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  • grav3yardgirl
    grav3yardgirl 3 months ago

    this is groot -------> 🌱
    likes help groot grow.
    1 like = 1 inch growth.
    how tall can groot get? 😁

    • Savannah Burk
      Savannah Burk 4 days ago


    • Squishy Lover
      Squishy Lover 17 days ago

      grav3yardgirl very tall 🌱->🌲

    • Slimey Playz
      Slimey Playz 22 days ago

      grav3yardgirl I Love You

    • Chad Hagen
      Chad Hagen 22 days ago

      grav3yardgirl I liked groot because your chanel is so awesome and I love u

  • Goddess Isis
    Goddess Isis 1 day ago

    $24 wow...hell no!

  • yasmine moughrany
    yasmine moughrany 2 days ago

    I feek like they are all bad except the beuty blender cause your skin looks to textured the sponge is bad it is a wast of product

  • Missy West
    Missy West 4 days ago

    real techniques sponge works with Tarte's powder foundation. For 'fun' I tried this with a dry sponge (as ya do when bored lol) and was surprised. I do not own beauty blender brand spongue or I would give a try with that too. Just give a try with any products and any tools as you never know. What works for one might not work for another and vice versa too.

  • F. Sanchez
    F. Sanchez 6 days ago

    Omg!!! I swear, my favorite powder foundation also! @grav3yardgirl

  • Mindfang Serket
    Mindfang Serket 6 days ago

    That "too light" foundation actually came up very nicely with your skin tone. Remember that when you choose foundation colours, you want to match with your neck colour, not four face colour. If you match your face, then you have an obvious line of demarcation where the foundation stops.

    MA NAME JEFF 7 days ago


  • Jay K
    Jay K 7 days ago

    The silisponge is literal proof, you can make pure crap and people will still buy it because of hype. Sad, because these companies know this, and each time they make something, they lower the bar of how much effort they put into their items... And still people buy it...

  • gottamatch
    gottamatch 10 days ago

    It took me so long to remember where that quote "inquiring minds want to know" came from! FOUND IT!!! Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit!

    01:14:26 So. Uh. Sister Mary Clarence said you quit the choir.

    01:14:29 Yeah. I did. So?

    01:14:31 So. Inquiring minds want to know.

    01:14:34 - Yeah. - If I want to quit the choir. that's my business.

    01:14:38 Sometimes I feel that this whole choir gig's a big joke to everybody. Yo!

    • gottamatch
      gottamatch 5 days ago

      Oh cool! Thanks for the info! :-)

    • jmckay331
      jmckay331 5 days ago

      Actually its a cliche that originally came from an Ad by the National Enquirer in the 80s

  • kristinLFG
    kristinLFG 10 days ago

    "I didn't swipe on the concealer, because it's concealer why would you do that?"
    I think every beauty guru I watch on youtube does but whatever works for you!

  • virydiana cedillo
    virydiana cedillo 13 days ago

    she reminds me of this guy with a towel on his head.

  • Michelle Morera
    Michelle Morera 14 days ago

    LOL I just love bunny so much!

  • Princess Janet
    Princess Janet 15 days ago

    I wonder what bunny would look like with all black hair

  • I Smell Like Cheese
    I Smell Like Cheese 16 days ago


  • Sude Sarican
    Sude Sarican 16 days ago

    Am i the only one that thinks that bunny is even prettier without make up

  • Kelsea McKinzie
    Kelsea McKinzie 18 days ago

    Review the Foul Language Filter for the TV!!!

  • Amber Armstrong
    Amber Armstrong 19 days ago

    So here I am asking you about your shirt 🐊 what is the shirt about?

  • Hazel Marie
    Hazel Marie 19 days ago

    Hey bunny I've been a fan of yours for a while just wondering if you would do like a how to do makeup for us viewers who don't exactly know how to do makeup lol Love you bunny!!

