10 Most Beautiful Kids In The World ALL GROWN UP

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  • Where are they now? Check out the world's most beautiful kids all grown up!
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    There are beautiful children all over the world, but only a few get to actually gain the title. Thanks to the internet we can see where these kids come from and what they are up to now. From a little girl who started modeling when she was 4 to a young actress who is becoming a superstar, these are 10 most beautiful kids in the world all grown up.

    Since she was only 4 years old, model Kristina Pimenova has been rocking the fashion industry. She is now 12 years old, and still very much a model. She is traveling the world and has become an Instagram sensation. We have to admit, it’s easy to see why; the girl is still stunning!

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  • TheTrendy
    TheTrendy 3 days ago

    These kids are soooo beautiful!

  • Scoot_ Scooters12
    Scoot_ Scooters12 4 minutes ago

    All these kids are my age and I'm over here getting uglier xD

  • Kristina L
    Kristina L 8 minutes ago

    They all have beautiful eyes

  • Max Decoff
    Max Decoff 8 minutes ago

    Why aren't I in this

  • Sela Boswell
    Sela Boswell 8 minutes ago

    This upset me. All kids are beautiful.

  • Borean soldier
    Borean soldier 8 minutes ago


  • Aaleil Mitchell
    Aaleil Mitchell 9 minutes ago

    I guess I not beutyful at all

  • oh frankie
    oh frankie 14 minutes ago

    lmao then there's me, a sack of potatoes

  • TheWavyPotato
    TheWavyPotato 14 minutes ago

    And I'm sitting here lookin like a burnt potato

  • mzenji
    mzenji 15 minutes ago

    There are 7 Billion People on this planet. 5+ Billion of them are not white. Apparently these folks have not produced even one beautiful child.

  • MrFluffy Koala
    MrFluffy Koala 16 minutes ago

    all these girls my age lookin beautiful while i'm here looking like a potato...

  • Mona Taylor
    Mona Taylor 22 minutes ago

    thumbs down. they all look the same; same shape face and facial features, same color, no variation. why not just clone? get a clue! this is a shit channel

  • Cyndi Phelps
    Cyndi Phelps 22 minutes ago

    The video is sooooooo blurry

  • andre daniels
    andre daniels 27 minutes ago

    all white - sure guys sure

  • Ana Ferguson
    Ana Ferguson 31 minute ago

    According to who?

  • uglybbe zefir
    uglybbe zefir 32 minutes ago

    They're mostly pretty average doll-faced kids tbh. That "model-like" cold beauty. Excuse me, I prefer life.

  • Lauren Ghost
    Lauren Ghost 37 minutes ago

    Well know I feel ugly thanks

  • Mysterious Potato
    Mysterious Potato 38 minutes ago

    the beginnings actually pretty mean. saying how all the parents THINK they have the most beautiful children, the internet may have a saying in that. they didn't need to add that at all.

    KANG KONG 42 minutes ago

    0.32 kamukha ni Andrea B.

  • Mai Waifu
    Mai Waifu 45 minutes ago

    So, only white girls are pretty. Rude. Just plain rude.

  • billwrs
    billwrs 45 minutes ago

    12 and 13 years old is not all grown up!

  • Kara Simpson
    Kara Simpson 48 minutes ago

    Where am I? :(

  • Mai Waifu
    Mai Waifu 49 minutes ago

    You forgot me.

  • Lisa Lopez
    Lisa Lopez 50 minutes ago

    There is one way to being beautiful...from the inside out. LOL: "Live On Love" Love yourselves, Care for yourselves and give yourselves the attention that is needed.

  • Twenty Øne panicing crybaby romancers

    uhm no.
    sorry but no

  • Pony Horse
    Pony Horse 51 minute ago

    I honestly think that all the ones with blue eyes perfect blond hair r quite common I prefer brown hair and eyes

  • biggrex
    biggrex 52 minutes ago

    Yeah, 13 is not "All grown up"

  • denisse chuco
    denisse chuco 55 minutes ago

    They are so pretty 😍😍❤❤

  • Shanyar Ghaderi
    Shanyar Ghaderi 56 minutes ago

    I always thought I was beautiful, but compared to these people, I look disgusting and ugly.

  • Abbie Cohen
    Abbie Cohen 57 minutes ago

    I guess I don't really know what I expected to gain from watching this. Really burned my self esteem.

  • Shukrayman
    Shukrayman 58 minutes ago

    everbody is pretty!!!!!


  • Ale Oropeza
    Ale Oropeza 59 minutes ago

    of course everyone is beautiful with make up on...

  • Fluffy Kitty27
    Fluffy Kitty27 59 minutes ago

    I'm also butifull even though I have freckles 😢😄☻👱🚺⚜☮♀☙

  • Wolf Richard
    Wolf Richard 1 hour ago

    they all look the same (golden brown STRAIGHT hair, ember/green/blue eyes, puckered lips) but all in all, they are beautiful

  • Lilac Lunar
    Lilac Lunar 1 hour ago

    so your only beautiful if you have light eyes.

