♪ "Like An Enderman" - Minecraft Parody Song

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Watch you now, while you turn something into nothing,
Look its raining now, you better believe me sir i aint bluffing.
Gonna creep you now, but not creep like those green things that you often see
Cumon TNT? that don't bother me!
Im like Slenderman, Do it properly!

You saw me there, just one glimpse then im gone, but not for long!
Coz i bet your scared, this town aint built for two, just for one,
Stay aware, coz im just chilling over here, NOPE! Over there.
I like to stare, coz im both your biggest fan and your worst nightmare!

Pre Chorus
The truth hurts, coz this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know.
I wont stop coz i want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know.


LIke an Enderman
Like an Enderman

HEY, Heya stevie,
HEY - I am creepy.

The truth hurts, coz this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know.
I wont stop coz i want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know.

Like an Enderman!

This is a Minecraft Parody Of ‪PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V‬

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This video contains Minecraft let's play / mod showcase and or song / parody gameplay, uploaded under standard youtube license by ThnxCya. Please do not re upload

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Author soraroxas1315 (1 month)

Author TheMaoiSha (2 months)
Enderman, yo te doy todos los cubos que quieras :)

Author wolfgirl123 (2 months)
ender man dont have blue eyes

Author Chris Mattson (3 months)
That Enderman is kind of a di*k

Author Enid DeCastro (2 months)
I heart Enderman I love them sooooooooooo much there soooooo cute and cool
and awesome there the most awesome mobs and the world there're right next
to wolfs creepers and zombies 

Author Aaron Ash (1 month)
Creepers are a bigger nightmare!

Author Daniel Delaney (2 months)
If I can't get rid of this earworm, I can at least have company.

Share and enjoy...

♪ "Like An Enderman" - Minecraft Parody Gangnam Style

Author Miles Prower (2 months)
OH my gosh! I LOVE IT! I think he's just the cutest little dude. I want a
whole enderman army! We will defeat the world with awesomeness!

Author Twisted 2003 (16 days)
💎Nice enderman💎

Author TheNightFury 515 (9 hours)
On thing wrong with this... 1:25, that zombie, as well as earlier zombies,
would've burned in the high light levels. Besides that, AWESOME

Author Kvon West (2 days)
Swigaty swoty I'm coming for your booty Steve ;)

Author Gerald Rufus (29 days)
The enderman held steve down and rapidly punched him in the face.

Author HyperFX | мσтιση ∂εsιgη (6 days)
Look the dance animation from 1:05 to 1:20

Author sen foster (1 day)
And ender man aren't blue

Author Arif Eryılmaz (1 month)
Seni izliyorum :D

Author Lee Maydano (1 month)
Guys i have a COINCIDENCE story. I was listening to this song while playing
minecraft (before i have a channel) im crafting a sword when theres an
enderman while in front of me, it's raining, hes gone (while the lyric said
its raining now). I was about to open my chest, hes THERE. And then a
creeper BLEW me up into my tnt TRAP, IT BLEW UP. I saw it hes GONE, hes in

Author Jacqueline Bravo (2 days)
I love this song so much

Author gamer5483 (4 days)
Do a song with Dan tdm

Author ezekiel rossi (2 hours)
i hate endermans!!!!

Author Ami Fukushuu (2 days)
Best Gangnam Style parody! But... Why Enderman has blue eyes, no purple?

Author ling de en (13 hours)

Author Gold The Cat (19 days)
*kills the enderman*

Author Shade Monica/Blacknee (5 days)
hey enderf### why arent you letting me join your trolling

Author Dan V (2 days)
turn something into nothing? how does that work? :S

Author Haymaster03 (5 days)

Author ricky weeks (4 days)
126: TO 128 get jump scared bruh

Author holly hibberd (2 days)
Bad n gunum whatever. Is stupid ok so yeah

Author Justin Shifflett (5 days)
Nice vis and all but some of it don't make sense blue eyes? The purple and
no ender man would be gay, it seemsn he is but over all loved it

Author Audrey Bain (19 days)
I Love Thids Song

Author Ethan Olmstead (5 days)
Get your head smashed in like a ender man!!!!!

Author Optimus Prime (1 day)
Enderman is my Favorite mob

Author Dominick Cavros (3 days)

Author Veronica George (3 days)
Why is his eyes blue aren't they supposed to be purple

Author Azhar_LOLZ (19 days)
Who else while watching this doesn't want to look at the endermans eyes

Author dillianne paff (3 days)
Asum Bram i am aaron out your clas 

Author Creper mine Ortiz (6 days)
♪ "Like An Enderman" - Minecraft Parody Song:

Author çağrı x_x (4 days)
slenderman VS enderman battle

Author Catlover 123 (6 days)
wasted 2 min of my life -_-

Author Cookie (1 day)
What douse XD mean

Author 808productions1 (19 hours)
This is dumb😦

Author SkullMinePro (2 days)

Author rocker girl (5 days)
no he wanted to kik his but

Author ellz bellz (4 days)
Endermen r cute!

Author Lindell Timothy (1 month)
Guys weirdest thing happened to me so I was just starting to build my new
house (old one blown up by creeper),so out of nowhere it started raining
and I heard that sound endermen make so I pull out mu diamond sword and
turn around but what I saw I dont think it was an enderman it had.bright
white eyes so I started to run and the thing says I am back! So I ataacked
and Iinstantly disconnected

Author Adan Camaren (6 days)
it is cool i love it

Author Veryonica Vanderhall (1 month)
The eyes are suppose to be pink and purple not blue😂

Author Yune marino (2 days)
thnxcya hows dan

Author Golden Freddy Teen (1 month)
My favorite part is when he says "Just Like Slenderman Do It Properly."

Author JengoDaHyena (6 days)
That's a Kool Song :P

Author jordan lieske (3 days)
Love the song 

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