  • DaniH
    DaniH 19 days ago

    I've been using a radical, new way to apply my foundation lately and I never get streaks, it absorbs no product, it's free, and it comes with me everywhere......my hands and fingers!! I think this foundation applicator thing has gone way too far. If Charlotte Tilbury still uses her hands when she does makeup, it's good enough for me too. I think if we went back to using our hands and fingers we'd be really surprised by how efficient and effective it is. Nothing beats the heat from our hands and fingers to make the product absorb into our skin. Try it! Seriously, if you've been using applicators for the last few years, try your hands again. Just be aware that you will need less product and your bank account will grow from not buying every applicator on the market or even religiously buying a $20 sponge that cost $0.05 to make. Lol. Do you. Whatever makes you happy. I like using my hands so thought I would remind everyone how great it is :D

    • DaniH
      DaniH 11 days ago

      +stringendo1 Right on!! Glad someone else is with me on this!! This "I-have-to-apply-every-bit-of-my-makeup-with-a-special-applicator" idea has gone nuts and all it accomplishes different than using your hands and fingers, is that it is lining the pockets of a few, some of which have come up with the stupidest thing known to mankind, and we, the public, are doing that and promoting that. I knew this applicator thing really went crazy when I saw a snippet of a photo of a young women who jokingly applied her foundation by "bouncing" it with her boyfriends private bits. Lol. When someone can make fun of all this by doing that, we have to recognize that this has all gone too far. I just want to tell everyone to stop paying $20 for a cheaply made sponge, don't bother with silicone applicators, use a brush if you already own one but don't break yourself to get an expensive one. Use your hands. That's what we used for decades before and it works just fine. No one is going to hold up a magnifying glass to our face and see if they can see streaks. Not every face of makeup has to be done to be put on Instagram. It's gone too far. If you use your hands to apply foundation and use them to "buff" it in, it will not leave streaks. We've been working backwards for the last 10 years. And like I said, if Amal Clooney trusts her makeup to Charlotte Tilbury and she uses her hands, I think that should be good enough proof that it's fine for everyone.

    • stringendo1
      stringendo1 11 days ago

      Same here! I tried a foundation brush, but I didn't care for it. Nowadays I either use one of those cheap wedge shaped sponges (bought a pack for nail art & figured, "why not?") or my fingers.

  • sammi a
    sammi a 20 days ago

    i hope the evie blender company doesnt send you a cease and desist for having an opinion of their product. check out xsparkage's video, im so appalled at the behavior of the representatives at the company. let's hope they dont go after everyone that doesn't think their product is the absolute best

  • Slimey Playz
    Slimey Playz 22 days ago

    I Love You

  • Slimey Playz
    Slimey Playz 22 days ago

    I Love You

  • Lily gamer
    Lily gamer 22 days ago

    About your shirt??
    Bunny answer this.

  • bebecita83
    bebecita83 23 days ago


  • Astrid Yussel
    Astrid Yussel 24 days ago

    that moment when Bunny accidentally buys a Mac Foundation that matches to Donald Trump's skin tone

  • Keeley Bella
    Keeley Bella 24 days ago

    Why do you always act like a deadset idiot? Grow up

  • Mary Koontz
    Mary Koontz 24 days ago

    It's looks like it doesn't help foundation settling into fine lines and it looks hella uneven to me.

  • Miranda van Berkel
    Miranda van Berkel 25 days ago

    Bunny is so sweet for trying to find a positive for a crap product 😇... cause let's face it... it sucks some big C!

  • Bard To Death
    Bard To Death 26 days ago

    I use my powder foundation with a Beauty Blender. It works perfect. The first application I swipe the powder on and the second application I bounce the powder on.

  • The Stevie DeLuxe Project

    I thought your shirt said shirt without the r

  • Wendy L
    Wendy L 27 days ago

    man your eyes are like laser beams that command me

  • The Plague Doctor 43

    One of the most raw and wonderful YouTube I've seen in a while. That's why I love her so so much.

  • MarthaAquino
    MarthaAquino 28 days ago

    I LOVE YOU 😍😍😍

  • Stephanie Luvisi
    Stephanie Luvisi 28 days ago

    What's up with your shirt?

  • misshollybrooke
    misshollybrooke 29 days ago

    So I never saw this video in my feed and then I saw it in my recommended and it said I watched it already. I didn't. And I'm a loyal bunny subbie. So weird!

  • Ana García
    Ana García 29 days ago

    wow your minion is really good

  • B.J. Aiken
    B.J. Aiken 29 days ago

    Love you bunny! Any girl who will go on YouTube and have a half & half face is A+++ in my book!!

  • Le Fahrrad
    Le Fahrrad 1 month ago

    what's with your shirt ?

  • Bethany O'Leary
    Bethany O'Leary 1 month ago

    fidget spinner ..blender, does it work?

  • liizzarrdd
    liizzarrdd 1 month ago

    idk how i feel about silicone sponges just because since it picks up so much product and you use less makeup, its easier to build than to try and blend away.

