Asala Nasri - Aktar

Her song in her newest album, Hayati.

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Author Fatih Sacan ( ago)
greetings from turkey. very nice.

Author Location de voitures Maroc chevaliercars ( ago)
Hia gamila loghnia di 3la fekra

Author ‫حﻻ الدوري الدوري‬‎ ( ago)
ولله حلوه

Author Btissam Bekkaoui ( ago)

Author Samia bent ( ago)
oriya jamila jidann (y) asala <3

Author Ayada Elaboudi ( ago)
Megosta mocho

Author Dogukan Akdeniz ( ago)
Asalla ana behibbek love you best voice greetings from germany. Turcs love
you ♥

Author Ady Turki ( ago)
ايام الفن الجميل 

Author khamis nassar ( ago)

Author don ismail ( ago)
Swtha mot

Author N Mohammed ( ago)

Author seba radia ( ago)
انا راضية من الجزائر ،نحب كثير هذه الأغنية

Author Ta Ço ( ago)
2:43 !!!!

Author Rodoula Dimitrakopoulou ( ago)
Exellent arabic music example.... Love from Greece!

Author khamis nassar ( ago)
حقيقى صوتك جميل ورائعه بكل المقايس

Author Imad Ouso ( ago)
sehrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr schönnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Author sarah sweden ( ago)

Author حماس. ( ago)
آويَــيلاِه ٌ/o\ ٌ ! فدديتس ييَــآ اصصالهه ككم انتتي خقهه !

Author Saleh Ali ( ago)
فاهس هس ةغ سخىل غخع لاهفؤاس

Author MrZeezoo77 ( ago)
VerY VerY nice + cool

Author hajar basmala ( ago)
nice chantouse

Author sverigegirl123 ( ago)
Love this song

Author Assia Sabri (1611 year ago)

Author Apalmeic5 ( ago)
them....pure evil

Author Apalmeic5 ( ago)
other arabian countries can advise you on being safe against weapons of all

Author Apalmeic5 ( ago)
opps DABKE is the full part of video..sorry....

Author Apalmeic5 ( ago)
ASSAD wants to use his chemical weapons on you too,,news says,,,baking soda
stops chemicals.......wear googles.....find cheap ways to filter out
gases,,by making d.i.y masks !

Author Apalmeic5 ( ago)
good light i mean....god was an evil caanaite i proved.........worshiping
beastsly anti gods.....clever deception....i hopes ome people are not
haertless bestards and will help !

Author Apalmeic5 ( ago)
YOU MUST KNOW WHAT MUSIC VIDEO'S ECT are watched by millions of suuni on
you tube more than 1 million,maybe 10 million views ect ! POST messges on
there ! AND TELL THEM TO ARM thereselves ! by watching this video- Syrian
revolutionary Dbke,BY freedom for everyone 20,read my not be
a face in a darkened crowd,use the god light that can never be darkened for

Author Apalmeic5 ( ago)
I DO NOT KNOW SYRIA WELL ! your population is 22 million,,,,please get too
those that are SUNNI ! not assad alawhite ! POST MESSAGES ON YOUR TOP SUNNI
music video's,top sunni movies ! and tell SYRIANS TO REBEL ! people are

Author sallymaaarbieber3 ( ago)
انت يجب تحبها!

Author Nino Assali ( ago)
يا اللهي يا ربي اصالة بحبك موووت الغنية بتعقددددد

Author احبگ يا شما ( ago)
اصووووووله فنانه

Author door coor ( ago)
sei mitica

Author علي الجبوري ( ago)
اصاله اسم على مسمى

Author theflamenkitaa amaya ( ago)
yo tambien ,es una de las mejores cantaoras del mundo arabé . mashalla para
ella !!!!!

Author SyriaSupporter ( ago)
wow, I found aonther Assala great music video about Bashar Al Assad on You
Tube: Type “Asalah sings Bashar Al Assad song" or "Syrianobel" in the
search box then click on Asalah Photo, you will love it, enjoy!!! It is the
first time I hear “Hleik Hleik Yabashar” instead Irhal Irhal Yabashar and
the first time I see Bashar as a real Giraffe.

Author unaibadroji ( ago)
i like asala sing song

Author H Sierra ( ago)
SYRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO AM I!!!!

Author Naji Oualid ( ago)
Dounia BATMA xD

Author vartan dadourian ( ago)
@Hasher101 and you`re a shithead.ask any kurd

Author ManelleK_beauty ( ago)
wallahi ohibo sawtaha.kaltoum mina almaghrib

Author zarah arabella ( ago)
loveeee it(:

Author sara atef ( ago)
my fave song 2011:)

Author Ahmed-Rashid M. ( ago)
اصيلة في فنك وفي شخصك يا اصالة نصري فموقفك الشجاع مع شعبنا السوري الشقيق
اثلج صدورنا. امتك العربيةتفخر بيك فانت عقد لؤلؤ في عنقها. كتبت عنك قناة
العربية فقد اتسم رأي المغنية السورية أصالة بالجرأة الشديدة، وهي صراحة لم
نعتد عليها من قبل فنانينا العرب، لتصرح عن رأيها قائلة: "لا أستطيع فهم موقف
الفنانين غير المؤيد للشعب، هل يأتي ذلك نتيجة لخوفهم من شئ معين، أو خوفهم
على أعمالهم، إلا أن مصير الجبان هو أن ينتهي، وحتى إن كانت الحكومات ظالمة
بنسبة واحد في الألف، فنحن لا نتبع الحكومات، نحن نتبع الشعب".

