Smoothie Trivia Challenge with Rosanna Pansino!

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  • If you love trivia and smoothies as much as I do, then this is gonna be fun to watch! Play along and learn some fun facts as me and my friend Rosanna Pansino from Nerdy Nummies BATTLE to make the best tasting smoothie. Wrong answer gets a BAD INGREDIENT. Right answer gets a GOOD INGREDIENT. Who will win? Or will both our smoothies taste absolutely disgusting? WATCH!!!

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  • Cristina Bazzano
    Cristina Bazzano 3 days ago

    I love you both, please make some more videos 😢😢💕💖😍😍😍

  • Mikyla Wynn
    Mikyla Wynn 4 days ago

    You are my favorite person in the world and Justine

  • Zoe Toner
    Zoe Toner 5 days ago

    Hot dog

  • OPic 2219
    OPic 2219 6 days ago

    i love you and Rosanna so much you are cool so stay cool
    love your bigest fan

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  • Skylardodson 2k17
    Skylardodson 2k17 7 days ago

    Do a double collaboration with Rosanna and iJustine

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    Eman Shahzad 8 days ago

    Pizza challenge please

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    Aaliyah Davis` 11 days ago

    Mustard and pickle juice

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    vidhyal rose 11 days ago

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    Taylor Roebuck 11 days ago

    7:54 oh Ro

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    doreena hoskins 11 days ago

    Your awesome can you please make a Harry Potter cake

  • Nurnna Ibtisamat
    Nurnna Ibtisamat 11 days ago

    @rossana pasino
    I love this so much
    u r the winner

  • Music_Girl
    Music_Girl 13 days ago

    4:11 I LOVE that drink

  • Amrapali Dasgupta
    Amrapali Dasgupta 14 days ago

    caviar in smoothie....ewwwww!!!!!!

  • koala bärchen
    koala bärchen 14 days ago

    Really fun to watch! you are so cute together! :) But I was very confused that you don't know Kohlrabi & seem to be confused about Caviar. Caviar can be very delicious (even if it looks disgusting). Lots of Love :)

  • Maha Faisal
    Maha Faisal 15 days ago

    Who just KNEW that Ro was gunna get the cookies🍪question right😹

  • Kendall Raymond
    Kendall Raymond 15 days ago

    pigs feet

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  • Arcade Party
    Arcade Party 16 days ago

    MindPump needs to do this. This was Awesome!

  • Anmolla 15
    Anmolla 15 18 days ago

    Those fish eggs actually aren't bad...

  • Liliana Renovato
    Liliana Renovato 18 days ago

    omg I was eating a cookie#love cookies

  • Heather Felton
    Heather Felton 18 days ago

    Who also almost threw up when you saw the octopus?

  • Heather Felton
    Heather Felton 18 days ago

    Who also almost threw up when you saw the octopus?

  • Sherilyn Yap
    Sherilyn Yap 20 days ago


  • Mikala Tenny
    Mikala Tenny 21 day ago

    Pls do more of these videos pls I love you so much

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    kaylee leopard 22 days ago

    Don't fish eggs cost a bunch?

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    Xaylie Patel 22 days ago

    Whale blubber

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    dxbilal 007 23 days ago

    rosa na I love u so much

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    Dragonpanda 2000 24 days ago

    R u vietnamese

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    do the eat it or wear it challenge ro and Casey

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    KIMCHIIII *--* So tasty... but a little bit to spicy for me ^^:

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    Oliver Dyer 28 days ago

    AND RIGHT NOW I sendded that but i am his sister byyyyyyyyyyyyyee

  • GSEdoll_ Stars
    GSEdoll_ Stars 28 days ago

    Can you do this challenge with lily (super women)?

  • kooky cookie
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  • kooky cookie
    kooky cookie 28 days ago

    can you do the smoothie trivia challenge with the Merrell twins or Miranda sings or rachel Ballinger or collins key or jojo siwa

  • franklin hector
    franklin hector 1 month ago

    My favorite part was with the fish eggs.

  • Cookie Noodles
    Cookie Noodles 1 month ago

    It said smoothie trivia challege

  • MusicCreativityDraw
    MusicCreativityDraw 1 month ago

    I LOVE YAKULT!!!!!

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  • Avariella Lapuz
    Avariella Lapuz 1 month ago

    Can you please do a pudding challenge

  • Abby Rhoades
    Abby Rhoades 1 month ago

    next time you should have soda and the bad one should be mustard

  • Juan Manuel Muliasetio


  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life 1 month ago

    While watching this video I am drinking a yummy 😋 strawberry smoothie

  • Tanika Rajan
    Tanika Rajan 1 month ago

    Your my First and fav you tuber

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    Do a trivia smoothie challenge with Ro and Justine

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    Iyodya Wijesundara 1 month ago

    Next time put anchovies as a bad ingredient

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    Jasmine Davis 1 month ago

    You do and for a good agreement 🦃

  • Nicole Uys
    Nicole Uys 1 month ago

    Hey Rosanna Your the best

  • miniature world
    miniature world 1 month ago

    rossana is the best youtuber eveeeeerrrrr

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  • J Lehman
    J Lehman 1 month ago

    I quit watching after they got fish eggs!

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    I love snow white! she is not boring!😡😠👿😡😠👿😾😾

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    sheryl estrada 2 months ago

    Try the pizza trivia challege

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    Hope 65 2 months ago

    When it was on cookies I was like 100,000,000,0000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cookies

    NIGHTCORE POTATO 2 months ago

    I love fish eggs(i am asian)Its best to put it one sushi or chawamushi

  • GummyBear 234
    GummyBear 234 2 months ago

    How many cookies does an average human eat in their lifetime???

    Average human: 35,000 cookies

    Me: 100,000,000,000 cookies

    I eat a lot of cookies

  • Kylie Sharpe
    Kylie Sharpe 2 months ago

    R.I.P people wearing headphones at 7:45

  • Papaya Khan
    Papaya Khan 2 months ago

    The announcer was giving me life.

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    Purpleish Panda 2 months ago

    35,000 cookies!!!

  • Dj Shadow Wolf
    Dj Shadow Wolf 2 months ago

    cassie can you also ask Ro's sister Mo to do the smoothie trivia challenge with you

  • Dj Shadow Wolf
    Dj Shadow Wolf 2 months ago

    can you ask Ro to do the smoothie trivia challenge with her sister

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    I learned so much from this

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    The Teeth Of A Wolf 2 months ago

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  • Gary Charles
    Gary Charles 2 months ago

    You and Ro are so Beautiful

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    Maria Conchita 2 months ago

    This video was published one ☝️ day before my birthday 🎉. Wow so cool 😎

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    The expert cheska 3 months ago

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    Adyson Lundberg 3 months ago

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