Trying On $14 Veneers! Review and Demo - As Seen on TV!

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  • When I saw these in store I had to try them out, as I said I thought this would be hilarious but at second thought I decided that was insensitive and I hope that maybe these provide some hope to people out there who are self conscious of their teeth.

    I couldn't find them in CVS anymore, but you can get them from Amazon: or the Perfect Smile Website

    Some things I learnt from the website:
    -You cannot eat or sleep with these Perfect Smile Veneers, but you can drink (I think with a straw would be ideal).
    -Some people use the same pair for years.
    -Wash them with a toothbrush and keep them in a glass of mouthwash overnight.

    ALSO the 'documentary' my sister told me about is an online essay called 'HAND TO MOUTH' by Linda Tirado. Ellie said you can find info on youtube too.

    If anyone knows of any charities for pro-bono dental work in the US please tell me and I will include it in the description and maybe we can all help. (I pledge to donate $500 if we find one, I did a search but didn't get far.)

    I use affiliate links guys but feel free to google the products yourself!


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  • malek kreishan
    malek kreishan 13 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 very bad

  • Corry Joe Biddle
    Corry Joe Biddle 2 days ago

    What a thoughtful take on this product.

  • Lut Giroy
    Lut Giroy 2 days ago


  • Gilbert Morales
    Gilbert Morales 3 days ago

    you're the first person that I've seen on YouTube talking about this product and sane try it why not what would it hurt I see a lot of people that are making fun at this product and what they don't understand is they have teeth so it does look funny on them I ordered some and they don't look bad to me when you're used to Being toothless front upper teeth and this comes around I will try all these people that are making fun of it discourage other people but not me thank you you're awesome

  • Gilbert Morales
    Gilbert Morales 3 days ago

    you are the first person that I seen that gave this product

  • malay bender
    malay bender 4 days ago knew it was going to be a failure

  • 109367
    109367 4 days ago

    The gums are way too red, looks inflamed and angry xD but hey plenty of people in my family have a bridge or dentures so if they couldn't afford health care this could be a viable alternative

  • Shawna Carmack
    Shawna Carmack 4 days ago

    I am so proud of the way you handled this. Although it does look funny and the gums are incredibly unnatural, the premise is a good one. Thank you for the review! I have been privileged with fantastic dental care as well, but I am well aware that not everyone is as lucky . ❤️

  • morgan morgan
    morgan morgan 5 days ago

    the gum is an unnatural color and looks like gingivitis but otherwise its a great invention.

    NOEL LOYA 5 days ago

    okay but she looks like a titan when she smiles haha😂

  • Rikki Runee
    Rikki Runee 5 days ago

    ROTFLMAO...thank God I have dentures. I ain't gotta worry about this crap. Bless You for braving it

  • Analia Lou
    Analia Lou 6 days ago

    This is what I like about America, they are way ahead of us Brits.

  • janmarbol
    janmarbol 6 days ago

    Why are the gums SOOOO red! Who has red gums like that?

  • Rusti Morgan
    Rusti Morgan 6 days ago

    do you have a make up video that shows how you did your eye make up in this video? i love love love it

  • Roray AUTHOR
    Roray AUTHOR 7 days ago

    interesting to finally have someone who's not afraid to speak about Orthodontics (braces in childhood) affects a lot of young girls and great teeth VS bad teeth is also another area of health and beauty how our self esteem is affected, perceptions great video X 100% 💖

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 7 days ago

    impresionante bellezón.

  • Jleyva
    Jleyva 8 days ago

    I kind of was waiting for her to say that they were stuck!

  • Sarah Mhmd
    Sarah Mhmd 8 days ago

    Love the shoutout to the 6ix!

  • J Hawk
    J Hawk 9 days ago

    If she could shit up about her self.. and get on with the product would be fantastic..!..😁😁😁

  • JustAGamer x3
    JustAGamer x3 9 days ago

    Its tooo tooo red it should be lighter

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 10 days ago

    people in that united States do have Healthcare I have brace what do you mean I'm offended

  • Colleen Carden
    Colleen Carden 10 days ago

    Idkw they made the gums so red. It might have looked ok if they were pink. Looks like the gums are infected or irritated.

