Michael Wong 光良 Guang Liang - Tong Hua 童话 Fairy Tale English + Pinyin Sub Karaoke

by ryColaa Productions
Michael Wong 光良 Guang Liang
Tong Hua 童话 Fairy Tale
English + Pinyin Subs Karaoke

I know this is a really old song and probably there are a hundred different subbed versions of this out there, but it's a classic and one of my favorite Chinese songs, so I had to do it

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 7:39
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Author mexitalian1926 (7 days)
Can anybody type in chinese characters what she actually says in chinese at
2:36. (What are you looking at) I type that in google but translation is
totally diferent. Please id appreciate it. Thanks in advance. 

Author Maria Tsili (3 years)
so so so beautiful :'( i was looking for the lyrics so long time. thx for
uploading it :)

Author winterlover2011 (3 years)
What software did you use to sub and time for this video? Thanks.

Author Jordan (3 years)
I'm english, and ive learnt to understand the song its so sad :(

Author 王女 (2 years)
A bloody nose while kissing your girlfriend ...

Author ekjasdevi (3 years)
best song ever...

Author iCookiez415 (2 years)
I cry whenever I watch the music video :PP

Author Jyuseu (2 years)
My exboyfriend sang this to me... ; - ; He might not be the best singer
ever.. But he did his best for me.. Ha surprised me and sang for me in
front of my friend.. T_T I miss him so much..

Author MikeyCreation (3 years)
So the girl dies of some disease?

Author daseelette63 (3 years)
@MikeyCreation I think you shouls watch this again, usually a gurney means
a person is dead!

Author xXChocolateDreamsXx (3 years)
This song.... It makes you think. Of how much someone means to you. After
they're gone. When you love a person enough, you have to let them go. But
that's too painful. This song's message was to believe. But it's way too

Author StalkerEx (3 years)
Can anyone help my find the link for this song on itunes please

Author Tinno Delgado (2 years)
Aun en la tristeza de este vídeo hay mucha vida que mostrar . Vamos dejen
salir sus lagrimas,disfrútenlo ,da lo mejor de ti aun se puede.

Author MyMontaz (2 years)
this singer is malaysian rite? i like this song very much

Author xX0Janina0Xx (2 years)
Stupid dust in my eyes...

Author Daniel Toro (3 years)
Excellent . Im Colombian, and my family and I are learning chinese using
your videos.. THx a lot. They're great

Author ryColaa (9 months)
zhe shi jie dou bu li wo de shi hou, zhi you ni bu ke yi bu li wo

Author Alisa Yang (3 years)
one person dislike because they dont have feeling! Thank you i love this it
made me cry! But i dont care how old it is i love !! <3 thanks

Author jeffrey tang (9 months)
i believed she has blood cancer

Author Nikki Yin (2 years)
What Was The Problem She Had ?

Author Jewelz2012 (3 years)
what japanese movie is that at 2:33 ?? please someone tell me !

Author 23388pooh (4 years)
Thank you For Give us Plus a lot of knowledge and Funny(^_^).

Author daseelette63 (3 years)
Thank you for the english translation! This is a beautiful song! Made me

Author Trong Hieu Tran (3 years)
Always love this song.

Author tuayai (3 years)
Very Good Productions. This could help me study Mandarin. Thanks a bunch!

Author MikeyCreation (3 years)
Why does she keep nose bleeding? Is that some type of illness? What is it

Author Eva .Chen (2 years)
I love how he took her to the doctor's because her nose bled. :)

Author Sinnoel (3 years)
@dazey2007I believe you're right.

Author Bao Ngo Gia (3 years)
my fuckin internet took so long time to load this video -_-

Author rositatom (2 years)
one of my favourite Chinese songs, excellent production ...

Author StalkerEx (3 years)
This song is still amazing in meaning. Thank you for the subs. Song makes
me tear up everytime when the girl says her parts. :c

Author Chae Rin (2 years)
I don't get it... what happened to the girl?? Did she die??

Author Nikki Yin (2 years)
I Just Cried

Author JustinTheBaboon (3 years)
Oh my.. where have you been all my life?!? :o This video has everything!

Author plainseed (2 years)
how could i possibly cry again, hearing an old song like this.... my love,
i miss you, i really do .. come back to me .. please ..

Author CHINA WAW (2 years)
It's sad to know that i will hear this song so many times that i'm going to
get tired of it :´(

Author Dean Ramos (2 years)
I listen to alot of jpop but this song tops most of em.

Author livelovestory (3 years)
im the 5000th view, ya noe.

Author Sirocco the Dawn (1 year)

Author lee hara (2 years)
I really love this song :'(

Author 1malaikat (3 years)
it's my favourite song all time......

Author My Le (10 months)
anyone knows the pinyin of the sentence at 7:30 where the girl says when
the whole world ignored me, only you wouldnt ignore me? Thanks.

Author mvirtuallyhere (3 years)
No need to explain why you did this; I always like your editing and your
contributions. However, a little sad thing: There is a slight error at 7:18
-- the "ni" and 你 are missing. Thank you so much for your MVs. Please keep
them coming, no matter how old or how many other versions there are.

Author katelynrock1123 (10 months)
I listen to this song since I was 5

Author Megan Yeung (2 years)
The singers Chinese. And the girl had cancer so she died. That's why she
was in the doctors office.

Author Allora97782 (3 years)
This is not a japenese movie, it's a Chinese movie called The Road Home

Author Vesutiiji (3 years)
why in the world does he leave her alone at the end...

Author Kalvin Lim (2 years)
still crying.. love this song very very very much...

Author daseelette63 (3 years)
@MikeyCreation, I think you should watch this again, usually a gurney means
a person is dead!

Author StarsignDiva (3 years)
does anyone know where I can get the piano score for this song? I want to
play it when I perform in the hospital and dedicate to everyone out there
:) thanks!!!!

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