is much farther, but with a huge drop in speed, or throughput. this might actually make the optimal working range of 4.2 greater than 5?

  • Konstantinos
    Konstantinos 5 days ago

    please +MKBHD include links to the wallpapers you use! Most of the time they are gorgeous

  • Manav Desai
    Manav Desai 5 days ago

    3:36 😍😄

  • Ramon Santiago
    Ramon Santiago 5 days ago

    I have a question for you or anyone. Can you use the Bluetooth speaker with a wireless game controller like the NESpro from 8bitdo. Is it just for speakers or can it also be just multiple Bluetooth devices in general?

  • usynn stradler
    usynn stradler 5 days ago

    You finally found the song say nada! I've been on that song for two years! Lol

  • Joyce Aiman
    Joyce Aiman 6 days ago

    pairing process was quicker with speakers with older bluetooth version?

  • ravi subramanyam
    ravi subramanyam 6 days ago


  • Mulia Rifai
    Mulia Rifai 7 days ago

    your tshirt is expensive than a month live in my country

  • Zeeshan Qureshi
    Zeeshan Qureshi 8 days ago

    hey buddy when I'm connected to Bluetooth via my wireless headphones listening to music I can't hear the sound of a new text message when I'm listening to music?

  • Rahul chauhan
    Rahul chauhan 9 days ago

    bro its not activated in s8 so how you can use it

  • Victoire N.
    Victoire N. 9 days ago

    You just got burned by Gary from Android authority

  • epenn571
    epenn571 10 days ago

    there's a huge delay in my dual audio... any way to fix?

  • Trap Wolf
    Trap Wolf 10 days ago

    u have a pocket right? take ur phone with u

  • Giorgio Aresu
    Giorgio Aresu 10 days ago

    That misinformation though...

  • 2wenti4
    2wenti4 10 days ago

    Hey Marques. Where did you get the cool wallpaper for the S8 from?

  • Sean Buckley
    Sean Buckley 10 days ago

    Off Subject a bit but how is that Riva Turbo speaker? I was looking to get something like a big jambox but found they've been discontinued. Would you recommend the Riva? Its 159 on Amazon right now or is there something better out there now?

  • mr 7up
    mr 7up 15 days ago


  • Calvinator affan
    Calvinator affan 16 days ago

    awsome video

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran 16 days ago

    Which wallpaper it's is

  • Mridul Jain
    Mridul Jain 17 days ago

    Dope t-shirt u got there man!

  • Brantley May
    Brantley May 17 days ago

    forget two speakers! Does this mean you can connect two headphones to one phone? That is amazing. Two people listening with headphones to the same source. Movie time for road trips in the back seat or on planes woot woot

  • Knuckles Jones
    Knuckles Jones 21 day ago

    is there any phone that will allow you to Bluetooth your music to another phone( your partner) for easy dual listening pleasure?

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 21 day ago

    So, the headsets do not need to be Bluetooth 5.0 compliant, just the phone to enjoy all the beneifts of Bluetooth 5.0? I doubt there any Bluetooth 5.0 compliant headsets out there just yet.

  • bobby lowe
    bobby lowe 22 days ago

    what about dual headphone

  • Demon 1281
    Demon 1281 23 days ago

    My note 3 can play 4 different song's at the same time.

  • Tech Rev
    Tech Rev 24 days ago

    1:15 I was like is he doing this to me because my Bluetooth speaker is falling behind what a coincidence

  • FaZil CaZrod
    FaZil CaZrod 24 days ago

    you're awsome bro......

  • Jibby Esuruoso
    Jibby Esuruoso 25 days ago

    Full of misinformation but still a hot video.

  • fz07er
    fz07er 25 days ago

    Quality video editing, zero useful information. Watch Gary from Android Authority and educate yourself :)

  • JJop123
    JJop123 25 days ago

    This video needs to be deleted, it's *DEAD* wrong and spreads misinformation, a waste of space if you will

    SSJ4MAL 26 days ago

    dual audio has nothing to do with Bluetooth 5. Pretty much all Bluetooth speakers are built with Bluetooth classic. Therefore, they will only connect to Bluetooth classic on the S8. It does have dual mode, where you can use both Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (which is a power efficient version of Bluetooth mainly made for smartwatches, heart monitors, and fitness trackers, due to the fact that a lot of power doesn't get used from those devices.) but that stuff about faster speed, data, and range is untrue.

  • Mark Jaggernath
    Mark Jaggernath 26 days ago

    refer to Gary Sims vid

  • Carmelo Gonzalez
    Carmelo Gonzalez 26 days ago

    Gary from Android Authority explains what Bluetooth 5.0 is and isn't. For instance dual audio has nothing to do with BT 5.0

  • Soumyadip Pal
    Soumyadip Pal 26 days ago

    Hide this video.....

    --- *Gary Sims*

    • Arun C Thomas
      Arun C Thomas 22 days ago

      Dear MKBHD You need to check Dual Audios connection with B 5.0. Please...

