Gavin McInnes: French Girls Are Nuts

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Comments: 538

  • TheClementd13
    TheClementd13 3 days ago

    Very funny to hear them talking about France !
    I'm french, they are not wrong ultimately, but their analysis is so poor and simple !

  • TheLordHWotton
    TheLordHWotton 5 days ago

    4:20 am

  • Mipha
    Mipha 9 days ago

    I always loved Americans: they think they're better than everyone else just because they live in their pathetic country. American fucktards aren't better than us, I assure you.

  • peppermint butler
    peppermint butler 12 days ago

    fuck em....this is wat they want so let them have it

  • Keven Brito
    Keven Brito 14 days ago

    Gavin WTF are you doing here bro.

  • Patrik Archy
    Patrik Archy 15 days ago

    France is pathetic and always has been.

  • Laure-Line Guillemette

    So we're "like the worst, most annoying upper-west side Americans put together but at the scale of a whole country" ? What do you know about that ? All you've seen of France is Paris (whose population matches the description by the way)... which is the most caricatural city in our country !
    Don't you know that the most popular party in my generation (18-to-34-year olds) is Marine Le Pen's Front National ? Gavin McInnes, I usually love your videos and have a good laugh, but that one was stupid and needlessly insulting because based on a wrong perception of the situation.
    Anyway, getting insulted by the very people who elected Obama twice in a row just because he was black is a "plaisir de fin gourmet".

    • Mipha
      Mipha 9 days ago

      Laure-Line Guillemette Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire ! Ça devrait leur faire fermer leurs gueules à ces enculés d'américains !

  • M Hu
    M Hu 20 days ago

    Gavin now you know why Americans hate France it's because they are cunts.

    • M Hu
      M Hu 20 days ago

      Their a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys

  • Kristy Frost
    Kristy Frost 20 days ago

    There are Muslims in Australia? That's a long ass boat trip, isn't it?

  • Kristy Frost
    Kristy Frost 20 days ago

    It still cracks me up that Alex says hajibs 😂

  • S B
    S B 20 days ago

    Alex Jones should do opera.

  • Sarah Carolyn
    Sarah Carolyn 22 days ago

    I'm so glad my grandparents left France back in the 60's to move to Qubec and later the US. They left the crazy socialist liberal society solely funded by tourism. That's the countries only decent income and its technically money from other countries. I love the land in France but unfortunately it will soon be taken over and destroyed by liberals and migrants.

  • rene due Olsen
    rene due Olsen 22 days ago

    the littel jewboy Owen shoyer , is ass wwhite as a ghost, it is the jew there is fighting to come out , he actuley looks fucking scary ass shit,

  • Ash Newman
    Ash Newman 23 days ago

    The Swedish are even WORSE!

  • GentlemanBystander
    GentlemanBystander 23 days ago

    Geno in the background before he had to borrow Gavin's coat.

  • Hidanidas
    Hidanidas 24 days ago

    How crazy is it that Gavin is older than Alex?

  • Geist Arminius
    Geist Arminius 25 days ago

    the west is to men what the middle east is to women

  • marty slackjaw
    marty slackjaw 25 days ago

    Jesus Christ, I don't like that lad. He did well against AIDs Skrillix, but I don't like him.

  • mejw1
    mejw1 1 month ago

    I Guaranty you, the French will have buyers remorse. I promise you that. Enjoy Francostan. But you won't

  • Indie Media Eastcoast

    Gavin should cover Linda Sarsour at CUNY June 1

  • JihadAeon
    JihadAeon 1 month ago

    King Salman just stole Obama's Soros Funded Thunder.


  • John Kitchin
    John Kitchin 1 month ago

    It all started years ago when France embraced the bidet!

  • Phil Feretti
    Phil Feretti 1 month ago

    "Its Muslims that constantly wants to shut down infowars". Wow, Alex and Gavin ask yourselves why are globalists legitimizing Israel's solid borders and expansionism whereas all other Western nations must confirm to open borders and what you call "Islamification".

  • stormkang
    stormkang 1 month ago

    'the gavin mcinnes effect', the melting of ones brain from watching Gavin spew his garbage opinions and pathetic appeals to humanities worst aspects.

  • ukkomies100
    ukkomies100 1 month ago

    Tearing down eu isnt a way to fix anything. We need to fix eu. But we can agree that we in one way or another most of the people in eu need it to live a good life. Fix it dont exit

  • Luke Brusatori
    Luke Brusatori 1 month ago

    Most women are total whores. They won't vote for Marine who isn't a whore like them.

