USB Loader GX and WiiFlow 4.3: Installing WiiFlow Step by Step

Basically this is the part two of the last video of USB Loader GX, becuase WiiFlow uses the same cIOS as USB Loader GX. Also, I include the updated pack, including also NeoGamma and WiiFlow.


UPDATE: Due to megaupload is dead, here is the mirror link:

Note: In the Step by Step, I forgot to add this part, don't worry, it's not a biggie. In the part about installing WADs, just install the WiiFlow and NeoGamma WADs with the USB Loader GX.

YAY! 1000 views!! Thanks, I'm about to post another tutorial.

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Author Jan Perez ( ago)
bro i have been trying to install wii flow 4.2.1 using the sd card but
after installation and sd card has been unplug wii flow isn't running. I
would like to know how can i install wiiflow inside wii not on the sd card

Author joseph edmunds ( ago)
I have problems with my wii with wad 1.7 it turns my remote off at the
second part before install.

Author Manuel Sepulvedq ( ago)
Oye una pregunta esque yo ya tengo esa aplicación y no me sale con las
aplicasiones xq será me podrias contestar porfa

Author Michael Edwards ( ago)
my wii mote disconects when getting to iso version to use

Author theW0Ntheory ( ago)
lol funny that hes excited about 1000 views but not excited about 165,000

Author Weston VandenHazel ( ago)
How do you install the full channel so you can take the sd card out and it
still works, instead of just a forwarder?

Author Emília Košťálová ( ago)
This tutorial would not get you up and running on Wiiflow

Author DeeJay Gee ( ago)
This tutorial was very hard to follow without a voice step-by-step walk

Author Josh Cally (1353 years ago)
what if I don't have a gamecube controller?

Author Jeremyboxman2 ( ago)
My wiimote keeps shutting off! Help please!?

Author EricssonXL ( ago)
Video Made On my Birthday

Author Jorge Marcel Sanchez Noguera ( ago)
why can i hack my wii in any way???always i can not use my control to
select any option,my control not work. what can i do?

Author King Mickey ( ago)
-.- Why does every one upload it to Sendspace.. They give you a Virus some

Author cheesemangames21 ( ago)
Do you need usb loader gx to download this?

Author pablo elguay ( ago)
time travel?xD

Author Dane Mortensen ( ago)
Thanks for the guide. Everything installed correctly except for one
problem. When I open up Wiiflow or USB Loader GX my wiimote disconnects and
will not reconnect. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Author alexander olsson ( ago)
after selecting ios my remote loses conection to the wii

Author youthnando91 ( ago)
does metroid trilogy work for anyone here???

Author Filipino GameFinder ( ago)
Will this work on a FAT32 Hard drive?

Author In House Gaming ( ago)
Not working with 1.1.0 homebrew

Author Bz-Killer ( ago)
esto es plagio ese link ya lo tenia otro video COPION !

Author Tosnic ( ago)
this is just the installation of the forwarder

Author Louis Ellerbe ( ago)
wad manager theme epic:)

Author jorijndg ( ago)
What cIOS does it use?

Author Broke my iPhone ( ago)
It keeps returning me to the wii channels

Author Malyssa Trouble ( ago)
...WHAT??? This isn't much of a tutorial, is it?

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
*clicks show more button*

Author perching sergal ( ago)
@Jon Good only if you use pimp my wii to install the wads.

Author Joshua Barnum ( ago)
Can you please tell me the website to download wiiflow because I have been
looking for days

Author Jon Good ( ago)
I feel like my sd card is a slut from all of this..

Author Cody Hanby ( ago)
sorry if that bothered you. thats not like me at all. i just saw the one
above it and couldnt help it. i really dont know why i did it. that was
stupid of me. thanks for the video, by the way.

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
*sees comment* DAFUQ.

Author ivan david iñiguez herrera ( ago)
Sorry, but it can function for my wii 4.3u or no. I need the answer quickly
please and thank you. Peace.

Author AuraSphereUmbreon ( ago)
Hello Final Fantasy 6, you're very sporadic today.

Author WRiPSTER ( ago)
In case you still wanted to know (lol) just select ios 250 instead of 249,
i had the same issue.

Author 1423cristian ( ago)
press one on the wii remote that what help me pass through the error

Author Edin Hajdarovic ( ago)
wtf when i go to WAD manager my wiimote stops working how can i fix this
plz help me

Author mikek17 (789 years ago)
press B

Author Panagiotis C. ( ago)
what is this?

Author mustang69ification ( ago)
hey help me out my wii controller turns off wen it says ( select source
device ) i need help pmpmpmpmpmp

Author shakeANDbake3G ( ago)
then what do we do

Author SPARNZ ( ago)
HELP ME my controller is evreytime turned off when i start my wad manager

Author Colin Frey ( ago)
when i start up wiiflow, it says no available partitions? how do i fix this?

Author Sam Ple ( ago)
I can´t install "cIOS rev20b Installer"

Author jessie28598 ( ago)
when i go into wiiflow the screen goes black and it says just wait! and i
wait...........and wait..............and wait.................(2 hours
later) still waiting........WHAT DO I DO?????? and in the usb loader it
says error the a bunch of words and letters! so any solutions?

Author Kolja ( ago)

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@Iamtehpwnfortehwinz wow.

Author Iamtehpwnfortehwinz ( ago)
"Upload date: 21/01/12 13:37" :o

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@TMullan99 Yeah, just new yesterday. I'll upload it again somewhere else.

Author cullen237 ( ago)
@redboy711 where do u get it?