  • Ayesha Saeed
    Ayesha Saeed 10 days ago

    you are so beautiful, and you are so funny couse you make me to laught a lot😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sandra Saunders
    Sandra Saunders 11 days ago

    I'm sorry but I am cracking up by the expressions on your face.

  • Alison Self
    Alison Self 11 days ago

    Thank you for not making a joke of this. My brother spent thousands a few years ago with a shoddy dentist. Now, all the work has fallen out and because in the US dental care is so expensive he can't afford to get his teeth fixed. He is positively suicidal over it, but I am trying to figure out a way to help him. I don't think this will work, but maybe temporarily.

  • Audrey Makar
    Audrey Makar 11 days ago

    She looks like she got plastic surgery

  • Vicki Carlon
    Vicki Carlon 12 days ago

    USA is not a 3rd world country 😂😂😂😂lmfao

  • Amanda Frank Aguinaga

    I can't stop laughing!! 😂
    So funny

  • Sacred Sun
    Sacred Sun 12 days ago

    Honestly the developers of the product needed to make this much better. Improvements that are/were needed :
    1. Thinner cast so when it fits over the natural teeth becomes more comfortable for daily tasks. (would also save the company on production costs)
    2. A smaller gum line as not everyone has a bubba gump gumline. (also saving the company on production costs)
    3. A more natural look to gums as gums are not bright red.

    Simple changes would most likely even decrease the cost of the item to around $10. While improving the actual usage of the item.

  • KAT Sister
    KAT Sister 12 days ago

    2:45 she puts the teeth in

  • Summer Time
    Summer Time 13 days ago

    Omg this is hilarious!

  • Mercene Florez
    Mercene Florez 13 days ago

    es ridículo esto. como se nota que los que presentan el producto no tienen ni idea de todos los requisitos que debe cumplir una buena protesis dental ...

  • Tenille Tollison
    Tenille Tollison 13 days ago

    these actually look very fake... they do not fit the mouth properly... I totally get everything that she is saying about how important a smile is to someone... that's why I do not like this whole idea because NO mouth is the, the whole "one size fits all, is ridiculous".... they clearly do not look natural AT ALL.... the commercial is very misleading, because it shows people "on dates", at a restaurant...etc...BUT IT'S RIDICULOUS.... YOU CAN'T EAT WITH THEM... SO..... WHY SHOW IN THE COMMERCIAL, GOING ON A DATE IN A RESTAURANT, WHEN YOU CAN'T EAT WITH THEM?? I mean seriously, what would the person do, take them out to eat, and then put back in their mouth afterwards...??? At first, it appears that this is to HELP someone that is insecure about their smile, but honestly, I feel like it's a cruel "joke"... it's not at all to help people... these things look hideous even in the commercial... if you want to help someone with their smile/confidence, then make something that actually helps...fits....looks natural....can eat with... OR leave to the professionals. I personally have good teeth... I also had braces...etc... but this makes me very angry and upset for the people that don't.... this, to me is a cruel joke, that they are trying to portray as a way to "help" people with their smile... It clearly does not.

  • Kathryn Card
    Kathryn Card 14 days ago

    the US doesn't have "good" health Care? since when? I don't like her "intelligent" statement at all. 😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew McDonald
    Andrew McDonald 14 days ago

    you're eye makeup is terrible.

  • Mafalda Ferreira
    Mafalda Ferreira 14 days ago

    You kinda looked like Madison Beer hahah

  • Janet Maynard
    Janet Maynard 14 days ago

    I live in Toronto by the CNN tower

  • Gary Mazzeo
    Gary Mazzeo 15 days ago

    Made her look like a Vampire, and if they make bottoms one would look like a werewolf.....What happens if one has  darker bottom teeth? You walk around with two different shades of teeth?

  • Damaris Cotto
    Damaris Cotto 15 days ago

    OMG, with the teeth she look like Megan Fox!

  • Alina Kravchenya
    Alina Kravchenya 15 days ago

    I thought this was Hannah Baker

  • April Dorsey
    April Dorsey 15 days ago

    I'm laughing my ass off bc you look so different lol my god, you have amazing teeth i must say, thank the lord you don't have to use the 14 dol. falsies.

  • Marie Darling
    Marie Darling 15 days ago

    she is gorgeous no matter what but... is it weird that i find her mouth more attractive with the false teeth in?

