♪ "Like An Enderman" - Minecraft Song

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Watch you now, while you turn something into nothing,
Look its raining now, you better believe me sir i aint bluffing.
Gonna creep you now, but not creep like those green things that you often see
Cumon TNT? that don't bother me!
Im like Slenderman, Do it properly!

You saw me there, just one glimpse then im gone, but not for long!
Coz i bet your scared, this town aint built for two, just for one,
Stay aware, coz im just chilling over here, NOPE! Over there.
I like to stare, coz im both your biggest fan and your worst nightmare!

Pre Chorus
The truth hurts, coz this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know.
I wont stop coz i want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know.


LIke an Enderman
Like an Enderman

HEY, Heya stevie,
HEY - I am creepy.

The truth hurts, coz this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know.
I wont stop coz i want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know.

Like an Enderman!

This is a Minecraft Parody Of ‪PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V‬

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Author Pooja Gour ( ago)
It is different than gagn style

Author MARGARET Piper ( ago)
His world 🌎 omg

Author MARGARET Piper ( ago)
I love the song

Author Sam Zarkeshvari ( ago)
"CUM on tnt" am i the only one who found that

Author astrid rolfe ( ago)
hey this video is funny cool and my favorite part is when the enderman comes out of the chest and scares Steve

Author Paulina Jezierska ( ago)

Author Mediocre YouTube Account ( ago)
This hasn't aged well

Author Sofia Lennon ( ago)
This is amazing!!!!!

Author Izzy Gonzo ( ago)
i am in 2017 now

Author iiKondo ( ago)
When I first watched this I was a lot younger lmao now looking back I can't believe how cringey I was

Author Steven Morris ( ago)

Author Murphy Wakit ( ago)
I hate it more like the creeper rap than that

Author ravi baghla ( ago)
I like this

Author terrorist mr clean ( ago)
I want to put a gun in my mouth

Author sir jerk face ( ago)
who ya calling pinhead

Author Dainiel Grodem ( ago)
Geez its been years since i last saw this song and its still pretty good and 52mil is awsomeXD

Author TDM FanGamingVlogs ( ago)
I bet the person who sang creepers gonna creep sang this to

Author goutham manoj ( ago)
very good song

Author emilia diaz ( ago)
Jag vill inte like en anderman för på mincraft när man kör med liv då e dom ledskiga!

Author KittyLover Meow ( ago)
zooming in on Steve's butt...DAT ENDERBRUH IS STRONG

Author Oscar 關喆 Kelley Gaming ( ago)
GANGNAM style parody lol

Author Sophie Pflugbeil ( ago)
cooles Lied ich liebe solche Lieder

Author reper king ( ago)
kopi parodia de nagyon kurály.

Author Nichole Reeves ( ago)
like an enderman yay I'm a enderman

Author chase argetsinger ( ago)
werid song but I like it.

Author efil ( ago)
Sony owns the guy from gangamstyle?! Sony is the next illuminati...

Author sir jerk face ( ago)
how did steve have that much diemonds

Author TIXLTIF ( ago)
that moments you need beach in your ears and eyes

Author Drea Copes ( ago)
the butt closeup of Steve's butt was funny.XD

Author Isiah Rogers ( ago)

Author Isiah Rogers ( ago)

Author Josivaldo Ferreira ( ago)
My best friend like the musica

Author Maddisyn Feldman ( ago)
like an enderman!

Author LPS cutie18 ( ago)
good old days....

and the nostalgia...*sobs*

Author Shirley Fox ( ago)
this is gangdum style

Author erick con Bmo morales E ( ago)
Ese endermen es de color azul

Author Anonymous - ( ago)
Hey I'm a fan

Author Erin Penighetti ( ago)
im an endorment

Author Joshua Wilson ( ago)

Author Gilvane Martins Gravi ( ago)
W HO 2017 ?

Author the septic papyrus ( ago)
very cool song

Author SNOWATIC gamer 99 ( ago)

Author ميدو مشاكل ( ago)

Author Midgardschlange79 ( ago)

Author HEROBRINE The king of minecraft ( ago)
Honestly I hate this

Author Alia Alsuwaidi ( ago)
nice one

Author Gemma And Faye ( ago)
I ❤️💛💚💙💜💝🖤THIS SONG

Author BOSS gamer math ( ago)
yes ok

Author Kacio-Killer ( ago)

Author Ender Man ( ago)

Author charlottewful ( ago)

Author Princess Cupcake ( ago)
and I watch this in 2015 (my first time watching)

Author Princess Cupcake ( ago)

Author urban gamer ( ago)
you were Funny Happy Studios

Author Annika friedt ( ago)

Author Gamer CookieKitty ( ago)
I love you enderman

Author robloxguy 457 ( ago)
his dance is lol

Author Nason Budkhunthong ( ago)
the comments section is pure cancer

Author kentez Ferguson ( ago)
i watched this when i was 7 now im 10 :o

Author Nicole Serra-Gonzalez Musical Theater School singing, dancing, acting, writing ( ago)

Author Gilvane Martins Gravi ( ago)

Author Erzsébet Karkus ( ago)
cool video cool

Author Nele Brodrecht ( ago)
i have a orworm

Author Hero B ( ago)
Me like an Enderman 😎

Author Animachrome ( ago)
Ahhh.... the memories....

Author hoang dung ( ago)
Cool song

Author GamerFor Days ( ago)

Author paramjit kaur ( ago)
This is so cringy James but I understand because it was made 4 YEARS ago

Author stephanie levesque ( ago)
I am

Author princejupiter xd ( ago)
i just realized this. when i was new to youtube when i was 6 i liked minecraft and found this.its been 4 years because im 10 now

Author Black Dev ( ago)
Ohh myyy god I loved this song so much when I was little and minecraft was still in development and had lots to offer I wish I could go back to those days

Author ender kid gaming 21 ( ago)
hey Stevie WA WA WA like a ender man hey I am creepy

Author ender kid gaming 21 ( ago)
ender man

Author Alexander Barborík ( ago)
this is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author lander john ombao ( ago)
this is ugly this better be fucking gone fq off

Author 1983kayra ( ago)
this is my world

Author blue pony ( ago)
he dabed this is funny I luv dis song

Author Michael Muniz ( ago)
like a enderman

Author Grace Herbert ( ago)

Author Fedico7000 ( ago)
| |
| ------ ------ |
| |

Yup ..

Author SILVARM- SM ( ago)
fuck an enderman

Author adidas Girly ( ago)
Endermans is the best mob

Author Adrian Dobrowolski ( ago)

Author Brentl Ticman ( ago)
so Nostalgic

Author MightyMiracle _Plays ( ago)
ahhhhhh... the memories who else is going on a old song spree?

Author Ricky Roma ( ago)
no ore wold

Author Elsy Lopez ( ago)

Author Ericka De La Paz Reyes ( ago)

Author Glenn Moody ( ago)
I love endermen

Author CreeprCatchr ( ago)
I what h this 3 years ago

Author Ethan Sy ( ago)
It okay

Author Tony Laszlo ( ago)

Author Tony Laszlo ( ago)
this is terrible

Author Tony Laszlo ( ago)

Author T.E.D. for Theology I ( ago)
I am...

Author Samantha ParaGalera ( ago)
_i love teh song_

Author Samantha ParaGalera ( ago)
*I love the Enderman hahaha*

Author Bubble Enderman ( ago)

Author Saul Nunez ( ago)

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