Ps3 Wont Accept Discs FIX!

My troubleshooting process to fix my ps3's disc drive

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Author John Lloyd ( ago)
my sisters ps3 didn't go in for gta5

Author VictorAK47 ( ago)
My ps3 fell from a height of about 70cm. Then the disc spinner didn't spin
the disc at all so I replaced the deck. Now the problem is that when it
starts spinning I hear a squeezing noise, like the disk doesn't stand
steady and it tangents on something but everything inside the drive seems
to be ok. Any people with the same problems or solution?

Author Slasherthekiller ( ago)
my spot where it keeps the disc in the white little rod where you put the
disc in is stuck closed and wont open

Author Uplink Ashh aka Ashii TV ( ago)
Probaly its humping it to hard

Author hashir raja ( ago)
would it work fork ps3 slim

Author nick sitaras ( ago)
Lol i shake my ps3 when that happens and it works if it doesnt i just turn
it off and go to my xbox one lol

Author Lewis Gads ( ago)
i hate reckless people that will just sell junk that they broke and mislead
people to get money fr it and then they are stuck with a piece of junk

Author lan645 ( ago)
my disc drive won't take disc anymore after a dvd got stuck in the drive
and when i took it apart the disc drive won't read anything it won't even
try to eat the disc at all how can i fix this.

Author Daylen Franklin ( ago)
Daylen Franklin julon thank you god

Author JEN316 ( ago)
Mines don't work so I can't play Minecraft anymore :(

Author Kyle White ( ago)
Thank you so much for posting this. My ps3 that i got off my brother (for
free) has this same issue. When i turn it on, the disc drive tries pulling
a disc in.

It had a tv drop on it. But it can eject a disc, but it can't take one. I
tricked it into pulling one in, but it wouldn't read it.

But i now know where to start. Thank you. 

Author Julian john ( ago)
ok i found my problem it was a spring on the doorway that was jamming the

Author Julian john ( ago)
mine isnt even doing that 

Author Jason Grayem ( ago)
Is not working for me please help me please have me working for like 5

Author coolman 13 ( ago)
the same problem....when i switch my ps3 on ,it makes the same noise along
with one more...please help

Author Kendric Smith (1254 years ago)
Yea they did snatch it off 

Author Lewis Connor ( ago)
I have never done this before and I'm only 13, don't want to risk braking
my ps3 alltogether

Author aa60660 ( ago)
You were my inspiration to rip open my PS3 after it was not taking in
discs.. Then I see that a wire is loose and when I plug it back in
everything is fine. Thanks!

Author Nicole Chavez ( ago)
Apparently my only problem were my two brothers (4 and 2 years old)... They
snuck in my room probably while I was not home and inserted two disk In my
PS3, hence why it wasn't accepting my disk . I now have one cd that is all
scratched and the other is cracked and split halfway ... They are SO lucky
they are blood . I take my gaming seriously .

Author Jj Cano ( ago)
Can some one help me my disc wont enter on my ps3 when I put my disc in it
wont enter and it will just make a wird noise pls help

Author Deathlikeace335 ( ago)
I have a different problem. My gta 5 disk is fine but every time i put my
disk in it makes the exact noise after a while please help ky gta 5 is fine
when i put bo2 every thing is fine im a noob at fixing stuff

Author Purple Panda ( ago)
I fixed mine today I was focused on the white part one was stiff one was
not I fixed the stiff one and it was fine (ps3 slim)

Author Purple Panda ( ago)
I fixed mine today I was focused on the white part one was stiff one was
not I fixed the stiff one and it was fine (ps3 slim)

Author Lavinio Gaming ( ago)
Dude u are the best thx u sooo much 😄😄😄😄

Author Roberto Robles ( ago)
Ps3 slim

Author Roberto Robles ( ago)
Ps3 slim

Author Roberto Robles ( ago)
I have the exact same problem, the video is great, and im trying this. 

Author Roberto Robles ( ago)
I have the exact same problem, the video is great, and im trying this. 

Author Anthony Tapia ( ago)
If you're watching this video and have no idea what he is talking about
because you're to young or something, then when you turn the ps3 on you can
insert the disc as its doing the noise. It happened to an old ps3 of mine.
It works and will read the game. Unless it's just terribly damaged. 

Author Brandon Johnson ( ago)
just fixed mine, great vid really helped out!!