  • jessica's beauty
    jessica's beauty 16 days ago

    this was hilarious and I could tell u wanted to laugh as well but just the fact u kept it so professional yes girl yesss 😘

  • panic at the chemically romanced piolets

    does that look like boiling water to you?

  • Masuma Akther
    Masuma Akther 16 days ago

    Looool when it went in your mouth 😂😩

  • harley mama
    harley mama 16 days ago

    flippers...toddlers and tiaras

  • Nick Moretti
    Nick Moretti 16 days ago

    hey they actually don't look half bad

  • Nick Moretti
    Nick Moretti 16 days ago

    everyone was joking when this commercial came on and I was like... I wish I could have some snap on perfect teeth for $15

  • ckpetleo82
    ckpetleo82 17 days ago

    This is too funny, I'm dying hahahah

  • - princess
    - princess 17 days ago

    lmao, why are you screaming at us when reading the instructions?

  • An
    An 18 days ago

    Am I the only one laughing my ass off?

  • Ashton Belue
    Ashton Belue 18 days ago

    Ok who said the US had bad health care just because someone decided to come up with a stupid idea like this, like WE'RE NOT A 3rd WORLD COUNTRY you can tell she doesn't live in the US 😂😂😂😂 don't make videos if you don't understand what your saying it can offend someone

  • Cornerstanding
    Cornerstanding 19 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this is a gag gift product, nothing more. but Hay if it works, Awesome.

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter 19 days ago


  • Jaylene Singer
    Jaylene Singer 19 days ago

    hehe this made me giggle! love your channel

  • Steven Hamilton
    Steven Hamilton 19 days ago

    you looked better with it in!

  • Benny Zoorani
    Benny Zoorani 19 days ago

    I love how you act and talk to natural, but advice, easy on make up, it makes you look bad..

  • Alexa Beauty
    Alexa Beauty 19 days ago


  • MediocreHaddie
    MediocreHaddie 19 days ago

    Your sister is amazing.
    You have an amazing sister.

  • bibi_cheiks
    bibi_cheiks 19 days ago

    I was thinking of getting this wasn't sure if it was good thank you for you review

  • DMM Donna's Modification Motivation

    I've been to 4 dentist and heading to one in the morning. I need this exact product for pictures in 5 weeks. I'm going to look for it tomorrow. Or order online. The dentist are extremely costly if you don't have insurance. Hope it works for me. There is also a product called snap on teeth you can buy from the dentist.

  • microcowz
    microcowz 20 days ago

    it looks creepy.

  • Jasmine Willis
    Jasmine Willis 20 days ago

    I absolutely love this video. I totally understand how it feels to not have the coins to get dental work done. Thank God my pops paid for my cosmetic surgery. For almost 6 yrs I didn't smile and couldn't eat almost anything and would always cover up my smile. I'm so grateful God restored my mouth. Now I'm super healthy and I've gained weight eating good lol. Great video love❤️ this is pretty unique besides the extremely red gums🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ed Wilson
    Ed Wilson 20 days ago

    Funny lady, very pretty too.

  • Maria Raluca Ganea
    Maria Raluca Ganea 20 days ago


  • Mitra Bandoo
    Mitra Bandoo 20 days ago

    unbelievable beautiful

  • The Paper Witch
    The Paper Witch 21 day ago

    U can re heat them to try and refit them I did that 4 times before I got it right u can't eat it there are videos for the talking issue to retrain u to talk with it it is like getting and talking with a young peorcing

  • AN LI
    AN LI 21 day ago

    Its ugly as fuck

  • lea rodriguez
    lea rodriguez 21 day ago

    the centre is so wierd lol..kinda looks like a futurama character..

  • Joselin Rivera
    Joselin Rivera 21 day ago

    This is perfect for someone who doesn't have teeth or someone who has their teeth very small

    LOVE ANDREANE 22 days ago

    LMAO! I died watching this! It's really funny! Thanks for the laugh :)

  • Aliaksandr Kishchanka


  • #RihannaNavy ღ
    #RihannaNavy ღ 22 days ago

    I forgot about the whole review& demo, your smoky eyes are to die for!❤️

  • Amy Medina
    Amy Medina 22 days ago

    I absolutely love love love your make up😍

  • MelodyOfVision
    MelodyOfVision 22 days ago

    I agree, Obamacare is awful. It was actually cheaper to get your own health insurance BEFORE he put instituted it. It really put self-employed and small businesses at a disadvantage. I had to cancel mine and the penalty tax because the premiums and deductibles were vastly increased . Not that I could use it anyway when I had it - the deductible was $6,000 before they would even start paying for my bills. It was a massive rip off!

