Zoom R24 Recording to a Click Track Demo

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This is an excerpt from a full length DVD available at Host David Wills has toured with major artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Chicago and Diana Ross and provides you with a professional's perspective but always demonstrated in an informal, easy to understand way.

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Author Nemo James (4 months)
how do you remove the accent ? This works ok until you get to a 2/4 bar

Author kisho bhar (8 months)
you sent me email but we are not allowed to respond , this is funny , si ?

Author Leda Guerfell (1 year)
On a Zoom r24, how do I change the time signature to 3/4 for a project? I
want the metronome and drum pattern to match up and have the display shown
3/4 instead of 4/4.

Author OliverWitherspoon (1 year)
How do you rehearse along with preset drum tracks while you sample them at
different tempos? When I click on a new drum pattern it turns off the
guitar and mic inputs. 

Author Half a Sinner (2 years)
you can use any channel,/recording/metronome as your 'click'.............

Author Mari Zalez (2 years)
Can you please do a video of how to assign the knobs to GarageBand? If its
possible thanks

Author Broken Horn Studios (3 years)
@fireball570 Check out the video response

Author kbthai100 (2 years)
how to record ONLY the metronome ONTO track 1 is this possible even...i

Author Half a Sinner (2 years)
yes possible. these are great units!!

Author cralenkotter (2 years)
Its Qui Gon Jin!

Author fireball570 (3 years)
More R24 videos please!!

Author MITHUN GEORGE (3 years)
is all value available 6/8. 3/4 7/8

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