diapers and spreader pants

diapers and spreader pants

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Author Baby Shark (2 months)
Lovely video! Please make more. :)

Author Ruben Swama (4 years)

Author Jaws Theta Chi (3 years)

Author babynaruto86 (5 years)
Where did you get that?

Author fred green (4 years)
This is a fantastic device,as I use one myself,it is impossible to stand or
walk when wearing this device.I wear large bloomer pants and threaded a
chain through the waist band an padlock the garment,making it impossible to
remove the spreader pants at night time. From the viscount

Author KaraHorseg (3 years)
i want to be in a diaper, pacifier, and in one of these so i have to crawl
as a baby Where can I get a pair?

Author PC5032 (10 months)
AB / DLs don't revile pedophiles. We don't judge. And why would we? Why
would we judge someone harshly who wants to love someone of a radically
different age than them, when we want to pretend we are a radically
different age than ourselves. Love who you want to love, and be who you
want to be. Its high time to stop criminalizing or stigmatizing people for
their sexual desires or fantasies, no matter what they may be. End the
witchhunts, slander games, and reducing people with labels.

Author TheDevineWarrior (4 years) sister put me in one of those n tied it up in deadknots....sad

Author KaraHorseg (3 years)
i want to see the diaper and you sucking a Pacifier please

Author evadarrh (5 years)
It is called a Hip Abduction Splint, and is used to align ball and socket
hip joints in babies.

Author terceldude (3 years)
you're my hero! ;-)

Author trottierprowrx (4 years)
There really cool actually. When I get diapered and have been bad, ill get
put in one with footed jammies over it. Forces you to crawl rather than
walk. You get pretty fidgety and restless like a baby. Good form of
punishment but makes diaper changes hard.

Author KaraHorseg (3 years)
@lkjdsagfjral Why?

Author camibaby11 (4 years)
i love diapers and spreaderscuz im a TB teen baby

Author ABGL94 (3 years)
i will reep this bitch

Author fred green (9 months)
I have one of these leg spreaders, it is impossible to walk but one can
only crawl like a baby.

Author chronicnitrous (3 years)
@tishafish so in other words ur husband is actuall a pedo like dipers bet
he secretly looks at kid porn this is not normal

Author lkjdsagfjral (3 years)
@KaraHorseg don't forget the baby mittens

Author KaraHorseg (3 years)
is it hard to walk or crawl in those i would like to see that too please

Author chronicnitrous (1 year)
i relise this now thanks for the info about it so basically it get him
horney as a mofo

Author 409leinadJR (4 years)
where do you get one?

Author Wooster Cat (1 year)
ABDL people usually do have some sexual attraction to the act or the
object. Many revile pedophiles, especially since they cast a bad light onto
the community. As for not knowing much, it mostly is centered around the
comfort of regression (Adult Baby) and the sexual attraction to the object
and the people who wear them (Diaper Lover).

Author Zwangsjacke81 (3 years)
sweet ;-)

Author PC5032 (10 months)
Those look like they would get very uncomfortable after a while, esp. for a
guy. We're not as limber in the gymnastic department. Do they get
uncomfortable. I can spread my legs like that for a while, but I think it'd
start to become a stress position. Maybe I'm just not so flexible.

Author tishafish (5 years)
Hi naughty. Do you wear this for your interest, or your husbands? My
husband has the diaper fetish, so I find myself locked locked in spreader
pants and diaper fairly often. I know that there is no real way to explain
his fetish, but I am sure it is related to the humiliation He see's when I
am locked in it and have to crawl around. It is used as a form of
punishment as well as bondage. I have worn it for a weekend, and it does
cause the back and hips to ache a lot, no way to get comfortable.

Author Jenny Tokumei (1 year)
I'm kind of sticking my head in here while not knowing much about this
community at all... I'd heard of it in the past, never been into it.
Honestly, I wonder how I even got here... BUT... It seems to me that a
pedophile probably wouldn't be interested in a grown adult wearing diapers.
They'd be interested in an actual biological child. I also did some reading
before writing this and not all but a lot) of the "ABDL" folk are
completely non-sexual, so sexual attraction doesn't even come into it.

Author TheDevineWarrior (4 years)
dude yr evil

Author KaraHorseg (3 years)
@sissysamantha me too

Author omegastar013 (5 years)
i was wondering the same thing

Author KaraHorseg (3 years)
@DeniseV53 what do they look like?

Author tishafish (5 years)
Do you have to wear diapers on a regulat basis?

Author spinabifida2000 (4 years)
where can I get a pair of spreader pants?

Author NicoletteJSmith (5 years)
Can someone explain to me what the purpose of spreader pants is?

Author Sissy Samantha (5 years)
You're so lucky to have such a device =p ... I want to be strapped into one
of those so badly =\

Author Zwangsjacke81 (3 years)
very sweet ;-)

Author abmommie02 (4 years)
hi are you adult baby my bf is AN adult baby and im thinking of getting him
one to help regress him!

Author NintenBoxGamer (1 year)
DL's and ABDL's are not related to pedophilia DL's and ABDL's are related
to infantalism where the person wants to either be in a diaper and or wet
and or mess in it (DL's) or for ABDL's they need to feel like a infant
whereing diapers having a pacifier wearing onesi'e and having a crib and
changing table and a bottle basically the baby treatment for me i am a DL i
love wearing diapers and wetting them but im not a fan of messing diapers

Author macattac3 (5 years)
wtf is that thing

Author Happah (4 years)
wtf tht is weird

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