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Author Daylen Franklin (7 days)
Daylen Franklin julon thank you god

Author Julian john (4 months)
ok i found my problem it was a spring on the doorway that was jamming the

Author Kyle White (3 months)
Thank you so much for posting this. My ps3 that i got off my brother (for
free) has this same issue. When i turn it on, the disc drive tries pulling
a disc in.

It had a tv drop on it. But it can eject a disc, but it can't take one. I
tricked it into pulling one in, but it wouldn't read it.

But i now know where to start. Thank you. 

Author Julian john (4 months)
mine isnt even doing that 

Author JEN316 (3 months)
Mines don't work so I can't play Minecraft anymore :(

Author Nicole Chavez (7 months)
Apparently my only problem were my two brothers (4 and 2 years old)... They
snuck in my room probably while I was not home and inserted two disk In my
PS3, hence why it wasn't accepting my disk . I now have one cd that is all
scratched and the other is cracked and split halfway ... They are SO lucky
they are blood . I take my gaming seriously .

Author Kendric Smith (5 months)
Yea they did snatch it off 

Author Jason Grayem (5 months)
Is not working for me please help me please have me working for like 5

Author coolman 13 (5 months)
the same problem....when i switch my ps3 on ,it makes the same noise along
with one more...please help

Author Lewis Connor (6 months)
I have never done this before and I'm only 13, don't want to risk braking
my ps3 alltogether

Author GeneralMC (6 months)
You were my inspiration to rip open my PS3 after it was not taking in
discs.. Then I see that a wire is loose and when I plug it back in
everything is fine. Thanks!

Author Kasim Hussain (9 months)
I fixed mine today I was focused on the white part one was stiff one was
not I fixed the stiff one and it was fine (ps3 slim)

Author Jj Cano (8 months)
Can some one help me my disc wont enter on my ps3 when I put my disc in it
wont enter and it will just make a wird noise pls help

Author Deathlikeace11 (9 months)
I have a different problem. My gta 5 disk is fine but every time i put my
disk in it makes the exact noise after a while please help ky gta 5 is fine
when i put bo2 every thing is fine im a noob at fixing stuff

Author Lavinio Gaming (10 months)
Dude u are the best thx u sooo much 😄😄😄😄

Author Anthony Tapia (1 year)
If you're watching this video and have no idea what he is talking about
because you're to young or something, then when you turn the ps3 on you can
insert the disc as its doing the noise. It happened to an old ps3 of mine.
It works and will read the game. Unless it's just terribly damaged. 

Author Kasim Hussain (9 months)
I fixed mine today I was focused on the white part one was stiff one was
not I fixed the stiff one and it was fine (ps3 slim)

Author Roberto Robles (10 months)
Ps3 slim

Author Roberto Robles (10 months)
Ps3 slim

Author Brandon Johnson (1 year)
just fixed mine, great vid really helped out!!

Author Roberto Robles (10 months)
I have the exact same problem, the video is great, and im trying this. 

Author Roberto Robles (10 months)
I have the exact same problem, the video is great, and im trying this. 

Author animekitley (1 year)
Pretty well structured video manual. Technical, organisation, personal.
Couldn't have done it better. That's for sure. Wish the other tubers would
do their stuff at least 50% as you did. Thanks sir. It was a pleasure
watching even not owning a playstation. Cheers 

Author Potew (1 year)
Well, all I have to say is THANKS A LOT for this video... I had the same
problem and your video gave me the will to keep disassembling the PS3 .-.
My case was the same wrecked up mechanism...

Author CorranHorn84 (1 year)
Holy fuck... someone cannibalized the shit out of that thing. Must have
been a kid or a man-child with no patience. Good job on the repair and
thanks for the video.

Author ken151979 (1 year)
Awesome!!!! Now i gotta try this. thank you man!

Author jose corral (1 year)
Fuck you I did this and the whole thing fell apart

Author Natalie Mcgriff (1 year)
Can you fix my ps3

Author Marco Torres (1 year)
does it could if it doesn't eject

Author Jesse Van vliet (1 year)
Mine doesnt take discs and barrely put them out.
And it makes a really weird noice.. 

Author Chrstopher Ford (2 years)
My grammar's horrible there lol but don't feel like correcting

Author mikkekul12 (3 years)
I love u <3 hope it works ;)

Author RJGAM3R (3 years)
erm dude I have a ps3 for years the same one has worked and all of a sudden
today it wont read discs, Any advice bearing in mind im no good at
stripping components etc im only 16, so if I cant find an easy solution I
will have to pay for it to be fixed

Author RegalFly (2 years)
my ps3 just wont take it, dosn't make any noise or blink a blue light, one
time some how it did take it, i played the game, but i turned it off with
the disk inside, now it will not give the disk back, and doesn't read a
disk in there even though there is one in there wth

Author mitchellpuentemp37 (2 years)
The exact same thing happened to me i bought one off of craigslist and it
didnt worked so now im screwed and it does the same thing but i dont want
to break it trying to fix it so i want to contact someone that really fixes
ps3 so if their is someone tell me i live in mcallen tx.

Author MarvelOverDC (2 years)
Someone please help me with my disk drive problem

Author tarik kubat (2 years)
how do you take off the top of ps3???

Author A Splendifirous Man (2 years)
my ps3 has exactly the same problem so i will try this and see if it works!

Author ico80 (3 years)
mine it stopped accepting discs at all after a lens change, the arm gears
and the little buttons are all ok do you have any idea what's happening"?
It may be the diode?

Author himynameismichael182 (3 years)
First off, I would like to just say thank you. I had the exact same
problem, and this video encouraged me to open my ps3 and fix it up, it
totally saved me $99.00 and it was very easy :)

Author EpicSkittlez (2 years)
does it still work?

Author LOOKITZ DUNKS (3 years)
uh, i live in a different city to price won't be similar..but the person
who fixes ps3 where i brought it to charges $35 + any replacement pieces
needed...he said it could easily cost over 60$ when he tested it...but
after he fixed it, he only charged me $35

Author BlackSalamander441 (2 years)
could you tell me how to go about cleaning my lenses as i have no idea

Author sherrlon (2 years)
I have the same one you have(80 gig fat) and it looks different than the
ones I see on youtube. It doesn't have any cable attached to the cover
plate and there is no diode either. Plus, on mine the box on the left of
the player is black plastic and not metal. The blueray player stopped
working and I took it apart and cleaned it really well. It still doesn't
work so I think its the laser. Hope you get yours working again.

Author LOOKITZ DUNKS (3 years)
yeah, i paid to get it should be just a movement of gears or
something like what the problem this ps3 had..i didn't have to pay for
parts so that probably means nothing broke :D

Author Kyle Brandenberger (2 years)
man, i have been playing with my disk drive for so long i am about to buy a
new one, other than that great video

Author DrNipples (2 years)
I need serious help here. First of all my disc drive looks completely
different. And lacks the right set of cogs completely. Also there is no
diode to detect incoming disks. I have no fucking idea where that went,
tbh. Wasn't there when I opened it up. So, its either somebody absolutely
ravaged my console while I wasn't looking, or mine just functions very
different, and is a different model. (80 gig fat, is what I have)

Author OwndBy Julian (2 years)
Did you figure it out yet i have the same problem!

Author Cesar Augusto Tse (2 years)
I've done all steps. but when I insert the disk on the driver, it does not
suck it. I know the problem is not the sensor because it recognizes the
disk and the blue light keeps bliking. Do you think the problem could be
the "engine" that makes the disc driver suck the disk?

Author lennartjuhh (3 years)
Good video, I'm glad this didn't happen to me yet!

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