Still Here (The Williams Brothers)


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Author Louie Vila ( ago)
I love this song from vila family

Author Louie Vila ( ago)
I love this song from vila family

Author Wilbert Jackson ( ago)
I love that song

Author Greta Matthews ( ago)
thank you godddddd😥😢😢

Author Ashley Murray ( ago)
I made it and I still here

Author Barbara Keys ( ago)
I made it by the Grace of God

Author Yani Potter ( ago)
I been talking about

Author Yani Potter ( ago)
this to😉😉😉😉

Author Brenda White ( ago)
JoAnn wright..I just lost a brother in October 2015..just lost another
brother a month ago from brain cancer he was 52...I been thru alot back to
back..wanted to give up..the devil almost had me but my God came and
grabbed me..God bless you

Author tallwmn blessings ( ago)
I've had my share of dark days, lonely nights but I'm still here

Author Michael Arnold ( ago)
I LOVEEEEE this song. Definitely one of my favorites!

Author Tamekia Canty ( ago)
i lost alot of people that was close to me but Thank God i am still
here.His grace and mercy is what keep me and i just want to say Thank u God

Author Justice Beverly ( ago)
I am blessed by God for the blessings he gave me as a I had to endure a
series of challenges and battles with Autism. Because of him, I am still
here. Amen to the Lord.

Author Loretta Smith ( ago)
god bless everyone

Author Eva Stone ( ago)
I am so thankful for my god. and all the strength he's giving me. I detoxed
myself off of nineteen years of crack and heroin. I won't look back.

Author Donna Jones ( ago)
I so thankful to still be here to see another day! Thank You Jesus for

Author Willie Freeman ( ago)
Willie Freeman lost my brothers and my father kids grandma went through a
bitter divorce and about to marry again but it seems it worsen than the
first one I just pray about it and let god take care of it

Author Caroline Adams-Mosley ( ago)
OMG.. This is the most beautiful song that I have ever heard.. Cause God
only knows what I have been through. I love you Williams Brothers,,, you
are the best.. I am a Rising Gospel Recording Artist and I hope one day I
get to meet you handsome guys in person. I remember back in 2009 I was in
the BET audience and you all opened the show... Then you all went in back
to change to come see the show,,, and sat right behind me,,, I thought I
would faint... one of you kept touching my back with your knees, then would
say 'excuse me'... but that's was OKAY with me... Cause I'm Still
Here!!!! WOW!!!!

Author Tariyah Richardson ( ago)
I love god im just 8years old and I got bulled a lot but thank God for
being there for me.

Author Jimaryon Lykes ( ago)
I'm still here love this song so much

Author Katrina Mosley ( ago)
I've been threw a lot in my life. But thank god I've made it threw the
storm I'm still here.

Author Tania Hollingsworth ( ago)
Jesus kept me here...i can really relate to this song!!

Author geneva yarborough ( ago)
dance Allen right on time

Author Youlanda Burns ( ago)
I love this song. Been through it all and I'm still here. By the grace of
God. Amen.

Author Youlanda Burns ( ago)
I love this song. Been through it all and I'm still here. By the grace of
God. Amen.

Author Mary Alford ( ago)
I Love this is my everyday song when I'm in the gym this is the first song

Author Sharon Blair ( ago)
Back in 1992 I ask God to save me from myself. headed down the road of
extraction on drugs. Today I have 23years clean off drugs. Hallelujah I
made it through another day's journey and I'm still here.

Author Estella Meeks ( ago)
I'm so blessed too be here. I have 5 years clean of the devil and his
drugs. I'm FINALLY able,, THANK U LORD, I MADE IT,

Author amy adams ( ago)
I am still here and the only way staying in prayer thank you Jesus l am
still here

Author Peggy Grubb ( ago)
I lost everything!! my son! my job! but!! Im still! true

Author barbara Pirtle ( ago)
Thank you jesus I'm still here praise God

Author Khadafie Jones ( ago)
i went thought a lots in life up in down but im still here

Author lacinthia doyle ( ago)
i love this song the first time i held this i was going thru chemo and this
song helped me alot i cried and i knew GOD was there carrying me

Author Latoya Ayers ( ago)
Yassss Lord!!!! Praise to father yah!!!!😇😇😇😇

Author Jeremiah Davis ( ago)
just wont to say that no matter what? GOD is alway with you in your battle

Author Paul J ( ago)
I love this song for sure ??🌝🌝

Author janice ratchford ( ago)
Thank You God I'm Still Here

Author God's Child ( ago)
Breast cancer survivor of 4 years, I'm still here, Thank you Lord Jesus

Author Judkins Rod Thump ( ago)
I have my good day and bad day

Author quint Williamson (littlequint) ( ago)
Hey the Williams brother

Author Shirley Tobias (Shirley Jean) ( ago)
Through all my trials and tribulations,GOD KEPT ME HERE,AMEN

Author Truth Seeker ( ago)
Visiting his brother and fathers grave the late a Frank Williams

Author Lasharne Dunlap ( ago)
Give all the glory to our God.

