Rocky Balboa Tribute I - VI

This is my third Rocky video!! As I am a huge fan of the movies I will be bringing you more soon!! please leave your comments.

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Author serbian76 (5 years)
The most inspiring music I ever heard. I like it very much!

Author IngiltereliTURK (5 years)
Wicked it Man...

Author knreal (5 years)
My favorite movie series ever..stallone is a genius

Author ALFREDO HUERTA (6 years)
como se llama la segunda cancion del video????me facina.....rocky es el
numero uno!!!!!

Author BobbeTobbe (5 years)
I got inspired so much from this movies so i started train boxing myself ..

Author Kaspar94 (6 years)
Rock Ownz:)

Author Philip Jonkers (5 years)
Great job indeed...

Author Marlon Sharp (6 years)
"songs" my bad

Author bigfootmeals21 (6 years)
what is the name of the song that's starting at 3:20???

Author RADGOSTXXX (6 years)
Muy bueno verdaderamente.... coloca mas videos...

Author tontingpogi (6 years)
fuck! this video is damn great! this is the best video I've ever seen!
rocky is my idol! rocky rocks!

Author exec42 (6 years)
That's awesome! I love those movie .. that is a real tribute ... good work!

Author sloppps (6 years)
wats the name of the song?

Author tener fe amor (6 years)
Wonderful video one of the best vidios.

Author jjungleee (4 years)
Stallone did not play Rocky Balboa, he was Rocky Balboa!! Just like he was
John Rambo. Stallone the legend!

Author Gautier Vogelsberger (1 year)
Please tell me what's the name of the song at 3:40 *_*

Author WiseGuy5674 (5 years)
good job with this..I watched the entire 9:33

Author dodgecharger95 (6 years)
superbe video superbe nostalgie;saga mythique de mon enfance adolescence et
6eme volet a bientot 30ans;;;;;innoubliable etalon italien ROCKY

Author ncy125 (6 years)
The best one rocky4

Author volobasso (5 years)
Hi guys we are RESET... Watch our Medley of this beautifull SOundtrack's
song... comment are welcome. watch?v=I392xNzRky4

Author NOMcSame08 (6 years)
Happy birthday Paulie

Author tener fe amor (6 years)
this music its realy great. Where did you get this music please tell me,
great music, men.

Author MrForeverdog (4 years)

Author rockybalboa101 (5 years)
Nice tribute. I have a whole room filled with Rocky stuff. If anyone wants
to see it, come to my channel. Rocky forever!!! My order goes: Rocky Rocky
II Rocky Balboa Rocky V Rocky III Rocky IV

Author Silentarrow .Gaming Channel (6 years)

Author marvelsgreatestfan (6 years)
hell no! :D

Author olympian20 (5 years)
great work :X

Author jayandsilentbob1000 (6 years)
training montage by vince dicola which was on rocky IV

Author Martina Piskač (5 years)
the best

Author hasan çoban (2 years)

Author autoncito (6 years)
Did you remember Mickey´s words: ..."get up you Son of a bitch"...this is
like real life you have to get up like a fighter!!!

Author tener fe amor (4 years)
Rocky the best, not only his movies, but his worlds, in each movie thats
way he is the best, he stared in as poor, and know whats it like to be from
the street, simples the best.

Author Steve Beedie (5 years)
love the whole saga dude been watchin it since i was a kid! great stuff

Author KamenRider84 (6 years)
i think its going the distance

Author NielsShoe (5 years)
like te music remix

Author 1lokodelcoco (3 years)
what is the second song ? please i want lol

Author VikGanGstaBoy4LiFeee (5 years)
Going the distance - Rocky Balboa ;)

Author raaaaaaaayzila (5 years)

Author gennyforzanapoli4eve (6 years)
silent! what the america is passing a moment of extreme poverty

Author Jacques Saar (5 years)
Fighters fightin'!

Author DuTchY99999 (5 years)
what in the hell?

Author randomman01 (1 year)
you never know until you try. I bought the rocky shorts and fought in the
ring as a huge underdog for my very first fight. he was supose to demolish
me with ease but I showed that I had heart and courage. the people were
very happy and thanked me for showing what heart really ment in the ring.

Author POLLOrush (6 years)

Author janek17marek (6 years)
Beguile movies all Super rocky. It beguile idea on movie about next
generation balboa. My number for 13756700 greeting gg Rocky. I am from

Author Warrensdeciple (5 years)
Bravo !!!!!!!

Author ignati_svamm (3 years)
@DenoMc1 Best FILMS in the history.

Author 11635809 (5 years)
is the maximo the master piece

Author ewilliot93 (4 years)
merci a toi M. Stalone pour ces tres bons films , tre longue vie

Author Marlon Sharp (6 years)

Author tener fe amor (5 years)
great Rocky always the great i love it the best.

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