Khali, Big Show and Undertaker fight

Here is a fight. It is not a match its mostly big show talking anout khali then 3 and a hlf minutes of this videos is wasted by undertakers entrance. Then Khali and Big Show double chokeslam the deadman

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Author hilmi eren (11 months)

Author Ganqstaxanqel (5 years)

Author TrisFredInc (3 years)
His chin is massive!!!!!

Author americanbadass4568 (5 years)
yeah khali does own but undertaker ownz EVERYBODY.

Author sarah38e (5 years)
i though big show was billed as 7'4, not 7'

Author Rohit Kumar (2 years)

Author tyler165 (6 years)
ya probably

Author Liam Rushe (3 years)
i would hate 2 be in that

Author shankar tamoli (1 year)
i like it undertaker

Author Ravi Kumar (1 year)

Author oDANGANYTHANGELSEo (4 years)
@Bloodfold3 They said 7 foot, 500 pounds

Undertaker owns

Author Nilisha Wandile (5 years)
plz make it fast

Author savion290 (7 years)
i saw dis episode it waz funny when bobby lashly vs mr.mchahon in arm
wrestling l8ter dat night

Author borninthe90sdecade (4 years)
he would look so much more menacing if he was defined and chiselled.

Author red red (4 years)
i like this fights

Author Blade ThreeB (6 years)
Tyler if you know anything about taker he lets his actions speak louder
than words.

Author Bloodfold3 (4 years)
the big show is NOT 7'5 LOL hes like 7-7'1...

Author astalavisitor (4 years)

Author hititdj (3 years)
@americanbadass4568 yeah man if he gets dat big again i dont know why i
think he wont be so washed up like now seeing him skinny makes me think he
easily gettin hurt and gettin limp

Author casey963 (6 years)
We need a giant free-for-all. All of the biggest, baddest wrestlers
anywhere. WWE, ECW, and any other of the lousy, undermined wrestling
leagues. Thatd be bad ass.

Author Louis James (7 years)
which pay per view was it?

Author paulinaa5 (4 years)
Undertaker is looking like a murderer from nightmares...but he's kinda nice

Author smilerboyboy (4 years)
wo wai wo wo wo wait a minute.. what the fuck lol

Author Tomis355 (6 years)

Author Vinay Chandel (2 years)
kya bat.................................

Author americanbadass4568 (5 years)
laude ki jaat teri maa mein mera land hai bhosde ke bacche.

Author Animalz Wild (4 years)
The Great Khali Undertaker ki Gaand faad degaa, ( Translation for People
dont know hindi - Khali willl tear apart undertaker's ass)

Author Poonam Jayaswal (6 years)
kaisi land video hai

Author americanbadass4568 (5 years)
i think undertaker should go back to being a 328 pound dude,gain more
weight. that would be excellent for him.

Author gettheboy (5 years)

Author Howcast26 (4 years)
i was laughing when Khali opened his mouth, you could stuff a burger in his

Author tyler165 (6 years)
doese the under taker talk??i haven't heard him ever.....just wondering.

Author Linkdertaker (3 years)
W.C Title

Author pranz7 (2 years)
khali i s the macho.....and big show is a baap,

Author FREAKOFNATURE123789 (6 years)
the undertaker cant talk ..he cut his toung and put a fake on so that he
could jus take it out and suck big dicks

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