  • Nayscia 8588
    Nayscia 8588 1 hour ago

    im not on the list 😢😭

  • Darkenrose AJ
    Darkenrose AJ 1 hour ago

    It makes me sad...most of the prettiest girls have blonde hair and blue eyes, their skin is beautiful, they are like my age and look way more pretty. It makes me want to change my hair to blonde and my eyes to blue, I want to change everything about myself now. Because of people saying "oh this is the prettiest girl, no, she is, Oh she's the prettiest" it makes me feel like I'm an ugly beast.

  • TEDDY 200
    TEDDY 200 1 hour ago

    i wish i was one of those

  • GirlyGamer4U
    GirlyGamer4U 1 hour ago

    So only white people are beautiful?
    Thanks for calling me ugly (I also need to fix my profile picture lmao)

  • LovingLandolaibs
    LovingLandolaibs 1 hour ago

    The second one is ugly

  • rain leclair
    rain leclair 1 hour ago

    when your crying through out the video because theyre so pretty and your self pitying

  • angelina vera
    angelina vera 1 hour ago

    well now i feel like potato

  • edilma Lawson
    edilma Lawson 1 hour ago

    Ok who ever thinks these kids are beautiful you are wrong everyone Is beautiful just the way you are!❤️❤️❤️

  • Meline Olivier
    Meline Olivier 1 hour ago

    Democracy Mrs set theoretical technology seriously.

  • Anastasia Schloss
    Anastasia Schloss 1 hour ago

    Those kids

  • MissChips
    MissChips 1 hour ago

    Everyone is beautiful in the inside and outside :)

  • Alemanwolf11 E.H
    Alemanwolf11 E.H 1 hour ago

    We are all beautiful in our own way. Beauty does not always show in makeup or face features. We all have that something special.

  • KaTs_Rulexx YT
    KaTs_Rulexx YT 1 hour ago

    Those kids are beautiful BTW

  • KaTs_Rulexx YT
    KaTs_Rulexx YT 1 hour ago

    Imageine if those kids turned ugly in the future

  • Harry Potter Witch
    Harry Potter Witch 1 hour ago

    Worst video ever so bad

  • GoodiGummdropz
    GoodiGummdropz 1 hour ago

    They're not the most beautiful kids in the world (Not hating). Its just everyone's opinion, what they say and what they think. The whole world didn't say "OH THAT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILD ON THIS PLANET!", Did they? If they did, which they did not, I would totally believe why they call them the most beautiful kids in the world. ^-^ "OH, I THINK THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! MAKE THEM MODELS AND PUT THEM ON TV!" Wow...

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 1 hour ago

    All my friends look way better than these people (I'm being HONEST. I'm not saying this cuz they're my friends)

  • Sara Sobocinska
    Sara Sobocinska 1 hour ago

    so im ugly know i know D:😫

  • 黄杰
    黄杰 2 hours ago

    NO Asian, so I give it 0.

  • Rosa Garcia
    Rosa Garcia 2 hours ago

    the Russia giro has an unibrrown

  • Steph I
    Steph I 2 hours ago

    Just unsuscribed because of the racism

  • Mrs mariel Jenkins
    Mrs mariel Jenkins 2 hours ago

    This is hurtful, what about other races? They all look identical. Why do you always talk about how white people are just these "beautiful." And "perfect" people. White people made blacks slaves! What about other races? Oh, wait. I forgot. All we care about is whites... not blacks? People are all beautiful. Don't just pick certain people out of the crowd, that look beautiful to you. You should care about how this video hurts people. Or do you only care for yourselves, and don't care about others feelings. And upload extremely hurtful things. Yeah they're beautiful, but I can't except the fact that you uploaded this, it's so rude, and I think you're discriminating other races...

  • Avery Paige
    Avery Paige 2 hours ago

    cri im not in here

  • Taylor Mbp
    Taylor Mbp 2 hours ago

    wtf gula is not even close to PRETTY!

  • Taylor Mbp
    Taylor Mbp 2 hours ago


  • It Girl
    It Girl 2 hours ago

    I think THE TALKO *IS* *OUT* *OF* *IDEAS*

    that's why you are making nonsense videos Again and Again.
    All kids are beautiful and Billions of kids are more prettier than your no.1

  • Ranao ㅋㅋㅋ
    Ranao ㅋㅋㅋ 2 hours ago

    How many of them is happy..? İt is arguable...

  • Zura Rox
    Zura Rox 2 hours ago

    They are beautiful than average people, but the pressure to stay beautiful is immense and to rise in the industry are usually what might break them. I hope they are strong and wise, on the inside to face the challenges. Also I hope, they have the right people close to them so they may not fall prey to unscrupulous people and false friends.

  • It Girl
    It Girl 2 hours ago



  • Christine Joseph
    Christine Joseph 2 hours ago

    Most of them are blonde with blue eyes you're pretty and beautiful to matter what and you need some freaking video to tell you that.

