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Author labonno (5 months)
love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Author Smita Saxena (2 months)
Salman u rocks... God bless u.. And maya god keep u away from all

Author Rafique Khan (3 months)
i am alone now

Author abdul mashuk (2 months)
I love salman khan x's

Author Syed Zahid (2 months)
salman khan n.1 hero

Author Noon Tailor HK (2 years)
Real Entertainer,puck up MAN

Author Noregrets281 (10 months)
They are born in the same year, along with Aamir Khan, but Aamir is the
oldest, then comes Shahrukh and last Salman. So Salman is a couple of
months younger than Shahrukh.

Author sanniya94 (1 year)
plss reply salman khan if only by any chance u happen to read

Author Rudram Chakraborty (1 year)
salman sir u ra great actor but u always do nonsese movie,we all like to
see u in some warrior role in serious warrior movie

Author Raul klien (1 year)
I also faced this security shit and am not a khan ... why to make it such a

Author 078956432 (9 months)
i am from greece, but i love india and i have seen a lot india films, i
have visited india because i am a tourist agent. i believed that the
sharukhan is the best actor, when i have seen films with salman, i liked
very much, my oponion is thar salman is the best indian star and deserves
all the awards.liza

Author Salman Malik (2 years)
@ASHISH7607 Chutiya... SRK ki chaat.... saala awards karidta hai he is a

Author tanveer ali (1 year)
pankaj beta papa ko u nahi bolte ha ok..

Author Cat's Eye 2013 (1 year)
Oye racist , you better learn to behave with others !

Author reginadaluz93600 (2 years)

Author Amym Punjwani (1 year)
coz he is good human being bro.... love you salman bhai Love from Pakistan

Author owais khan (2 years)
love u Salman

Author Michael Jackson. (2 years)
@gawdesanket nahi hai magar teri bhen mujhe ek rat ke liye dede !

Author tiger tha (1 year)

Author MrManu011 (2 years)
Salman is a fuckin Loser and Cheap as SHIT! Aap ki Adalat?? Are you
serious? This is like a cheap Rakhi Sawant show, He obvously ONLY want
attention and media limelight.

Author ayesha razi (1 year)

Author salman khan (1 year)

Author gawdesanket (2 years)
@freshaashiq tere paas behen nahi hai kya?

Author maaha ali (2 years)
luvvv u salmannnnnnnnnnn

Author gawdesanket (2 years)
@alia011 he is gunda. u know nothing about him!

Author meena2020 (2 years)
Salman U are the best.....No words!!!

Author Cat's Eye 2013 (1 year)
Oye panjubar Lolzz

Author XBLMA (1 year)
we love u salman.

Author NABIN KUMAR KHARA (1 year)
Salman khan crowned sexiest Asian man. I love him...............

Author Roshan Dahal (2 years)
4:23 :D

Author BorealNeal (2 years)
nobody beats salman

Author Digant Chib (1 year)

Author tanno28 (2 years)
respect sallu bhai..................

Author HennaMinnie27 (2 years)
Salman is gorgeoussss!

Author Rohit Hossen (2 years)
salman khan z best...

Author gawdesanket (2 years)
@freshaashiq teri gaand mein bharunga. tuze sex ki jada jarurat hai na!!

Author Michael Jackson. (2 years)
@gawdesanket teri ban di fud maruh !

Author hellcomeshere (1 year)
Salman = KING

Author omparkash100 (2 years)
Salman is cool guy

Author mitali372 (2 years)
he is a honest person who gaves respect to fools

Author karanbir bath (6 months)
Shahrukh khan

Author Husna Hakim (2 years)
i love the way he said 'looking damn good yaar"(27:05)

Author Md arif (10 months)
I love you

Author shareefkundapur (1 year)
bolywood ka king khan Salman khan

Author msparimughal (2 years)
i just love it.....simply adorable wow

Author Ujwal Shahi (1 year)
Salam Sir main Aap ka Bahut bada fan Hu, Aap ka Boydyguard Movie Song Mere
Pass Rington Hain

Author jeniusgujjar (2 years)
salu yar tusi great ho sach men great ho

Author deepak50799 (1 year)
I have seen "john abraham" episode....and even i can't understand that
"John abraham" who was starting his carrier with did he had
the power of replacing "katrina" in place of "taara sharma".....doesn't
seems logical to me...what do you say guys.................

Author shobhit359ify (1 year)
His wards doesn't make any sense. He said " girls shouldn't wear shorts"
look at the video of his song "Just love me" from "No Entry" where he is
dancing with the girls in bikini he is a double meaning man. I don't agree
with him that nobody wants to watch hot scenes in movies SEX is one of the
the most important need of a man so why the mass do not like porn ? Its
depend on a film maker that what kind of entertainment he is showing to the

Author Pradeep Chaudhari (1 year)
bhai u r best...

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