Author cullen237 ( ago)
@gilmaster63 same with mine! i press load the iso and then my wii remote
turns off and i cant do anything!

Author ::: Morsh Borsh ::: ( ago)
My remote always shuts off at the "Loading IOS249" and every time I try to
turn it back on, it won't :( How do I fix this?

Author batotata ( ago)
nand emulator*

Author batotata ( ago)
what is nand emulation

Author R3D III ( ago)
To everyone whos controller turning off on that YOU HAVE TO INSTALL DROP

Author R3D III ( ago)

Author VP Group 2 ( ago)
@gilmaster63 I have the same problem with the wiimote turning off i tried
it over and over again but still the same thing!

Author VP Group 2 ( ago)
whenever i try to install things like cIOS 222 or wad manager i select wich
file i want to use then my wiimote turns off? plz help!

Author Kev305 (136 years ago)
Note: In the Step by Step, I forgot to add this part, don't worry, it's not
a biggie. In the part about installing WADs, just install the WiiFlow and
NeoGamma WADs with the USB Loader GX. what??!!!!! im new to this

Author bj040 ( ago)
hey i need help i clicked on the disc and it boot me back to system menu

Author Mubz Beats ( ago)
THANK YOU! Did it on my 4.3E and it worked GREAT!

Author Rodrigo Chang ( ago)
Thanks! this was very useful!

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@Mangoaeffchenpowa that happens becuase you don't have to select NAND

Author ffloyd1 ( ago)
OMG this helped so much and it works thank you sooooooooooo much. This was
the only video that actually worked for me.

Author lolypopboy777 ( ago)
@amazin1898 yes i did ;) follow the guid in the downloaded file! :)

Author lolypopboy777 ( ago)
THANX! it works! (wii version: 4.3E, homebrew: 1.0.8, Ios: 58) USE THE
'Step By Step.txt' INSIDE THE 'Usb loader GX v4.3 updated.rar' AS A GUID TO
GET 'USBLOADER GX' -I HOPE THIS HELPS :) plz thumb this up!

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@jakeshultz29 Can you write it again? I don't understand your language.

Author ANIS abdellaoui ( ago)
Thank you great job this the only one working video i have sen over 100
other video all are making bolshiet ...... one show his face and other
advertise link to buy sw ahahhaahha thank you again

Author Vaktrus ( ago)
WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE .rar!!!!!!!!!!

Author Kenrick Eason ( ago)
I install it and It started up fine but after it did it could locate my usb
stick what with wrong.

Author Kenji739 ( ago)
it says the file is unavailable when i go to megaupload

Author xthacker ( ago)
@liltrouble2131 i'm having the same problem! ive even tried it on the
gamecube controller.

Author ralph finnie ( ago)
the wads is not installing

Author xXBloOdyDuckXx ( ago)

Author יובל אוחיון ( ago)
i have 4.3E wii so it will work on it?

Author Razzyness ( ago)
I just get an error when i load wii sd slot. ._.

Author pyromancer60 ( ago)
Theres No 00:58 ._.

Author chris carpcatcher king ( ago)
hey bro i cant seem to select cios 236 any ideas

Author NoahSmith1997 ( ago)
and what cios rev should i download?

Author NoahSmith1997 ( ago)
Hey bro thansk great tutorial can you send me link for black ops wad and
mario hoopz thanks

Author XinXin32's Kingdom ( ago)
@gilmaster63 Ok! You can remove my comment if you'd like to. ( And this one
too )

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@1999luffy This type of videos don't work like that. You have to be
sarcastic to get top comment :P

Author XinXin32's Kingdom ( ago)
I'll take a shit. When I return, I hope to have the top comment.

Author TheDamu5150 ( ago)
hey after i click a on wii sd it gives me an error do you know why

Author Rodier Ratafakus ( ago)
it is possible to use normal flashdisc or I need use sd disc?

Author Jose Cuchilla ( ago)
Thank you

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@ify939 wiiflow, loads games from usb. That's all, if you think it comes
with games, check that last line.

Author ify939 ( ago)
hey do i need WAD manager or can i just download the wii flow and those the
wii flow come with all the games

Author SniderSSBM ( ago)
u not need that ios thing for installation MMM multi mod manager

Author SniderSSBM ( ago)
@MrGarllado install multi mod manager

Author MrGarllado (57 years ago)
@gilmaster63 No Sorry it doesen´t work. I think IOS don´t like me^^

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@MrGarllado re-try. I'm pretty sure it will work.

Author MrGarllado ( ago)
@gilmaster63 When i want to install it, the installation fails

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@MrGarllado It just turns off when you haven't installed it, did you follow
the other part of the tutorial first?

Author MrGarllado ( ago)
My Wii Remote turns off when i select IOS 249 What now?

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@Sam12345662 it's possible

Author Assassinator ( ago)
does this work for wii4.1u

Author quantez alexander ( ago)
i dowloaded it perfectly only one prob how do i add games to it i

Author gilmaster63 ( ago)
@MAFIA100K Priiloader! not BootMii! BootMii has other functions like saving
the NAND of your Wii, but not to block updates, but Priiloader does. You
need to download the content of the video I told you (about Priiloader),
then install Priiloader as shown in the video.

Author Shiquail Hunter ( ago)
thanks,i got usb loader gx,and wiiflow.all i need now is how to use
priloader nad bootmii to remove the updates,when i put the disc black ops
in it says i need to uipdate to use this program,but i put in call of duty
modern warfare it lets me play please help bro.

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