Rocky Balboa Tribute I - VI

This is my third Rocky video!! As I am a huge fan of the movies I will be bringing you more soon!! please leave your comments.

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Author randomman01 ( ago)
you never know until you try. I bought the rocky shorts and fought in the
ring as a huge underdog for my very first fight. he was supose to demolish
me with ease but I showed that I had heart and courage. the people were
very happy and thanked me for showing what heart really ment in the ring.

Author Minato Namikaze ( ago)
What is the name of this song? I saw the whole movies and I grew addicted
to the history and the music . . .It´s all great,he is a ring hero . . .I
like his guts and his heart . . .Some things I see in myself but I am no
boxer =)

Author Gautier Vogelsberger ( ago)
Nope it isn't :)

Author Gautier Vogelsberger ( ago)
No :)

Author Felix ( ago)
"No easy way out" if i remembered correctly :)

Author Gautier Vogelsberger ( ago)
Please tell me what's the name of the song at 3:40 *_*

Author hasan çoban ( ago)

Author Charles Crump ( ago)
If Ivan Drago was real, the heavyweight division would be in BIG trouble.

Author terry jordan ( ago)
love the rocky series accept 5. yuck. rocky 6 was a a excellent ending.

Author arturo fuentes ( ago)
Rock t vamos a extrañar

Author bigkentou ( ago)
Rocky win !!!

Author Jayden Dietrich ( ago)

Author kelly goldstein ( ago)
rocky rocky rocky winer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author ignati_svamm (1933 years ago)
@DenoMc1 Best FILMS in the history.

Author erinsays11 ( ago)
Amazing the Rocky movies are the best!

Author jjungleee ( ago)
Stallone did not play Rocky Balboa, he was Rocky Balboa!! Just like he was
John Rambo. Stallone the legend!

Author fitnessisgood4u ( ago)
Overture from Rocky 2 soundtrack. What a great performance, great music,
great orchestra!!

Author Zach B ( ago)
@azertyuiop32 It's the end of going the distance but you can find the song
that plays from 0:01-3:24 is called overture from rocky 2

Author hammy bradstock ( ago)
whats the song called that kicks in after about 18 or 19 secs???

Author Christian Elia ( ago)
rocky the best sei il migliore

Author seby .fire ( ago)
il film di rocky non puo interrompersi bruscamente col sesto ma deve
continuare perche e d'avvero un bravo attore ma il mio pensiero idea e
spero che si realizzi sarebbe rocky junior con suo figlio che viene
allenato dal proprio padre questa si che sarebbe una bella cosa da vedere
al cinema rocky jonior . 

Author Rocky13Ray ( ago)
Its ausome how they left the statue up,and they should.Love you Rocky

Author diego nila robles ( ago)
thanks for ever you're best 

Author Lluis ef ( ago)
take you back turututu [...]

Author franjustinfilms ( ago)
Rocky es real,,esta en todos,,Un Saludo.

Author Paul Hadley ( ago)
great songs here m8 do some moreeeeeeeeeee

Author tener fe amor ( ago)
Rocky the best, not only his movies, but his worlds, in each movie thats
way he is the best, he stared in as poor, and know whats it like to be from
the street, simples the best.

Author Ivannia Cruz ( ago)
Rocky rulez... The best of all times... GREAT JOB!!!

Author apocuela1 ( ago)
rocky es una bestia ojala hubiera sido real no crees

Author Martina Piskač ( ago)
the best

Author Aymen Brian ruiz ( ago)
rocky balboa amour$

Author Steve Beedie ( ago)
love the whole saga dude been watchin it since i was a kid! great stuff

Author tener fe amor ( ago)
great Rocky always the great i love it the best.

Author rockybalboa101 ( ago)
Nice tribute. I have a whole room filled with Rocky stuff. If anyone wants
to see it, come to my channel. Rocky forever!!! My order goes: Rocky Rocky
II Rocky Balboa Rocky V Rocky III Rocky IV

Author CarlyLouiseCullen ( ago)
Favourite movie series. Love Rocky. Good video.

Author Jacques Saar ( ago)
Fighters fightin'!

Author an1792 ( ago)
thank u for very much for uploading and making it :)

Author Uly Sax ( ago)
super video man, thanks for making it. this is my favorite movie series
ever too.

Author ted ( ago)
"If he dies, he dies"

Author trumpet5432 ( ago)
greatest theme song ever written ! sounds like bach or beethoven could have
written it of course they didn't though

Author cayotje ( ago)

Author BobbeTobbe ( ago)
I got inspired so much from this movies so i started train boxing myself ..

Author Jorge Cueva ( ago)
really great

Author raaaaaaaayzila ( ago)

Author Philip Jonkers ( ago)
Great job indeed...

Author GEMIL POLAT ( ago)

Author volobasso ( ago)
Hi guys we are RESET... Watch our Medley of this beautifull SOundtrack's
song... comment are welcome. watch?v=I392xNzRky4

Author semir dönder (1946 years ago)
socialist... ı love you...