  • KatrinaMviolin
    KatrinaMviolin 2 hours ago

    They are not pretty..................... THEY ARE JUST WHITE

  • Andrea Padilla
    Andrea Padilla 2 hours ago

    Aww I wish I was as beautiful as these kids.

  • Burcu Şahin
    Burcu Şahin 2 hours ago

    They are not the MOST beautiful kids there are some kids better than them they are only the famous ones (just an opinion i am not saying that they are ugly no hate)

  • KatrinaMviolin
    KatrinaMviolin 2 hours ago

    I thought Kristina was still eleven......

  • M_ Melon
    M_ Melon 2 hours ago

    You should do Danielle Cohn one day

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 2 hours ago

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way

  • GoshaItzALayah
    GoshaItzALayah 2 hours ago

    Everyone is beautiful these kids you chose are probably spoiled and wear millions of dollars of makeup idk😒

  • Britani Fazakerley
    Britani Fazakerley 2 hours ago

    Yeah this makes me feel better about my gross self

  • :
    : 2 hours ago

    Kristina Pimenova is still a child...

  • M.lalenya Peters
    M.lalenya Peters 2 hours ago

    I'm crying rn because I'm so ugly and will never be beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢

  • Cristina Ramírez
    Cristina Ramírez 2 hours ago

    Everyone is beautiful no matter what

  • Savanna Yako
    Savanna Yako 2 hours ago

    U r just saying basically that very other kid in the world is ugly

  • Naureen Ikram
    Naureen Ikram 3 hours ago

    russians are so pretty

  • Rhiannon Esmond
    Rhiannon Esmond 3 hours ago

    The only one that is "All Grown Up" is the Afgan girl. 12-17 are still basically children.

  • Screw face
    Screw face 3 hours ago

    the girl in the thumbnail doesn't look as attractive as she was as a child.

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson 3 hours ago

    I just think it's funny how all these girls are white

  • Nateline Robb
    Nateline Robb 3 hours ago

    Theres no 10 most beautiful kids in the world because everyone is beautiful in there own ways everyone should be in this vid lol :)

  • Amna Ghanayem
    Amna Ghanayem 3 hours ago

    All children are beautiful

  • Harambe is my daddy
    Harambe is my daddy 3 hours ago

    Where the hell is their acne!?!

  • Tina Hong
    Tina Hong 3 hours ago


  • KawaiiPotatoFarm
    KawaiiPotatoFarm 3 hours ago

    isn't everyone in the world naturally beautiful? This is just making people thinking that they're not just as beautiful. Everyone is beautiful and you don't need to be famous over it. (no hate guys) <3

  • Bethany Kemton
    Bethany Kemton 3 hours ago

    I have big dreams of becoming an actor, but there is no way for me to do so. 1st, I am only ten. 2nd, I don't know how and 3rd I am super bad at pretty much anything

  • Nevaeh Baldwin
    Nevaeh Baldwin 3 hours ago

    King looks like Grace VanderWaal

  • Arcticwolf Cutie
    Arcticwolf Cutie 3 hours ago

    Everyone one is beautiful. Not just them.

  • Cristal Bobadilla
    Cristal Bobadilla 3 hours ago

    everyone is beautiful the way they are

  • Alpha'z Artz
    Alpha'z Artz 3 hours ago

    All these kids are sticks wtf...what the hell is wrong with society. Never mind the fact there are no darker skin tones, or different eye colours, or even hair colours. I'm blonde, have blue eyes, and in the middle of curvy and thin, but this isn't fair. Get a variety.

  • booty butt
    booty butt 3 hours ago

    omgggggg how can we chose which is the most beautiful out of such a diverse bunch? lmaooo they are all very pretty but they look pretty much the same

  • Natalie Xu
    Natalie Xu 3 hours ago

    Um, thumbnail?

  • TrishaJanelle Belen
    TrishaJanelle Belen 3 hours ago

    Damn I'm ugly

  • xMysterYPonYx
    xMysterYPonYx 3 hours ago

    NO! JUST NO! You're saying that us kids aren't considered beautiful?

    If only my parents let me do anything with my looks, I would be prettier than these kids. Trust me, I can. Or anyone can.

  • Janiya Crenshaw
    Janiya Crenshaw 3 hours ago

    I'm jealous now -_-

  • The Minecraft Girl !!!!!!!!!!

    To be honest I look like half the models. I 'was' a model. ANYONE WANTING TO BE A MODEL ITS BORING

  • xMysterYPonYx
    xMysterYPonYx 3 hours ago

    Me: *thinking* ohhhhhhhhh that's where the hell came from! Dummy me.

  • KarenaWithaK
    KarenaWithaK 3 hours ago

    Jade is only 12?!?!?! I'm 13 and I still look like a child

  • sara solorio
    sara solorio 3 hours ago

    It kinda bothers me they didn't put any people of color in like latinas or African Americans 😪❤️

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