Alpha s3 Handkey in action

This is how you remove spider wraps/box guards with the alpha s3 handkey.more vids coming soon removing other security devices with the s3 handkey.

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Author kevin singleton (7 months)
@mr180oscar yes it does!! I have experience lol...

Author nynick7 (2 years)
@azael831 you over paid lol

Author Azael Pulido (2 years)
Just bought mine of ebay $75 :D

Author chubstickers (11 months)
What about the alpha 2 alarm systems? There's not long backing like this

Author ShadoWz0r (3 years)
@RiskyKilla3 not true, you need a business license proving you need to use
this product such as a library or retail store. i tried and they said they
couldn't send it without one

Author jOHN P (9 months)
contact me at

Author trionsecurity (1 year)
Hi contact me or visit our page

Author MrAcheapway (1 year)
You can buy one of this at you just have to ask the
customer service for one S3 Magnetic key. 42.99 Free Shipping to USA
International buyers 60.00 shipping included by registered service.

Author Mr180oscar (3 years)
does an alarm go off if you cut the lanyard, i know there is a built in
alarm inside the key to prevent you removing it from the store, but cutting
the lanyard? how would that trigger an alarm? anybody help?

Author Shaka Zion (3 years)
@Dreamwavestudio Why are you getting rude? Use Your Brain" What does that
comment mean? Dude i know where the tag is located--i was simply asking
your advice--no need to get rude.

Author Dreamwavestudio (3 years)
@CaveGuy2008 i dont know the specifications about this key, you need to
drill out the rfid tag. or saw it open at the tag position. as i said,
there should be a video here which shows were the tag is located. use your

Author Charles Hua (2 years)
@goldenpool magnets can still set it off.

Author Shaka Zion (3 years)
@Dreamwavestudio Are you sure? do you know the different spider wraps that
im referring to?

Author Shaka Zion (3 years)
@RiskyKilla3 I bought an Alpha s3 handkey there--but the model they sent
me--doesnt come with screws to allow me to take out the tag---allowing the
magnet not to sound when exiting from the store

Author W̶̷̲̅L̶̷̲̅O̶̷̲̅ғ̶̷̲̅ᴀ̶̷̲̅ɪ̶̷̲̅ʟ̶̷̲̅s̶̷̲̅ (2 years)
what happens if the alarm goes off?

Author chandler moon (1 year)
Amazon s3 handkey

Author Justin Wonda (1 year)
Where did you get the spider wrap? I want to get one so I can test on it.

Author Dreamwavestudio (3 years)
@CaveGuy2008 yes it will. however a tag in the s3 handkey will prevent the
key to be be taken in or out the store. i believe theres a video here to
remove the tag from the handkey.

Author Mustafa Al-shammary (1 year)
Please, im interesting, i want to know how to get one like that. thank you

Author jOHN P (9 months)
Anyone want information on how to use their skills contact me. Guaranteed
big money

Author moviebest08 (1 year)
You can buy this key also on Free shipping cost to
USA, International buyers are welcome, Secure payment at checkout. Good for
your business or new ones, Any question,contact us.

Author bloodynachos (2 years)
if you use the handkey inside the store to get the wrap off, do the alarms
go off?

Author Mustafa Al-shammary (1 year)
Please where you got yours from?

Author trionsecurity (1 year)
You can buy the S3 Magnetic key in

Author goldenpool (2 years)
@bloodynachos Naw, the security tags have a certain signal that trips the
alarm, magnets won't set it off

Author JammersWorld (1 year)

Author Dreamwavestudio (3 years)
@RiskyKilla3 dont waste your money, you can get a much cheaper magnet
online. just be sure it´s a neodymium

Author Shaka Zion (3 years)
@Dreamwavestudio Will this Alpha s3 key open all the different variations
of Spider wraps, i've been in Walmart and Home Depot--and they both have
different variations of Spider Wraps, Example, 1 Alarm Spider Wrap, 2 Alarm
Attack Spider Wrap, 2 Alarm Mini Spider Wrap? Im asking because each spider
Wrap looks different. May be a dumb question--but im not a proffessional.
Im jus curious.

Author firstAnd LastKing (3 years)
If I cut that string thing is there a alarm that goes off ?

Author Shaka Zion (3 years)
@Dreamwavestudio I bought a Alpha s3 handkey--and it didnt come with the
screws that allow me to open the tag--so the alarm wouldnt go off. What can
i do?

Author RiskyKilla3 (4 years)
you can buy the alpha S3 key for $32.00 at this website shopbrodartDOTcom

Author Shaka Zion (3 years)
Will this Alpha s3 key open all the different variations of Spider wraps,
i've been in Walmart and Home Depot--and they both have different
variations of Spider Wraps, Example, 1 Alarm Spider Wrap, 2 Alarm Attack
Spider Wrap, 2 Alarm Mini Spider Wrap? Im asking because each spider Wrap
looks different. May be a dumb question--but im not a proffessional. Im jus

Author trionsecurity (2 years)
If you are interested in Alpha S3 key, contact me and
i will let you know how to buy one in 54.99 S3 Magnetic Key

Author Azael Pulido (2 years)
U go to jail.

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