Destroyer in some Heavy Weather

Heavy Weather in the Gulf

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Author James Vetzel (1 year)
It ain't "Heavy Weather" until the Waves break on the Bridge Windows, Try
riding out a Typhoon. What a bunch of wusses, calling that "Heavy Weather"!
USN Retired ('64-'86).

Author OldLemming (7 years)
GO NAVY ... BEAT ARMY ... again and again and ...

Author ozzy1351 (6 years)
You made that point already! 500.000 so were 496,000 away from zero coffins
after 7-years of war. I estimate at this present pace we have 124-years
left with the supply we have! Where did you get the 500,000 children
killed....Al-Jazeera? Americans support/fund your island with tourism you
ungrateful shit! Tell that shit to everybody that visits Aruba....make
banners....make LOUD public speeches near the cruise ships and the airport
and see how long Aruba survives economically!

Author fluke983 (6 years)
That is not heavy weather, lol.

Author wonderwayner (6 years)
We sailed accross the English channel in weather twice as bad when we were
in sea cadets on TS Roylist. Heavy weather. Not.

Author ozzy1351 (6 years)
Aruba, You Dutch are killed a schoolgirl and you talk
shit! I hope Venezuela invades your shit island!

Author Adam Allegro (7 years)
Hahahaha. thats a good one. nice to meet a fellow grad... USNA '05 :)

Author yankeefancg (6 years)
my dad was on a spruance class, actually it might have been the spruance,
and he said they went through a hurricane that left a massive dent in the
forward gun.

Author rampantlion123 (6 years)
ye call that 'roughers' ive seen bigger waves when i fart in the bath

Author Preston Welsh (6 years)
Doesn't look to bad. I remember some 40'+ off cape Hatteras during a
hurricane a few years back on DDG-80

Author Fergus Macleide (1 year)
This brings back some memories. I watched shipmates go through both stages
of seasickness...stage 1 you're afraid you're gonna die. Stage 2 you're
afraid you're not...

Author Procommenter (6 years)
F.E.M.A. has 500,000 coffins made in American, stored in America, awaiting
Americans. U.S./U.N. forces have killed 500,000 Iraqi children since 1991.

Author Cirux321 (6 years)
Bah. This isnt shit. Ask any sailor thats gone through the Drake Passage
what rough seas are. In 2001 the Nimitz and destroyer group-5 rounded South
America in the Drake Passage and we hit 40 foot swells. The Nimitz lost her
forward RAM (rolling airframe missiles) mount and my destroyer lost an
antenna and had a damaged starboard rudder from our stern slamming in and
out of the water so hard. That was one rough and nasty voyage. Lots of sick
sailors that day.

Author buddy (6 years)
The worst I experience on USS Rentz was the north pacific our my way to
Portland. The waves where at least 40 to 50'.

Author Richard J Adrian (6 years)
LOL agreed, went through a typhoon 5 years back, now that was rough weather
lmfao. Rough enough to send waves overtheflight deck of a Nimitz class CVN.
Glad we wernt on a small boy at the time haha. Thats hardl a gale. Been in
worse on 34' Patrol boats

Author Procommenter (6 years)
500,000 plastic, stackable coffins, each capable of holding 3 cadavers,
each designed for the crematory ovens sit awaiting their grisly disposition
off Lions Club Road in Madison, Georgia {Greater Atlanta} on land leased to
INSTRUCTED!!! Shut up and be patriotic!

Author type42sheff (6 years)
been in force 12 in north atlantic on british type 42 destroyer in 70-s.
first time experience weightlessness...........great fun.

Author Adam Allegro (7 years)
yea well that was the best video i got... hahaha. it got alot worse the
next day, we were taking 23 degree rolls. puke everywhere!

Author yankeefancg (6 years)
Is this the same typhoon that is famously referred to as "Halsey's Typhoon"?

Author Fergus Macleide (1 year)
...or the monsoons in the Indian Ocean...

