Asala Nasri - Aktar

Her song in her newest album, Hayati.

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Runtime: 3:49
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Uploaded by: Sharil Haron
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the king of rai


Author khamis nassar (8 months)

Author Dogukan Akdeniz (5 months)
Asalla ana behibbek love you best voice greetings from germany. Turcs love
you ♥

Author Ayada Elaboudi (3 months)
Megosta mocho

Author Priiincess62 (3 years)

Author yara2770 (4 years)
ita9i lah

Author nogazizo (3 years)
walllah mascha llah 3alik ya asala walah basma3 soutak kol youm ma y3adi
youm bidoun ma asma3ak maschallah 3alik

Author anassii98 (1 year)

Author Heva Heidi (2 years)
SYRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO AM I!!!!

Author gorgkhory (3 years)
thank you Asala

Author youssefwahidi (3 years)
Nice song

Author Joe F (3 years)
yay over a million views!! She deserves it and more

Author misslolla95 (3 years)
ana ba7ebek Asala- you is the best singer

Author Imad Ouso (1 year)
sehrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr schönnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Author walseboy (4 years)
@sshatta1 She's my aunt. <3 her.

Author traaad07 (3 years)
الله الله يا اصاله افضل اغنيه سمعتها

Author احبگ يا شما (2 years)
اصووووووله فنانه

Author DeSeRt0Rose92 (3 years)
@sshatta1 hahahahahahaha who cares !!

Author NinaAndRuru (4 years)
i love when turks listen to arabic music we love you guys!

Author Malika Basha (4 years)
Asala !! Your words are everything I feel about my Basha Ahmed !! Thanks
your a beautiful person inside and out !!

Author stockholmius (4 years)
Nice to see her to sing in the streets of Prague. Asala, welcome to Prague!!

Author khamis nassar (1 year)
حقيقى صوتك جميل ورائعه بكل المقايس

Author masreya0 (4 years)
in the first part iof the clips she looks like an child....

Author atefmanal (4 years)
زى الفل

Author Saleh Ali (1 year)
فاهس هس ةغ سخىل غخع لاهفؤاس

Author sverigegirl123 (1 year)
Love this song

Author Samyriana (4 years)
@sshatta1 and?

Author gorgkhory (3 years)
thank you Asala we al syerean love you

Author asalafanclub (4 years)
Asala is the best

Author rhermez82 (1 year)
Beautiful song it makes you confident

Author Apalmeic5 (2 years)
opps DABKE is the full part of video..sorry....

Author Sherien Shatta (3 years)
@Sabei0990 egypt

Author Sherien Shatta (4 years)
yeah he is

Author MrDonAlbaneze (4 years)
hello people from midle east, sorry but l hate radical people from there.
they try to destroy this beatifull world,....well, work a mittle bit more
for peace, tolerance, and please please please resepct children adn
women,...kiss for arabian girls

Author Tan Taşçı (1 year)
2:43 !!!!

Author Apalmeic5 (2 years)
ASSAD wants to use his chemical weapons on you too,,news says,,,baking soda
stops chemicals.......wear googles.....find cheap ways to filter out
gases,,by making d.i.y masks !

Author imimitta89 (4 years)
j'adore cette chanson

Author Iraqi Mujahidein (4 years)
realy nice 5 stars

Author Matty Farmery (5 years)
fabulous music! all the way from england!!!

Author Ahmed-Rashid M. (3 years)
اصيلة في فنك وفي شخصك يا اصالة نصري فموقفك الشجاع مع شعبنا السوري الشقيق
اثلج صدورنا. امتك العربيةتفخر بيك فانت عقد لؤلؤ في عنقها. كتبت عنك قناة
العربية فقد اتسم رأي المغنية السورية أصالة بالجرأة الشديدة، وهي صراحة لم
نعتد عليها من قبل فنانينا العرب، لتصرح عن رأيها قائلة: "لا أستطيع فهم موقف
الفنانين غير المؤيد للشعب، هل يأتي ذلك نتيجة لخوفهم من شئ معين، أو خوفهم
على أعمالهم، إلا أن مصير الجبان هو أن ينتهي، وحتى إن كانت الحكومات ظالمة
بنسبة واحد في الألف، فنحن لا نتبع الحكومات، نحن نتبع الشعب".

Author vartan dadourian (2 years)
@Hasher101 and you`re a shithead.ask any kurd

Author MlleSarahishere (2 years)
Assala IS THE BEST!! ♥

Author spanishdiplomant (4 years)
samebody know the place whwere this video was taken?. It´s very beautiful.
Is Damasco or another Syrian city

Author Apalmeic5 (2 years)
good light i mean....god was an evil caanaite i proved.........worshiping
beastsly anti gods.....clever deception....i hopes ome people are not
haertless bestards and will help !

Author sirena white (4 years)
jaime trop ses chansons c'est l'une des meilleurs chanteuse du monde arabe
elle belle en plus ce qui ne gache rien .mashallah

Author hajar basmala (1 year)
nice chantouse

Author meryem bentouhami (3 years)
love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Author ipekje (3 years)
I am in love with her voice!!! sow powerful, I even don't understand what
she says, I am turkish but it doenst matter her voice makes it all good!
also is she a beautiful women!!!

Author farinalove101 (3 years)
It is such a lovely song

Author prinsesjenr01 (2 years)
love her!

Author theflamenkitaa amaya (2 years)
yo tambien ,es una de las mejores cantaoras del mundo arabé . mashalla para
ella !!!!!

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