Author Meta Knight ( ago)
Fuck you I did this and the whole thing fell apart

Author animekitley ( ago)
Pretty well structured video manual. Technical, organisation, personal.
Couldn't have done it better. That's for sure. Wish the other tubers would
do their stuff at least 50% as you did. Thanks sir. It was a pleasure
watching even not owning a playstation. Cheers 

Author Potew ( ago)
Well, all I have to say is THANKS A LOT for this video... I had the same
problem and your video gave me the will to keep disassembling the PS3 .-.
My case was the same wrecked up mechanism...

Author Natalie Mcgriff ( ago)
Can you fix my ps3

Author CorranHorn84 ( ago)
Holy fuck... someone cannibalized the shit out of that thing. Must have
been a kid or a man-child with no patience. Good job on the repair and
thanks for the video.

Author Jesse Van vliet ( ago)
Mine doesnt take discs and barrely put them out.
And it makes a really weird noice.. 

Author ken151979 ( ago)
Awesome!!!! Now i gotta try this. thank you man!

Author snipah snipez ( ago)
does it could if it doesn't eject

Author Ruben van den Bos ( ago)
This happende to me too. When I flippend the white thing in the withe lower
corner to the left, he warped my disc again ;)

Author NathanThaTruth ( ago)
There's a ✋

Author Murderlikedj ( ago)
its because theres some dirt inside there

Author Code Red ( ago)
Most do. Its easy to get 2 red lights and 4 red lights.

Author Ezpreal Winnin ( ago)
soooo why did you post this? to say "for some reason its working now".

Author Ezekiel Raygoza ( ago)
u dont so shitttttttttt!!!!

Author Kayla Perkins ( ago)
hey can anyone help I watched this and i had the same problem with the
little thing popped out of place but PS3 still won't take a disc not sure
what else to I live in a super small town and about 4 hours from the
nearest game store so not a lot of help to get out here anything would be
very much appreciated...thanks :)

Author CoDfAtHeR_MaYtE ( ago)
i jump on top of mine and kicked it

Author luis rendon ( ago)
Your right side needs a spring

Author brute ( ago)
my mum threw mine down the stairs:/

Author Jesse Williams ( ago)
lol make better annotations - i almost missed them.

Author jesse van vliet ( ago)
Mine just died i put a disk in ps3 he makes weird sound and he dont take
the disk dammit

Author BearModzHD ( ago)
Ahhhh he trickd ya stupid ass.. Mad dumb my nigga

Author Samir El Filali ( ago)

Author Tox927 ( ago)
"I'm not sure what I changed now, but uh it seems to be working. I don't if
it was just one of these little plastics thingy's was not in it's right
spot whatever." Hardly helpful asshole and you called this a fix video?????

Author MrReaper ( ago)
could you tell me how to go about cleaning my lenses as i have no idea

Author tarik kubat ( ago)
how do you take off the top of ps3???

Author James Sices II ( ago)
clean the lenses

Author Dey7ufc7 ( ago)
Yess the problem is with the arms .. I fix my too ... If anyone is having
the same problems ..

Author BLG-Seiik ( ago)
wich model you use is it an 4.40

Author george hopkins ( ago)
had exact same problem just seemed that the ribbion cable was loose working
a treat again

Author kristian svenkerud ( ago)
I have exactly what you have man im so pissed im not sure about dvds/blu
rays working i haven't tried that yet but mine just fell a few minutes ago
it irritates me so much :/

Author MrReaper ( ago)
not sure if I have the same problem well basically my ps3 just stopped
accepting all my games well it will allow them to be inserted just it wont
play them , however it still plays dvds so does that mean it isn't a
problem with it reconizing the disk rather something else??

Author javaun shaw ( ago)
thank you

Author Yusuke Titmus ( ago)
Mine doesn't even have a blue light. Help?

Author Devin Kling ( ago)
yes it is dude

Author Dekanfari ( ago)
there are non?

Author Prim Pri ( ago)
Damn, wish mine was as easy to fix as this lol. I bought a cheap PS3 from
Ebay being advertised as having a broken bluray drive.. thought I could fix
it quite easily but it appears the logic board is dead or the lens is dead.
(Insert/Eject works fine, but no laser flash and no motor spin but laser
will position to middle if forced to top at first, disk is read - clock
spins on XMB but nothing more than that). Going to get a new drive + logic
board and attempt to remarry it to the mobo.

Author Bob Bob ( ago)
This guy has got a very croaky voice. Is he related to a frog? Maybe he is
a manfrog?