Author DamascusEagle ( ago)
All Syria loves you Asala, you are the best!

Author lebkha ( ago)
hahahaha her voice is scary like the warning sirens

Author nolamu ( ago)
Great voice beautiful face God bless u Asala

Author meryem bentouhami ( ago)
love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Author cutevivian16 ( ago)
i mean ur 1of the bst maam asala sry for that mstake.

Author cutevivian16 ( ago)
hi i cme frm philippines and i been in syria b4 3yrs in wrk i realy do
admire syrian people specialy u maam asala ur 1of my very idol in arab
music now that im in kuwait i cnt red of listineng ur voice and music such
amazing....ur 1of the ast in the world 4me maam asala.

Author AbuAdri syr ( ago)
انتعش عندما اسمع هذه الاغنية . من اجمل اغاني اصاله

Author milad nimer ( ago)
i loooove asala and this soong ♥ a7la she asala :)

Author Joe F ( ago)
yay over a million views!! She deserves it and more

Author bostaurus1 ( ago)
i love the beginning but not the ending of this vid.

Author Sherien Shatta ( ago)
@DeSeRt0Rose92 ummm typically everyone !

Author Sherien Shatta ( ago)
@bentaboi1988 i know theyre very kind but khaled is such an active guy !

Author Sherien Shatta ( ago)
@Sabei0990 egypt

Author Sherien Shatta ( ago)
@Sysyn28 ur the one who says that ! so just shut up !

Author misslolla95 ( ago)
ana ba7ebek Asala- you is the best singer

Author Sherien Shatta ( ago)
@walseboy who r u?? r u yra or ahmed or someone else??

Author syrianprincess12 ( ago)
@sshatta1 khaled? or should i say luddi ? haha

Author Ahmed Shoukry ( ago)
where are you from then

Author Sabei0990 ( ago)
@sshatta1 thats so cool, what country?

Author Mike M ( ago)
@sshatta1 So ..?????

Author Hagfold80 ( ago)
OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is very short

Author Nino Assali ( ago)
الله محيك اصالة الحلوي وخلينا ياك للفن الاصيل

Author ipekje ( ago)
I am in love with her voice!!! sow powerful, I even don't understand what
she says, I am turkish but it doenst matter her voice makes it all good!
also is she a beautiful women!!!

Author asalafanclub ( ago)
Asala is the best

Author heyaevery1x ( ago)
She is the spitting image of my friends mum, Her name is Icrak <3 x.

Author poes89 ( ago)
I Love uU NiEnTjE xXx!!

Author Malika Basha ( ago)
Asala !! Your words are everything I feel about my Basha Ahmed !! Thanks
your a beautiful person inside and out !!

Author mcuwne2006 ( ago)
does anyone can tell me how to get this lyric in Arabic and translation

Author Samyriana ( ago)
@sshatta1 and?

Author Sherien Shatta ( ago)
who r u? yara or ahmed?

Author walseboy ( ago)
@sshatta1 She's my aunt. <3 her.

Author walseboy ( ago)
@sshatta1 She's my aunt just fyi- BURNED

Author preference1992 ( ago)
good song

Author Samyriana ( ago)
@sshatta1 and?

Author memoo1410 ( ago)
اصاله الملكه مها طالت الازمان

Author Straight Flush ( ago)
realy nice 5 stars

Author Sara Touzani ( ago)
@sshatta1 my life just changed.. i'm sorry but I see no point for what you
just said.

Author Sherien Shatta ( ago)

Author copara1 ( ago)
ay em from bulgariya dize song ist no 1 in vorrld asalaaaaaaaaaa

Author copara1 ( ago)

Author theflamenkitaa amaya ( ago)
j'adore elle chante trop bien ,est elle magnifique ce qui ne gache rien.

Author tayooza ( ago)
اكتر من الي بحلم بيه مش قادرة اخبي تاني عليه جه انا من اول ما قابلت عنيه
نداني حبيبي معاه حياتي و عمري الي عيشاه و اجمل و اصعب قوله اه يسيبني و احس
اني وياه

Author mrsimano2801 ( ago)
Assala ist die beste Künstlerin mit der schönsten Stimme, die sich live
genauso anhört und nicht wie bei anderen live zum kotzen
ist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!!! amazing voice!!!!!!!!!

Author Shams Al ( ago)
AsAlA NaSrI RULZZZZZZZ and if Ur TeAsINg her Look Whoz da Loza

Author sirena white ( ago)
jaime trop ses chansons c'est l'une des meilleurs chanteuse du monde arabe
elle belle en plus ce qui ne gache rien .mashallah

Author Albert Allen ( ago)
and a little bit like samira said

Author Barz Omar ( ago)
give him my regards by the way then ;-) im kurdish from kurdistan , we love

Author sangeeta naidu ( ago)
she looks a bit like elissa..very pretty

Author asalafanclub ( ago)
Asala is the beeeeesttt

Author Khlood1990 ( ago)
iloveyou asala

Author Sherien Shatta ( ago)
yeah he is

Author Sharil Haron ( ago)

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