Pastor Dawit Molalign

EECFC-NC Spring Conference
Saturday May 3, 2008
North Carolina

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Author Endalk321 ( ago)
Dawit Molalign I like this it's a comedy drama good job!

Author Alldone777 ( ago)
Ricokiru listen to this song "DIBN YIBEL TELATE ERER YIBEL TELATE" ONLY
devil hate pastor Dawit...

Author TorbanMaaruu ( ago)
yes we can,GOD is our strength,our power...

Author surafel3 ( ago)
liyish: ante/anchi gegema. eyesus kesemay new yeweredew b/c he was in
heaven with his father before he was born as a man to redeem men.

Author superdannyking ( ago)
this is the best mezmur i love jisus and i come from germany in germany is
cool because its in europa

Author marrr211 ( ago)
WHAT can i say is that it is a great commedian...what being in America so?
should we ashamed of our culture, ARIF HUNU...arif yemerkato pastor. I am
from Dre but not mashed of it. And he is Advising husbands to come late to
home...where TO STAY in party, alcohol...getting drunk good preaching...his
wife is not a real husbands may his wife to him. Butter not to
undermine our culture and ethnicity ...doesn't have any bible know
how...emotion to cover unreality...may God bless Dre & ETHI

Author marrr211 ( ago)
Mindinew gin emiyachiberbirew....he try to hid by action and emotion..go
for bible and reality if u have he didn't even talk a single bible word and
evidence. Ewnet ewnet waha ena kemenfes kalteweledachu
beker....mengst semayatn atayiwatim...eyalen amlakachin aynachin min
endechefenew aygebagnim ...emotio ena chifera May God bless us!

Author haymha ( ago)
EthioAddisLij, Pastor Dawit is the most anointed Ethiopian Pastor, Teacher,
and Singer I know on you-tube. He is serving our Mighty God. And he is
teaching the truth. If you don't like to hear the truth, it is not his

Author henokj ( ago)
i love u dave no matter what

Author Redi Adenew ( ago)
Amen to that Pastor Dawit!!

Author Wubishetabera ( ago)
ere benathachu please i want the address of pastor dawit,, he is so funy, i
enjoyed his preaching. and i want to talk to him directly so if any body
knows his address, please send me. thank you!

Author haymha ( ago)
Very important message with humor. Thank you.

Author EthioAddisLij ( ago)
Thank got this right....just trying to be funny, but the bad thing
is..HE IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL. He is more wrong than funny.

Author Selam YeGeTa ( ago)
hahaha wow this is fun,God bless uall!!

Author elodie911 ( ago)
sorry nephtalem I do know him!

Author Addis Berhanu ( ago)
This so funny

Author Gerum Asfaw ( ago)
the one with a red jacket. next to the red tie guy.

Author elodie911 ( ago)
if you are talking about the one with the red tie,he is miki.

Author Gerum Asfaw ( ago)
he is funny. hey elodie or ethiopia4jesus, if u guys go to this church is
that mikias (micky)at around 38 sec? if so p/s let me know. thanks. nice

Author elodie911 ( ago)
I was there.He is so funny.God bless you ethiopia4jesus for posting this
and new posts about Dereje Kebede.

Author edentruneh ( ago)
hahaha he's soooo funny!!!

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