People Who Got Caught Being Jealous

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In this Reaction Time Episode my friend and I reacted to some hilarious compilation of photos that caught people looking very jealous. These are "caught in the act" of people who just couldn't hide their amount of envy.

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Author Chaeli Pollard ( ago)
5:01 Tal that face do

Author Mackalia Sandcroft ( ago)

Author Serena Najera ( ago)
The first picture I have it hanging  in my room.

Author Thelma and Jody Gilliland ( ago)
I've seen bigger boobs

Author Ra Re ( ago)
When Tal linked his friend's channel he didn't say his name he said "friends channel"😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Afiq Ariffin ( ago)
Like:a year of good luck
Sub:Christmas comes early

Comment:goodluck for 10 days

Author Jonas R ( ago)
1:54, doesn't it look like there's a finger going through the dogs 🐶 neck.

Author Sierra Clopton ( ago)
it was really funny when he didn't get to save something at the end it was really funny.
OMG I mean say not save.

Author Aubrey Lewis ( ago)
I say son of a gun and stop joshing me too

Author CkNalley ( ago)
The video cut off before Anthony could say what he wanted to say.

Author Dragon ball z fan boy ( ago)
"My subscriber count vs your subscriber count"

Author chris park ( ago)
remember when you third wheeled on my videos

Author Minecraft Girl ( ago)
nice hat

Author Layla Yates ( ago)
Was Tal high in this video?

Author Asude Kaya ( ago)
I dont understand does he have a sister or not? Because sometimes he says he has and sometimes not

Author Liv Baron ( ago)
don't trust edited comments

Author Andre Scott ( ago)
i didnt know Tal has a bro when i saw him i was like so cute ❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋

Author Lettuceflenchorrito 's ( ago)
Emo Anthony

Author Dylan Gotshall ( ago)

Read More

Author 3JugadoresFuriosos ( ago)
Lol so jealous

Author Snowball The Dog ( ago)
-help me-

Author Hannah Briley ( ago)
# TheTalFishermanEffect

Author lps cool cats ( ago)

Author Whatever ( ago)
if someone says kiss me if I'm wrong but do dinosaurs still exists I'm gonna be like yes modern birds are intact dinosaurs ☺ now leave me alone pervert

Author Anika Achal ( ago)

Author Sebas Thecrazy99 ( ago)
stop they vídeo un 0:22

Author Mafutaga Loli ( ago)
nice video :)

Author Jake Hayter ( ago)
Tal does have a sister.....weird

Author Jason Philippe ( ago)
Clark : Jane will you go to pro...
Jane : wait...who is that?
Clark : that's Jay
Clark :anyway will you go to prom with m...
Jane : is he single ?
Clark :🙁😤😩

Author Swag Hipster_15 ( ago)
Even if tal had a puppy I wud continue to stare at u tal

Author Kiersten Kennedy ( ago)

Author rainbow panda ( ago)
What's that cool song

Author Bella Rosales ( ago)
I was dead at 3:41-3:53 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂

Author Joey Anoma ( ago)
You look like the chainsmokers

Author fighting wolf ( ago)
I'm surprised Dan wasn't in this

Author MA menna ( ago)

Author Ashley Larocque ( ago)
i thought he did have a sister hes mentioned many times he has one

Author Amazing Doge 37 ( ago)
Tal's friend is mean

Author Ender Asher ( ago)
I got offended on one part!! You should just shut up

Author Annabelle Crafter ( ago)
1:22 doesn't it remind you of Hamilton the schlyer Sisters situation

Author Ripper GD ( ago)
A carrot damn he got a skinny dick

Author Storm85 ( ago)
Horror story in 2 words

No wifi!!!! 😱😱

Author Gavin Satterfield ( ago)
3:48 *When the meth really kicks in*

Author Renee Buster ( ago)
y'all dirty bitches

Author Dunsalaks Dun ( ago)

Author Jemima Singer ( ago)
6:08 I thought it was a picture of harambe's comeback!
Damn that scared me!

Author Remya Sajeev ( ago)
tal has too much fun editing I guess 😂😂😂😂😋

Author PaleSplash ( ago)
tal x anthony

Author The classical 1965 ( ago)
cool vidd

Author Vixie the cat ( ago)
hey can i make an animation of this vid???