Author POLLOrush ( ago)

Author Silentarrow's Lodge (242 years ago)
ty :)

Author Silentarrow's Lodge (255 years ago)
thx a lot

Author Silentarrow's Lodge ( ago)

Author That guy. ( ago)

Author Alex Galliver ( ago)
Cuantas veces has caido amigo y cuantas te has levantado con mas fuerza a
la de tu caida!!! a los q crecimos viendote y vivimos cayendo...aprendimos
a levantarnos con la frente mas en alto y con mas coraje!!! Tu lograste mas
q darnos esa inspiracion...gracias!!!

Author NOMcSame08 ( ago)
It is called Training Montage by Vince DiCola from Rocky IV. You can find
it on the soundtrack or the Rocky Collection.

Author NOMcSame08 ( ago)
Happy birthday Paulie

Author Ryan Lee ( ago)
0:52 best piece of music ever a great vid keep em coming =]]]]]

Author 101miki ( ago)
this awesome video summed up hole Rocky's life...congratulation

Author asarda007 ( ago)

Author Marlon Sharp ( ago)

Author Marlon Sharp ( ago)
"songs" my bad

Author Marlon Sharp ( ago)

Author jackassouf2 ( ago)
you have training montage by vince di cola,hearts on fire by john cofferty
and going the distance by bill conti you also have take you back but i
forget who sing it

Author youngstud1982 ( ago)
i have a picture of rocky 4 bought from the mall and everlast boxing gloves
made a shrine like tribute to rocky balboa :)

Author tigermaskII ( ago)
Great movie, great music!

Author sunny2209 ( ago)
a super videooooooooo i love rocky !! rocky is the best, EyE Of The TiGeR

Author exec42 ( ago)
That's awesome! I love those movie .. that is a real tribute ... good work!

Author Sid Vicious ( ago)
it's so the boxers in theese movies hit eachother in the
chin...or liver...they don't go down. man ...i am a fighter...i do
streetfights and MMA....i would be down if i would get that... still...good
movies...good action...good story. can't compare them to Raging Bull! best
movie ever

Author EL WaFaFa ( ago)
como se llama la segunda cancion del video????me facina.....rocky es el
numero uno!!!!!

Author tener fe amor ( ago)
Wonderful video one of the best vidios.

Author tener fe amor ( ago)
this music its realy great. Where did you get this music please tell me,
great music, men.

Author marvelsgreatestfan ( ago)
very well done mate (Y)

Author marvelsgreatestfan ( ago)
hell no! :D

Author EdwardBond (210 years ago)
where's the name of the frist song ??!?!?! its an orchestral version from
"going the distance"

Author lászló Tóth ( ago)
Ki a kurva anyád nyomtál egy -t! Kapd be ameddig levan gallyalva a f*szom,
te köcsög!

Author lászló Tóth ( ago)
Super! (*.*):)*****

Author 101daxter ( ago)
i mean the song that starts at 3:35

Author 101daxter ( ago)
the last song is my fav 1! go rocky. great vid.=)

Author ahmet antepli ( ago)
you mudder fucker man

Author Riccardo Milani ( ago)
gonna fly now

Author lászló Tóth ( ago)
Király!(^.^) ;)*****

Author FlavioGirl ( ago)
awesome, from one rocky fan to another, this one really rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the music. Where'd you get the soundtrack by the way???

Author DustinProductions ( ago)
This was good to all Rocky fans, your other rocky videos you have...
nothing to be proud of.

Author andedrag ( ago)
I have never been interested in Rocky movies, but I saw Rocky Balboa
("Rocky VI")and I became a fan of it, I am sure I soon will see the first
movies and hopefully I start excercising, too :-) 'It ain't over till it's

Author verhallt ( ago)
"Training Montage" by Vince DiCola, right? I just found it. Thanks.

Author verhallt ( ago)
Great work. By the way, what's the name of the track that starts on 03:25?

Author Jack Frost ( ago)
imma watch rocky right now

Author Jono Nana ( ago)
Rocky is tha greatest!!nuff said

Author nickygou32 ( ago)
very cool vid

Author shawnedell ( ago)
Great video, you really have to appreciate the Rocky movies, the movies
represent and stand for the drive and determination one sets for oneself to
focus on a goal and dont give up, then no matter what the outcome win or
lose inside you never lost. Thanks

Author Shadow Chaser ( ago)
the chicken the chicken you forgot the catching of the chicken lol but
otherwise flawless! :)

Author Terry Webster ( ago)
just brilliant...

Author Marco Hdez ( ago)
awsome video!!! your video is excellent!! you are great i'm also a big fan
of rocky i can believe that someone could do this perfect video
congratulations could you send me pictures that you added to your video!!
simply awsome!!

Author isaiahangelo ( ago)
You can't have a Rocky movie without the music of Bill Conti..period lol.
Good job

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