Author OldLemming (7 years)
You call that "heavy weather" ... 1959 barrier exercises between N.Africa
and Sicily ... for almost a week we were taking breakers over the bridge of
a Fletcher Class DD ;o}

Author tim3058 (6 years)
wow, thats pretty heavy seas for the gulf. i'm assuming persian gulf. if so
its usually like glass out there. hmm interesting! DDG's FTMFW

Author Gunfighter1b (3 years)
That's not heavy weather, we caught the tail of a hurricane in the windward
passage on the USS Dahlgren, came into Gitmo with a lot of lifelines gone,
leaking doors and most of the paint blasted off the hull.

Author bigscottlarock (6 years)
I was in the Navy for 6 years and that is nothing. If there isn't solid
green water going over the bow, then it isn't heavy. Try being on a cruiser
in a hurricane or being hit by a rogue wave in the middle of the night.

Author OldLemming (7 years)
some ROTCs [carrying pails & saltines asked the Commodore's chief after 5
days of it what they could do. He said "The only thing I've heard is to try
to eat tomatoes & green peppers!" [continued]

Author Fergus Macleide (1 year)
Tom...You got that right! Green over is great!

Author Fergus Macleide (1 year)
Hey Gunfighter1b...when were you on Dahlgren? I was on when she was DLG 12
in 1969...Persian Gulf

Author OHIOYOTEHUNTER (7 years)
I took my BUDS Test in Beirut, I wasn't afraid of ANYTHING, except when we
were in that Storm, I went out on the Bridge and the Helo Carrier USS
Inchon was at a 45 degree angle off of our Port Bow, and we were Pitching
at the time and I looked over and saw the ENTIRE ass end and Screw of the
Inchon Come out of the Water like a Toy Boat, THEN I was afraid, it put
into Perspective just how MIGHTY the Sea is

Author RetSquid (6 years)
The Might Warship 'CHON?? The INCH---ON? My first ship ('85-'86)

Author darlingmoon (6 years)
wow, that reminds me so much of the days I was in the Navy onboard DDG 52.

Author Aliens Don't Trust Humanity (6 years)
its jus windy thats about it

Author Tom Baillie (4 years)
Lol, this is not heavy seas. Not a single one of those waves nailed the
pilothouse dead on, and not once did the bow dip under the waves in a

Author OldLemming (7 years)
[from above] "Will that cure seasickness?", they asked. "Cure it? Hell
no!", diSangro said. "As far as I know, there is no cure; it is just a lot
more colorful coming back up !!! Me, I never missed a meal ! Smoooother
sailing ! Old Lemming, USNA '60

Author pvanhoepen (6 years)
And this should be heavy weather....duuuhhhh

Author DukeTripper (6 years)
I agree. Flemmish Cap in North Atlantic is worse than that 24/7.

Author quack447 (5 years)
choppy seas

Author zuzbar (6 years)
where's the rough weather???, we were in a storm off New Caledonia onboard
HMNZS Waikato (Leander class frigate FFH-55)when i served on her and
encountered 13 metre (42 foot) swells, pushed in the starboard railings,
washed away life jacket stowages on the upper deck, snapped whip aerials,
split the breakwaters on the foc'sle,we were in company with HMNZS
Wellington (FFH-69 ex HMS Bacchante)and was quite an impressive view from
the bridge watching her rise out of the water exposing sonar domes

Author steveperry2006 (6 years)
I was on a Spruance and hit a storm coming across the pacific. I have no
idea how big the wave were, but you could hear when the screws came out of
the water, and feel the bow wiggle as the sonar dome move up and down
through the the waves. Spruances are aluminum from the main deck up. Its
light, but brittle. We had a huge crack running across the 03 all the way
down to the main deck

Author asiatic619 (6 years)
That's heavy weather?!?! Looks normal to me.

Author OHIOYOTEHUNTER (7 years)
Allegro I was on the Shreveport LPD-12 and when we were Steaming to Beirut
in 82-83 we were taking 43 degree Rolls, the "Old Man" was worried about
losing our Guns over the side, that was 2 days and I have NEVER been so
sick in ALL my Life, hell the Commodore was Puking also, it WAS bad, but I
never got sea sick again after that, of course the Worse we had after that
was 25-30 degree rolls Did they ever bring the Rank of Commodore back?

Author dustinwhitehead1 (6 years)
navy blows

Author Procommenter (6 years)
I don't share your need to use scatological references. If your passion for
a man to snuggle up with is so great you should search elsewhere. "Seek and
Ye shall find."

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