  • Natalia Bednarska
    Natalia Bednarska 1 month ago

    what's up with your shirt?

  • Doc Nebula
    Doc Nebula 1 month ago

    Can you wet the evie blender? Do you always dampen your blenders?

  • The16BitLolita
    The16BitLolita 1 month ago

    Shouldnt you have tried the Evie Blender with makeup that you know it suits your skin?

  • LivyBugXoXo
    LivyBugXoXo 1 month ago

    I didnt like the Evie Blender side....it looks patchy. I am not a fan of that blender whatsoever.

  • emmadawngarofalo
    emmadawngarofalo 1 month ago

    makes me sick

  • Carlie Morgan
    Carlie Morgan 1 month ago

    ugh that sponge distributes foundation horribly.

  • Tini Mini
    Tini Mini 1 month ago

    10:55 has me rewinding like 3 times . I love your facial expressions lol

  • Samin Abdi
    Samin Abdi 1 month ago

    Is it me or are the dolls in her bathroom really creepy

  • Mirjam Elshafie
    Mirjam Elshafie 1 month ago

    pls trie the Paraffin nail Treatment

  • notmyselfusee
    notmyselfusee 1 month ago

    Paused at 3:24. It's pretty much how everyone feels about this blender and the drama that goes with.

  • Jocey L.
    Jocey L. 1 month ago

    I bet beautyblender company is laughing at all these new wannabe applicators that will never come close to the original and we all know people always go back to beautyblender/sponges lol.

  • Caitlyn Manes
    Caitlyn Manes 1 month ago

    I do notice that the silie spunge doesn't fill up your lines, if that's an area of concern.

  • Imperfect21Angel
    Imperfect21Angel 1 month ago

    I was out eating at a pub and did the sippy sippy with the noise at the end and this girl turned around and goes bunny!!! I'm like hell yeah... and this creating a beautiful friendship

  • nsbhater
    nsbhater 1 month ago

    I guess Evie Blender did not dare to attack grav3yardgirl...

  • Emily Green
    Emily Green 1 month ago

    pleeease focus on my face. IM THE STAR
    i love you bunny!

  • Paola Aguilar
    Paola Aguilar 1 month ago

    I wonder how high you are when you record your videos lol

  • Michelle K
    Michelle K 1 month ago

    Did you give permission to Evie Blender to cut and edit your video and put it on their channel?

  • Emma Laing
    Emma Laing 1 month ago

    So blotchy..

  • ShadesofSteph
    ShadesofSteph 1 month ago

    I wish I had a quarter of the energy that bunny has, like no joke she's making my thyroid jealous!

  • Grow Happy
    Grow Happy 1 month ago

    Liking because you said "ye olde beauty blender" :)

  • ThorLokitty
    ThorLokitty 1 month ago

    I think the silisponge and the beauty blender looked the best on camera but maybe that's just me lol

  • marisela guardado
    marisela guardado 1 month ago

    My friend had success using the beauty blender for her powder foundation

  • La Vida Crum
    La Vida Crum 1 month ago

    I feel like a heel insert would work just as "good" as this blender lol

  • BL
    BL 1 month ago

    I can't believe I wasted my time watching this.

  • Emi Akari
    Emi Akari 1 month ago

    all the evie blender drama just makes it seem like evil blender xD

  • Manders
    Manders 1 month ago

    I feel like the highlight looked like that because it was sitting on top of heaps of makeup since the eve blender doesn't really blend make up into the skin as much as it sits on top. And I feel the highlighter color blended right in to the light foundation and concealer. maybe it's just me

  • Erika Davila
    Erika Davila 1 month ago

    Evi blender is trash!!!

  • Kosmik
    Kosmik 1 month ago

    Guys don't buy the Evie Blender, the CEO is kind of a bully, she came for xsparkage for basically not liking it, just buy a regular beauty blender

  • MadMike
    MadMike 1 month ago

    She keeps saying: 'this is working really well" but her face looks drier than a desert. This Evie blender thing sucks.

  • Lora Lynn
    Lora Lynn 1 month ago

    Hi Bunny! Have you tired the new foundation in Rose Ivory color from wet and wild? It would probably be a good match for you.

  • birdshappycampers
    birdshappycampers 1 month ago

    Evie blender side looks really patchy and dry, weird. My least favorite from the three you tried.

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 1 month ago

    The evie blender looks very blotchy

  • Clifton Vincent
    Clifton Vincent 1 month ago

    I wish I could hang out with you in person!