  • Ashley Elliott
    Ashley Elliott 23 days ago

    the gums look like they're desiesed

  • Kristian Custodio
    Kristian Custodio 23 days ago

    i really liked ur positivity and thinking about other peoples feelings too. even though the product is laughable u chose ur words care fully to not offend anyone .. 👏👍👌💝 ur beautiful inside and out ... and im commenting as a viewer with good white teeth haha i just thought id give props to u ..

  • D Rock
    D Rock 23 days ago

    Buy a 3D printer and start your own business making veneers.

  • Mindful Madeline
    Mindful Madeline 23 days ago

    I want to genuinely thank you for taking this video seriously. A year and a half ago, I underwent surgery to remove two baby teeth that I still had, and then got Lingual (Incognito) braces on the back of my teeth to close the gaps. I had gaps in my smile for over a year, and I was severely self-conscious the entire time about it. Though now they are closed, and I love my smile, for the time being I wish I had had a product like this (with less red gums though....) And this video would have been super helpful at the time. Thank you, once again, for being so awesome and sensitive about this topic! :)

  • Maycie Woods
    Maycie Woods 24 days ago

    I love and respect the way you went about this instead of making it funny

  • Deborah Hopper
    Deborah Hopper 24 days ago

    Good review, keep your own teeth, not so bad, this could help other's, Thank you.

  • Jackie Garcia
    Jackie Garcia 24 days ago

    You look better without it! Lol 😂

  • Vanessa Kilpatrick
    Vanessa Kilpatrick 24 days ago

    GIRRRRL..... YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING MAKEUP. TOTALLY ON POINT!!! ARE YOU A MAKEUP ARTIST? DOES SOMEONE DO YOUR MAKEUP? PLEASE DO A TUTORIAL. (I am new to this channel so I have no clue. This is the first video I ever watched on your channel) #MAKEUPONFLEEK

  • Michele Tomlinson
    Michele Tomlinson 24 days ago

    So thoughtful and insightful to consider those who may truly benefit from something like this. :)

  • Sheyanne Lea
    Sheyanne Lea 24 days ago

    Makeup tutorial for this look??!!

  • charo magbitang
    charo magbitang 24 days ago


  • selfsameday
    selfsameday 25 days ago

    It is a good start

  • My Tiny House in a Big City

    I really liked yor seriousness.

  • Patricia Mesa
    Patricia Mesa 25 days ago

    I'll deal with my teeth
    thanks for the video
    Good to know 😁

  • Lee West
    Lee West 25 days ago

    you are the sweetest person ever! just came across this by accident but glad to have found you, liking/subscribing based on your compassion for other people. you seem beautiful inside & out...looking forward to watching your beauty vids.

  • Jackie Rowe
    Jackie Rowe 25 days ago

    I never laughed out loud for such a Long time .what a nice girl

  • Just Jameka
    Just Jameka 25 days ago

    Awesome review!

  • Diana Karoyan
    Diana Karoyan 26 days ago

    i can not believe the situation of the US? so they spend so much money on wars but their people have to live without dental care? what happened to obama care?

  • Sonia Arshad
    Sonia Arshad 26 days ago

    Love your makeup in this video :)

  • purple31 31
    purple31 31 26 days ago


  • Alecia Wood
    Alecia Wood 26 days ago

    but wht about the bottoms. as seen on tv?

  • Tassia Mesquita
    Tassia Mesquita 26 days ago

    just love it. the way you are so care to talk about this. and you did not made fun of this, even you being such a beautifull girl. faith in humanity restored.

  • StackedOnStacks
    StackedOnStacks 26 days ago

    You should donate the proceeds of this disgustingly degrading video to GoSmile. Look it up & reflect.

  • jay kisses
    jay kisses 26 days ago


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