Asala Nasri - Aktar

Her song in her newest album, Hayati.

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Asalah is fast and furious ... in love!


Author nana boukara (5 months)

Author Location de voitures Maroc chevaliercars (15 days)
Hia gamila loghnia di 3la fekra

Author Btissam Bekkaoui (5 months)

Author حﻻ الدوري الدوري (3 months)
ولله حلوه

Author انوثة الحب (10 months)

Author Samia bent (10 months)
oriya jamila jidann (y) asala <3

Author houda mezghini (10 months)

Author sara azat (11 months)

Author Dogukan Akdeniz (1 year)
Asalla ana behibbek love you best voice greetings from germany. Turcs love
you ♥

Author Ady Turki (1 year)
ايام الفن الجميل 

Author khamis nassar (1 year)

Author don ismail (1 year)
Swtha mot

Author Ayada Elaboudi (11 months)
Megosta mocho

Author asmaa khalil (1 year)

Author Priiincess62 (3 years)

Author yara2770 (5 years)
ita9i lah

Author TheSahra2009 (5 years)
Great singer and video shell be at the MGM on nov 21st with Cheb Khaled and
Rida Abdullah. A great night..

Author H si (3 years)
SYRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO AM I!!!!

Author youssefwahidi (4 years)
Nice song

Author Joe F (4 years)
yay over a million views!! She deserves it and more

Author misslolla95 (4 years)
ana ba7ebek Asala- you is the best singer

Author Imad Ouso (2 years)
sehrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr schönnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Author omarchehayeb (5 years)
OH MY GOD!!! Where did you get the tickets, please tell me! I would travel
to see her in a flash!

Author walseboy (4 years)
@sshatta1 She's my aunt. <3 her.

Author احبگ يا شما (2 years)
اصووووووله فنانه

Author DeSeRt0Rose92 (4 years)
@sshatta1 hahahahahahaha who cares !!

Author NinaAndRuru (5 years)
i love when turks listen to arabic music we love you guys!

Author Malika Basha (4 years)
Asala !! Your words are everything I feel about my Basha Ahmed !! Thanks
your a beautiful person inside and out !!

Author ArabicGurl91 (6 years)
what a great sog, she is so beutifull ... and her voice isnt fake! Asala <3

Author imanerd67 (5 years)
shes awesome love her sooo much

Author arabandprouddd (5 years)
SHE'S ROCKS Go assalah ur the bestt !!!

Author stockholmius (5 years)
Nice to see her to sing in the streets of Prague. Asala, welcome to Prague!!

Author khamis nassar (2 years)
حقيقى صوتك جميل ورائعه بكل المقايس

Author masreya0 (5 years)
in the first part iof the clips she looks like an child....

Author atefmanal (5 years)
زى الفل

Author Saleh Ali (2 years)
فاهس هس ةغ سخىل غخع لاهفؤاس

Author sverigegirl123 (2 years)
Love this song

Author Samyriana (4 years)
@sshatta1 and?

Author asalafanclub (4 years)
Asala is the best

Author rhermez82 (2 years)
Beautiful song it makes you confident

Author Yara Derik (6 years)
this is one of the best songs of asala

Author sxcsoori (6 years)
crazyyyy songgggggggg walahh

Author mayra ait (6 years)
Me gusta mucho esta musica arabe es muy bella....yo soy mexicana y me gusta
todo lo relacionado con la musica y costumbres arabes

Author Apalmeic5 (2 years)
opps DABKE is the full part of video..sorry....

Author Sherien Shatta (4 years)
@Sabei0990 egypt

Author Sherien Shatta (5 years)
yeah he is

Author MrDonAlbaneze (4 years)
hello people from midle east, sorry but l hate radical people from there.
they try to destroy this beatifull world,....well, work a mittle bit more
for peace, tolerance, and please please please resepct children adn
women,...kiss for arabian girls

Author Tan Taşçı (1 year)
2:43 !!!!

Author tahaylmz (5 years)
thx 4 this impressive song Asala! u give the feelings that i have never
tasted before! best wishes from turkey! TAHA

Author Apalmeic5 (2 years)
ASSAD wants to use his chemical weapons on you too,,news says,,,baking soda
stops chemicals.......wear googles.....find cheap ways to filter out
gases,,by making d.i.y masks !

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