cs 1.6 hNs/BlocK Server Game-Side.Eu New Blockmaker

Counter Strike Server hNs/BlocK Mod (IP : Web: New blockmaker AWP,DEAGLER....

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 2:01
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Author MsHolyground (4 years)
omg dem.... your edit ruind the whole video -.-'

Author weed4221 (4 years)
hhe electro nice ty blocky game side a gamesites 4life

Author 123miona (4 years)
electro kolik chces za admina ???

Author Marek Kolesár (3 years)
Server má úplne nový BLOCKMAKER + XP MÓD!!! Nová IP serevra je

Author uniARTPro Official (4 years)
hns block mod addons name Game Side 1 Server in World addons name +
blockmaker models

Author peter4141 (4 years)
aka je to song

Author AleX Kreculj (3 years)
what is name music ????

Author kelvin2070 (3 years)
why i cant connect>?

Author JBM NT (2 years)
To byli časy...kdy jsem ješte hrával Csko na tomto serveru :) Uplně super
vzpominky na Admin team :)

Author opera HNSil (2 years)
omg 1:54 awp and dgl!! pro!!! like bolans steam hard block!!

Author uniARTPro Official (4 years)
@TheElectroThe pls give me file (.sma) or (.amxx) pls pls contact

Author Marek Kolesár (3 years)

Author DuCa (4 years)
i used to play on this server every day but it seems that its down??? will
it ever come up again??

Author w200mc (4 years)

Author tvx93tv (4 years)
I have this BM, add tviks @ Felna . ORG Msn

Author Danieledva (3 years)
dont wrk

Author Locāns L (2 years)
new ip or why cant connect?

Author TheElectroThe (4 years)

Author snopy1020 (4 years)
klidek zmia

Author kweri123 (4 years)
is server down?

Author Patrik Pieris (4 years)
i need severs of HNS block :((( help me

Author iNgr1D93 (4 years)

Author albanstyler1 (2 years)

Author stfu, bro! (2 years)
kua kde sú tie časy keď tento server bol jeden z najlepších... teraz ani
normálne HNS BLOCK nenájdeš samé sračky z autobhopom

Author filezike (2 years) IS REAL IP

Author Fsmooth Fatih (3 years)

Author snopy1020 (4 years)
hh konečně máš HD :D 1080 HD nice dej mě tam adminem thx :D

Author Scream Gaming! (2 years)
Заходите на новый проект Hide'n'seek серверов! На нашем сервере вы не
будете скучать! Новые, красивые и интересные блоки, а также специальный мод
с улучшениями (похож hns_xp, но более продвинутый), и заинтересуют любого
игрока! Заходите, играйте, зовите друзей и знакомых! ArtGames | HNS Blocks
[ArtGamesMod] -

Author danegunjic (3 years)
server is off?

Author Patrik Pieris (4 years)
i need hns block severs :((( help me

Author OutRunHNS (3 years)
Omg he sucked! xD

Author Th3BlackLight (4 years)
Ele prosimte jak se davaji awp + dgl + he + SG bloky do BM porad prosim

Author Morning1210 (4 years)
Hey dude can u give me that blockmaker plzz

Author ferdinand drangov (2 years)
are daite real ip

Author ferdinand drangov (2 years)
give real ip

Author Hetsar atTrickshot (4 years)
its kind of annoying with the white flashing thing ...

Author Martin Kovács (4 years)
Oy ten effect ten sivi blikauje nje asi naprd :D a snopy nezobri pls..

Author iDrift Volvo (4 years)
Hide N Seek Blocks + XP mod Server Running 24/7, IP:

Author Igaa Plays (4 years)
auto bhop :P

Author Александр Колещук (2 years)

Author TheStreetGuys (4 years)
hello can i join clan add steam didrik2003

Author nediXStyle (3 years)
huso ^^

Author kopy333 (4 years)
jžš bhop script!

Author AlOs AlOs (4 years)
Blocky by boli good ale je to no slowdown.... Takže takéto demko by som
radšej hore nedával bo to je hanba :)

Author Gustavo Lima (4 years)
Essa piscadera é uma bosta veio !

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