  • william stockdale
    william stockdale 1 month ago

    Our governments are our biggest enemies. Many women have a liberal mindset, are stupid and weak ....I am sorry, started to the 1960. Somehow many women in Germany, France, Norway, Britain and Sweden mix up sharia law to be something that is pro women’s rights, at the same time they see other women get beaten up, raped and killed by these sharia law Muslim that flood the country. I have not yet figured out how that worldview is possible to obtain, but they are must be ideologized and brainwashed massively. Feminists will not only destroy society but they'll remove most of the rights REAL women have fought for 60 years. Feminism is propaganda, divorced from biology.

    Women need to lose their right to vote?????? and be kept out of politics????......They are clearly too emotionally minded and can't make rational discriminations or arguments.... 5 European Female defence ministers Albania's Mimi Kodheli..., Netherland's Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert...., Germany's Ursula von der Leyen..., Norway's Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide and Italy's Roberta Pinotti ……..are you joking!!!! I quote.....If civilization had been left in female hands, we would be living in grass huts…..Milo Yiannopoulos

  • /NIVEA/14 8D8
    /NIVEA/14 8D8 1 month ago

    Oh alors les femmes vraies Français sont fou. Ils sont aussi de trahison et ethno-masochiste

  • Ilinca6
    Ilinca6 1 month ago

    french are not humans, evreybody knows that

  • Viktor M
    Viktor M 1 month ago

    the wall is not there because it is not time to keep americans in yet... meaning THEY decided to postpone total collapse for now

  • trumpspubes
    trumpspubes 1 month ago


  • DutchGreen Gaming
    DutchGreen Gaming 1 month ago

    I love living in The Netherlands. Most of the people who pick fights, are the ones who can't fight. Only had someone try to rob me twice in my entire life and 2 fails. They also never seem to carry guns.

  • broda dm
    broda dm 1 month ago

    France is gone. So are Germany and Sweden. Morrison was wrong - "west is the best"?, easter Europe keeps Europe alive. Go Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Amor Patriae Nostra Lex!

  • I am the liqour
    I am the liqour 1 month ago

    Gavin says France is bureaucratic? hahaha. Then you haven't been to Norway.
    I'm pretty sure that the air we breathe here is gonna get taxed in the future, It's that bad.

  • N Musharbash
    N Musharbash 1 month ago

    I once dated a French girl... and the key word here is "ONCE"!

  • SlashDotBeckett
    SlashDotBeckett 1 month ago

    I like Macron, it is so lovely that he takes his grandmother everywhere.

    TRILLIN FLOSSIN 1 month ago

    I had never heard of Gavin or Milo or even thought about race relations (I had assumed most people were over racism or we were moving past it) till people started rioting and calling them nazis. Now I see there are racists on all sides and they aren't crying racism for actual social justice but as a way to consolidate political power.

  • Broseph Stalin
    Broseph Stalin 1 month ago

    at this point the i hope every european woman gets raped by a muslim

  • Daniel Leech
    Daniel Leech 1 month ago

    For an English guy living in France, I can tell you that the French just don't want change and they don't want to be thought of as racist. And let's face it, Le Pen as president is as ridiculous as Hillary for president!!!

  • dsamh
    dsamh 1 month ago

    The minute you appear on Alex Jones is the minute you lose all credibility.

  • 666-Geneticist
    666-Geneticist 1 month ago

    they will feel pain in their asses :-D

  • 1400IntruderVS
    1400IntruderVS 1 month ago

    Islam is a peaceful nation.
    as long as all other nations and or religions are eradicated.

    Yes, I read much of the Quran.

  • Herpderp666
    Herpderp666 1 month ago

    Alex Steps on the younger guy alot

  • Jmikey
    Jmikey 1 month ago

    only religious nuts do shit like these fux.

  • Shawn Ginardi
    Shawn Ginardi 1 month ago

    around 19:50 Alex goes total caveman bone broth. LOL

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 1 month ago

    Couldn't agree more. I dated a french chick for a while, and she was a fucking screwball.

  • Robert Bain
    Robert Bain 1 month ago

    ahhahaha he just did the green orb from heavy metal.

  • Robert Bain
    Robert Bain 1 month ago

    Fuck it, im glad the French will die out. I've never liked the French.

  • young gentleman
    young gentleman 1 month ago

    woman wearing hajibs lol

  • Roy
    Roy 1 month ago

    To be honest, french men are even worse.

  • Leni Bard
    Leni Bard 1 month ago

    I'm french and Gavin's number one fan !!

  • Willy Jamison II
    Willy Jamison II 1 month ago

    Women and cats. Ever wonder what is going on inside those heads?

  • Pterah
    Pterah 1 month ago

    Is it just me or is Alex a bit of a Gavin McInnis fanboi haha he always acts like a doe eyed teenager when he's talking to Gavin haha

    • Emily Matthews
      Emily Matthews 1 month ago

      Pterah I think he's just humble and excited to see people other then himself leading the charge.