Author 2ninjaboys ( ago)
he actually looks like he needs a hug

Author jesus ramirez ( ago)
xbox one help im on fire
ps4 wait i call the ambulance
wii u wii u wii u wii u

Author Burnetiyo 24 ( ago)
3:40 Thanks for the seizure bro XD

Author BuzzPhoenix ( ago)
6:53 who thought it was from outside?

Author MCPE GAMER ( ago)

Author Jeffery Manning ( ago)
-hello- -:3-

Author Sky Frost ( ago)
#SWAG 😎😎

Author Goodygoody15 Devils daughter ( ago)
did anyone else notice the one girl legs were not tan evenly one leg was lighter than the other

Author Tony Lopez ( ago)

Author Kayla Correale ( ago)

Author Alec Pes ( ago)
at 0:33 its like me saying that I have friend's but my brother dosen't.Eventually he had more friend's. only need one need to if you will spell it right like this The End 👀(see)

Author Rachel Biersack Golbach Malfoy ( ago)
your friend could pass for a rapist....

Author Eliora Lelono ( ago)
i wonder if he pins comments besides annoucements

Author Jhune Abelgas ( ago)

Author Emily Gamer ( ago)
Why does people ship Tal and Anthony?! Like...Tal is too cute for him

Author louisa garces ( ago)
oh and who else cracked up laughing when tal said OH BABY JESUS HE GOT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author louisa garces ( ago)
say TAL if you agree that tal is way hotter then anthony or say ANTHONY if you think other wise

Author rosita charles ( ago)
3:41 - 3:52 skinned me to the bone

Author heyitsjanet _ ( ago)
#whenasiansgetjealous 😂🤣LOL!!

Author Flower Bomb Buddy ( ago)
🌞 🐝


🌵🌵 🌹 🙋 🌹 🌵🌵

Author kitten girl cool girl ( ago)
i love this video its a FUNNY video 😉😍

Author DJF ( ago)

Author Sirens ( ago)
"You look like a rapist let me say that" Tal 2017

Author Kid Crimson ( ago)
song at 3:26?

Author Prank Team ( ago)
His montage logiciel is super nice

Author Lucy Irvine ( ago)
3:45 😂😂😂

Author Frank Avila ( ago)
shooting stars memes for days

Author Joyful Jerky ( ago)
There are 21 letters in the Alphabet....
Oh wait I missed 5..

U R A Q T (Read the letters out load) 😘😊

Author JessaPlays MC ( ago)
that was April at the last picture the aTMNT 1987 or 1988 or maybe it was 2003

Author glitter animations ( ago)
3:03 was funny for me and 4:14

Author HeyItzClaudia ( ago)
3:33 i thought that was tanner fox

Author Marissa Rodriguez ( ago)
4:33 Pretty sure how Ukraine would look like from Hetalia XD

Author Maria Castro ( ago)
I have a painting in my house of the second photo! :)

Author Jeramiah U ( ago)
Anthony is gross

Author Kaeli Lynn ( ago)
Is he your lawnmower you bought in from outside

Author Scary Fox! ( ago)
3:26 i really like the music can you tell me what its called?

Author Victoria Page ( ago)
i love how he ended the video right as thay guy was gonna say somethin😂😂 i was interested in what he was gonna say😂😂

Author Nai Weirds ( ago)
"Wit yo emo looking sad" I'm dedd

Author Cheyenne Gifford ( ago)
bet it a baby carrot

Author Matilda Ashley ( ago)
the girl with big boobs is actually real she has a disease that makes them continuously grow

Author OhMehGoodnyess ( ago)
Poor Anthony... he got hella rejected by Tal 😂 I almost feel bad

Author Sir chubbles ( ago)
there's no way they aren't dating

Author Sarina Dowd ( ago)

Author Yazz Daree ( ago)
don't say something to my cat

Author ItsAlyssa ( ago)
What's the name of the song at 3:43

Author Avery DeMarco ( ago)
Your hacked

Author CyberCats55 ( ago)

Author Golden Wolf01 ( ago)
Hey anyone's else's title from them is weird

Author Baba Babiene ( ago)
he got hacked

Author Kayla Gorski ( ago)
Why are a ton of video titles like this, they are all over YouTube

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