MSTS Cab Ride in VIA Rail 6428

A cab ride in VIA Rail F40PH 6428 on NC.

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 8:09
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Author MBTA1116 (7 years)
how long did delivery take? ove been waiting for almost 3 weeks now...

Author Belakfan3 (5 years)
I have the Niagra rout but can't get the cab! what the heck?

Author railfan4235 (5 years)
hmm. idk on tht 1 haha contact the company!

Author Kerro Guano (7 years)
go to this site called train-sim and u can download it for freee if u have
the game

Author jschroeder14 (7 years)
its Microsoft Train Simulator

Author Lee Jones (3 years)
@DCFilmsStudio what file? I have msts installed on vista, doesn't work 100%
but works pretty good. I do have MSTS Bin installed.

Author Belakfan3 (5 years)
Oh i have the game but not the CAB What the heck?

Author railfancody (6 years)
he is controlling the train

Author railfan4235 (5 years)
Do you have that add-on or just the stuff tht comes with the game?

Author ohiotransit9 (5 years)
No, that's the cab that comes with it.

Author JacobLego (4 years)
Was this on Traiin simulator by microsoft?

Author GEES44DC (7 years)
Those passengers mighta got a real lurch there when you just cranked her
into dynamics like that! And also you know you are supposed to wait 10
seconds before transitioning between dynamic and throttle (vice verca)?

Author Bryce Labranche (4 years)
what game is this its awsome

Author raakone (7 years)
Cool. Which route is this? The horn is just as I remember it. ~Ra'akone

Author Belakfan3 (5 years)
is this a custom cab?

Author lexmarks567 (7 years)
somehome my comment was deleted I went to the site but they don't have it

Author Step Meredith (7 years)
Hrmm neat, I always found the constant 900 rpm of the f40ph's prime mover
for HEP interesting

Author Disturbnthapeace (6 years)
yea its a simulator its 10.00 this is a payware addon like 20 bucks

Author yerona (6 years)
how did you get the view were you can roum around

Author BLUEnWHITE4Lyfe (6 years)
wat is the game called????

Author lexmarks567 (7 years)
I want this train for my game how do we get it

Author mlwS1 (7 years)
Where are you ? (In the Video) ?

Author milkman981 (4 years)
how do you move outside

Author pimpinhector (6 years)
try recording the bell sound with "Sound Recorder" then once u are done
recording it go to options or sumin and click speed up

Author markbuell99 (4 years)
I have TRS2006 and TRS2004. I tried the download staton for VIA rail and
found the Genisis and that is it. Can anyone tell me either where to get
the game (MSTS) or the via equiptment for TRS? Thanks

Author railfancody (7 years)
Microsoft Train Simulator {MSTS}

Author JMANKHW (4 years)
what simulator is this???

Author VIAF40PH (7 years)
Where did you get the bell sound? It sounds exactly like the real thing!

Author Kerro Guano (7 years)
actually u have to create an account then they will give u access to

Author d1oceanALautre (6 years)
what software do you use to capture videos from the simulator ?

Author ericmpp (7 years)
This train comes with the Niagra Corridor route availible at Maple Leaf
Tracks. The bell sound comes with the update for the route you get at MLT

Author northlanderdude (5 years)
this is what the cabs of VIA's F40PH-2's look like !

Author BLUEnWHITE4Lyfe (6 years)
is dis a game??

Author milkman981 (4 years)
@pilotmanmax not that i am aware of

Author lexmarks567 (7 years)
thank you so much I will buy it

Author d1oceanALautre (6 years)
I think they recorded real bell sound into a digital WAV file, and this
file is use to simulate the bell in MSTS... It's the same concept for MSTS
and MS Flight Sim (I've read that MSTS 2 will use the flight simulator
world simulation engine so the way to use sound - wav files should be the

Author coolguy676 (5 years)
no its MLTS cab

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