  • MagicalMuffinFarts
    MagicalMuffinFarts 1 month ago

    the cops in Australia are terrible at their jobs and are dicks too.

  • davidhume1000
    davidhume1000 1 month ago

    My theory on the liberal masochists is as follows: Christianity has died, but the liberals miss it, so they want another way to feel morally superior, and being more of a martyr than you is their way.

  • Robyn hud
    Robyn hud 1 month ago

    Mcinnes is spot on.sabotuers welcome.

  • Jak świat się kręci.

    WTF these policmen have no riot gear? at 25:45 ?I mean in poland even when there is peacefull demonstration with a risk of anti demonstration -  police force is typically equipped with proper helmets and other protection gear.These police forces seem to be badly equipped.

  • Fanti Nyney
    Fanti Nyney 1 month ago

    Not one correction from Maginnis. Pussy.

  • Luke Gosselin
    Luke Gosselin 1 month ago

    I have found my show! I hate women too. Who needs them all we need are each other men friends.

  • LocumRex
    LocumRex 1 month ago

    LOL As if I needed something else to agree on, with Gavin .
    Man, you don't EVEN KNOW the overly dramatic "Bistro Bitch" problems I've had.

  • The Uniform
    The Uniform 1 month ago

    He felt terrible, no not in his ass! but that the guy was going to be deported. Haha Gavin is Fire🔥😁

  • Charles Hanks
    Charles Hanks 1 month ago

    Turn their sand shit hole countries into blue glass.... let the survivors have this pretty blue glass land...

  • Dan 123
    Dan 123 1 month ago

    Alex Jones won't stop interrupting, asshole.

  • Syxx6
    Syxx6 1 month ago

    I'd love to know where EVERYONE that interviews Gavin thinks this "G" comes from in his last name.

  • JAV3 DLC
    JAV3 DLC 1 month ago

    Alex interrupts people SOOO MANNY TIMMESS HOLY SHIT, but the man's the boss and a huge influence so nobody mentions it.

    BAGFRY 1 month ago

    dude alex ! stop cutting off owen. mights as well not invite him to discussion.. any time he tries to contribute a annecdote , you cut him off ! stop

  • Brian Edward Morgan
    Brian Edward Morgan 1 month ago

    alex jones for president 2020.

  • Pyotr Leflegin
    Pyotr Leflegin 1 month ago

    I don't know about French girls being nuts, but a lot of them I've seen are crackers ;) !

  • Jar Head
    Jar Head 1 month ago

    where can I go to download that banned video to my phone or computer? So I can upload it on my channel.

  • Clarissa Danae
    Clarissa Danae 1 month ago

    My friend lives in France. She told me Le Pen is just very unpopular with them. The stigma of her father stains her reputation since they are very antifacscist and antinazi. Add that to fact that Macron is a young gentleman and they don't understand the full dangers of communism or why bankers are as evil as lawyers and you get a result like you see happened. They are optimistic on the future and don't believe that France is becoming Arab anytime soon. I guess we will all see.

  • Amp7 Paris
    Amp7 Paris 1 month ago

    That's correct about the Bataclan. It was all kept very quiet.....for obvious reasons. People had/ have the right to know exactly what happened. Shame on them. One of the guys who murdered the elderly priest in Rouen is buried near to where we live. His home town/ city refused to have him buried there. The exact location where he's buried is being kept secret.

  • Amp7 Paris
    Amp7 Paris 1 month ago

    Don't get me started...but hell mend France.

  • omegala1
    omegala1 1 month ago

    French fake election results.

  • Delll
    Delll 1 month ago

    There is a woman where i live who walks around with a strut and thinks she is tough. I just ignore her and silently laughing my tits off inside. She will probably get knocked out one of these days and serves her right.

  • mr frosty
    mr frosty 1 month ago

    hahahaahahahaha what a load of SHIT! How hillarious! Two middleaged lunatics sucking eachother off… one dressed like a highschool coach and the other like a 14y old highschool student in UK… wtf haha
    “Ohhh France is run by women, that’s why he won” wtf men didn’t vote? Dude she lost by 30pts that’s not losing that’s being OWNED! And you are saying that there is a possibility of her votes being thrown out, that’s pathetic just pathetic even for a grown ass man dressing like a 14year old… sad hipster fuck…
    And Alex you cant manage 70 ppl cause you a crazy fucking looser and loosing your family was the best thing that happened to those poor kids. It shouldn’t be legal for you to have any in the first place. Do your self a fav and die of an heart attack...
    Fuck radical islam, fuck the left and in the same time fuck the two of you fags with them... other side of the same fucking coin

    • mr frosty
      mr frosty 1 month ago

      +Thelondonbadger sure praise Hitler, that's an awsome fucking characteristic... Seems about right the crowd these two would gather thx for proving the fucking point... Nazis trashing antifa... Pot calling the kettle a fucking social retard

    • Thelondonbadger
      Thelondonbadger 1 month ago

      Hitler lost by about that, got jailed and became chancellor after the upper class realised that the nazis were better than the communists who just wanted to kill children.