  • Ri Hinlo
    Ri Hinlo 1 month ago

    How true is it that a youtuber is sued for commenting on the evie?

  • maddy McHugh
    maddy McHugh 1 month ago

    I LOOOOOOVE applying my powder foundation with my beauty blender!!! it works really well and it gives me more coverage than a brush and also gives a better texture to my skin!! <3

  • Alice S
    Alice S 1 month ago

    who is here today because of xsparkage

    give a holla

  • Melissa Warren
    Melissa Warren 1 month ago

    It looks like it's made out of a pool noodle!

  • fairday2
    fairday2 1 month ago

    It's like a big blue nose.

  • The Breeze
    The Breeze 1 month ago

    Like do you have ADHD or something She never slows down it's so cute and hilarious

  • lame meme
    lame meme 1 month ago

    what does it say on your shirt?

  • Lindsey Green
    Lindsey Green 1 month ago

    I hate this sponge

  • Mayte Bojorquez
    Mayte Bojorquez 1 month ago

    When you sped through the sassy buns all I kept hearing was a thing 1 and thing 2 convo. Lol

  • Kristi Robare
    Kristi Robare 1 month ago

    🚫 DO NOT BUY EVIE 🚫 Not only is the EVIE blender overpriced. It was advertised as the 1st texturized silicone makeup applicator. I ordered one at the late Jan to early Feb of 2017. I received NOTHING! I emailed the company in April asking where's it at? I was informed that it would get to me mid April since it was back ordered. I did not purchase a pre-sale color, or even one on back order. I requested a refund. I've yet to get a refund or an EVIE blender. 😡

    • Kristi Robare
      Kristi Robare 1 month ago

      I've just been so swamped, but It's definitely on my to do list

    • Lydia Marroquin
      Lydia Marroquin 1 month ago

      Kristi Robare contact the better business bureau

  • jdiane53
    jdiane53 1 month ago

    I have the Evie blender and saw comment that it looks scratchy, believe me it is not & it is textured silicone & soft

  • BatSh Gracey
    BatSh Gracey 1 month ago

    I love putting her videos on .5 speed, it's like watching a dream or something

  • Kaity Stacey
    Kaity Stacey 1 month ago

    you can use a beauty blender to use powder foundation butttttttttt it has to be dry and it takes FOREVER to get the foundation on it

  • Gemma T
    Gemma T 1 month ago

    The cinderella mirror ❤️

  • melzzz r
    melzzz r 1 month ago

    Review the inkbox tattoos please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Isabel Nicholson
    Isabel Nicholson 1 month ago

    How's your shirt?

  • Maybelle Clark
    Maybelle Clark 1 month ago

    Am I the only one that thought those sponges looked like two menstrual cups in the picture?

  • Kassandra Cochrane
    Kassandra Cochrane 1 month ago

    omg my 2 year old saw this video and started doing sippy sippy like you Bunny

  • RoseaBee
    RoseaBee 1 month ago

    My best guess as to why its textured is because natural skin has different textures to it, to the sponge gives the makeup as its applied a way to be able to look more natural instead of being like cake or paint on one's face.

  • xxobrittanyg
    xxobrittanyg 1 month ago

    The brand stole your video and edited down to less than two minutes, and it makes you sound like you talked this thing up massively.

    EM GEORGIAA 1 month ago

    i literally just use whatever i got to apply my foundation

  • GettingToKnowWillow ?

    why am is so jealous of your nose

  • Maddie Sherman
    Maddie Sherman 1 month ago

    Ur eyes are so pretty

  • Laura Williams
    Laura Williams 1 month ago

    I love you. You're so... YOU. I am often silly and I feel like you being your silly self helps me feel normal being my silly self.
    Whateva. I love you! Please make videos forever!

  • Theresa Hassen
    Theresa Hassen 2 months ago

    Arrgghh! Bunny! Be careful!! Those CFL bulbs cause migraine headaches! :-(

  • Cat K
    Cat K 2 months ago

    I use a beauty blender for powders, pressed and loose. Works great. Can't speak for other sponges.

  • Kristy Dogan
    Kristy Dogan 2 months ago

    I think the highlight looked less impressive with the Evie blender because the foundation on that side was too light, and vice versa it looked great on the other side because the foundation was too dark. Maybe if she applied the highlight with the Evie blender with her regular foundation she'd get a true result.

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