♪ "Like An Enderman" - Minecraft Parody Song

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Watch you now, while you turn something into nothing,
Look its raining now, you better believe me sir i aint bluffing.
Gonna creep you now, but not creep like those green things that you often see
Cumon TNT? that don't bother me!
Im like Slenderman, Do it properly!

You saw me there, just one glimpse then im gone, but not for long!
Coz i bet your scared, this town aint built for two, just for one,
Stay aware, coz im just chilling over here, NOPE! Over there.
I like to stare, coz im both your biggest fan and your worst nightmare!

Pre Chorus
The truth hurts, coz this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know.
I wont stop coz i want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know.


LIke an Enderman
Like an Enderman

HEY, Heya stevie,
HEY - I am creepy.

The truth hurts, coz this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know.
I wont stop coz i want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know.

Like an Enderman!

This is a Minecraft Parody Of ‪PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V‬

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This video contains Minecraft let's play / mod showcase and or song / parody gameplay, uploaded under standard youtube license by ThnxCya. Please do not re upload

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Author Melvin Scott ( ago)
me to

Author Kayla Terry ( ago)
I love enderman

Author nethercrafter 101 ( ago)
I know this song by hart check out my chanle and see

Author Amiee Rssmussen ( ago)
hi amiee

Author Jay isCool ( ago)
love the part with steves butt lol XD

Author 6315055010 Hernandez ( ago)
this song is nice keep the good work

Author 6315055010 Hernandez ( ago)
this song is nice keep the good work

Author HAKSTAR 56 ( ago)
mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm good :)

Author Olivier Bats ( ago)

Author Beatriz Ieiepazeb ( ago)
like enderman XDDD

Author I Am Geoffry ( ago)
My name is James too! Even though my YouTube name is "I Am Geoffrey" I was
just looking for people named "James", (I'm not a fan of Minecraft)

Author Bogdan2006 Bogdan2006 ( ago)
Mibecraft etare

Author Cheryl Schultz ( ago)
Wut am i doing with life

Author Fuzzybunny ( ago)
The diamond means DEATH!! No!!!

Author Prime tube ( ago)

Author Finn Anderson ( ago)
enderman! how do you change your profile picture

Author Kim Castro ( ago)
like in Nederland

Author Kathryn Moore ( ago)
They dont have blue eyes... and this song is dumb...

Author Glenda Fitzgerald ( ago)
they have purple eyes not blue eyes

Author Justin Jr Cohn ( ago)
That's was amazing

Author mich butcher ( ago)

Author infinity Uniktty ( ago)
hay besty hates this but I love it

Author Tanya Smith ( ago)
sik vid

Author Spacey ( ago)
Endurmens ar te besd!

Author Reece Amin ( ago)

Author Kamran Alishov ( ago)
Music of my chiledhood TB

Author Riley Collier ( ago)
i like endermen but I
hate the dam skeletons

Author Rj Burks ( ago)
minecraft is asome

Author Leann Brennan ( ago)

Author wicked310 A Minecraft Player ( ago)
did anyone else notice how the Ender man has blue eyes instead of purple
and pink eyes.

Author Blonde Widow (1907 years ago)
Enderman hilarious

Author Porsheboygt3 ( ago)
Back when mincraft wasn't autism

Author Allison Tardi ( ago)

Author Dobby Cz ( ago)
like an Endarman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Bomberman Bomba ( ago)

Author Angel Situ ( ago)

Author Kameron Crews ( ago)
I dont like it because its mean to scwish fuck you thnxcy

Author Cadence Osowski (639 years ago)

Author Mozucu YTB ( ago)
and me i like

Author DenisTheTnt ( ago)
the nostalgia...

Author Lexington 9 ( ago)
1:09 lol

Author Lexington 9 ( ago)
Like An Enderman!!!!

Author Dawid Sztajkowski ( ago)

Author Simon Holden ( ago)
creeper style

Author freddy fazbear fan (1514 years ago)
I wonder why don't the many views don't give Em many subs??? XD I MEAN LIKE

Author darrell bima (1110 years ago)
hai aysel beneran kamu ta yang nyiptakan lagu "LIKE AN ENDERMAN"

Author Surfiken ( ago)

Author Ashley Frieson ( ago)
an enderman's eyes are purple not blue *just sayin*

Author Kimberly Dawn ( ago)
I love endermans more than you

Author Kimberly Dawn ( ago)
this is my favorite one and I love endermans to🐺

Author Zoe Gann (855 years ago)
Yay Slendy was mentioned!!

Author Erin Strunk (1889 years ago)
usually I hate endermen ...but this is awesome🙌

Author Vetral 32 (Mike M) ( ago)
weirdest song ive ever heard

Author Leonardo “CautionusSky45 Sucks” Bernardino ( ago)
I remember that song

Author Luis Obispo (731 year ago)
Oh the nostalgia.

Author freddy the fox (1019 years ago)
this is like sonic.exe

Author Demetrius Wilkins ( ago)

Author JJNintendo360 ( ago)
If I was a Enderman, I would help players and play with them if they have
no friends online

Author Niko Stejn ( ago)

Author Niko Stejn ( ago)

Author Tyler Huckins ( ago)
dis is priority of gangam style

Author Jose Luis ( ago)
I freken like enderman

Author DONNA le hoste ( ago)
Like an EnderMen!!!!!!

Author Anna Gonzales ( ago)

Author XDboymanxx XD ( ago)

Author oopakasit ( ago)
psy parody

Author Zavendea ( ago)
I remember when he published this... #thefeels

Author MsCreeperCrafter ( ago)
Did anyone come back a year later after they saw this the first time and
just like, wow.

Author Santiago Sili Castellanos ( ago)
me gusta el vídeo

Author I love Llamas ( ago)

Author Jahmiyah Burke ( ago)

Author kurtjigger sales ( ago)
tae mo

Author silvia Altamirano ( ago)
I love it and I love this song

Author Abigail Annan ( ago)

Author Bastien Thomas ( ago)
like an enderman

Author James Behzadi ( ago)
Me to

Author Olwia 214 ( ago)
Jestę Endermanę xD

Author toan ha ( ago)
I like ENDENMEN this video větry much of you. you ugly than my.You ARE

Author Simra Uddin ( ago)
cool i love it :D

Author Bisham Pandey ( ago)
ohh o upon ederman style

Author Marcelly Oliveira ( ago)

Author Lisa Serrano ( ago)
heyy im creppy

Author Lisa Serrano ( ago)
I love this song so much I hear this song every day

Author The Dark SHADOW ( ago)
Türk Varmı Türk :D

Author minhaj ahmed ( ago)
This is a parody of Gangnam Style, am I correct?

Author Chanel Edgecock ( ago)

Author Chanel Edgecock ( ago)

Author Syed Yusuf Ahmed ( ago)

Author Bella Kandu ( ago)

Author Commenter of Comments (randomredditorreturn) ( ago)
How has this never been posted on /r/Minecraft?

Author boy32del ( ago)
Stay awere

Author Ethan Novak ( ago)

Author toy chica ( ago)
enderman <3

Author Timothy Cain ( ago)
ender men are the best

Author tracey mcwilliams ( ago)
I wish i could meet slenderman RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Author Rikki Martinez ( ago)
enderman is my favorite

Author HB3204 HB3204 ( ago)

Author Nasra البيمانية‎ ( ago)

Author dan stockhall ( ago)
it is suppppper coool I am ederman creeper ederman and selder is an ederman

Author Abdullah Alrashdi ( ago)

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