  • Pranav Pandya
    Pranav Pandya 26 days ago

    Dual audio is not a feature of Bluetooth 5.0. It's something Samsung has done extra over Bluetooth technology.

  • Thomas The tank engine

    the dual speaker feature is something added by Samsung and is not a feature of Bluetooth 5

  • Heckman Wasuna
    Heckman Wasuna 26 days ago

    Dual audio aint BT5 feature. Gary explained it in android authority channel

    • Faizan Abbas
      Faizan Abbas 26 days ago

      Heckman Wasuna he didn't say it was. He said the extra data throughput available allowed Samsung to make dual audio possible

  • Carl Price
    Carl Price 27 days ago

    Its a bit like Bixby it's been SHIPPED but does not work. Nougat doesn't support Bluetooth 5.

  • nick hidalgo
    nick hidalgo 28 days ago

    i noticed this a while ago on my iphone and thought apple updated something to make it easier to pair. didnt know it was a new bluetooth update. its great cause now i can just swipe up and tap on the bluetooth icon and if my speaker is on it will automatically pair to my phone.

  • Jeffrey Yusko
    Jeffrey Yusko 28 days ago

    FYI I was able to test the dual audio with two JBL Charge 2+ speakers and the delay is non-existent. It seems like the out of sync issue should be fixable in the future with a delay adjustment setting for each speaker.

  • Hammad Khalid
    Hammad Khalid 29 days ago

    Bro yoou wrong sony xz premium Bluetooth 5.0 samsung after provide that

    • Hammad Khalid
      Hammad Khalid 29 days ago

      I say that sony xz premium have Bluetooth 5.0 samsung provide Bluetooth 5.0 after sony

    • everything Samsung pro
      everything Samsung pro 29 days ago

      Hammad Khalid learn how to write a comprehensive sentence.

  • Gene wild'em
    Gene wild'em 29 days ago

    why does my beats studio wireless headphones still sound like crap on this phone when used wireless. if i use this phone i can hear everything around me, if i use a iPhone or iPad i get full power from headphones. Help me get full power from my beats with this S8

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy 29 days ago

    Dear MKBHD:
    In order to take advantage of the Bluetooth 5.0 on the galaxy s8 you need the following :
    1- Bluetooth 5.0 on both ends i.e. The transmitter and the receiver
    2- you need the software the utilizes the capability of BL5.0, which BTW isn't yet supported by Android. Android O however will have full support for that. Samsung SDK documentation doesn't include any information about utilizing the hardware meaning they haven't written a software yet that takes advantage of the hardware since it isn't supported by the OS in the first place.
    3- Bluetooth 5.0 has NOTHING to do with dual audio, its so happened that Samsung included both at the same time in the same package. So essentially when you are saying that Bluetooth 5.0 enables dual audio you are essentially saying that the galaxy s8 has a 12 MP camera that enables dual audio. Both statements are equally wrong.
    4- the data speed is true if and only if you have your both 5.0 devices close to each other, otherwise you won't benefit from it.

    Please do a correction video. I really love your reviews and have a huge respect for you as many other subscribers do. We would appreciate some clarification for the misleading information.
    P. S i am a computer scientist I checked all the sources before writing this comment. Some of my claims were confirmed by Gary Sims from Android authority yesterday.

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay 1 month ago

    Dude you should have done more research. This video is completely incorrect. Someone should explain Bluetooth 5.0 to you.

  • JayRay00
    JayRay00 1 month ago

    I understand that speakers don't need BT5.0 for this to work, cause they don't know you're steaming to both. But for other benefits (range and speed) I assume you need both devices to be BT5.0?

  • ofthesic0133
    ofthesic0133 1 month ago

    Fake news

  • Abid Promit
    Abid Promit 1 month ago

    Android Authority Killed you😂 @MKBHD

  • gajjar karnik
    gajjar karnik 1 month ago

    Seems that Galaxy s8 don't have software that support Bluetooth 5.0 ... wrong information provided ...

  • Stefan Schlör
    Stefan Schlör 1 month ago

    Sorry your facts are wrong. Bluetooth 5 not yet active on S8 and the range feature is not supported in S8 see bluetooth homepage.
    This will most likely come with Android O. This dual thing is not a BT5 feature.

  • Ken Tang
    Ken Tang 1 month ago

    explain whether mkbhd is right or Gary is right?

    • nagajoj
      nagajoj 27 days ago

      Ken Tang Gary, 99% sure

  • Thomas Gibson
    Thomas Gibson 1 month ago

    AAnnndddd Gary from Android Authority just shut this down

  • Wendy Soriano
    Wendy Soriano 1 month ago

    Hi... my Bluetooth is not working on my s8... please help....

    • inknet32
      inknet32 1 month ago

      No worries, I'm here to help.
      Try updating your phone firmware via Settings»About»Software Updates
      In case your system is up to date, try hard-resetting your phone.
      If that doesn't work, ask for a replacement unit, and if that has not solved your problem either, try getting superuser permissions on your S8 reinstall the latest S8 original firmware.