  • Cosmic Goat
    Cosmic Goat 1 month ago

    Don't worry, France will go to 7th Century Arabia in 50 years time

  • Thomas McEwen
    Thomas McEwen 1 month ago

    what is next according to Catholic mythics an ocean of blood and the destruction of the cities of France.

  • Victor Waddell
    Victor Waddell 1 month ago

    Speaking about George Soros . When he dies , the mainstream media will cover the news one of two ways . They will ignore the story , knowing that most people don't know who he is , thereby hiding the truth about this evil , wretched monster . Or they will go full sackcloth and ashes , speaking about the loss of such a great man who did so much good for the world , and make a biography of his life and achievements .


    I don't know, I like alex jones, but he's in a world on his own...

  • Wesly Stanton
    Wesly Stanton 1 month ago

    LOL...if you don't do something with healthcare, which will include help for the middleclass ad those with preexisting conditions...well, get ready for a violent Marxist revolution.

  • Jersy Blafoski
    Jersy Blafoski 1 month ago

    This stuff in Sydney happened years ago. They are chanting Obama because it rhymes and they hate America and Americans.

  • Unauthorized Expression

    When ppl call for police assistance the cops should ask if the crime involves a Muslim. If it does, they don't bother showing up. If the French and Germans and Swedes want to become Muslim nations, let them. Enjoy.

  • Eye-8-Ass
    Eye-8-Ass 1 month ago

    Ultra-Nationalism is better than Ethno-Masochism. If a country is racist and hates outsiders that's one thing, but at least they have a future and the citizens live safe and peaceful lives. Ethno-Masochism on the other hand brings no future to a country, they'd tolerate & welcome any foreign group that would come in and destroy their society.

  • C M
    C M 1 month ago

    that daria girl is pretty sharp....she is definitely a threat to the rest of them...she made alex look slightly foolish...but he is a decent enough guy to say that she was right...

  • aliceislooking throughtheglass

    Gavin represents what a woman really wants = a man who WORKS
    He gets up and makes money just like we do

  • C M
    C M 1 month ago

    that kid lives in texas and he is white as a his lips look like black people lips...i like how he did his hair so it would have two like strands sticking down in his forehead....we are meant to belive that just happens but this stupid faggot, im pretty certain did that purposefully...what a loser...

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis 1 month ago

    Islamists hate Obama because he killed Osama Bin Laden and uses drone strikes. Trying to sell the idea that Islamists love Obama is fucking absurd spin worthy of CNN. The chant is addressing Obama, as in "Hey murderer of Muslims Obama, we love Osama Bin Laden".
    A demonstration held now would replace the "Obama" with "Trump". Obviously.
    Kudos for Infowars correcting the record. Most mainstream media double down when they're wrong and correct nothing.

  • LAM Alien
    LAM Alien 1 month ago

    What you guys are talking about at 4 minutes, is actually very typical of rape victims. Expect to see more of it.

  • Donaldo Ducko
    Donaldo Ducko 1 month ago


  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis 1 month ago

    Our police here in Australia are strange: They are both SJW pc retards while being corrupt, incompetent goons at the same time. They will beat heads, just never Muslim heads.

  • C M
    C M 1 month ago

    i like how gavins studio only has shitty lighting what a loser get your shit right.....

  • C M
    C M 1 month ago


  • C M
    C M 1 month ago

    ? so a 40 min video about "how french girls are nuts" this is a retarded video with click bait title..on a video that is probably already up on the inforwars channel....YOU ARE A FAGGOT GET A LIFE YOU STUPID YOUTUBE LOSER...

    • C M
      C M 1 month ago

      actually from what i have heard that isnt true...unless you get me really drunk my penis is of a good size and performs adequately, some days are better than others (again from feed back i have received from women taking said dick)

  • Boondock Saint
    Boondock Saint 1 month ago

    Why are there orbs flying around the cityscape behind Alex?

  • Fred P
    Fred P 1 month ago

    You guys should link to those clips on minds if you need to show them.

  • soroush beik
    soroush beik 1 month ago

    this is SUCH propaganda... you guys are part of the swamp if you stand with Israel in ANY way... Zionist slaves ...

  • EviLLivE Gaming
    EviLLivE Gaming 1 month ago

    France is no longer France.
    Fuck em... enjoy your multiculturalism..

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