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The irrepressible Bollywood star Salman Khan coolly walked out of the dock in Rajat Sharma's Aap Ki Adalat and did a brief Dabangg dance jig on the Adalat floor with the show host to the delight of hundreds of fans sitting in the gallery and the judge Shatrughan Sinha.

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Author umme salma ( ago)
love u alot... aap k liye kafi zyada izad... n after this we all r proud of
u... no one else can be like u... der can be only one salman... n u prove
tat BEING HUMAN is jus not a brand u justify it to the fulluiest. ... loads
of love mmmmmmmmmma....

Author Ritesh Shah ( ago)
Salman rocksssss

Author Kishori Ambre ( ago)

Author Kishori Ambre ( ago)

Author angel maisha ( ago)
salman kaha girlfriends chor ta hai
girlfriends usko hurt karke chali jati hai

Author Saleem Khan ( ago)

Author md. hasan ( ago)

Author zuber shaikh ( ago)
kya ahmed mai usman

Author Chanda Oli ( ago)
I hateeeeeeeeeee you....

Author Chanda Oli ( ago)
Go back from this world..

Author Chanda Oli ( ago)
In this entire universe you most fake person.I hate you most...

Author farhan mustafa ( ago)

Author johnson c.c. ( ago)
23:18........ 23:39

Author Mohammad Iliyas ( ago)
Salman khan In Aap Ki Adalat

Author Binapani Baitharu ( ago)
I love u bro

Author ‫ندى سيد‬‎ ( ago)
i lave u so

Author karanbir bath ( ago)
Shahrukh khan

Author bary2441992 ( ago)
Shah Rukh,Salman,Aamir are three different amazing personalities and three
different actors,i really respect all of them,though i am a fan of Shah
Rukh,i wouldn't hesitate to go to a nice movie of Salman or Aamir,i think
all fans of all the Khans should be mature enough to not hate other just
bcoz they have some misunderstanding between them,i hope a day like that

Author Saad Srk ( ago)
Issey sabit hota hai Salman Jelous Of @SHAH RUKH KHAN

Author Sheejisoha ( ago)
Love u Salman Khan

Author shootinghunter ( ago)
you are right. fans got shocked by watching this. crazy kareena kapoor
screamed and beaten in a meeting for a silly mistake. crazy kareena , must
have regretted after that. if you wanna see just watch it now here :

Author 078956432 ( ago)
i am from greece, but i love india and i have seen a lot india films, i
have visited india because i am a tourist agent. i believed that the
sharukhan is the best actor, when i have seen films with salman, i liked
very much, my oponion is thar salman is the best indian star and deserves
all the awards.liza

Author Rashmi Portey ( ago)
watch latest mash up for salman khan on yyou tube salman khan(mere salman
khan) special gift for him

Author Md arif ( ago)
I love you

Author Adrian David ( ago)
horrible. shame on these celebrities. crazy kareena kapoor screamed and
beaten in a meeting for a silly mistake. she is trying to be smart. you can
also watch it here >->

Author Noregrets281 ( ago)
They are born in the same year, along with Aamir Khan, but Aamir is the
oldest, then comes Shahrukh and last Salman. So Salman is a couple of
months younger than Shahrukh.

Author Gaurab sanyasi ( ago)
Fuck salman

Author harsh malik ( ago)
rundi ka hai tera yaar jo tujhe daily khodta hai.....rundi....apne baap par
dhyan de.......daily tu ladko ke sath khumti
hogi.......hna......concentrate in ur cheap life

Author komal tanda ( ago)
salmaan you are great

Author harsh malik ( ago)
rundi ka har heroine ko 2:35 """""JI JI """" KEHTA HAI !!!! bol to aaese
raha hai """jaise koi PUJA MANDIR MAI KARTE HAI """"" but they all do sex
in movies...... fuck off...industry. khudse jhuudh bolne wala rundi ka
BOLLYWOOD MAI !!!! never

Author harsh malik ( ago)
rundi ka kehta hai 2:13 """" INDUSTRY BOHOT CLEAN HAI """....ha ha ha ha
logo ko rundiya bna kar rakhte hai.....har ksi ke sath sex..... rundi

Author harsh malik ( ago)
both criminals......doing fucking fake charity.......and chutiye log in sub
ko aacha kehte hai......if they are good innocent humans......then ask your
own sisters to do sex in movies with them !!! rundi walo dont bew a fan of
fucking bollywood.

Author harsh malik ( ago)
sub rundiya isko sex allow karti hai, that's why they actors fuck and
SUPPORTS THEM.........fact planeed fucking things !!!! rundiyo ki industry
hai !!! baatein MAHATAMA GANDHI jaisi !!!! SUB BAKCHOOD MAR RAHA HAI !!!!
criminal rundi ka !!! FUCK OFF FANS......CHUTIYE FANS KO TO
self respect in them. chutiye log.......criminal
charity.........DIKHAWA KARTA HAI facebook ke through !!!!

Author harsh malik ( ago)
planeed fucking things !!!! rundiyo ki industry hai !!! baatein MAHATAMA
GANDHI jaisi !!!! SUB BAKCHOOD MAR RAHA HAI !!!! criminal rundi ka !!!

Author tony ji ( ago)
He is something behind my balls

Author doodo2011 ( ago)
sanjay dutt salman khan best

Author hellcomeshere ( ago)
Salman = KING

Author Rudram Chakraborty ( ago)
salman sir u ra great actor but u always do nonsese movie,we all like to
see u in some warrior role in serious warrior movie

Author gunnersfor4life ( ago)
No offence Salman , but John is awesome !!!