Author jcMarcell ( ago)
your sensor needs power too right? so shouldnt it have two little tiny
wires connected to the drive itself to get power? if this it true (whitch
AT THE OTHER END OF THAT TABLE???!!!! so yeah, that cooooould be your

Author Nermin burek ( ago)
u dont know how u fixed it what did u do have ur mom look on youtube vids
nd she fixed it for u ?

Author Darrell Botos ( ago)

Author Darrell Botos ( ago)
@MrILGaming mine does the same thing I had a do

Author Michael More ( ago)

Author Derrick Hayes ( ago)
his shit is broke buje ass ps3

Author NeVeRmOrE ( ago)
my ps3 60gb fat dose not read the disk and it rattles real badly dose
anyone know a fix for this

Author Chrstopher Ford ( ago)
My grammar's horrible there lol but don't feel like correcting

Author Chrstopher Ford ( ago)
I opened ps3 slime and u see why it not letting me insert game there is a
white piece in the slot where the game suppose to go in i can push it down
but it does not stay down i would think when i put in the game it would go
down and then it would go back up when the disk is inserted but it does not
idk if his makes any sense to anyone bit thats my problem if you think you
can help you can message message me and i will make a video to show you
what i am talking about

Author crazycolombian1520 ( ago)
i can put diics in but it wont show up on the screen????

Author Shadow Tech (353 years ago)
yea my ps3 dosn't read any disk somehow i got a new game today so i put it
in and the disk icon did not appear and so i could not play it so i tried
all my games and dvds to see if it was the same and it was so any ideas
whats going on because i have restored it multiple times and still nothing

Author Ashley Harvey (1450 years ago)
because it gets the read ring of death which is the same thing

Author TheOceanVibe ( ago)
I love your voice!

Author Oscar R ( ago)
My ps3 gray things are stuck ....Help

Author goku40thechain ( ago)
hmmm is this for ps3 slim?

Author jerry campbell ( ago)
reset blue ray drive

Author XxJoshuaGrahamxX ( ago)
my sensor went out to

Author Yugo Slav ( ago)
I'm having the same issues, but I have the PS3 slim. I don't know if it
makes any difference.... But is there a way I can fix it without paying for
a new disk drive or new ps3? Ps. Money is tight and I need a legit method
of repairing it.......

Author sdorman22 ( ago)
Hey Matt, I had to take my drive apart to retrieve a disk while I was
working on a YLOD repair. Now i'm having the same issue that you had when
you first put yours back together. It will accept a disk, makes the same
noise yours did, and won't read it or give it back. This seems to be a
common problem when people reassemble their drives but i've yet to find a
firm solution. Any ideas on what you may have done to get it working

Author halkese ( ago)
I got it. Under the cover there is a straight sliding gear, i had it set on
the teeth and when i put the cover on after replacing the laser it would
click and not accept discs. Ive done a few drives since and found the best
way to do it. Tear it down with a disc in it. When finished, Replace the
disc and the cover while pulling on the guides so they fit in the groove.
Or if the problem is not accepting discs, pull off the cover, and put a
disc in while connected to the ps3. Then replace cover.

Author indariverr ( ago)
If those parts dont slide all the way try pushing the long black thing all
the way up (Thats what she said :P)

Author Splendifirous ( ago)
my ps3 has exactly the same problem so i will try this and see if it works!

Author Matt Oehrlein ( ago)
turn annotations on

Author jane jones ( ago)
thanks dick for posting this.. i just wasted a ton of time thinking you
would show me how to fucking fix this..its just a video of you getting
lucky...don't list this as if you are going to show me how to fix this

Author OwndBy Julian ( ago)
Did you figure it out yet i have the same problem!

Author KILLERKROW23 ( ago)
yeah because xbox's never get the red ring of death...

Author Joel Aguilera ( ago)
I Have A Ps3 Slim , It Won't Take Discs ! I Tried To Put One Inside But It
Won't Take It !!! Help ?!? /:

Author roadking080161 ( ago)
just more disposable rubbish from jap!

Author roadking080161 ( ago)
I'm jappy happy....can't kill whales?.....sell rubbish. to amelica...we

Author TheNauka ( ago)
you are stuped you dont showed what is wrong, but thinks

Author Made2EnvyGaming ( ago)
By an xbox you wont regret it. I own all consoles I prefer xbox

Author andy cortina ( ago)
cool storie suck my dick

Author muckmarineau ( ago)
I'm having the same problem.

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