    ONLYMAFIA 1 1 month ago

    He has no idea what he is talking about...

      ONLYMAFIA 1 6 days ago

      Arvind Bala ehmm no! but I have a computer science degree...

    • Arvind Bala
      Arvind Bala 6 days ago

      And what, you have an IQ of a million then?

  • shakeel lovelace
    shakeel lovelace 1 month ago

    Burned 🔥

  • Joyston Fernandes
    Joyston Fernandes 1 month ago

    you just got burned by Gary from Android authority

    • Korey Paul
      Korey Paul 4 days ago


    • RoonyKingXL
      RoonyKingXL 6 days ago

      I'm still waiting for this comment, because can't read

    • Victoire N.
      Victoire N. 9 days ago

      Joyston Fernandes I was also waiting for this comment

  • Steven b
    Steven b 1 month ago

    He's wrong about the capabilities of Bluetooth 5.0 and the s8

  • Bill Rea
    Bill Rea 1 month ago

    Any sacrifice in battery life for using 5.0? Usually faster speeds = more power hungry.

  • Not Enrique
    Not Enrique 1 month ago

    YIKES! Why all the dislikes? It's a great educational video. Well explained and all. Too many haters out there I guess.

  • Not Enrique
    Not Enrique 1 month ago

    How safe is it? There's a reason they tell you to keep your Bluetooth off while going about you daily chores/work in town.

  • Mark Yong
    Mark Yong 1 month ago

    waste of Space

  • The Triple Threat Koderz

    He spat out an animation

  • 〔Z•ΣRΘ〕 ƬHΣ 2πd

    Sonos experience comes from more than the dual speakers. it's also about great sound from easy to use speakers with no audible delay.

  • Paul Pagel
    Paul Pagel 1 month ago

    Check out Captain America's eyes peering at you from the phone... Bluetooth 5.0 has many cool features, dawg.

  • Jaivon Jenkins
    Jaivon Jenkins 1 month ago

    bluetooth to me has the potential to being a crazy spying tool for hackers

  • Deslyn Narine
    Deslyn Narine 1 month ago

    Bluetooth 5.0 explained in approximately 5 minutes 😁

  • Brion Roper
    Brion Roper 1 month ago

    I've been wanting this tech to be developed!! finally 2 simultaneously!

  • Teneysia Perry
    Teneysia Perry 1 month ago

    Does this make older wireless headset versions obsolete? My JBL flip is fine. I've tried 2 wireless headsets (1 Motorola + 1 LG) and they wont connect.

  • Sreenath S
    Sreenath S 1 month ago

    I was distracted by the reflection of captain's eyes on the s8!

  • Jake Hennett
    Jake Hennett 1 month ago

    It never occurred to me how big of a deal this is. That's amazing!

  • Jake
    Jake 1 month ago

    Poor Sonos. They'll need some new sales arguments.

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk 1 month ago

    He sounds like Lew from Unbox Therapy.

  • Wo0gs
    Wo0gs 1 month ago

    anyone using bixby?! ..... definitely DOA for me

  • Dime Dimitrov
    Dime Dimitrov 1 month ago

    I kind of feel sorry for SONOS now.

  • Pranay Pathole
    Pranay Pathole 1 month ago

    4:06 best moment

  • Mudhadshir Khokan
    Mudhadshir Khokan 1 month ago

    Whats ur music playlist?

  • Kyle Hatch
    Kyle Hatch 1 month ago

    tdk also did the stereo mode with out bt 5.0. i loved the trek micro speakers.

  • Peter Frank
    Peter Frank 1 month ago

    this is nice and all, but my gear 2s still only have Bluetooth® v4.0 :-(

  • TripleA4498_love4Jesus

    Marques can you do a video on color correction explained?

  • Sanket Yelkar
    Sanket Yelkar 1 month ago

    that s8 wallpaper
    anyone has it ?

  • S C
    S C 1 month ago

    Bluetooth 5 All the things

  • AS 4K
    AS 4K 1 month ago

    can anyone tell me the name of the transition

  • John Asare
    John Asare 1 month ago

    +Marques Brownlee bluetooth 4 range helps me catch people for stealing my phone while I am connected to my wireless beats

  • BreadStick Gaming
    BreadStick Gaming 1 month ago

    Maybe he did this video again was because he made a mistake?

  • Racha Siddhu
    Racha Siddhu 1 month ago

    I really like that t shirt 😂😂😁😁😅😅

  • Adam Rankin
    Adam Rankin 1 month ago

    Is it possible to install Bluetooth 5 on my iPhone 7??

  • anfguy14
    anfguy14 1 month ago

    But does it have a Hemi though?

  • ws3d34f
    ws3d34f 1 month ago

    we don't care

  • Ijaz Ali
    Ijaz Ali 1 month ago

    even the 720p videos looks like 4K.

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