Author jakir uddin ( ago)
aap ka adhalat.king salman

Author mahsaz7 ( ago)
I did not know Shahrukh is younger than Salman. I thought they are the same

Salman khan crowned sexiest Asian man. I love him...............

Author tanveer ali ( ago)
pankaj beta papa ko u nahi bolte ha ok..

Author saroj parmar ( ago)
God bless u always...

Author Young Ujwal ( ago)
Salam Sir main Aap ka Bahut bada fan Hu, Aap ka Boydyguard Movie Song Mere
Pass Rington Hain

Author Pankaj Tiwari ( ago)

Author nannu32 ( ago)
jealous peopple alwys rhink and bad abt he the most strt frwrd
guy the way he answrd all qustns....salman roxx....jealous peoples

Author ayesha razi (737 years ago)

Author sidra ijaz ( ago)
since from past 10 years i m listening that he s 45 years old i mean he
freezed on 45 or what reality is that he s upto 50 that truth no 1 can deny

Author Amym Punjwani ( ago)
coz he is good human being bro.... love you salman bhai Love from Pakistan

Author xxxAl0nexxx ( ago)
Q k salam janta hai Pak main log uc se ktni mohabbat karte hai tum jese
racist ye baat kaha smjho...

Author Admir Midzic ( ago)
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Author mohammed saif Hajeera ( ago)
its an very good interview of salaman i love salman he is my role model

Author hakulip ( ago)
i agree with what salim sir said

Author Raul klien ( ago)
I also faced this security shit and am not a khan ... why to make it such a

Author tiger tha ( ago)

Author salman khan ( ago)

Author Sanjay Dewan Rai ( ago)
is it me or that anchor looks like a steve jobs

Author JESH MISHRA ( ago)
gud thik sir

Author XBLMA ( ago)
we love u salman.

Author Digant Chib (385 years ago)

Author Sagar Banerjee ( ago)
Oye racist , you better learn to behave with others !

Author punjabi sher ( ago)

Author shobhit359ify ( ago)
His wards doesn't make any sense. He said " girls shouldn't wear shorts"
look at the video of his song "Just love me" from "No Entry" where he is
dancing with the girls in bikini he is a double meaning man. I don't agree
with him that nobody wants to watch hot scenes in movies SEX is one of the
the most important need of a man so why the mass do not like porn ? Its
depend on a film maker that what kind of entertainment he is showing to the

Author princy patel ( ago)
are o supersamba29 tuje kuch pata toh hai nahi. pehle teri sadi ki soch

Author Pradeep Chaudhari ( ago)
bhai u r best...

Author Sam N ( ago)
सलमान तो कुंवारा ही मरेगा .......

Author TheHearrtbeat ( ago)
don't you think he respond to questions in very stupid way. no offensive
but thats what i realized.!!

Author Sagar Banerjee ( ago)
Oye panjubar Lolzz

Author Abdullah Sarwar Faridi ( ago)
apparantly she says she is british she does not speak british english
either .

Author Catti Lo ( ago)
hahaha suuure.

Author Aniket Kadam ( ago)
Iske itne cases real criminal court me chalte hue bhi is court me lane
zarurat kya thi

Author furty786 ( ago)
i really respect him for wanting his actresses to wear more clothes

Author rengalocura ( ago)
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Author pluto20010 (652 years ago)
he said she was able to write and read that doesn't mean she could speak
hindi too!

Author spanishiscool ( ago)
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you salmannnn baby

Author punjabi sher ( ago)
love u sallu u have d real punjabi guts!!!!!!!!!

Author Gaurav Sharma ( ago)
Wah Salman Wah !

Author reginadaluz93600 ( ago)

Author reginadaluz93600 ( ago)
i am cabe verdian girl i don't understand indi i see this video just for
see salman khan

Author bruce banner ( ago)
I totally agree with you. She has been in movies since 2002 or 2003, and
all her movies till recently, I believe, were dubbed by another voice. I am
not sure if she is currently using her own voice in her new movies. So when
Salman says she learned in two day, that was a too much of a compliment.

Author Arshad Hussain ( ago)
salman is tiger

Author H2R ( ago)
you didn't listen properly he said she learned to read in two days but she
didn't know what she was reading,which means she only learned the sounds of
the words.....

Author jaskaran mehta ( ago)
salman is awesome

Author Kamran A ( ago)
Salman ki hasi jokero jaisi hai..he should work on it.!! lol

Author 6tgfr ( ago)
salman is maha hypocrite why can't girls wear short clothes..if he himself
shows his packs in every other movie

Author hamekasia ( ago)
Katrina learned to read and write hindi in 2 days?!! Ya right, She still
can't manage to carry a simple interview in hindi.

Author Younglovely21 ( ago)
SHIRAZ KHAN....see him on my channel

Author Noon Tailor HK ( ago)
Real Entertainer,puck up MAN

Author Fatima mohammad asef ( ago)
i just loved when he said insha allah

Author BorealNeal ( ago)
srk, salman, and akshay can not be replaced

Author Gagan Kang ( ago)
salman u r unparallel

Author maaha ali ( ago)
luvvv u salmannnnnnnnnnn

Author vjfmify ( ago)
"jab koi dusra aadmi aakay Shahrukh ki burai karta hai, aur uska agenda
kuch aur hota hai, phir kabhi u should see me with that person"- Salman
tussi great ho.

Author rishi patel ( ago)
salman is awesome

Author Rohit Hossen ( ago)
salman khan z best...

Author meena2020 ( ago)
Salman U are the best.....No words!!!

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