Author Terry Devall ( ago)
I hit rock bottom 4 years ago, the lord took everything away from me. I had
nothing but my 2 feet, I start believing in him, I was taking everything
for granted. when he took my baseball scholarship from I knew it was real..
I start believing and now I'm a supervisor chef and I'm still here..

Author Ashley Smith ( ago)
Dr. said nothing else he can do for me but I found a man name "Jesus" who
saw fit to keep me here,through it all I made it through another day
journey.... song expires me to keep keeping on

Author Sarah Flowers ( ago)
Amen,Yes Lord Jesus I thank You so very much for letting Me still be

Author Tiany Gilyard ( ago)
l love this song!!

Author Charles Henderson ( ago)
Praise God everybody! Me, Charles B. Henderson is still here, by the grace
of God. Somebody prayed for me and is continually praying for me and His
name is Jesus. Jesus is continually interceding for His church. "I've never
seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread." Amen.

Author rhonda hughes huggins ( ago)
I had my share of heartaches but I'm still here.

Author rANDOLPH Cole ( ago)

Author Meeka boss ( ago)
YES LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Joann Wright ( ago)
I'm so thankful because I had brain cancer an I made it ..I'm still here..I
love this song..Amen

Author Joann Wright ( ago)
I'm so thankful because I had brain cancer an I made it ..I'm still here..I
love this song..Amen

Author Frank Brown ( ago)
I just love this song cause I can relate with what the song is about. AMEN

Author Justin Espree ( ago)
This song is very nice I really this song .

Author LEE UPSHAW ( ago)
in 2007 the doctors gave me up but my wife and good lord didn't i'm still

Author Kenny Reese ( ago)
the song have a lot of meaning to it I went through a lot of trials and
tribulations and I'm still here at one with God and praise in Jesus name
the devil cannot win and I'm still here praise the Lord

Author Dayla Serelle ( ago)
No you're a liar

Author Whittaker Girl Whittaker ( ago)
This song touch me from my heart I made threw all this year an I thank the

Author Christopher Ingram ( ago)
i loved these guys

Author JEAN ALLEN ( ago)
Im still here and its only by the Grace of God

Author Brenda Wallace ( ago)
the information,

Author Brenda Wallace ( ago)
the information,

Author Brenda Wallace ( ago)
the information

Author linda jones ( ago)

Author Raleigh Boyd ( ago)
God kept me here.

Author Lorethia Grigsby ( ago)
True testimony . 

Author Angela Foster ( ago)
GOD'S has never stopped loving me!I know it was nothing but GOD'S grace and
mercy that has kept me this far.Lord please don't take your Love away! !!!
I need you ....Thank you father! !!

Author BIGGABO29 ( ago)

Author Blak ( ago)
I'm still here thru it all ...Amen

Author barbarasingletary singletary ( ago)
all I can say is that all of the
music ls just so good to me
I enjoy it so every much.

Author see me now u want c me later ( ago)
amen new child its what i got to do forgive me thank

Author Patrick Chandler ( ago)
This is my second favorite William brothers song I used to sing this song n
my church choir on Sundays 

Author Ronald Teeter ( ago)
When life seems to get the best of you sometimes this song is true to it's
word because with God we can make it though it all.

Author Adrian Terry ( ago)
Im still here after all i been though thank u jesus

Author Norma Smith ( ago)
my name is norma smith that song reminds me that somebody didnt wake up
this morning but thank God we still here

Author Henrietta Taylor ( ago)
Another favorite song

Author Mary sewell Sewell ( ago)
Love. This. Song

Author Rosewelton ( ago)
Ooo Jesus! Yes very the very core
in many this song.

Author Mari Acevedo ( ago)

Author Nancy Scott ( ago)
Luv myself some William Brothers! Yezzzzzzz!!

Author SUSANNE DEAN ( ago)

Author Virirginia Ae ( ago)
if you get up and list to the gospel you will feel better

Author Harris Jones ( ago)
Praise God !!! It's through his grace all things are possible. I will
forever have Trust, Faith and love in God. What a blessing to still be
here. Such an awesome song and great message. Give God all the praise and
glory due to him. He can make any situation right there is no limit to what
he can do !!!

Author Nasir White ( ago)
This has helped me through some troubled times. I made it through by mighty
grace of God. When the doctor said no my God said yes.

Author joanne brown ( ago)
I love this song.. I had my share of headaches....

Author Anniej Bojack ( ago)
One of my favorite group n song:-):-):-)

Author Lisa Moore ( ago)
This song touch me in so many ways to turn my life around for the better
through all the Times my life was spared I need to get and give me Love to
Jesus instead of finding that love through man...dear Lord fix me amen in

Author Tiara Council ( ago)
Still here Lord I thank you! !

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